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Nightfly's Q&A with Haven's Emily Rose

Written by Nightfly on Friday, August 19 2011 and posted in Features

Entertainment Editor Nightfly represents the Outhouse in this informative Q&A about "Audrey Parker's Day Off."

Syfy's hit mystery series Haven presents a particularly dramatic story tonight, focusing on a tragic 'trouble' agent Audrey Parker is sadly not immune to. To help celebrate this landmark episode, the Outhouse was invited to participate in a Q&A with series lead Emily Rose.

A classically trained actress with deep roots in the theatre, Emily studied Shakespearean acting in Oxford, England at the British American Drama Academy, later earning her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting at UCLA. While at UCLA, she worked to keep arts education in public schools with Arts Bridge America and taught at the UCLA summer YouthEmily Rose Performance Conservatory. Now, when not shooting Haven in Nova Scotia, Canada, Rose pursues her theatrical passions as a proud member of the not-for-profit Los Angeles Theater Ensemble.

Before being cast as Haven's lead, a casting choice requiring official approval by Stephen King, Emily gained widespread recognition with recurring roles on ER, Jericho, John From Cincinnati, and Brothers & Sisters. In Syfy's supernatural drama series Haven, she plays F.B.I. Agent Audrey Parker, a smart & capable investigator with a mysteriously lost past.

Interestingly, with all of Rose's training in school, on stage, and on primetime television, when asked what previous work most helped her acclimate to the sci-fi genre, Emily answered "I think my video game background with Uncharted has probably been the most help in terms of really having to imagine some things that you aren't seeing on the day and what not." Uncharted is a Playstation 3 exclusive action-adventure video game series in which Rose plays Elena Fisher. Emily has become a Comic-Con regular in support of Uncharted, and speaking on her appearance there this year she shared, "...for me just being able to be there and to be there for Uncharted, and watching all of the fans dress up as Nathan and Elena Fisher and Chloe and all that stuff was great." Elaborating further on the hit game's latest installment, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (scheduled for release November 1, 2011), Emily promises "more great cliffhangers" and declares the "amazing" final scenes are "definitely worth all of the play time."

"I've always loved Comic-Con.":
    - Emily Rose

Believe it or not, SDCC has yet to host a panel discussion for Syfy's solid ratings performer, Haven. Frustratingly, confirmation of a season three pickup for the series won't be announced until October, but under the assumption a third season's forthcoming, I asked if she'd like to return to Comic-Con next year to perhaps do a panel for Haven. "Our big hope is that Comic-Con would have us because, I guess, I've heard through the grapevine that shows get invited to come there. So my huge dream for the show is that Comic-Con would have a panel and that we would be able to shut production down like Eureka does, or you know had done, for a day and do a panel and get to be a part of the Syfy café stuff and just to be there - just to be asked to come to such a fun event, one of the few events where you get to connect with your fans. I've always loved Comic-Con. I've gone before Haven for Uncharted and to me just to be able to ask to be able to go would be awesome. Yes please, please season three and please Comic-Con season three together, that would make my year complete. That'd be rad!" Closing the topic Emily stated, "I love the fans that have found each other through my different projects. Haven fans that are like, "oh my gosh, you're in a game" and they go to Uncharted... or theElena Fisher Uncharted fans that are like, "what, she's in a show?" To me, the fact that the two worlds cross over is awesome, and, I get to carry guns in both of them and be a bad ass chick. That's pretty cool."

Tonight's emotional episode benefits not only from Emily's acting skills, but also from the season and a half's worth of character development Audrey's previously undergone. Discussing how this story effected her Emily admits, "It was just really a challenge for me. It was a great and wonderful on-camera acting exercise for me and one I was really, really excited about. It was really challenging. I knew that when I was walking into that episode... I just knew that it was going to be one of the biggest emotionally challenging episodes I've done because from a technical standpoint, not only do you have to make it seem real in the wide shot but the tight shot and the close-up and then also on the reverse for the other actors. So you're doing a scene that's really, really emotional probably 12 to 15 times and then on top of that, you need to have the technical DP or focus puller, or grip, or director, talk you through the scene in a technical way just to pull it off, but yet you still have to be freaking out. And even though your brain knows that it's not really happening, at the end of that week my body was so tense and so drained because my body thought that I had been through those traumas multiple times. So, it was a real challenge but a real reward and I really hope people are effected by it as much as I was when I played it."

