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Super Reads Transformers: Unicron #4

Written by SuperginraiX on Tuesday, October 09 2018 and posted in Features

Super Reads Transformers: Unicron #4

Unicron makes its move against Cybertron and, ominously, our story shifts over to Earth!

Hey people, you are right up in a Super Reads article. Welcome!

We've got a lot of stuff to talk about but before we go any further, you need to be properly warned:

There are SPOILERS ahead.

So now you know. Now, let's get to the rollicking backstory.

Talisman.jpgThis thing is going to becoming important in the future and has been hanging out in the background of the story for quite a while. This is the Talisman.

So... what does that mean? Let me tell you!

We've learned in previous issues that the planet Antilla was under assault by the combined forces of Cybertron when one of their scientists created a doomsday weapon that would essentially wipe out all life on the planet. This seems like a weird way to end the assault but it was super effective, causing both Antillans and Cybertronians on the planet to die. As a side effect, any "survivors" from the Antillans were turned into the plague race known as Dire Wraiths. It also ended up destroying the planet Prysmos, the home world of the Visionaries and their people (I'll talk about them in a bit).

What we know as the Talisman was the device that powered the whole world ending machine. For a long time, it remained dormant within the remains of Antilla until the Age of the Twelve Primes on Cybertron ended and Onyx Prime travelled back to the planet to unearth it. Of course, we know that Onyx Prime was really a time-travelling Shockwave and he was basically closing a causal loop in the time stream by finding the Talisman and then sending some of his Maximal followers to Earth with the device. This needed to happen because the original timeline version of Shockwave was destined to FIND these Maximals and the Talisman, recognize that some of them looked SUPER similar to notable Autobots and Decepticons, and then set up his own war games on primitive Earth. The Maximals were remade with false identities to think they WERE guys like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream.

As far as the Talisman, Shockwave quickly lost interest in it, leaving it aboard the Maximals' ship, the Axalon, where it would be found years later during World War II by Sergeant Savage and his team, the Screaming Eagles. They were led there by the only remaining Maximal, Bumblebee (who was really a guy called Centurion). Key among Savage's allies was a man known as Garrison Krieger. He's important so remember that name.

No one was able to acquire the Talisman at this time because it teleported away before that could happen, taking Sergeant Savage with it. Krieger tried tracking it down for decades, allying with "Bumblebee" for that purpose. It was finally tracked down in the eighties, buried within an Egyptian pyramid. For reasons.

From there, the Talisman changed hands a number of times, exhibiting various powerful effects. Like, in the mid-nineties, it brought back Sergeant Savage and the Axalon from seemingly nowhere. For quite a while, Garrison Krieger was allowed to study the device and was able to unlock a number of its abilities. It was found to be a deadly weapon that could be used against the Cybertronians and also could "power up" humans, offering a variety of creepy Dire Wraith-like upgrages.

When General Joe Colton was planning the destruction of Cybertron (like you do), the Talisman was key to his plans. He led a team of Earth's villains to the heart of Cybertron where they planned to unleash the Talisman in an effort to kill the planet from within. Instead, Garrison Krieger revealed that he was NEVER really Krieger at all. In reality, he was Merklynn.

Which would mean something if we knew who Merklynn was.

Visionaries.pngAnd that brings us back to the destruction of the planet Prysmos which we already established as the homeworld of the Visionaries. The Visionaries mean "magic," people.

Because the Visionaries is a toyline, they're divided into good and evil factions. Just like real life! The good guys are the Spectral Knights and the bad guys are the Darkling Lords. The man who brought magic (back) to Prysmos while simultaneously denying it control of techonology is Merklynn. He served as mediator between the two groups of Visionaries.

He was also the sole survivor when the planet blew up, arriving on Earth in the 1940's and taking on a more human appearance as "Garrison Krieger." Which we already discussed. Anyway, when the Talisman was brought to the heart of Cybertron, Merklynn revealed his true self and then attempted to use the power of the Talisman to remake Cybertron as New Prysmos.

Instead, he only restored one city which was populated by a remainder of Prysmos' population. Because: magic. The main Visionaries managed to survive with the Spectral Knights being led by Lion-O Leoric and the Darkling Lords led by Virulina. In recreating New Prysmos on Cybertron, the planet beamed off half its energy to the planet Antilla with the message "Welcome. Death." It is at this point that Antilla is revealed as Unicron.

