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Indie Moment of the Month - November 2018

Written by Zechs on Thursday, December 06 2018 and posted in Features

Indie Moment of the Month - November 2018

Had enough of the Big Two? Let's go to the other side, the Indie Comic side!




WINNER of Indie Moment of the Month for October: 


Optimus Prime 24 2018 - Page 22

Optimus Prime 24 2018 - Page 23



"And I always thought that made me different from the other Primes." - Optimus Prime #24



The Rules

1.) Given how hard it is for Indy Comics to survive in Moment of the Week. This is their second chance and to be spotlighted on their own.

2.) Every First Wednesday of the Month a thread of these will pop up.

3.) Nomination of a New Moment - If you've spent a month reading and haven't nominated something, but feel previous Moment of the Week threads missed something. You can here. BUT it will only join the poll if it's seconded.

4.) Indie Moment of the Year (at the end of November the winners of all the Indie Moments will be gathered together to get their chance into being included in Indie Moment of the Year (unless of course if they've won Moment of the Month, to which case they'll be included in those polls instead).

5.) Polls close on the first Wednesday of the Month at 11 pm (CT). Or whenever Zechs gets off his lazy ass to add them to the poll.


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