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What Outhousers are saying about Comics 5

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, October 31 2011 and posted in Features

And interesting clash of opinion in sometimes easily digestible one sentence quotes from everyday comic readers here at the Outhouse.  Now also featuring the Our Valued Customers comic.


 Wolverine & The X-Men #1

"This was much better than I thought it was going to be." - Starlord

"Awesome book. Jason Aaron is the best writer in comics right now." - The President

"Loved the hell out of this book." - Holland Oats

"This book was outstanding. And for once the back matter was relevent and entertaining." - malcolm reynolds

"It's fresh, it's fun, and it's a little bit chaotic, and I wouldn't want it any other way." - TheGeek

"I thought the issue was ok... I've always been a fan of the older, more family-like atmosphere in the X-men than I have of the high-concept mutant freak conglomerate that we've seen in recent years" - GeekReaders

"This book is a lot of fun so far. I actually liked that Bachalo's art here. For the first time in a long time it was easy to follow." - avengingtitan


 The Incredible Hulk #1

"Jason Aaron takes over the Hulk, and it's pretty damn good." - Punchy

"Great Book. I didn't really know what to expect out of this, but I really really liked it." - MistaT

"This was just good enough to check out the next issue." - 48THRILLS

"It's good, but Banner as a mad scientist could easily end up dumb." - rdrsfn82

"i don't know what you people are smoking, but i thought this book was completely awful." - pat

"This was pretty good. I hate Silvestri's style these days..." - Holland Oats

"I like the book but it is such a tremendous jump from what Hulk had been over the last few years that it was kinda shocking to the system." - Knuckles McSmasher

"I didn't care for the book; it was ok I guess. I'm just tired of hulk without banner stuff, I'm tired of hulk the barbarian..." - xaraan

"I loved this book" - GHERU


 Superman #2

"I really enjoyed the issue. I'm still unsure on all the characters' relationships with each other" - chap22

"A solid issue, and an improvement over #1." - Punchy

"Superman/Clark seems to be a lonelier, more pathetic pu$$y than before. I paid $2.99 to read Superman, not Charlie Brown." - The Nacireman

"This comic is decent but it's making the same exact mistake that Amazing Spider-Man did when Brand New Day started." - Dragavon


 Amazing Spider-man #672

"This was a great issue. The only thing I would have preferred is if Mary Jane kept her powers and was the new Scarlet Spider." - Dragavon

"like the rest of this arc, this was a very good issue." - Punchy

"it was fun to see Kaine evolve past being a vengeful failed clone." - fieldy snuts

"i loved this storyline, and all the tie ins were great as well." - e_galston

"The story was a bit uneven at times because too much stuff happened in tie-ins I didn't read, but this was a fantastic issue." - The President

 Ultimates #3

"Epic book. Feels Luke Warren Ellis during his Stormwatch/Authority heyday" - Holland Oats

"I really wanna like this book but it always feels like there are pages missing." - avengingtitan

"I really think this is Hickman's best work in long time." - Punchy

"I'm enjoying this book a lot. Each issue keeps bringing it." - fieldy snuts

"this book has been all kinds of awesome" - GHERU

From Our Valued Customers:
To her boyfriend regarding a Vision action figure:

A big THANK YOU to Our Valued Customers for letting me feature one of their comics each week on the column.  They put up comics several times a week, all featuring funny comments actual customers in their comic shop make.  Please pay them a visit and subscribe.


Comic of the Week winner!
Justice League #2


Cover of the Week winner!
Monocyte #1

And the Outhouse got a thank you from Monocyte for the attention and win!


Moment of the Week winner!
Cap picks up Thor's Hammer
and calls for the Avengers
in Fear Itself #7

Written or Contributed by: Jeremy Shane

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