During the course of the mini-series, Transformers vs. Visionaries, THEY KILLED KUP AND THAT IS UNFORGIVEABLE.


During the course of the mini-series, Transformers vs. Visionaries, the people of New Prysmos struggled to find a way to live on Cybertron as a refugee population, at one point realizing that the Cybertronians were ridiculously susceptible to magical attacks and using that weakness to assert their dominance over the native population.

The Spectral Knights, realizing that genocide is never a good answer to a problem, sided with the Cybertronians and restored order in New Prysmos. The results of this conflict saw the Talisman burying itself closer to Vector Sigma but eventually used to bring New Prysmos to the planet's surface and expand its territory, supplying one hundred square miles of Prysmos wildlife and fauna. While doing this, the Talisman sent out its second message: "Unicron."

Meanwhile, the Talisman was also essential to "Onyx Prime's" invasion of Cybertron. As I keep on restating, Onyx Prime was really Shockwave and his whole convoluted plan was meant to (eventually) bring the Talisman to Cybertron so that he could use its power to poison the upcoming threat of Unicron.

Which seems like a weird plan. I mean, beyond the stupid way it got the Talisman on Cybertron (happenstance), it's weird that the thing that powered the Antillan doomsday device and essentially created Unicron would be the thing that could DESTROY Unicron. I'm assuming Shockwave doesn't have any PROOF that it'll do what he thinks it'll do.

SanctuaryStation.jpgYou might have heard about the Decepticon dream of living in peace and equality.

Wait, you haven't? Well, that's what Soundwave has always believed the Decepticon ideal to be. When Megatron ended up switching allegiances, Soundwave felt like the time was right to act on his version of Decepticonism and he teamed up with the ancient barbarian, Galvatron, to make sure that Galvatron would be able to interupt his plans every step of the way.

But, seriously, Soundwave made his dream a reality with the construction of Sanctuary Station, a Decepticon colony that orbits the planet Jupiter. In this refuge, Decepticons are able to live in peace. Which sounds SUPER weird but the place has more residents than just Soundwave and his cassette friends.

Sanctuary Station was the result of the short-lived alliance between the Decepticons and Earth. But it works! Soundwave has populated the station with like-minded Decepticons who prefer living in the Sol Solar System instead of a ghetto on Cybertron. In a show of how the place represents equality, it is even home to the Autobot, Cosmos, who finds being surrounded by other people a welcome relief to the loneliness of being one of the few Cybertronians with a spaceship alt-mode.

To secure Sanctuary Station (and to cover for his past sins), Soundwave has become an ally to Optimus Prime. The two have formed an unlikely friendship, considering Prime brought Soundwave into his influence through blackmail.

But, yeah, Sanctuary Station is a bizarre place where an odd version of the Decepticon dream becomes a reality. It's weird.

TransformersUnicron4.pngTransformers: Unicron #4
"Road's End"
Writer: John Barber
Artist: Alex Milne
Colors: Sebastian Cheng & David Garcia Cruz
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: David Mariotte

This issue in a nutshell: Unicron destroys and consumes Cybertron as Windblade's plan to magically teleport Cybertron's population off-planet is enacted and our story shifts to Earth.

Bullet Points:
• Aboard his ship, the Peaceful Revolution, Prowl vows to stop Unicron and save what's left even though there's not much left of the Cybertronian race to save.
• Scarlett, the President of the United States, and Skywarp question the incarcerated Joe Colton on how to defend the planet from the Maximal threat.
• Colton says the Talisman works REALLY well if you want to kill some Cybertronians.
• Windblade and Ironhide ask the Visionaries for help in saving the Cybertonian population from Unicron, leading to a magic lightning portal capable of whisking everyone it hits away from the planet.
• Blurr sees the magic lightning and uses his incredible speed to throw everyone he can find into the portal, dying when he's finished.
• Shockwave teleports out of his prison cell, telling Optimus Prime to order Metroplex to spacebridge to Earth.
• Seeing everyone else safely teleported away from immediate danger, Prime does just that, leaping into the lightning himself.
• Unicron turns to attack the Cybertronian Fleet but Elita One smashes the Titanship, Carcer, into his face, giving that magic lightning the time it needs to teleport the fleet away.
• Unicron destroys and consumes Cybertron.
• Shockwave arrives in Toronto, gets his laser hand back, and orders his three Maximal soldiers to clear the city of pesky humans before the arrival of his servant, Bludgeon, and the mutated Decepticon Fleet.
• Bludgeon doesn't seem to be as loyal to Shockwave as Shockwave thinks, throwing his lot fully behind the planet-eater, Unicron.
• The Decepticon refuge, Sanctuary Station, is destroyed by the Decepticon Fleet (and the Maximals) but a rag tag group of heroes is able to buy the rest of the refuge's residents enough time to escape.
• Stardrive shows up and begins slaughtering Maximals (and Decepticons) before Unicron arrives and spoils her fun.
• Shockwave realizes that Unicron is in the solar system and his insane plan to kill the planet-eater has insanely not worked.
• The population of Cybertron is teleported to African where there are happy greeting all around and Arcee gets to punch Starscream in the face.
• Prowl informs Optimus Prime that Unicron is on its way to Earth and Prime HAS NO REAL PLAN AND EVERYONE IS GONNA DIE AAAAAHHHH
• But he looks so dramatic you almost think he's got something!

