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Poll: Indie Moment of the Year - 2018

Written by Zechs on Thursday, December 06 2018 and posted in Features

Poll: Indie Moment of the Year - 2018

That's right. Those who won Indie Moment of the Month will have a Donnybrook to decide which one of them was the best of the year!


YOUR Indie Moment of the Year - 2017




Fangry buries Tailgate alive for 6 million years in a tiny box. - Lost Light #7: After Megatron (A Dissolution Epilogue)


Due to the Big Two's stranglehold over Moment of the Week and Month, I decided to separate Indie Comics from the pack. So here are the winners of all the previous Indie Moments of the Month (the last one being October's). 

Just like Moment of the Year, given the chaotic nature of November and December's months, the winners of both are at the top. Just like next year, the moments from this year's will be up there as well. Vote as many as you want and every week or so. Vote again. 

Any Indie Comic Nominated in a Moment of the Week thread will be added in December will be added here. With that said here's the nominations:


Voting for Indie Moment of the Year will end on Wednesday, January 2nd. You have until then to vote to your heart's content. Then on January, 3rd the WINNER WILL BE REVEALED (unless of course, something stops me from doing so at that time period)!!

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