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What Outhousers are Saying about Comics 2

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, October 10 2011 and posted in Features

Quotes of what everyday readers have to say about the latest comics hitting the stands. 10/5/11 Edition.

Animal Man #2

"As of right now this is probably the best DCnU book." - Holland Oats

"It's always nice to see such a well-regarded property handled with such love and skill..." - Zero

The Boys #59

"Holy Shit.  Seriously this issue was great" - guitarsmashley

"Holy shit that was brutal... Ennis you bastard!" - Punchy

O.M.A.C. #2

"I'm bummed that this book is most likely going to get the axe." - alaska1125

"Didio isn't gonna cancel his own book first." - avengingtitan

"I literally facepalmed when I saw what has become of Max Lord. It looks like someone ate Kirby designs, Max Lord and threw them up after one too many shots." - fieldy snuts

"This is easily the single most FUN book on the market. Every page is a joy to read and look at." - Amoebas

"I'm sorry, but this book is horrible." - Holland Oats

Swamp Thing #2

"Wow, that was one dense comic... I feel he's done a good job in keeping what Moore did and also adding to it. I'm certainly intrigued by what kind of Swamp Thing Holland will eventually become..." - Punchy

"The Green needs to STFU. Talk about a wordy comic." - The President

"I like that. I'd rather have that than $4 comics that I can finish in two minutes." - Holland Oats

"the set-ups for both Swamp Thing and Animal Man stumbled just a little bit in how information loads were dealt to readers" - Mike Mercury

"I loved this issue." - Stephen Day

Stormwatch #2

"An improvement over #1 in a lot of ways..." - Punchy

"I actually liked this issue less... I actually like some of the rest of the returning Authority team members less than before. Plus Midnighter's costume is horrendous." - xaraan

" feels very comfortably like the Authority to me." - alaska1125

Action Comics #2

"Just brilliant, this is going to be a classic Superman run, I can just feel it." - Punchy

"Dropped to trade-wait over issues with page count." - Mike Mercury

"I haven't decided yet if Supes is acting more cocky or bratty. He came off last ish a little too much like Superboy Prime." - The Nacireman

"He's acting like a bad-ass is what he's doing." - Punchy

"I loved this issue. Whereas Morrison soured me on Batman completely, he's made me Superman fan..." - Dragavon

"I thought this was about as good as a Superman book could get." - alaska1125

"Never been a huge fan of Superman, this is the only new 52 book that I am reading and I am really enjoying it." - 48THRILLS

"This is a book that made me wish I had a working microwave so I could have some popcorn with it." - Veggieleezy

X-men Schism #5

"Ending the best X event since X-Tinction Agenda" - The President

"I really enjoyed this series." - xaraan

"in which Wolverine says "Screw you guys! I'm going home" - Timbales

"I didn't hate the ending as much as I thought I would." - BlueStreak

"With this ending, I think we can safely say this is one of the best X-Men event stories ever..." - Punchy

"Most surprising story in a while." - fieldy snuts

Superior #5

"'s definitely my favourite of Mark Millar's recent work." - Punchy

"'s nice to read a Millar comic without the cynicism." - Dragavon

"I figure the last page of the series will be some big fucking pile of cynical horseshit." - Chesscub

"While I still find the bulk of Millar's work to be nigh unreadable, this has been entertaining, even if it barely comes out." - Flynn the Pirate

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1

"The story is as funny and likable as it is bloody, and that makes it worth a look." - Royal Nonesuch

"I really liked this. The violence level is over the top in a Millar sort of way, but the story seems to be going somewhere as well." - xaraan

"This is a cool book... The art is very cool, too.  I love the line work and the cartoonish elements.  This book just works." Eli Katz

"It was good... I have hope this will turn out to be pretty awesome." - DavidIDean

"I should've bought this." - GLX

Superboy #1

"I was suprisingly shocked at how much I enjoyed Superboy #1." - Comic_Doctor

"Overall, this was a good first issue, much has changed about Superboy, but much has also stayed the same, this is a more contemplative, more scientific approach to the character, and it works in this first issue." - Niam Suggitt

"I would say I liked this issue, but I am torn if I'll be shelling out for the #2." - Kelly Symmonds

"The first issue was an engaging and worthwhile tale that makes me want to know more about Superboy." - Brad Thomson

"Scott Lobdell really makes up for his horrible offering in Red Hood and the Outlaws with this issue." - Sakie

"The book was okay but I don't know why we have to go all the way back to the beginning with this character." - Starlord

"I liked this issue, but I also thought it was ho-hum." - Jon Salwen

"So all the stories of the past happened right? Okay then how did Infinite Crisis happen? Since this is happening now then how did Superboy die in that?" - avengingtitan

"Stop worrying about the continuity." - Punchy

"Continuity ruins comics." - BRBKanoosh

"...there was something called Flashpoint that created a new reality where, unbelievable as it may seem, the stories of the past either didn't happen or if they did, they happened a bit differently." - Amoebas

"A bit differently? Did Coast City still happen? Just this time Superman didn't die right? Just little tiny things..." - Jon Salwen

Grifter #1

"IMO this is another one of the better new books, along with Animal Man, Frankenstein, and OMAC." - Mike Mercury

"Pretty cool. I've always like Grifter as a visual, but never read many of his adventures, so I was glad this issue was very 'new-reader-friendly' and basically introduced a brand-new Grifter." - Punchy

"goddamn it, I gotta buy Grifter too ?" - eltopo
"Wish we weren't getting a total reboot/origin story." - HNutz

"Grifter rocked in Wildcats 3.0. And he was in a wheelchair for most of that and still stood out." - fieldy snuts

"If Grifter was 1/10th what he was in even the original WildCATS run, this book would have been fun." - jon salwen

"My head hurts, people liked this?" - fieldy snuts

Comics don't even have to be out for Outhousers to do this:

X-men Regenesis

"I was already sold because Kieron Gillen is still writing this." - Flynn the Pirate

"It's the X-Douches" - Timbales

"Gillen is horrible. I'll try this out, though." - Holland Oats

"Colossus looks fucking retarded with a shaved head." - BRBKanoosh

"Aw I thought Destro was joining the X-Men" - sdsichero

"Why is Storm on this team? I can't be the only one who thinks that Storm would tell both Cyclops and Wolverine to stick it" - SilverPhoenix


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Written or Contributed by: Jeremy Shane

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