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Deyvid reports for the Outhouse on Jeri Ryan's W13 Q&A

Written by Deyvid on Thursday, August 11 2011 and posted in Features

Trek Radio's newest recruit Deyvid joins forces with the Outhouse, debuting with Jeri Ryan's Q&A for Warehouse 13

Newly joined Outhouser and Trek Radio broadcaster Deyvid represented the Outhouse in a recent conference call with award-winning actress Jeri Ryan to promote her debut appearance (8/1/2011) on Syfy's family-friendly powerhouse series, Warehouse 13.

Jeri graciously took time out of her busy schedule to answer questions about her experience on Warehouse 13 as well as previous and current roles and her personal life.

When asked what attracted her to the role of Major Amanda Lattimer, ex-wife of series star Eddie McClintock's character Peter Lattimer, she replied that it seemed like it would be a lot of fun to do and was an interesting storyline with a character who is a "smart cookie" and "doesn't take crap" from anyone. She also found the character to be relatable on a personal level since Amanda is getting remarried and Jeri has been through remarriage herself, and also because Amanda is a Marine and Jeri's father was in the U.S. Army for 28 years, adding that her father has been looking forward to seeing her in the military uniform.

Jeri also stated that she is always eager to work in the science fiction genre because it allows her more freedom to play and to do things that she normally does not get to do in drama or comedy; that one of the reasons most actors enter the business is for the opportunities to do many different things and to live as many different lives as possible, and it's always fun to play a role where she can suspend reality a bit. A challenge that she enjoyed was finding the right balance between comedy and realism so that the story can be entertaining and still remain believable as well.

She certainly had a great time with the cast and crew of Warehouse 13. When asked about working with series star Eddie McClintock, she described him as a great guy and a "complete goofball" who is very funny. She had fun connecting with Eddie during some of the more emotional scenes they shared together.

Jeri's appearance in the episode "Queen for a Day" adds her name to the list of Star Trek alumni appearing on Warehouse 13, joining series regular Saul Rubinek ("Kivas Fajo" in ST:TNG "The Most Toys"), Rene Auberjonois ("Odo" of ST:DS9) who appeared on two previous episodes as Hugo Miller, and Star Trek: Voyager co-star Kate Mulgrew ("Captain Janeway") who will be appearing on W13 later this month.

In 2010, Jeri worked with fellow Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes ("Commander Riker" of ST:TNG) when he directed an episode of TNT's drama series Leverage in which she guest-starred as Tara Cole, a grifter-for-hire who joined the not-for-profit heist team for several episodes.

Jeri expressed that, along with Boston Public, working on Leverage was one of the best experiences in her career. She described the entire cast and crew as "insane", the funniest and most enjoyable group of people she was ever lucky enough to work with. She loved her character on Leverage, which she described as light and tough, allowing her to play a different type of character each week since her character assumed false identities for the various heist jobs.

Having shot another episode for it this season, Jeri would love to return to Leverage again; although it is unlikely to happen due to scheduling difficulties with her current series. Alongside award-winning actress Dana Delany, Jeri is currently co-starring as Chief Medical Examiner Kate Murphy on ABC's hit medical drama Body of Proof, which has recently begun filming episodes for the second season.

One of her favorite aspects about her current work on Body of Proof is that she plays a medical examiner because she describes herself as "a big ol' science nerd from way back." During research for the role, she was allowed to observe autopsies and she found that to be an incredible experience. While growing up she wanted to work in either acting or veterinary medicine. Before deciding to pursue a career in acting, she considered majoring in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University, where she instead majored in theater and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre.

After numerous guest appearances on various television series, her big break came when she landed the role of extraterrestrial investigator Juliet Stuart on NBC's science fiction drama series Dark Skies, which carried the tagline "history as we know it is a lie."

