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Nightfly's TV Week in Review 10/9/11 - Nikita, The Office, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, October 17 2011 and posted in Features

Nightfly lists his preferred picks from the previous week of primetime TV, music videos, and web series.

TV Week in Review
(week of 10/9/11)

For me this past week provided an interesting mix of television. To say the least the competition was tight and in a surprisingly unusual way. CBS' A Gifted Man stepped forward to make my WiR column for the very first time. By doing so it prevented a third consecutive shutout of the (so-called) 'Big Three' in my weekly hour-long scripted list. FOX was the only net to score more than one slot on that list and for the first time this season the CW's Nikita returns to sit atop it (Nikita last topped my Scripted List in January). Every teen show I watched made my list this installment and in my sitcoms category NBC continued its ongoing dominance. Not only did NBC singularly garner three of my seven comedy slots, it also reclaimed the top spot thanks to a remarkably hilarious entry of The Office. Since expanding my Outstanding Sitcoms section a month ago, NBC's topped that category three of the four weeks in contention.
Only the History Channel claims more than a single Reality Shows slot this week; it's also the first time in three weeks that it didn't top my reality shows list. This time the Sundance Channel tops my reality list - a first since I launched this column. Star Wars: The Clone Wars rules the Teen Shows category for the fourth consecutvie week, it's topped the teen list every week this Fall.
Fans of Felicia Day will surely delight in my favorite web series selections this week - she stars in both spotlighted webisodes.
On the musical front, believe it or not I excluded some music videos from this column despite another deluge of new releases.
If you didn't watch the second season premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead last night, make sure to look for a replay throughout the week or catch it online or OnDemand. Other premieres this week include the series premiere of Man Up! (Tues 10/18), the sixth season premiere of Rules of Engagement (Thurs 10/20), the bombastic series premiere of Boss (Friday 10/21), and the much anticipated series premiere of Once Upon a Time (Sunday 10/23). I've read there'll be easter eggs for Lost fans in Once Upon a Time's pilot. The CW's Supernatural reunites beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer actors Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters this Friday (10/21) when both guest star on the popular series [read more about it here.] News also came out this week that Amber Benson will guest in an upcoming episode of Ringer.
Now onto my favorite picks from tv, music video, and the web for last week....
* Warning: videos below may contain spoilers and/or mature content not suitable for all ages *

7. House - "Transplant" (FOX)
Hugh Laurie & Charlyne Yi in "Transplant"

6. A Gifted Man - "In Case of Separation Anxiety" (CBS)
Rachelle Lefevre
Rachelle Lefevre in "In Case of Separation Anxiety"

5. Dexter - "Once Upon a Time..." (SHO)

4. Boardwalk Empire - "A Dangerous Maid" (HBO)
Ep. 15 - Inside the Episode

3. Fringe - "Subject 9" (FOX)
Anna Torv, Blair Brown & Jasika Nicole in "Subject 9"

2. Strike Back - "Episode 9" (MAX)

1. Nikita - "Partners" (CW)

Guest Star(s) of the Week: [tie]
Erica Durance on Charlie's Angels (ABC)
Katheryn Winnick on Nikita (CW)

Runners Up:
Linda Cardellini (on Person of Interest)
Debbie Allen (on Grey's Anatomy)
Megan Mullally (on Happy Endings)
* Favorite Teen Shows *

5. Good Luck Charlie - "Scary Had a Little Lamb" (Disney)

Become a fan of Good Luck Charlie on Facebook.

4. Supah Ninjas - "Eternum" (nick)

Become a fan of Supah Ninjas on Facebook.

3. Shake It Up - "Beam It Up" (Disney)
Shake It Up
Zendaya Coleman & Bella Thorne in "Beam It Up"

2. Victorious - "Terror on Cupcake Street" (nick)

Follow Victorious on twitter and

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Nomad Droids" (TOON)
Star Wars
C-3PO, R2-D2 and native Patitites in "Nomad Droids"
Webisode(s) of the Week: [tie]
The Guild - (S5, Ep.12) "Grand Finale"
<a href="" target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 12 - Grand Finale' >Video: Season 5 - Episode 12 - Grand Finale</a>

Dragon Age: Redemption (Ep.1) - "Tallis"

