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Who Are the Mystery Men: The Aviatrix Profile (Plus Bonus Questions!)

Written by Christian Hoffer on Wednesday, July 13 2011 and posted in Features

David Liss returns to the Outhouse with another Mystery Men profile and answers a few questions about the future of the book!

Mystery Men is the new Marvel mini-series by David Liss and Patrick Zircher that debuted last month to rave reviews across the Internet.  This month, David Liss returns to the Outhouse to provide some hints about what's to come as well as provides a new profile for The Aviatrix!

The Outhouse: Can you tell us if there's any plans to do a follow-up series to Mystery Men?  It seems like there's too many new characters to just use in one five issue mini-series!

David Liss: I would love to to work with these characters again, but that call remains in the hands of the good people at Marvel.  I urge anyone who digs this book to buy copies now and when it comes out in a collection, write reviews, spread the word, and -- most importantly -- send gifts to Bill Rosemann and Tom Brevoort.  Books like this can have a hard time finding an audience in a competitive market, so it can really help when readers actively promote and support any niche title they care about.
OH: Have you given much thought about what you'd like to do with a second Mystery Men series?

DL: Yes, but I don't want to answer this until after #5 comes out.  I can't talk about it without giving stuff away.  Suffice to say, I'd like to incorporate the (surviving?) members of the group more thoroughly into the Marvel U based on events as they unfold at the end of the story. 

OH: Will there be any importance to the comic being in-continuity?

DL: You won't see any major seismic shifts, if that's what you are asking.  I think the importance is that this book "counts" and that we're laying the groundwork with both characters and context for me or (less desirably, in my view) other writers to return to the time and flesh out the early days of the Marvel U even more.  There is a lot of rich material to work with in the pulp era, and the writers engage with it, the more lines we can draw between the early 1930s and contemporary titles.
OH: Is there any chance that we might be seeing a modern version of the "Board of Evil" in Black Panther?

DL: There's no shortage of conspiratorial bad guys in the contemporary Marvel U, so I don't see the need of updating the Board.  For Mystery Men, I wanted to work within the conditions and circumstances of the day and establish a villainy that made sense for the pre-WWII period.  These guys are pretty vile -- no doubt about it -- but I'm not sure they could hold their own against some of the evil masterminds of our time. 
OH: Not really a question but a comment.  Well done for recgonizing Ayn Rand's evilness!

DL: I am glad a few people picked up on that!

The Aviatrix Profile

Sarah Starr

Power/Special Ability:   Cool jetpack thingie.

Character's Origin: Sarah was an amateur pilot, but after she was injured -- and a friend died -- in an aviation accident, she had to agree never to fly airplanes again.  But she didn't agree never to fly again.  So began her secret life as an inventor.  When her sister Alice is killed, she wants to find the killer just as much as the Operative and the Revenant.  Thus enters the Aviatrix.

Inspiration for the Character:  The hero with a jetpack was a pretty common pulp archetype. Commander Cody comes to mind, of course, along with the Rocketeer and the many characters that inspired him.

Final Thoughts on the Character: I loved writing a character who, in order to be as brave as anyone else, has to  be twice as brave as anyone else.  The Aviatrix is smart, tough, inventive and unyielding.

Be sure to pick up Mystery Men #3, in stores today!

Written or Contributed by: Christian Hoffer

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