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Out in what we're gonna call "deep space" (because that's what the book calls it and I'm too tired to figure out a better term), Prowl is looking at a giant bust of Unicron's head and telling it that even though the planet-eater has done a spot on job of uncreating the Cybertronian race and all their colonies, he's going to prevail over it AND Shockwave. He'll save what's left.

Which isn't much.

If you're wondering why the hell Prowl suddenly appeared in the story... or even what the hell a Prowl is... let me give you all the answers. Prowl has made an appearance over in the Unicron tie-in issue, Optimus Prime #22. He's basically as described in the book. A "renegade Autobot."

Prowl was once one of the Optimus Prime's strongest allies but during four million years of war, he's one of the guys who crossed the line a couple thousand times. He lived by the whole "by any means necessary" mantra punctuated by brief bursts of morality. For example: he's been rocking some illegal weaponry that has been sitting in a vault for four million years even though Optimus ordered him to destroy it. Hell, that bust of Unicron is from that same vault.

And now you're probably wondering how a bust of Unicron exists even though the planet devourer's history has been pretty laid out and wouldn't have included a head until VERY recently. Well, it's likely that the legend of Unicron being Primus' opposite has been part of Cybertron's mythology for millions of years and that the former planet Antilla is merely borrowing the iconography for effect. It's also possible that there's another reason. Like time travel.

Prowl isn't alone in his renegade mission. For one, he's obviously got a ship and while it isn't named here, its name is the Peaceful Revolution. It's crew will mostly show up later but they include such favorites as Wheelie (he talks in rhyme all of the time), Garnak (the token organic), Goldbug (leader of the Throttlebots and NOT an older, wiser Bumblebee), Chase (the red Throttlebot), Rollbar (the green Throttlebot), and Stardrive.

Stardrive actually shows up to talk with Prowl here and she needs a whole paragraph to properly explain her deal. She was a Camien protoform when the ship she was on got blown up by a Galactic Council vessel. Before she was killed, Stardrive was rescued by the Solstar Knight, Rom, and raised on the capitol planet of Elonia (which we learned in Transformers: Unicron #0 was one of Cybertron's colony worlds). Stardrive became a Knight of the Solstar Order, raised to believe that Cybertronians were awful beings. This was her mindset right up until she met some of them and learned that... yeah, most of them were pretty terrible. But SOME weren't! Anyway, she ended up quitting the Solstar Order but not before getting infected by a Dire Wraith. This infection hasn't been affecting her in the usual ways. It's more like a power upgrade that gets activated when she loses control of her emotions. So... she's a Transformer version of the Incredible Hulk.

Anyway, Stardrive enters the room to tell Prowl that Cybertron has gone off the grid. Given previous patterns, that means Unicron has shown up in the suburbs of Cybertron. Prowl is pleased because he anticipated Unicron's arrival on Cybertron to happen faster than things are playing out. So he has MORE time than he expected. Sure, it's only seven minutes but STILL.

That's cold comfort for Stardrive. Cybertron is VERY likely a goner. What's left to save? Prowl, pragmatic as usual, explains that Cybertron was ALWAYS going to be a lost cause. The only place that stands a chance of holding off Unicron is the place where all wars go to die:


And we're going there now.

This is what happens when you have a ridiculously overblown military budget.

