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Flush That S#!T #3

Written by Tony Mourlot on Wednesday, February 28 2007 and posted in Features
Hey everyone! We decided to pull it together and bring you a new edition of Flush That S#!t and this time Misac and Sgt. Marvel came to party. This editions topics include the Ghost Rider movie, Joe Quesada, Spiderman’s return to black, The Boys and the single issue vs. the trade paperback. [...]

Hey everyone! We decided to pull it together and bring you a new edition of Flush That S#!t and this time Misac and Sgt. Marvel came to party. This editions topics include the Ghost Rider movie, Joe Quesada, Spiderman’s return to black, The Boys and the single issue vs. the trade paperback. Enjoy and don’t eat yellow snow!

Tony: Welcome to another edition of Flush That Shit: the column where Keb and I argue about a bunch of comic related news stories. Tonight we’re joined by Sgt. Marvel and Misac:. Tonight’s first topic is comic movies. Care to start us off Misac:
Misac: Ghost Rider, anyone excited?
Sarge: Meh. I think it’ll at least be as good as Punisher
Tony: I’m cautiously optimistic
Keb: I’m like…oh well. Love Nic Cage, don’t love Marvel movies.
Misac: From the commercials in looks like a comedy
Tony: I’ve found that having low expectations can make it a better experience
Misac: Yep
Keb: Who’s that chick in the movie?
Tony: Eva Mendes
Keb: She’s hot. *le drool*
Misac: I’ll see it out of curiosity, but I’ve never read a GR comic
Keb: I think Marvel’s biggest mistake are the amount of movies. Ghost Rider was a cool character in the 70s and 80s, then he fell off and got the anti-hero treatment in the 90s and became lame.
Tony: I’m gonna see it basically because it’s a comic movie
Misac: They should at least update the costume
Sarge: Well, they’re turning a profit off almost all of them.
Keb: You can’t. That makes him look cool.
Tony: what would you do differently with the costume?
Misac: Go with the older look, it looks too 90s
Keb: I’d make it spandex and pink!
Tony: White belt too?
Keb: And some white gator-skin shoes to match the belt.
Sarge: That’s just because you have a crush on Cage.
Keb: Make him a dancing machine, too. His skull’s flaming, why can’t the rest of him be too?
Misac: Cause then he’s the human torch
Sarge: No, then he’s Dr. Strange.
Tony: Saturday Night Ghost Rider?
Tony: As played by John Travolta
Sarge: I’d see that.
Misac: Don’t even joke
Keb: I’ve only ever read any Ghost Rider in Spiderman from the 90s, when the rider was Danny Ketch. There were a few instances when McFarlane and Larsen used him in the comics, and I thought the character was kind of over-the-top
Tony: I would too Sarge, and laugh the entire time. I read most of the series with Ketch
Misac: What are his powers anyway?
Sarge: The powers of vengeance.
Keb: when he touches the bike, he turns into the ghost rider, and acts as the spirit of vengeance
Tony: Penance stare
Misac: Like Marvel’s Spectre?
Tony: basically
Keb: He stares at his enemies til they become flaming like him then they all hop on his bike and go to the disco…
Tony: Disco Inferno
Misac: Roller Disco?
Keb: Now there’s a movie Marvel should make!
Misac: Marvel gets enough shit already
Keb: I think most of the shit they get is channeled through Joe Quesada. What do you guys think of him as EIC?
Sarge: I don’t get the hate for him. I like him but I still think Shooter was the best.
Tony: I have mixed emotions on the matter. I like how he’s brought Marvel towards the mainstream with Civil War
Misac: I think he’s done many-a good things
Keb: I think he’s swell, for the most part. I always liked Tom DeFalco
Sarge: Lately, Tom seems kind of prickish.
Keb: The thing with Joe Q is that he turned the company around. Marvel Knights made Marvel popular. But now I think most of his big moves seem to be trying to compete with DC.
Misac: I’d agree somewhat. He should be one step ahead of DC.
Tony: Competing with DC is the nature of the biz. I have to say that the mainstream DCU has nothing I’m excited about right now
Keb: I think he has a job to do and he does his job. Does he do it well? I don’t think so anymore. Marvel’s publishing history seems to run in rings and Marvel’s on the verge of tanking if they don’t get some change.
Tony: How can you say Marvel is on the verge of tanking it?
Keb: Why? Because they’re getting huge. Their comics will sell well, but their ideas are getting stale. I think there hasn’t been a Marvel comic worth buying since Nextwave.
Tony: You’re not reading the right Marvel books then
Keb: Because I’m not interested
Sarge: I disagree; I think most of Marvel’s books are solid.
Misac: But the product isn’t crappy. They all have good creators behind them
Tony: Captain America and Daredevil are awesome
Misac: Cap is my favorite monthly
Keb: Yeah, but it’s not the creator that sells the book, it’s the idea, and for the House of Ideas, I think they’re running a little short on space.
Sarge: I buy books based on the creators. I think there are a marginal people who do, as well.