Describing Audrey's evolution & growth up till now, and, what she most enjoys about the role Rose explained, "Last season was really about why should I stay in Haven and what's my connection to the place and why have I been brought here... and this season's been more about "who am I?" That to me is the different side of it and just what's exciting about being able to stick with the series and I'm so excited that our ratings are holding strong every week and that we have an audience that's returning and coming back because they're getting to know the characters just as well and maybe will have the same reactions as Audrey does when those different situations come about. Sometimes I get side-barred because we have to focus in on the 'trouble of the week' and it's always a challenge to try to portray the duality of that, but, you know anytime that I can find Audrey being effected by the trouble in a personal way then that's sort of my way in. This year I enjoy the depth of where we go with the relationships of the characters. I don't get my, what's the word, creative energy or batteries recharged from the, sort of, 'trouble of the week' thing. That to me is kind of what keeps people - well, it's kind of like the laundry line on which everything else hangs. So I think one supports the other but for us, we - you know, the mythology is what gets us through and it's also what makes the trouble stuff exciting; and then what's really exciting is when we're able to intertwine those stories where the characters are effected by the trouble. It's our effort every episode to make sure that we don't abandon one in lieu of the other and for us, you know, we're on the same page. For me, what's enjoyable is the mythology and the characters and the deeper mystery behind this town and so when we get to do scenes that have a subtext, and we're not having to explain things exactly on the nose,... or that involve relationships and history and what's not being said, that to me is my favorite part of working on Haven."

"I feel it in a much more visceral way now.":
    - Emily Rose

Pressed further about Audrey's development since the pilot, Emily offered, "She starts out with this sort of structure. I do things, you know, the F.B.I. way but I'm also kind of a renegade, and then we see her sort of abandon that and kind of gravitate more to finding her own sense of identity. In the second season we find her really searching and grasping and kind of figuring out who her family is just as it's being ripped out from underneath her. And, you know, I think I kind of echo that in some ways. I mean I think that I kind of came to the show trying to be as professional and as prepared and as focused and concentrated on giving it my all completely at the beginning and then kind of discovering how, you know, what different parts of me were really Audrey and how to kind of focus on those things and settle and chill out a bit and relax. So I think I echo that in a lot of ways but I think we've grown together; definitely. I also think there's ways I'm very much different from Audrey. I feel like I have some really great friendships and really fantastic family and you know a sense of humor and kind of can enjoy life and chill and I think Audrey can be a little bit of that but we don't see that as often." Audrey Parker grew up an orphan and, as such, subjects like family and/or holidays being raised in relation to Audrey genuinely affect Emily. "I've just found that as I spend more time portraying her - you should always have compassion and understanding for your character, but I feel it in a much more visceral way now. She's more in my body, I think, this season. And what I mean by that is I really experience if there's something that's just really sad, it really saddens me like as a friend when they're going through something tragic where your heart really aches and hurts because you feel like you're right alongside of them. I've been feeling that way towards her and so I think that's a gift and I have to remove myself from that gift sometimes but I think that that's a really sweet gift to have and it makes her a lot more accessible and a little bit less work, I guess you could say."

Relating her personal life move from SoCal to her character's initial arrival in Haven she shared, "When we moved here -  and we were from L.A. - the way that you felt in a small town, that everybody was sort of aware of who you were. Also having the stigma of being an actor and what everybody thinks you are or how much money they think you have or what they think your life might be, you absorb all of that. I thought, okay, Audrey definitely feels under the microscope as well, and she definitely isn't sure of where to go to get certain food and she definitely doesn't know, you know, how to really get settled and she definitely feels like a fish out of water. She has her work, which she finds comfortable and homey, and she knows how to do that - but other than that she feels under the microscope. And it was really kind of great, being in season one and then season two; to come back the second year and the warm reception we had from the town and everybody being so excited about Haven and being so enthusiastic about wanting to help and loving watching us film and all this stuff. It sort of parallels Audrey's life. Being there still, and now having everybody sort of accept her more and know who she is and be excited about who she is and all of that - it definitely parallels. And I think that if I was doing this on the WB lot back in the day in L.A., I wouldn't have the same feeling of getting pouring-down slanting rain on me while I'm doing a scene and being on a boat that's rolling up and down on the hard rocks on the beach, and just the grittiness of finding a body on the beach. All these things that help for the texture and aide us in the scene. It would definitely be lacking if we weren't here."

Haven Season 2 Cast Photo

Regarding what the second half of Haven's second season holds for Agent Parker, Emily responded, "Wow, there's some really big things going to happen this season. This season I feel like Audrey's pissed off about a lot of different things as a result of the information she doesn't know and the information that she finds out, and it's kind of a balance of trying to continue to endear the audience to her and make everybody sympathize with Audrey and what she's going through but also experience some really real emotions about what it feels like to continually get abandoned, or not have the answers that you need or just be grasping at straws all the time. I think, oh my gosh, the final moment of the finale just flashed in my eyes. It is huge people, let me tell you. It is big time. So I'm very excited. I'm very excited. It's just more rug pulling out. We all love that, 'where did that - I did not see that coming', definitely those moments for her. So it's going to be a great gift to our fans which I really hope they continue to watch for."