With landmark roles in science fiction, a noteworthy role in horror with Dracula 2000, and several comedy and drama roles under her belt, I asked Jeri if there are any genres she has not done yet that she would like to do or any genres she would like to do more of, to which she responded that she would like to do more comedy as well as more action like her recent role as the iconic Sonya Blade in the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Jeri jrw13bsaid she had a ball on MK:L and is very proud of it. While the majority of the cast were already trained fighters which made learning fight choreography easier for them, Jeri essentially had no real preparation time to learn fight choreography before filming began. She would love to return as Sonya Blade and have a few weeks to train for bigger, more involved fighting scenes. Jeri said the cast all had a great time during filming and they all are eager to return to the series to see where director and co-writer Kevin Tancharoen's vision takes them. Although it has yet to be announced if it will return for a second season, it has been reported that Mortal Kombat: Legacy will be released on Blu-Ray this November.

When asked what her dream role would be and whom she would like to work with, she cited Hamlet as her ultimate dream role that she would love to play, and added that there are tons of people with whom she would love to work, most notably naming Meryl Streep "because she is the greatest living actor of our time," and Sidney Poitier because he's the reason she became an actor in the first place. She would also love to work with Clint Eastwood as a director.

In regard to television work versus film work, Jeri definitely prefers working in television:
"The pace is very, very different between television and films. On television we'll do between six and sometimes even eight pages of script in a day. So that's six or seven scenes sometimes. In film, you shoot like two pages a day. So you're shooting the same scene all day long, and that to me is a bit mind numbing.

"I was working on a movie called Down with Love, and I was sitting on the set between shots with Rene Zellweger and I asked her, 'How do you do this? If you have a big emotion scene, how do you do this?' And she said, 'You just have to live in it all day.' You don't have lunch with the crew, you don't hang out between shots. You sit in your trailer and you just stay in that emotional place all day because you have to.

"And I just don't know how you could keep your sanity doing that and go home to your family at the end of the night and not be just insane. That seems like a tough one for me. I like the pace of television. I like keeping it moving and having a different story to play.  That's been what most of my experience is so that's my comfort zone."

For the second season, Body of Proof will move production from Rhode Island to Los Angeles, which makes Jeri very happy: "I flew between Providence, Rhode Island and L.A. every week and that was brutal. So being home and being able work in town and come home at the end of the day like a normal person after work is amazing and it's absolutely heaven."

Filming in L.A. on a regular basis will not only allow Jeri more time with her family but will also allow her to spend more time and possibly help out at the restaurant her husband, French chef Christophe Émé will be opening in L.A. soon. Jeri and Christophe recently closed their fine dining restaurant Ortolan, and he is gearing up to open a more casual restaurant which will likely have a heavier emphasis on healthy options like organic foods and seasonal produce.

"We've got our three-year-old and your whole way of looking at a lot of things changes when you have a child. And for him, I think he's much more health conscious than he ever was before, specifically now that he's feeding this pure, perfect little body. So it'll be interesting to see how that menu develops."

Among her many roles in film and television, one of Jeri's stand-out roles among sci-fi fans has been and will probably continue to be her iconic role as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. The character of Seven (whose birth name was Annika Hansen) played a significant and prominent role in the fiction leading into the storyline for the massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game, Star Trek Online (STO), as well as the novel "The Needs of the Many" which was based on the game. I asked if Jeri would be willing to reprise her role of Seven of Nine for STO in the form of voice-over work for the game. Jeri replied that voice-over work is something she would definitely look at and consider, especially since that would be a lot easier than squeezing back into the corset and spandex.

When asked what type of artifact she would like to see on W13 if she were to return to the series again, Jeri said she'd love to see something from the life of William Shakespeare.

A return to Warehouse 13 may be possible for Jeri in the future: "I think they certainly left the door open if she needs to come back again for some reason to get Pete's help again. I would love to go back. I had a great time working there. It'd be fun to go back again."

Jeri Ryan & Eddie McClintock in W13 "Queen for a Day"

Mortal Kombat: Legacy early Blu-Ray cover

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