Like the image says, this is G.I. Joe Field Headquarters, located in Trinity Bay, Texas. The Joes' usual base of operations is the former Decepticon battleship, the Nemesis, which was rechristened the Lemuria. But, as Scarlett describes, the Lemuria was the site of a recent Maximal assault that would have spelled the end of the G.I. Joe team if not for a timely intervention by Snake Eyes, Helix, and Skywarp.

But, let's face it. Skywarp probably made most of the difference since he's a former Decepticon Seeker who could battle the Maximals on their level.

And, if you're wondering, the battle Scarlett descibes is the one depicted in the G.I. Joe farewell story from Transformers: Unicron #2. Unicron has yet to arrive and the bulk of the Maximals are still above Cybertron but it seems a squadron was dispatched to take out Earth's defenses.

And so, two days after that attack, Scarlett, Skywarp, and the President of the United States meet at G.I.Joe Field Headquarters to consult a very special prisoners: Joe Colton. You might remember this guy. He's the General whose exploits inspired the G.I. Joe team to the point where they bear his name. It's just too bad he's a war criminal and is being confined to a cell. Colton is the guy responsible for the attack on Cybertron where he tried to commit planetwide genocide and accidentally sent a signal that activated Unicron. But he doesn't know that. All he knows is that he had the right idea and that everything is the Cybertronians' fault.

Oh! He also knows that the Talisman is the key to killing Cybertronians. Because he's totally not over committing genocide just yet.

In the city of New Prysmos, it appears that the Visionaries haven't gotten word that there's a planetary invasion in progress and that Unicron is moments away from devouring the entire planet. It is here that Windblade, the leader of Cybertron, has gone to enact her master plan to save everyone. She talks with the Visionaries' leader, Leoric, informing him of what's going on and just what a monster Shockwave is. She gets some help from Ironhide who just happens to be hanging around the city.

In a nutshell, Shockwave plans on using the Talisman to kill Unicron as well as Cybertron and then use Earth as his base of operations in restarting a Cybertronian Empire that will crush the entire universe. Windblade dearly doesn't want that to happen. She wants to rescue everyone while simultaneously spitting in Shockwave's eye. Leoric gives this some thought and realizes that this Talisman they keep talking about can do some amazing things. Maybe they can use it to enact a DIFFERENT strategy than the one Shockwave envisioned...

They better hurry because Unicron seriously wants to tear Cybertron apart.


If anything, this world-ending threat has FINALLY made the Autobots and Decepticons stop their squabbling... if only for the moment. Guys like Tracks and Needlenose stop tearing each other apart in a brotherly way (yeah, they're brothers) and stare up at the sky in terrified shock. As everyone runs ineffectually away from the disaster zone (which is EVERYWHERE), some brave Cybertronians stand their ground and try to keep order. I'm talking, of course, about Strongarm, making her official full debut in this continuity from her usual appearances in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon. She would make Ultra Magnus proud, here.

From within his bar, Maccadam's New Oil House, Blurr has been trying as hard as he can to ignore that things outside his window are looking absolutely terrible. As he witnesses the planet being pulled apart, however, the Autobot speedster is forced to face the reality of the situation: this is the end of Cybertron.

Now, that's sad and everything but Blurr sees something else happening. There's a "ribbon of Visionaries magic" that seems to be transporting everyone that it touches off planet. Unfortunately, that magic lightning doesn't look like it's going to strike everyone. So Blurr races on the scene to make sure that everyone gets hit.

I wish we could just forget Age of Ultron happened but it's critical to MCU continuity.

The Autobot racer does this by channeling the Flash with a side order of X-Men movie Quicksilver and it is awesome. Sadly, even though he's able to toss everyone else into that magic lightning, the ground erupts under him before he's able to make the journey himself. The one guy he isn't able to save is himself.


Not the ONLY one. It appears that Metroplex is similarly not being hit by the magic lightning and the prison holding Shockwave is ALSO out of range. I guess Blurr wouldn't have been able to toss either of those into the ribbon but they're both still populated. Prime, still at the prison, witnesses Shockwave teleport away. The mad bot tells Prime to have Metroplex spacebridge to Earth, claiming that they'll have a place in the new Cybertronian regime.

Seeing that some weird magic has saved everyone else, Optimus Prime orders Metroplex to activate his spacebridge. Prime won't make it back to the city in time but he makes one giant leap into the magic lightning instead.