"I love it being a Vince and Dave thing.":
    - Emily Rose

Throughout the informative conference-call interview the subject of social media came up repeatedly. In light of Haven's current seven-episode (#HavenNews) Twitter arc I asked if Audrey, like the characters Vince & Dave, has Twitter and if we might see her engaging their ongoing interactions with the mysterious micro-blogger, @ColdinHaven? "I don't think that Audrey is on Twitter. I absolutely love that Vince and Dave have the accounts with the newspaper, though. I think that's really a lot of fun and it's, kind of, just cool to be able to interact with a show like that. I think that's great but I love it being a Vince and Dave thing. I just love that our town gets quirkier by the minute and this is one of the quirky things. You would think that they would be so out of date yet they're totally up on the times and that to me is hilarious. Nathan has, like, 40 year old walkie talkies in his office but yet they're on Twitter. That just makes me really happy."

If we Haven fans are lucky enough to get a third season, what would Emily Rose wish for Audrey's future? "I think I'm always a fan of watching her get wrecked, for some reason, and I think that's just because it's interesting to me. I've always wondered what she would do if she couldn't help people. What would happen to her? If this did get stripped away from her in some regard what would happen to her? Or if she was forced with a choice of helping the people that she loves versus troubles, what would happen?
To me there is a lot more that could be done in terms of her searching to find out who she is. This year has been a lot about process of elimination for her. Well, if I'm not this then I am this and I think I'd like to see her search some more and really kind of look, you know, and examine what that is. I know that's sort of a vague answer. I feel like she's a pretty steady rock but I really - I would like to see her really struggle and not just have that happen through one episode because there was a mishap. Like, you know, really be on the brink and get to see what Nathan and Duke do in order to bring her back. I think that would be really interesting. I have a little dream of maybe exploring her in different eras or timeframes or something like that just because I love costumes. And I would love to see her on a horse. So these are some of my dreams. If you could make them happen, I would appreciate it and think it would be great."

Great thanks to NBC-Universal & Syfy for kindly inviting me to the conversation.
Don't miss (equestrian) Emily Rose's heartwrenching showcase tonight (Fri 8/19) at 10 PM ET/PT. Only on Syfy!

Nathan & Duke
 Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos) & Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker) in Haven

Vince & Dave
R. Donat (Vince Teagues) & J. Dunsworth (Dave Teagues)

Watch two preview clips of tonight's emotional Haven, then check out the official trailer (first unveiled at E3) for PS3's upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception game co-starring Emily Rose.

src: Syfy.com

src: UnchartedTheGame.com

About Haven
From leading independent producer Entertainment One, Haven is co-commissioned by Shaw Media in Canada and globally via Universal Networks International (UNI).
The creative team behind Haven includes Executive Producers John Morayniss (Hung, Goodnight for Justice) and Noreen Halpern (Call Me Fitz, Rookie Blue) from eOne Television, and David MacLeod (Legends of the Fall, The Ray Bradbury Theater) of Big Motion Pictures, who are joined by Lloyd Segan, Shawn Piller, Scott Shepherd (Stephen King's The Dead Zone) and Matt McGuiness (Journeyman) as well as Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn (Stephen King's The Dead Zone), who also developed the series.
Haven is produced by Entertainment One and Big Motion Pictures in association with Piller/Segan/Shepherd and airs on Syfy in the U.S., Showcase in Canada and internationally on UNI's multiple Syfy Universal channels. Entertainment One controls the worldwide distribution rights to the one-hour series and concluded a deal with Germany's Tele München Group (TMG) for the television rights in Continental Europe.
Now in its second season, Haven, starring Emily Rose, is based on renowned author Stephen King's The Colorado Kid.

About Syfy
Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBC-Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. (Syfy. Imagine Greater.)

About Uncharted (src: Wikipedia)
Uncharted is an award-winning series of action-adventure/platforming/third-person shooter video games developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3 video game console. The series follows modern-day treasure hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake as he travels around the world to uncover various historical mysteries. The ever-expanding series includes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, its sequel Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a motion comic prequel, Uncharted: Eye of Indra, as well as two upcoming games, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss for Sony's PlayStation Vita. Development of a film adaptation was recently announced involving producer Avi Arad, and, Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth, a novel written by Christopher Golden scheduled for release October 1, 2011.

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