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Poll: Moment of the Year - 2018

Written by Zechs on Friday, December 07 2018 and posted in Features

Poll: Moment of the Year - 2018

There have been many epic comic moments sprinkled across this year. Which one will rule MOMENT OF THE YEAR?!


WINNER of Moment of the Year 2017:


Bruce asks Selina to marry him. - Batman #24 

Has it been a year already? DAMN.  The nominations for this category were cast from previous winners from Moment of the Month of this year. However, given that Moment of the Month is still going on for November. That means that YES, those winners and this month's winners WILL BE ADDED TO THIS POLL WEEKLY. So if you want to wait until the complete list is out December 26th. Go ahead! But you can miss voting multiple times over for other moments every week until then!

Also being a just person I'm allowing the winners of the last years two months to be entered and they've both earned a spot at the top AT THIS YEAR'S. Unless of course any of those moments of that month win this year (it has happened). 



Which moment shall rule them all? Only you can decide!! Come the second day of the new year, Wedsenday, January 2nd. You have until then to vote to your heart's content. Then on January 3rd, the WINNER WILL BE REVEALED (unless of course, something stops me from doing so at that time period)!!  


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