The Cybertronian Fleet is still engaging the mutated Decepticon Fleet above the planet. Unicron seems temporarly distracted from its planet smashing by the thought of crushing the remaining fleet in its hand. Pyra Magna, heavily damaged after last issue's confrontation with Bludgeon's bruiser, Monstructor, can only watch as a massive hand sweeps towards her and what is left of her Torchbearers.

Before the end can hit them, their rescue comes from an unexpected place. Elita One, pilots the insanely damaged Carcer on a collision course with the world devourer. The Titan ship crashes right below Unicron's right eye and actually HURTS the planet-eater.

So... THAT'S the end of Elita One, right? It's gotta be. Right?

Right. Maybe. Probably. We'll see.

Unicron is momentarily distracted but that doesn't give the Cybertronian Fleet enough time to escape. We watch as Chromia prepares her crew for the end only for that end to be denied once more. It looks like that magic lightning finally hit the Cybertronian Fleet. We don't see if Pyra Magna and the Torchbearers were struck by it (probably) but we know that it saves Chromia. Which is good because Chromia is awesome.

OK. That's enough build up. Unicron finally gets down to business and tears the planet apart while consuming its bits and pieces. While that's happening, we're given some last minute scenes from Cybertron. One is of some turbofoxes frantically trying to escape the inevitable. Another shows the already dead Omega Supreme. The third looks to be the abandoned Cybertronian war room but that SHOULD be on Metroplex so... yeah... it's definitely an empty room. The final image is the shattered glass from Maccadam's New Oil House because we should all remember Blurr one last time.

With the death of another planet, the stars "around" Unicron go out again.

Shockwave arrives safely on Earth (Toronto, Canada) and is joined by a trio of his Maximal followers, Rhinox, Optimus Primal, and Beast Megatron. Rhinox, who we saw running free on Cybertron in Optimus Prime #22, presents Shockwave with a gun arm and power pack to replace the one he's lost. Once it's attached, a local policman decides it's a great idea to shoot first and make demands afterward. So... shots are fired on Shockwave that are entirely ineffectual and then the cop gives orders for the four Cybertronians to surrender before G.I. Joe or Optimus Prime's followers arrive.

This doesn't end well for the policeman. Or for Toronto. Shockwave tests out his new laser arm on the locals and orders his followers to do the same. After all, he's expecting Bludgeon and the mutated Decepticon Fleet to join him shortly and doesn't want to be seen as a weak leader by leaving any locals alive.

Near Jupiter, Sanctuary Station makes call after call to Cybertron only to recieve dead air. Cosmos is getting very concerned. So is everyone else, but the two robot condors, Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, hide it underneath comedic banter.

While they aren't getting any signals from Cybertron, Cosmos DOES get one from Earth. It's G.I. Joe's Mainframe, calling for Soundwave. Cosmos is in the midst of explaining what he knows when Sanctuary Station picks up a fleet of ships that are bound to give them some answers. Unfortunately for everyone, it's the mutated Decepticon Fleet. Also: the rest of the Maximals.

Bludgeon, aboard the flagship, muses about how Shockwave combined his eye-shaped flagship, the Nemesis (not the same ship I mentioned earlier), with Unicron in order to provide the world devourer an eye. What actually happened wasn't planned because the combination gave Unicron access to the flagship's transformation cog, providing Unicron a means of transforming.

OK. Let's unpack all of that. Why give Unicron an eye? Why do that without the intention of giving Unicron a robot mode? A planet needs an eye? Why does Shockwave's eye-shaped flagship have a transformation cog? And why oh why is that flagship called the Nemesis? I mean, I already explained that the Decepticon ship called the Nemesis was renamed the Lemuria and served as the headquarters for G.I. Joe. Having two ships with the same name is confusing!

ANYWAY, while Shockwave never intended for Unicron to transform or to survive eating Cybertron, all of this goes according the Bludgeon's plans. Because he is a true believer in the power and majesty of Unicron. And that goes a long way for me reiterating that people REALLY need to stop trusting Bludgeon. He's NEVER on your side. Starscream gets a lot of flack for being a double-crossing double-crosser but, seriously, that guy is WAY more loyal than pretty much every other Decepticon given ANY amount of authority. Besides Soundwave. But Bludgeon is literally the worst. He's going to betray you. If Shockwave didn't see that coming... man, he's definitely not the smartest guy in the room.

