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Rdrs' Stream of Consciousness Raw Thoughts 6/21/11

Written by rdrsfn82 on Tuesday, June 21 2011 and posted in Features

The debut of a new column recapping this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, as well as discussing the overall week in WWE. I'll give my thoughts on each segment, and on the show overall, as well as discuss any other big wrestling stories from the week.

Here it is, one night after Capitol Punishment and the landscape of the WWE was changed forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or it's pretty much the same as it was last week.  Cena is champ, Orton is champ, the midcard titles and tag belts are an afterthought, and yet we are on the verge of things changing forever yet again at the next PPV in a few weeks!  Or not.  Either way, tonight is a fan choice show where matches will be decided by votes that took place before the show aired on the West Coast, and were probably rigged anyways by either having them outright rigged or set up to influence the vote as they have been ever since the idea of letting fans vote began  So let's stop this overly long preamble and get into the show.  This will basically be the same thing I was doing on Monday's in the wrestling thread, but not it will be on the front page after the suggestion of the west coast liberal overlord, Jude.  Here we go!

Our announce team is Cole, Lawler, and Booker.  This will not end well.  Mostly because of Cole and Lawler.  They really need to go.

And here is CM Punk, maybe the best thing going over the last few years.  Heel or face, he's great, but he shines even more as a heel.  Just look at the opening line ripping the city, simple stuff that generates heat and then he states the fact he's the best wrestler in the world (which is true or damn close), thereby using those boos to greater effect.  This entire promo starts off strong with the mention of wrestling, wins, and losses to back up his points.  It's simple, it's effective, it's presumptuos to assume he should be #1 Contender (which he should be), and then a sit in until he gets his way.  Little things, the tone of his voice, the look on his face, the interrupting of Cole, and the Buffer impression all add up to greatness that others can't seem to grasp.  Others try to hard to create catchprases or be witty or whatever, when instead theys hould focus on the little things.  Then again, hardly anyone one has the level of confidence of Punk and the skill with words to present himself as well as he does.  His charisma is off the charts.  The GM screwing with him further and further by adding people to the match every time he feels disrespected was also well done, then cutting off the mic and Punk trying to talk was the icing on the cake.  Very effective opening segment.

Then they follow it up by announcing I have no interest in the next match.  I have no desire to see Kelly Kelly wrestle a Bella.  None.  her winning the belt is a total joke.  She's awful.  She should only be a valet, and nothing more.

Nice Evan Bourne package, and based on these options he should be fighting Sin Cara, in what will be a great match.  Or the voting is totally fake.  There is no way the face loses a vote like that, especially a crowd pleasing face that could have put on a crazy high flying match.  This is just retarded.  Mason Ryan would have come in 3rd, and would have got less than 10% of the vote if it was real.  That said, this could be a fun match with conflicting styles.  A Bautista chant during the match is hilarious.  Meh, and OK match, but really no reason for it to happen.  Really don't understand the point of it.  If they wanted Ryan to look powerful, they could have just had him run out and destroy Sin Cara and Bourne late in their match. 

And now we get the usual dumbass big guy choices for Kane vs Henry.  And next week is Raw Roulette with the annual Vegas show.  That's three straight big gimmick weeks for the show.  Don't know if that's such a great idea.  Anyways, I don't feel like watching this next silly crap.  Every time they have a show like this they put a match like this on here, and it's never really even mildly entertaining.  Kane getting destroyed wasn't a surprise, as they are building a Henry vs Show feud.  The chick in the crowd seemed like an obvious plant.  And it took up two whole segments, one for a promo and one for the arm wrestling and beatdown.  Just was predictable boring segment.

Truth is one of the best things going, and I wish he had won the title.  However, because of his character it might actually work better if he's not champ and can continue to claim he was screwed over.  His paranoid attitude doesn't really work as well if he's the champ and gets what he wants.  And now paranoid Christian comes out and joins his cause.  Christian comes across as more of an addict, while Truth just seems like a delusional madman.  It's a fun contrast,a nd they work well together.  Which is no surprise, as they were great together at times in TNA.  Now Miz is out, and it's like they are just about to overload the ring with awesome heelishness.  I didn't see the PPV, but I'm sure Miz has a point.  Christian saying their stuff is more important because it was a title match is very true.  The repeating each other part was great.  I'd love to see these guys just do stuff like this every week.  It's comedy, but it actually doesn't make any of them look like jokes.  That's how comedy should look in wrestling.  It shouldn't make the guy look like a joke, it should make the guys continue to look liek real threats, while also making the crowd laugh.  And these three on a team against Reilly, Cena, and Orton should be a fun match. 