Tony: umm…Civil War is a stale idea?
Tony: why do you think that?
Keb: I think the summer crossover event is a stale idea. This is their third summer crossover event and they’re already planning another one. You want new readers, start with new ideas, stop rehashing old shit and stop trying to cause controversy.
Sarge: I’ll agree with Keb if there turns out to be some sort of Mastermind behind everything. But, until then I’m really enjoying Civil War.
Tony: Well, I tire of crossovers as well but Civil War has been great so far
Tony: I could say the same for DC Keb
Keb: I’m speaking for both companies
Tony: Ok then
Misac: But do you hate Civil War or the fact that it’s a crossover?
Keb: No, I don’t hate Civil War, I just wasn’t interested in it because a) it’s a cross-over (a new-age “crossover” with fifty tie-ins) and also because I didn’t think it was really a good idea. Okay, so anyways, on to the next. Spiderman’s returning to his black costume in a move that should be raising some eyebrows a la The Rock. What do you guys think?
Misac: I wasn’t around the first time so I’m looking forward to is. I hope it fits in with the current story line
Tony: I prefer the red and blue but I’m excited to see him in the black
Keb: I love the black. I grew up with the black.
Sarge: I like the black costume but it’ll just be around until the movies out.
Keb: What’s the story as to why he’s wearing black now?
Sarge: I think Mary Jane gets shot but that’s just speculation.
Tony: Don’t know yet
Tony: I hope she doesn’t
Keb: Oh? So it may be a mourning thing?
Tony: That’s what has been hinted at
Sarge: Well, It looks like MJ or Aunt May is going to be shot and Aunt May already died.
Misac: I hope she doesn’t die
Sarge: I don’t think he’ll kill her just wound her.
Keb: Does this not remind anyone of “Black logo” Superman?
Misac: I like that black Supes costume, but didn’t Spidey have it first?
Keb: No no, not that one. The Superman who changed the yellow on his S logo to black to mourn those who died in the Imperiex invasion.
Tony: Spidey was in black in Amazing 251 or 252
Misac: ala Kingdom Come?
Keb: Yes!
Misac: Do you think Eddie Brock will return?
Keb: If Eddie Brock comes back I’ll stop reading comics forever!
Sarge: Nah, he has cancer. Though, Scorpion-Venom is pretty lame.
Tony: I don’t like Venom but I do hope Eddie returns. The Scorpion as Venom is a dumb idea
Keb: He’s dead. Slit his wrists in MK Spiderman 8
Tony: Like that’s ever stopped a character from coming back!
Keb: It should…
Misac: I thought he didn’t die, I’ll have to re read that
Tony: I agree Keb
Misac: who should be Venom then?
Sarge: Some new guy.
Tony: A new guy who hates Peter
Tony: for some reason
Keb: A new guy named Eddie Brock! He hates Peter because Peter made him slit his wrists like a stupid emo kid! So yeah, I like the black costume, but I don’t like the reason behind it.
Sarge: Peter’s Emo.
Keb: You’re emo
Sarge: At least I’m not Canadian.
Keb: At least I’m not emo
Sarge: *cries*
Tony: you need a hug? So what do you guys think of The Boys landing at Dynamite?
Keb: I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll really out-Preacher Preacher, so it’s a move that doesn’t really matter in my mind. But it may be a good pick-up for Dynamite so they can stop distributing old 80s properties.
Misac: and a million variant covers await the boys
Sarge: It should be granted the amount of freedom that it deserves.
Tony: I love the book. I’m glad someone picked it up
Misac: But it will be plagued by delays? After the move I mean. Remember Red Sonja?
Tony: It hasn’t so far. I can live with delays as long as it comes out
Keb: It might. Robertson is still DC-exclusive and has DC work to do, so I’m sure he’s going to be jumping between that and his Boys work, and I don’t know how fast he is.
Sarge: The reason DC gave for canceling was pretty stupid.
Misac: What was the reason?
Sarge: It was something like having violent Characters that closely resemble Superman and Co. and that makes their reason even more ridiculous.
Keb: *cough*Authority*cough*
Tony: Don’t forget the hamster
Misac: I wonder if they would have cancelled if Ennis had made them to look like marvel characters?
Tony: I think they caught heat from a higher up
Keb: Well, LoEG had an advertisement for a “Marvel brand douche” that got pulled from the comic so I doubt they would do that.
Tony: If they looked like Marvel characters I think Marvel would’ve sued
Misac: They shouldn’t take things so serious
Keb: DC?
Tony: Both
Sarge: Agreed.
Keb: I know, but that’s the world we live in.
Misac: Unfortunately
Tony: It’s too PC
Sarge: I don’t think companies like Image would’ve cared, at least.
Keb: So will The Boys be coming out in trade from DC or will Dynamite handle that?
Misac: I would imagine Dynamite
Sarge: I think the first trade is from DC. Everything after that will probably be from Dynamite.
Misac: Yeah I think they already printed v.1
Keb: Ennis and Robertson own the property right?
Tony: yup.
