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Comics You Should Be Reading: The Dark Swan

Written by Comic_Doctor on Wednesday, July 27 2011 and posted in Features

This week, Comics You Should Be Reading checks out Rachelle Mead's The Dark Swan!

Comics You Should Be Reading features a rotating panel of Outhouse writers highlighting some of the best, under-heralded books out today. 

Richelle Mead's The Dark Swan: Storm Born is written by Richelle Mead & Grant Alter, and illustrated by Dave Hamann.

Synopsis of the book: Eugenie Markham, or "Odile" (named after the Dark Swan from Swan Lake), is basically a "for hire" shaman who battles the unwanted supernatural elements in and around Tuscon, Arizona.  She's a young woman with strong character and determination, but still caring, soft at times, and in need of love and guidance.

Her story hits the ground running as Eugenie takes care of a 'simple' possessed shoe, but things quickly speed up from there.  Things really take off when Eugenie looks into a case of a missing girl who is believed to be in Otherworld - a dimension where the supernatural seem to originate from.  Eugenie's loneliness leads her to a night out where she meets a nice young man named Kiyo who may be more than he seems.  How much more?  Well, more reading is needed to find out.

The story seems to be leading to Eugenie crossing over to Otherworld, but when, how, and with who is still to be told.

Reasons why it's awesome: To start - the cover to issue #1. While flipping through Previews my eye was caught by the simple image of the heroine on a black background.  Cover artist Jennyson Rosero did her job well.  The interior art style is relatively simplistic looking compared to what's coming out of the big two, but it's still detailed, smooth, and matches the tone of the story nicely.  The colors are crisp, vibrant, and complementing.

The writing is very well done and the use of thought boxes add a great deal to the story for readers not familiar with the world created by Richelle Mead.  Eugenie is cute, funny, tough and very easy to like.  I started rooting for her almost immediately.  A lot of story is fleshed out in the first issue which makes falling into the Dark Swan universe easy.  I'm already curious about other aspects of this universe, who is in them, and how they'll look.

DarkSwanEugenie's supporting cast and villains all come across as 'real' characters.  Their looks are distinct and their dialogue is believable.  There are strong characters throughout the first two issues, and I assume readers of Richelle Mead's Dark Swan novels would be familiar with them.

If you like _________, then you'll like this book: The first book that comes to mind is any Anita Blake series, but to be honest I've never read any.  Fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer would probably enjoy the supernatural aspects of Dark Swan as well.  I would even hazard a guess that Twilight fans would be happy with Eugenie Markham's adventures.

Best pick-up point: Only two issues have been releases to date, with issue #3 arriving soon, and issue #4 scheduled for September.  Many shops may not have this series in stock, but as I found out, it's easily available to back order.

Written or Contributed by: Comic_Doctor

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