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Poll: Most Maddening Moment - 2018

Written by Zechs on Friday, December 07 2018 and posted in Features

Poll: Most Maddening Moment - 2018

What irked you the most this year as a fan in 2018?




Greetings for another yearly chapter of, "Events in geekdom that drove us into Rage!" You know the kind... The kind that leaves you reacting like this:



Yep exactly just like that. These aren't the moments that aren't to be proud of (that's why we Have Indie and Moment of the Year for that). No these sorts of moments leave you in a blood-curdling rage but do because IT GETS TO YOU. WHY? BECAUSE IT HITS THAT RAW NERVE THAT GETS THAT LITTLE TWITCH IN YOUR EYE.  

My my what a year it has been. After the previous year of maddening moments from Marvel, it appears this year the ship has been righted. For the most part. Oh, yes there are still some moments this year from Marvel that made those eyes of your's twitch. But it seems the back half of this year? It seems stupidity is back on the DC Comics menu! Right around July, it seems the tide began to turn. And look where we are now...    On the bright side, YOUNG JUSTICE WILL FINALLY AIR NEW EPISODES AT THE START OF NEXT YEAR!! 

Still, I am aware of a lot of things that would drive one mad, I am not perfect. These are the ones I can best recall. If I missed any, please add to the option in the poll, reply to this thread, or just message me via Twitter or Tumblr. I will get consider it and no doubt add it. With that said. HERE'S THE POLL:


As always, we still have a few more weeks of 2018. A random utterly maddening moment can still sneak up and bite us in the ass. If that happens I will take note of it and add it to the poll. 

You can vote for any of the options above (so you don't have to limit yourself to just one tiny vote) and you can vote additionally every week or so (if that moment REALLY GOT TO YOU). Voting will end on Thursday, January 3rd. The winner will be revealed on January 4th (unless something comes in my way to prevent that).


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