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What Outhousers are saying about Comics 7

Written by Jeremy Shane on Tuesday, November 22 2011 and posted in Features

What Outhousers are saying about the latest comics to hit the shelves.

Justice League #3

"I'm only three or four pages into this and I already want to shove icepicks through my eyes." - Nacireman

"I am not going to say a single negative thing about the New 52 until the completion of "The Curse of Shazam" backup that is coming up in Justice League. Not one single thing." - ElijahSnowFan

"Disappointing issue, especially the characterization of Wonder Woman and the constantly changing details on her costume, especially the choker and tiara." - Timbales

"This book isn't particularly intelligent or ground-breaking, but it is really rather enjoyable in a mindless kind of way." - Punchy

"Im a bit annoyed that this comic is priced so high." - DrCharles

"I felt like it was a bit slow to build at first, but now that it's really going I'm loving it." - GeekReaders

Avengers Academy #22

"I was kind of annoyed that this was another issue of AA that was a lot more focused on one of the teachers than the kids themselves, this was still good." - Punchy

"Meh, color me unimpressed with this issue. Not a big fan of kids attacking heroes two issues in a row." - BlueStreak

"The whole Quicksilver is better than Magneto message was kind of a clunker for me." - ThatGuyRoman

"This book really took a dip for the worse with this issue." - Amoebas

Unwritten #31

"this was a good issue, but it's one that could've been better." - GLX

"I'm not into magic stories. This book didn't change my mind." - Eli Katz

"if you asked me to write one story that perfectly describes the year in comics, that story would most certainly how this year marked the evolution of "The Unwritten" from pull list favorite, to potential all-time classic." - SIlverPhoenix

"This issue was the culmination of everything this book has been building up to and a great kick-off to what promises to be the biggest story yet." - Punchy

Wonder Woman #3

"It's been a good story so far, this issue wasn't so much weaker as it just felt like the middle of a story and didn't offer much satisfaction." - GeekReaders

"I think this issue had some issues with pacing, I wasn't sure whether the different strands were contemporaneous or flashbacks or what, but this was still very strong stuff and better than I expect from Wonder Woman." - Punchy

"What really bothered me about this issue is that we are 3 issues in to this series and I don't think that I know what the human girl who is supposedly pregnant with Zeus's kid name is." - Sakie

"I like the series, but this was the weakest issue." - rdrsfn82

"Good, but not great. Still shaping up to be the most interesting take on Diana in ages." - ThatGuyRoman

"A lot of people tend to make fun of the Wonder Woman series, but if you look back on the history of this title there have been quite a few writers and artists that have given Diana some grand and glorious adventures... Thanks to this team I've renewed my love for that bullet and bracelet heroine of old." - Starlord

Batman #3

"This is the issue that sold it for me. Snyder is picking back up gates of gotham type stories with the Owls and the Talon." - guitarsmashley

"This was fucking fantastic." - ThePresident

"Best of the New 52 book, at least my personal favorite. Everything this meshes so well in this book, art and writing are perfectly complimenting each other like most books fail to do." - Knuckles McSmasher

"This book just gets better and better. It's easily my favorite DC book." - DeadFett

"This just gets better every month.  Scott Snyder continually shows how to do Batman right, touching on a little bit of everything each issue to give you some Bruce Wayne, supporting cast, Batman being a detective and most of all building up Gotham into a very interesting city for other reasons besides being full of crazies." - GeekReaders

"I'm loving most of the main books, with this being near the top." - False Prophet

"One of the few good things to come out of the reboot." - avengingtitan

"This and Swamp Thing are currently the best things DC puts out. Snyder is fast becoming one of my favourite writers of all time" - nietoperz

"what he said." -chap22

"I'm on the verge of dropping it. The art is so goddamn unprofessional." - The Bass

"Um who wants to tell him that Capullo is on it for the long haul?" - Zechs

"I love what Capullo's doing. Now that he's not trying to be a MacFarlane clone on Spawn, he's become awesome." - The President

"This continues to be a very impressive run on Batman, the only negative I can really think of is the terrible Arkham City-inspired logo on the cover, it's so lame." - Punchy

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