So Bludgeon and his mutated Decepticon Fleet are coming to Earth and they aren't doing that to help Shockwave. They're doing that to help Unicron. And if you look, you'll see that they Decepticons that Pyra Magna and the Torchbearers tore through last issue are damaged but still functioning. This is an army that keeps on kicking.

Before they get to Earth, the mutated Decepticon Fleet decides that they need to take down the symbol of all that's good in the Decepticon dream. I mean, that's not what they're REALLY thinking but that's what they do. What they want is to create a path of destruction on their way to Earth. That just means destroying Sanctuary Station in the process.

As the refugee comes under enemy fire, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw fly to the escape pods, inviting Cosmos and Sky-Bite to join them (Sky-Bite's the poet Decepticon who turns into a shark). Cosmos wishes them well on their way but intends to stay behind to do what he can to slow down the Decepticons and Maximals. He knows that he won't survive but Cosmos wants to give Optimus Prime all the time he can so that... so that Optimus can get his crap together and pull a win from the jaws of defeat.

Even though Laserbeak and Buzzsaw are some of the most cynical bots you're likely to meet... and even though they think Cosmos' belief that Prime is going to turn this around is HIGHLY unlikely, they understand that their Autobot friend isn't basing his decision to stay on logic. It's all down to faith, now, and that's something their bestie, Soundwave, placed in the highest importance. So, to honor Soundwave, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw join Cosmos in his last stand. So does Sky-Bite. Cosmos is overjoyed to be standing tall with his friends and happy to not face his final battle alone.

Because these guys don't last long. While this odd quartet of heroes faces overwhelming odds, the rest of the residents of Sanctuary Station, around thirty in total, escape and make a mad dash towards Earth. Bludgeon is content with the destruction he's cause and expects to take the survivors on when the fleet reaches Earth.

But before the fleet can get underway, they've got one more threat to face and this one is actually a danger. Stardrive.

The former Knight of the Solstar Order slices and dices her way through the mutated Decepticons and Maximals. Prowl keeps count because he's that kind of guy and he places the death toll at one hundred fifty-six in a short amount of time. He is pleased to have found one of the most impressive combat specialists in the known universe but even with such an asset in his arsenal, he knows that this isn't the fight that'll determine victory against Unicron. Because these are just foot soldiers.

Stardrive turns around in time to see Unicron teleport in. She's in shock at its size. So is the rest of Prowl's crew. But not him. This is apparently part of his plan. Prowl encourages Garnak and Wheelie to keep it together. After all, this is where things get real.

Atop Toronto's CN Tower, Shockwave surveys the destruction his Maximals have wrought. It brings him no satisfaction because he senses Unicron is still alive and on its way to Earth. Shockwave wonders what in his carefully constructed plan that relied mostly on chance could have possibly gone wrong?

We all know what went wrong. Shockwave rolled snake eyes. Not the G.I. Joe guy.

Oh, and the Talisman is on Earth so it wasn't able to infect Unicron with its poison. Coming to their senses near the Talisman are Ironhide and Windblade but no one else. The Visionaries are no where to be seen and none of Cybertron's other residents are here, either. Looking over a picturesque waterfall, Windblade wonders if they're the only ones who survived.

Ironhide isn't ready to call the Cybertronian race done just yet, however, and a short time later, he's proven correct as the nearby area fills with light before... it's filled with people. The surviving Cybertronian fleet appears in the sky. And there's Metroplex, too. He's a person who is also a city.

We learn that this is Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on the Zambia/ Zimbabwe border in south-central Africa. That amazing waterfall is known as Victoria Falls.

Windblade is overjoyed to see everyone but is especially happy to see Optimus Prime. It seems all the tension between these two fades away in the face of mutual survival.


But this isn't done, yet. Windblade knows that Unicron will be headed here, next and they need to figure out what to do about that. As Starscream complains about how much he HATES Earth, Rom rejoins his former love, Livia, and the rest of the Solstar Knights. The two make vague promises to each other about what might happen when this fight is over. IF it ends with them still alive...

Starscream pivots from his complaints into how much better a leader he was compared to Windblade. After all, Cybertron never got DESTROYED on his watch. Windblade vehemently protests this because Starscream is seriously a jackass and she literally just saved nearly an entire planet's population. Arcee skips right through the politics and deals with Starscream in her own fashion.

