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Indie Moment of the Year - 2018 Winner

Written by Zechs on Saturday, January 05 2019 and posted in Features

Indie Moment of the Year - 2018 Winner

So which third-party comic nabbed the best moment of this year?

This year was truly the year of Saga and IDW's Transformers comics (again though Saga really pulled thru this year going head to head with the previous year's giant of Indie Month of the Month polls). It was a back and forth between both winning month in and month out. Pitting these two against one another, I was curious amongst ALL those moments of the month won by both, which one would emerge victorious.  Well, that wasn't even the case here. The runner-up with eight votes is: "The title of Prime is trivial... simply a means to an end... ...OLD FRIEND." aka Onyx Prime's TRUE IDENTITY revealed. - Optimus Prime #17.

That said, winning at with fifteen votes:




The Will kills Marko, - Saga #54

Saga closes out the year toppling the giant that was Transformers for the last two years. Do you agree with the winner? Do you not? Feel free to add your comments on the winner.  

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