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Detective Comics Finale Wins 8/10/2011 Power Poll

Written by PollTron on Monday, August 22 2011 and posted in Features

PollTron is back and has compiled the results to the comics from a week ago.  Did Detective Comics overtake last week's winner?  Will Batgirl #24 make an appearance?  What about Spider-Man?!  Click to find out how your favorite comics did last week!

In 2010, a weekly Power Poll was conducted at the Outhouse to determine the top comic of the week.  Unfortunately, the Power Poll was abandoned as its creator left for bigger and better things.  However, good features rarely die...

LOLTron, the robotic caretaker of the front page took the Power Poll's smouldering carcass and rebuilt it, making it faster, stronger and more aware.  For several months, the Power Poll lay dormant, building its strength and learning more about the wide world of comic book reviews. 

Now reborn, the newly created PollTron has come back to the Outhouse, collecting data from reviews spread across a half-dozen different comic book websites.  Once a week, PollTron collects this data and aggregates it, assigning scores based on the total number of positive reviews gathered from its ever-growing database of websites.

The Power Poll for 8/10/2011

1) Detective Comics #881 - 13.1 (Last Month: 9.735, 1st in week, 3rd Overall)

2) Criminal #3 - 6.905 (Last Month: 4.66, 4th in week)

3) Amazing Spiderman #667 - 6.82 (Last Month: 5.5325, 3rd in week)

4) Batgirl #24 - 5.03

5) Vengeance #2 - 4.165

6) Hellboy: the Fury #3 - 3.865

7) New Avengers #15 - 3.57

8) American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3 - 3.41

9) Fear Itself #5 - 3.08

10) Batman and Robin #26 - 2.495

Analysis: Detective Comics reaches the top of the charts for a second month with the most recent issue, Detective Comics #881, falling just short of reaching a high score. The well-reviewed title received top marks from IGN, Newsarama and ComicVine, as well as high marks from the Outhouse's Review Group and a victory in the Outhouse's Comic of the Week. There was only one source that failed to review the book, accounting for Detective's score falling short of Daredevil #1's.

In second place was the latest installment of Criminal, which earned a two point bounce in part because of its' high score in the Comic of the Week poll. Finishing closely in third was Amazing Spiderman #667, which received generally positive reviews from all sources but IGN. Both comics had higher scores than in previous months and continued to sit in the top five in the weekly poll. 

Rounding out the top five was the finale to Bryan Miller's Batgirl series and Vengeance #2. Doing a little research on Batgirl, I noticed that the previous three issues of Batgirl were barely mentioned by the various websites used to compile the Power Poll scores and it really only became noticed AFTER news broke about the New 52. Had Batgirl earned this amount of (well-deserved) praise before hand, maybe Stephanie Brown and Bryan Miller wouldn't be sitting in DC limbo right now. Overall, Marvel had five titles in the top ten, DC had four titles in the top ten and Dark Horse had one title.

Top Overall Books
1) Daredevil #1 - 13.73
2) Detective Comics #881 - 13.1
3) Secret Six #36 - 11.525
4) Detective Comics #880 - 9.735
5) Uncanny X-Force #12 - 8.07

Top Books in August
1) Detective Comics #881 - 13.1
2) Secret Six #36 - 11.525
3) Criminal #3 - 6.905
4) Amazing Spiderman #667 - 6.82
5) iZombie #16 - 6.455
6) Knight of Vengeance #3 - 6.325
7) Batgirl #24 - 5.03
8) Avengers Academy #17 - 4.25
9) Vengeance #2 - 4.165
10) Scalped #51 - 4.12

PollTron will be back to its normal schedule tomorrow with the current edition of the Power Poll!

Written or Contributed by: PollTron

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