Just saw a commercial for a house show here in town in August.  I'll probably go to that if I'm not busy that weekend.

Kofi and Dolph have both been in a holding pattern so long that they have feuded roughly 892876 times in the last couple years.  Both guys should be moved on to top tier feuds, but whatever.  I'm sure this will be a fun match.  Two falls down,a nd it's been a great match that has thrilled the live crowd.  The SOS for the second fall was out of nowhere and just showed why it should be his main finisher vs guys that can take it.  This has been a PPV quality match and Ziggler trying to get himself DQ'd or counted out was pretty smart and well done as a heel move.  I liked the finish as a great way to build heat, but I worry this feud might keep going.  They really both should move on to new stuff.

HBK and Raw Roulette in the same week seems like overkill, but both are usually fun so that's cool with me.

This #1 Contender's match should be good stuff.  All three guys are great.  I don't get the point of having both Henry and Del Rio continue to have an issue with Show.  The back to back backbreakers by Punk and Del Rio on Rey were cool.  The dive by Rey off the ropes onto Punk and then rolling to dive outside onto Del Rio was also great.  In fact, this whole match has been great.  Other than one early spot, it's mostly been in the ring and not taking advantage of the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation, but that could still come into play for the actual finish.  Or not, but the finish was very solid.  I always love a heel stealing a win in these kinds of matches with more than 2 people.  Another very good match that could easily have been on PPV.  And now we get Punk with a mic, which is always great.  I can't recall a long term feud between Punk and Cena.  Maybe they've had a short feud, but I can't think of a really long term feud between them.  I'd love to see them feud all summer.  Punk bringing up his contract on TV, well I don't know what to make of that.  I really hope he wins the belt and stays.  If he is indeed just leaving on that date, then I'll be very sad.  He's far too entertaining to see him gone for a long period of time.  The fact it's been brought up on TV makes me wonder if maybe he'll be staying and they are turning it into a story, but I could just see him doing this as a goodbye thing. 

Cody vs Bryan should be fun, and luckily they got the best of the options, as the other two sounded really dumb.  I can definitely see them trying to steal the show, which will be a bit of a feat considering the last match and the Kofi/Ziggler one.  Or it could be a match that's made too short to be really great and instead is just good.  Bryan then avoiding the jumping to get the submission hold on was good, followed by Ted coming out.  Good solid stuff that continues this 4 person feud.  A very solid match considering the short amount of time, but far from the greatness they could have put on with a longer segment.

I did not watch the dance segment, as that's just a waste of life.  I can't believe they cut down the Bryan vs Cody match to fill time with crap like that.  Just ridiculous.

On to the main event.  As an Elimination match, I worry that all the heels will be eliminated with Cena or Orton getting pinned by anyone.  That would be irritating.  I really hope the heels win, but there's about a 0% chance of that happening.  Orton is an awful face.  Not really anything in particular so far that he's done tonight, but it needs to be mentioned.  And there goes Reilly.  Hopefully Cena or Orton or both go next, though I don't have much hope.  And there goes Miz.  Now it's two on two with the four guys that fought for the belts last night.  And there's Truth.  And now Orton is out, so at least there's that.  But of course Christian was so wrapped up in that he forgot about Cena and then ate an RKO and tapped to Cena's finisher, because faces should always attack guys after they are eliminated.  Orton is so awful.  Obvious ending aside, it was a pretty fun match overall.

So the show as a whole was uneven, had some segments I skipped, had a lot of filler, but in the end it had 2 really really good matches and a few really solid matches, which adds up to a pretty entertaining show.  Would have been better at a normal length with some of the garbage cut out, but whatever.  Anyways, I hope those of you that read this initial column enjoyed it, and hopefully this will become a normal thing.  Starting next week I'll try to give some thoughts on Smackdown and general wrestling news from the previous week as well, but I felt this week it was best to just start off with the show at hand as it was 3 hours and came off the PPV.  So that's it.  Go away now and do something more productive with your life.

Written or Contributed by: rdrsfn82

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