Fave *New* Music Video(s) of the Week:
"Earthquake" by Labrinth (featuring Tinie Tempah)  {released 10/11 via VEVO}

"Aberdeen" by Cage The Elephant  {released 10/13 via VEVO}

* additional music video releases from last week;
"Domino" by Jessie J  {released 10/13 via MTV} (read more and see additional clips for this video here.)
"Fly Together" by Red Café (feat. Rick Ross & Ryan Leslie)  {released 10/14 via VEVO}
"I Can See Through You" by The Horrors  {released 10/11 via VEVO}
"Keep Me in Mind" by Zac Brown Band  {released 10/14 via CMT}
"Lay It On Me" by Kelly Rowland (feat. Big Sean)  {released 10/12 via VEVO}
"Let Go" by SafetySuit  {released 10/13 via VEVO}
"My Heart Takes Over" by The Saturdays  {released 10/11 via VEVO}
"Nights Like This" by Icona Pop  {released 10/9 via VEVO}
"Razorblade" by The Knux  {released 10/12 via VEVO}
"Reality" by Kenny Chesney  {released 10/13 via CMT}
"Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" by Fountains of Wayne  {released 10/13 via VEVO}
"The Way You Look Tonight" by Tony Bennett & Faith Hill  {released 10/14 via CMT}
"Wepa" by Gloria Estefan  {released 10/11 via VEVO}
"Without You" by David Guetta (feat. Usher)  {released 10/14 via VEVO}
"You" by Chris Young  {released 10/14 via CMT}

* GetGlue members can still pick up a sticker for watching Colbie Caillat's "Brighter Than The Sun" video here, if you haven't already.

~ also on a GG/Music note, I'm the page 'Guru' there for up-and-coming musical artists Joy Valencia, (Platinum Hit finalist) Jes Hudak, and Jen Hirsh. All three lovely songstresses can use your suppport as they progress in their musical careers. Please visit their respective pages, check 'em out and spread the word about their individual talents. All three play live in the L.A. area frequently. You can catch Jes Hudak live Nov. 3rd at The Hotel Cafe (1623 Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca.), and, Joy will be playing a live acoustic set during the Nov. 5th trunk show for the Fall-Holiday ALPINESTARS & ASTARS collections at Sunset Plaza (8641 West Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood, Ca.).


Trivia Question of the Week: At least two shows listed in this week's column mentioned and/or featured Batman (or showcased his costume). Name the two listed shows that highlighted Bruce Wayne's caped alter ego?

Current Medal Standing:



~ Previous week's answer: Battlestar Galactica (Winner: Dragavon)
* Outstanding Sitcoms *

7. The Big Bang Theory - "The Russian Rocket Reaction" (CBS)
Big Bang Theory
Wil Wheaton guest stars in "The Russian Rocket Reaction"

6. Modern Family - "Hit and Run" (ABC)

5. Parks and Recreation - "Pawnee Rangers" (NBC)

4. Bored to Death - "The Blonde in the Woods" (HBO)
Ep. 17 - Inside the Mind of Jonathan Ames

3. Whitney - "A Decent Proposal" (NBC)

2. 2 Broke Girls - "And the Rich People Problems" (CBS)

1. The Office - "Garden Party" (NBC)

Follow Stephen Collins on twitter.

Joseph Campbell Foundation

* Reality Shows *

5. Ancient Aliens - "Aliens and Deadly Cults" (History)
Ancient Aliens
Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997)

4. American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr. - "Mikey's Favorite Moments" (DSC)

Follow Mikey & Paul Jr. on twitter.

3. Top Shot - "Odd Man Out" (History)

2. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist - "Kitsch Me if You Can" (Bravo)
Next Great Artist
Ugo - first to fall.

