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Moment of the Year - 2018 Winner

Written by Zechs on Saturday, January 05 2019 and posted in Features

Moment of the Year - 2018 Winner

Your comic book moment of the year WINNER IS...

Last year, was the year of Batman. This year? Not so much. The year started strong for of all Mister Miracle, taking four out of five months of the top spot until Marvel Comics "hammered" their way back this year.  The overall poll had a total of 162 votes (it seems all the voting went to another "MADDENING" poll this year yet again).

So, coming in at #5 is an actual moment from November with ten votes: "My name's Pete." - Amazing Spider-Man #10.

As always there's a tie somewhere and this year it was the #4 slot which had a  four-way tie with (11 votes each) and those are:  Scott puts his hand over the hand-print of Jack Kirby - Mister Miracle #5In the end it was not a god 'Twas a mortal, Named Jane.... Remember that. - Thor #705, DC spoils the plot of one of their most hyped stories in a New York Times article 2 days before release. - NY Times Issue #7.1.18, and Bart Allen is back - The Flash #50.

Nudging just ahead of all those moments at twelve votes each Ben proposes to Alicia. - Fantastic Four #1. No doubt the poll for 2019 will have a certain moment from #5 from this series being a front-runner for the winner. Unless- DOOM has anything to say about that in the coming months of that comic. 

For #2, it ran to a VERY early and commanding lead, but it stood there while the winner kept pushing ahead to tie it, and then finally defeat it by a single vote. You where close. Oh, so very close.  With fifteen votes the runner-up is: The final three pages. - Transformers: Lost Light #25.

And your winner for Moment of the Year 2018 ironically enough is basically two characters who've been quite the underdogs at DC Comics. Year in and year out these two characters linger much to the dismay of some editors at the company. Almost ironically enough the moment like the characters crawled its way throughout the month before forging ahead as the winner by a single vote over #2 with sixteen votes. That's right, your WINNER for 2018's Moment of the Year is-- GIMME THAT EPIC DRUM ROLL!!!!


Brother Eye shows Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown what was taken from them and then they proceed to kick the A.I.'s ass. - Detective Comics #980.

There you have it. Feel free to comment if you agree or what your personal favorite moment this year was. Here's to a new year of glorious comic moments! Will, it be a year of DOOM?! Why can't it ever be a year of DOOM? Someone get Jonathan Hickman back at Marvel so we can have a year of DOOM again. A year of DOOM are needed in comics again.  Wait who's writing Fantastic Four again? NOOOOOO!!!!


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