It's not exactly funnier with the words but it's super therapeutic.

With justice having been served, Arcee gives her girlfriend, Aileron, a kiss on the helmet (hot) and takes a quick moment to relax from the stress of the day. Optimus begins to tell Arcee and Aileron how happy it is they survived when he recieves a call from his old frenemy Prowl. Unicron is closing in on Earth and he's hoping Prime has some sort of strategy for taking out the monster planet.

"The only plan I've EVER had. WE FIND A WAY."

That's... that's not a good plan, Optimus. That's not a good plan at all.

Micronauts Back-up Story
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Colorist: Mattia Iacono
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Editor: David Mariotte

This issue in a nutshell: The Micronauts debate on whether or not to help against the threat of Unicron but are told by a returning friend, Oziron Rael, that they wouldn't make a difference because the universe is gonna end regardless of their involvement so they decide to just chill and basically enjoy the moment.

Bullet Points:
• The team debates whether they should help Rom and friends in the fight against Unicron or if they should use the lull in Microspace to make a play against Baron Karza.
• Oziron Rael returns to tell them that none of that matters because it all matters TOO MUCH.
• Meaning: the conflict against Unicron will end the universe and reboot it whether or not they help.
• Instead of appearing in the main event, the Micronauts take advantage of Oz's time traveling powers to live full lives before everything ends, even going back and reliving past adventures.
• And then they pose for a pin-up shot one last time.

The Micronauts are a group of adventurers fighting in a place called Microspace, a tiny universe that exists between atoms. Of course, it's inhabitants don't feel small (except for that time the Micronauts visited Earth-- they were the size of action figures) because this is their normal. The team is made up of five people. You've got Larissa, known as Orbital Defender but never really CALLED that, who is known for being the daughter of big bad guy Baron Karza. Then there's Microtron, a plucky little robot who served as first mate on their original ship, the Heliopolis. Serving as muscle is Acroyear, a genetically-engineered weapon of mass destruction. Phenolo-Phi is their flier and goes by Space Glider because she has a space glider. Rounding out the team is Biotron, a robot with a cockpit who can fight independently or combine his strength with his pilot. That pilot would be Oziron Rael but he's not currently with the team because he trancended to a higher plane of existance as a time traveler.

Because you can never get too much time travel.

When we last left off with the Micronauts' story, their big bad guy, Baron Karza, was returning to power in Microspace and our team of oddballs was determined to stop him before that return was complete. And that's basically where we pick things up. Something deadly is happening in "the larger world" (Unicron) and Karza is trying to take advantage of that to grab even more power. The Micronauts are left with a dilemma: do they join Rom and friends in the "larger" battle or do they capitalize on Baron Karza being distracted to decimate his power center in Microspace?

The team seems split on the issue, wondering if they could even make a difference in the big crisis and even questioning if they should even care about what goes on outside of Microspace. Enter: Oziron Rael.

Come and get some of this glowing.

Oz has returned from his higher plane of existance in order to tell his friends, basically, that the IDW Hasbroverse is coming to a close and being rebooted in a similar but different form. So what's going on in the upper universe will definitely affect Microspace even though the battle won't actually reach here. And, yeah, there's nothing the Micronauts can do to turn things around. The universe is ending.

But Oz claims this isn't REALLY the end. Because: reboot.

He gives no hints at what's going to happen next. And don't look at me! There aren't any solicitations for the Hasbroverse post-Unicron because the whole collection of titles is taking a break until next year.

What Oziron CAN do is stretch out the time remaining so that all of his friends can enjoy every second of it. In a wink to the readers, he essentially says that what HAS happened DID happen and no one can take those twenty-five issues away. The Micronauts can revisit their past and relive their favorite memories. Or they can live in the moment and make sure that nothing is left unsaid.

A panel closes in on Phenolo-Phi and Acroyear holding hands. I guess those two are in a relationship? This is what happens when you wait for a good price on trade paperbacks and haven't read Rom and the Micronauts, yet. You miss out on what's happened with the characters since the Wrath of Karza mini-event.

Larissa speaks up, letting everyone know that what she really wants to do before everything gets rebooted is enjoy a few more hyjinx filled adventures with her friends. So that is what they do.

Maybe they even fight Baron Karza again. This is exactly why we have fan fiction, people.

And with the Micronauts' farewell backstory told, our time together has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed your time and we'll see you again soon!

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