Sarge: I think they bought it from DC.
Misac: wasn’t it creator owned from Wildstorm?
Tony: I think so
Keb: 1-6 will be collected and distributed by Wildstorm in March.
Sarge: I didn’t think Wildstorm was for creator owned properties?
Keb: That’s DC’s creator-owned line, but if the title’s for more mature audience, they usually take it to Vertigo. In the case of the The Boys, it’s got superheroes and Vertigo has a strict “no superhero” policy so they published through Wildstorm.
Misac: Wildstorm signature, right?
Tony: I do believe so
Misac: like with Ex Machina
Keb: Yup, same case.
Sarge: I wouldn’t exactly call the boys “Superheroes”.
Keb: But you’re not the editor at Vertigo!
Sarge: Wasn’t Deadman a Vertigo mini?
Keb: I believe so, but it wasn’t Superhero
Tony: Agreed but it’s more “Superheroish” than anything else Vertigo publishes
Keb: Oh well.
Keb: Anyways, Tony and I got into a good discussion last night about the issue format vs. the trade format. We wanted to know what you guys thought about it.
Sarge: I like single issues but they keep putting extras in the trades.
Misac: I wish I could switch completely to trades
Tony: Really? why?
Keb: I’m in the same boat
Misac: they’re just easier to deal with storage wise and reading
Tony: I prefer single issues
Keb: Misac:, I agree. I have these two long boxes sitting awkwardly in my room. I’ve started using them as tables.
Misac: i find it harder to wait a month for a comic than I do a trade.
Keb: With a trade, it goes on my bookshelf and looks really great.
Tony: 2? I have like 16 long boxes
Keb: That’s because you’re crazy!
Sarge: See hoe much useful they are than trades? Trades can’t be used as tables!
Keb: I also dislike the ads in comics, specifically Marvel comics.
Sarge: I don’t care about ads.
Keb: Indies do it right! They’ve got all the ads in the back.
Tony:I view the ads as a necessary evil to pay the bills
Keb: They bug me.
Misac: Effing emusic or whatever that insert was!
Sarge: Meh, you just flip the page.
Tony: That’s how I look at it Sarge
Keb: Says you. When you get involved in the story, the ad can kill the suspense.
Misac: I don’t mind them but sometimes they get out of hand!
Sarge: It can add to the suspense.
Keb: “Oh Captain America, kill me now” and when you go to flip the page expecting to see his reaction you get a stupid “Stop smoking” ad instead…and it’s a two page spread so you have to flip the page again. Too much effort! With a trade, you don’t get that. If it’s got an ad, it’s in the back and it’s comic-related.
Misac: yo! It’s weird seeing a regular Marvel comic next to an indie it’s like a 64 pager. I do like that car ad with the Marvel characters, though.
Keb: Trades are also a great way to catch up on things you’ve missed. Most of my Vertigo stuff is in trade because they’re all older series.
Misac: That’s why I love them
Sarge: I’d rather they were released simultaneously in trade paperback and Hardcover.
Misac: Yeah, I don’t like the Marvel Premier, but I love the oversized HC
Keb: I agree. I started buying certain comics late, so I used the trade to catch up.
Misac: Have you ever switched from trade to monthly or vice versa? I’ve done it with two comics Cap ad Godland
Keb: Well, I’ve thought about doing that for Ultimate X-Men. I started with singles for BKV’s run, but before I caught up in trades, then when Kirkman’s run started I thought about switching to trades again, but I just ended up dropping it.
Misac: I only own like 7 Ultimate comics the rest is a vast collection of trades
Keb: I’ve been tempted to switch back to trade for 100 Bullets, but I just can’t afford it right now…and I fiend for that comic.
Misac: I’m reading vol.1 of that pretty soon
Tony: The only time I read trades is if it’s a really old story or like 50 issues into a run.
Keb: Does reading a trade make you sleepy?
Sarge: Nah, I always read before bed
Misac: Me too
Keb: I just find the issue, bagging and boarding and storing etc to be too much of a hassle. It’s nice to get the story as soon as possible, but sometimes waiting for the trade isn’t so bad.
Tony: I like bagging and boarding to protect my comics. Can’t do that with a trade
Keb: Yeah but you can buy a kick-ass bookshelf from Ikea and put them on it.
Misac: I keep my trades stacked
Tony: The closest Ikea to me is in Pittsburgh
Sarge: Build one then.
Keb: Yes, show those man-skills of yours and build a bookshelf.
Tony: Don’t need to because I don’t have that many trades
Keb: So now we’ve come to he conclusion that Tony needs to buy himself a bookshelf and more trades, and that’s all for us, so we’re going to Flush That Shit. Thanks to Sgt. Marvel and Misac for joining us tonight. You guys get the last words.
Misac: Thanks for having me gents. It was a blast and I hope to do it again.
Sarge: Thanks for the invite guys. And to everyone out there don’t be afraid to try something new, be it Civil War or fucking a sheep. Good night everybody!
Tony: And don’t forget to wash your hands!

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