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The Outhouse Interview: Christina Strain - Page 6

Written by Royal Nonesuch on Thursday, August 25 2011 and posted in Features

runawayv17OH: Are you completely done with art and coloring, or will you go back to that someday?

CS: I’m actually still doing some coloring, but it’s mostly for fun. I’m doing a few covers here and there for Marvel. Excuse my language, but I’m their bitch. I love Marvel, they’ve been great to me. My contract’s not up, and they’ve been cool enough to back off and let me do this and just be like “You know what, if you gotta do this, you go do this, honey.” And I was like “Ok, I promise I will not color for DC, we’re square.” [laughs] So I’ve been doing covers and little things for Marvel.

The other thing I’ve been doing is coloring personal art. Adrian and I are actually working on an artbook that we’ll have out for New York Comic-Con. It’s…the easiest way to describe it is “girls and cute animals.” It’s all these random sketches that he’s done over the years that I started coloring a little while ago, and we were both like “let’s keep doing this. This is fun.” And at some point I turned into the monetary monster that I am, and I was like “let’s make an artbook and see if we can actually make a little bit of money off of this.” And he was like “Yeah, and you do all the work!”

The other thing I’m doing is with Chris Sanders, who’s one of my favorite artists and people of all time. He and I have been doing art together for a few years. We do prints for San Diego, and he wanted to do an artbook, and I was like “do you need me to color anything?” And he was like “Here’s my hard drive, take whatever you want.” So I’m going to be coloring a crapload of stuff for that, too. So those are the two things I’m mainly doing. I guess I’m reverting to a high school kid, and I’m like “I’m coloring pretty pictures. Screw sequential art!”

OH: It’s been a while since we’ve seen any art from Adrian.

CS: It’s gorgeous. He’s so amazing. I love him.

OH: I’ve always said he’s the artist with the best fashion sense in all of comics.

CS: Oh, for sure. I’ve never worked with anybody – David LaFuente’s good too – but Adrian just has his finger on that pulse. He knows what looks good and what’s fashionable and what would look good on his characters, even. I was like “Dude, you work on a bunch of different body styles and you just worked in a bunch of different types of clothing. This is amazing.” And part of what makes coloring him a lot of fun, it’s not a lot of ugly clothing, it’s not just another T-shirt, it’s not another “seriously, dude? Another girl? We wear more than just that!”

OH: So those artbooks are going to be ready for New York?

CS: That’s the goal. As long as I don’t drop the ball. That’s the plan. I’m talking to a printer right now that I really like, and I’m super excited about, and now I have to do a crapload more so that it’s ready to go. I’m aiming for forty-eight to sixty-four pages, so it all depends on how much stuff I can get out in the amount of time that I have.

OH: So you’re going to be at New York too?

CS: Yes I am. I’m going to have a table and everything. I’m trying to get Adrian to come out, so I think if the book’s there, I’ll be able to get him out there. If you come by, you’ll be able to tell him yourself how much you love his fashion. He’s a good guy. I just have entirely too much fun hanging out with him.

OH: It’s cool that everyone on Runaways got along so well, as you were sayingGertrude_and_Chase_by_CeeCeeLuvins earlier.

CS: It was good. There were a lot of fun email chains with terrible jokes and funny things, and making fun of each other. Brian was great about giving you feedback. That dude was so, so nice.

OH: Anything else to say before we go?

CS: Uh…I love comics. I hope that was apparent. If not, then I’m really bad at this.

Written or Contributed by: Royal Nonesuch

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