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Venom Video Review

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 06 2018 and posted in Features

Venom Video Review

Once again, innocence falls prey to the evil of... SPIDAAAH-MAAAAAN-- wait Sony. Yep. Sony is to blame for movie that could have been more.

When you SURF THE WEB! SURF THE WEB and want to hear an honest Venom review. Well, the Zechsathon returns, but not on the biggest screen in all of New York (oh I wish)! To once again show you the pain of me taking a bullet for all you viewers out there. My misery is your entertainment. 

Many a friend said not to do it. To "look away! RUN!" But you know me. I don't shy away from anything. More so if it's a "bad" movie. I didn't want to be called, "Spider-Wuss!!" So of course, I didn't hide. I took the leap and saw Venom today. Given the fact that this sort of movie DESERVES a video review instead of saying a simply written one. So you can view what sort of madness it did to me.   

So here it is. My video review of VENOM:

So yeah, even after recording that, I still feel that even though it's a jumbled mess of a movie. I still enjoyed it thanks to the acting and what was given. Yes, it was a mess, but a fun one. I just wish you know it was the actual complete movie then broken cut parts that we got.

I will also say that the first stinger does piss me off more given there was 0 build-up to it then just suddenly throw sequel bait into the movie because SONY gonna Sony. It also just feels so damn out of place. Like, you stepped into a low-rent parody of Silence of the Lambs

That said, even after the mess, Sony did with it. I'd still recommend seeing it just for the symbiote/Eddie scenes which were fun. This is still a better film than a lot of other stuff I saw this year. So go see it, you might be surprised. That or just wait until the true version is released because you know Sony will hype that shit up or release it.

3 out of 5 

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