1. Unleashed by Garo - "I Kind of Feel Naked" (Sundance)
Garo Sparo
Garo Sparo & Jennifer Kitchen in "I Kind of Feel Naked"

My total hours viewed last week actually receded a little. I only missed two shows I'd wanted to watch: Mike & Molly and first of last week's two epis of Supah Ninjas. As it stands I screened forty-seven hours of primetime programming to compile this column. Twenty-eight were dedicated to hour-long scripted dramas, nine hours went to screening reality shows.
Dramas Ringer, Person of Interest, Against the Wall, NCIS, and my favorite episode of Charlie's Angels so far all narrowly missed my main scripted list. It's ironic that Charlie's Angels was the next closest show to making this week's scripted list on the week of its cancellation - if there were an eighth spot it would've claimed it.
Sitcoms just missing my comedy list were Happy Endings, How to Be a Gentleman, Two and a Half Men, Victorious and the series premiere of BET's Reed Between the Lines. Every teen show I caught this week made my Teen Shows list, though, as mentioned above I did miss the "Snakeskin" epi of Supah Ninjas. Reality Shows screened but not on this column's list include Top Chef: Just Desserts, Project Runway, After the Runway, and the Comedy Central (censored) airing of Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said?

Unsurprisingly last week was loaded with outstanding guest stars - at least a half dozen I don't mention at all in this column. Since I named two winners and two runners up, I decided to only list four honorable mentions here this week; Sarah Paulson (on Desperate Housewives), Wil Wheaton (on The Big Bang Theory), Jenny McCarthy (on Two and a Half Men), and Lisa Edelstein (on The Good Wife) all came super-close to earning this entry's Runners Up positions. All four offered highly entertaining performances.

As a bit of random commentary, I'd like to give  a shout-out to HBO's opener for Enlightened. I was exceedingly impressed. Sadly it doesn't fit easily into my column categories. Half hour dramadies tend to fall through the cracks of my list system. Shows such as these - and I even include Star Wars: The Clone Wars in this comparison - tend not to focus on laughs enough to compete with the 30 Rock & Modern Family type sitcoms. And though dramadies generally feature unfortunate life tribulations or diseases, their half hour time-constraints and 'real world' perspectives usually disadvantage them in competition against gun battles, magic, car chases, dinosaurs, mythological creatures 'n the like. But because its pilot so moved me, I wanted to give Enlightened some love in case it doesn't get listed in my column in upcoming weeks (or ever).

Tweeters likely know this already, but in case you haven't heard, you should follow NBC's Grimm for an early look at its pilot before its October 28th premiere. I received my password and link via DM just yesterday. I suspect new followers can get in on this early premiere action if you follow Grimm on twitter ASAP! The debut episode is written by (Angel co-creator and Buffyverse vet) David Greenwalt.

OnDemand subscribers to Starz can now screen the premiere episode of Boss [find it in the 'premium sampler' category]. You can also claim a GetGlue sticker just for watching its preview trailer here. Aside from Kelsey Grammer's strident star-turn, fans of Kathleen Robertson & Connie Nielsen will also not want to miss its brashly dramatic pilot (premiering October 21st).
Speaking of GetGlue, a Coming Soon sticker is also available for G4's upcoming documentary series, Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan. Following an Explosive Ordinance Disposal mobile unit platoon, of the kind depicted in Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker, Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan will deliver a never before seen look at the lives and training of these exceptionally brave soldiers. BP:A debuts October 25th.

'Bout here I usually move to movie related news, but first I've got more GG business to tell you about. Comics lovers should know Marvel offers up a lot of stickers for its characters, cartoons, movies and their various books. A few that I believe are still available include one for (616) Nick Fury, a cool NYCC related one for Spider-Man and one promoting the upcoming Avengers: X-Sanction storyline. Marvel stickers go quick so make sure to grab comics ones you see when you see 'em.

There're currently GG stickers available for watching the film trailers for Martha Marcy May Marlene (opening 10/21), Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (yep, still available) and though it debuted a few days ago, there're apparently still Coming Soon stickers available for The Thing.

With The Thing now in theaters, get the lowdown on if it's good or not via the latest Breakin It Down with Catherine Reitman. As a lifelong fan of her dad, it's no shock Catherine's humor also entertains me easily. Thanks to friend and Outhouse editor misac for hipping me to this funny movie review web series.

The majority of my readers have surely seen Joss Whedon's The Avengers trailer already; Marvel seems to've really hit a grandslam with this one!! Check out the full trailer below and earn a cool sticker by watching it again at GetGlue. The Avengers premieres May 4th, 2012.

Last but not least, you've hopefully noticed some batmania in the media lately as the (Tues. 10/18) release of Batman: Arkham City looms. As I wrap up this column now, wishing you well-being and happy viewing (as always), I also invite you to watch the exciting Batman (video game) clip below.

See you back again next week!

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