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Nightfly's TV Week in Review 11/20/11 - Hawaii Five-O, Modern Family, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, November 28 2011 and posted in Features

Nightfly lists his preferred picks from primetime TV and the world of entertainment.

TV Week in Review  (week of 11/20/11)

If you're looking for ways to find this column memorable, I think I've provided a few. Poppy Montgomery's Unforgettable appears on my main scripted list for the first time, Disney's teen sitcom A.N.T. Farm places on both comedy lists for the first time as well as making its first appearance on this Fall's main sitcoms list. Another notable first is Hawaii Five-O taking my column's main Top of the List honor. As often as H5O's appeared on my lists I was surprised, when looking over my records, that it'd never earned the number one slot before. Even more astonishing, is the fact that Hawaii Five-O's win represents the very first time CBS has topped my hour-long list with any show, period. HBO, Syfy and even BBC-America have enjoyed the top honor repeatedly but, believe it or not, the 'Tiffany Network' only now joins the #1s club. CBS and Showtime both earned double placement on my main scripted list - something Showtime hasn't done for a couple months - while both CBS and ABC both list twice on my Outstanding Sitcoms list. There were enough list-worthy Reality Shows on last week that I've (temporarily) expanded that category to six listees instead of five. Talking Dead once again earns list ranking while its topic of discussion did not. FTR, out of sixteen dramas watched for this column, The Walking Dead placed tenth. You can see which series placed eighth-twelfth in my honorable mentions in this columns' closing paragraphs. Yesterday's TWD mid-season finale so impressed me that I fully expect it to place highly in next week's column.
A number of Christmas shows will be airing soon, one I'm particularly looking forward to is Doctor Who's "The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe". Before moving on to my recommended picks from last week, you'll find a trailer for The Doctor's upcoming special. While on the topic of holiday specials, I learned last week that An Idiot Abroad will air a second season as well as a probable 2012 Christmas Episode; if Karl Pilkington's reality series amused you as much as it did me, you'll want to read more about it here.
Tonight (11/28) don't miss the season premieres of The Closer (airing it's last season on TNT) and my friend Geoff Notkin's Meteorite Men (on the Science Channel). Wednesday (11/30) brings the series premiere of I Hate My Teenage Daughter (on FOX), and, Saturday (12/3) unleashes the series debut of Would You Rather...? with Graham Norton (on BBC-America). All welcomed additions to my weekly viewing schedule.
Before launching into this week's lists, I embed for your enjoyment BBC-America's official trailer for "The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe."

Now onto my preferred picks from last week's primetime TV...
* Warning: videos below may contain spoilers and/or mature content not suitable for all ages *

7. Unforgettable - "Trajectories" (CBS)

6. Castle - "Kill Shot" (ABC)

5. Primeval - "S5,E3" (BBC-America)

4. Homeland - "Achilles Heel" (SHO)

3. Dexter - "Sin of Omission" (SHO)

2. Boardwalk Empire - "Battle of the Century" (HBO)
Ep. 21: Inside the Episode

1. Hawaii Five-O - "Ki'lua (Deceiver)" (CBS)

Guest Star of the Week: Ruth Bradley on Primeval (BBC-America)
Ruth Bradley
Ruth Bradley returns as Emily Merchant on Primeval

Runners Up:
Mark Dacascos on Hawaii Five-O (CBS)
Edward James Olmos on Dexter (SHO)
Isla Fisher on Bored to Death (HBO)
* Favorite Teen Shows *

5. Shake It Up - "Auction It Up" (Disney)

4. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness - "Owl Be Back" (nick)

3. A.N.T. Farm - "america needs talANT" (Disney)

2. The Simpsons - "The Book Job" (FOX)
The Simpsons
Neil Gaiman & Andy Garcia guest star in "The Book Job"
* read Neil Gaiman's comments about appearing in the episode here.

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Kidnapped" (TOON)
SW The Clone Wars
Jedis to the rescue in "Kidnapped"

Her Universe

Fave *New* Music Video of the Week:
"Dance For You" by Beyoncé  {released 11/25 via E!}
* read about this E! exclusive here.

Runner Up:
"Reaching Out" by Nero (ft. Daryl Hall)  {released 11/25 via VEVO}
Trivia Question of the Week: The Meteorite Men were first featured in my WiR column for their appearance on a show from one of the Science Channel's sister networks. Can you earn this week's trivia medal by naming that sister network's industrious show?  [answered]

Current Medal Standing:


~ Previous week's answer: W. Earl Brown (Winner: avengingtitan)
Webisode of the Week: Spellfury - (S2,E2) "Very Ice to Meet You"

* Spellfury is an ultra-campy, monthly sword & sorcery webseries I've known about for some time but never fully appreciated until Dragon Age: Redemption unwittingly prepared me for it. This webisode premiered 11/2 but since I didn't post it then, and I plan on posting December's webisode next week, I wanted to make sure November's entry got up before the month ended.

Runner Up: Failure Club - (S1, Ep.2) "Hammer and Nails"
* Outstanding Sitcoms *

7. A.N.T. Farm - "america needs talANT" (Disney)

6. The Simpsons - "The Book Job" (FOX)
The Simpsons
Neil Gaiman & Andy Garcia guest star in "The Book Job"
* read Neil Gaiman's comments about appearing in the episode here.

5. How I Met Your Mother - "The Rebound Girl" (CBS)

4. Happy Endings - "Full Court Dress" (ABC)

3. Bored to Death - "Forget the Herring" (HBO)
Ep. 23: Inside the Mind of Jonathan Ames

2. 2 Broke Girls - "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving" (CBS)

* Watch Jingles and Beyoncé Claus usher in the season in the hilarious clip above.

1. Modern Family - "Punkin Chunkin" (ABC)


* Reality Shows *

6. Prophets of Science Fiction - "H.G. Wells" (Sci)
HG Wells
HG Wells. Photograph: Haine/© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

5. Talking Dead - "Secrets" (AMC)

Kevin Smith and comedian Paul F. Tompkins continue the conversation on Talking Dead's aftershow.

4. American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr. - "Old Rivals" (DSC)

3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 6 - "Cameo Photos" (CMT)
DCC Making the Team
DCC Cameo Photo Day

2. A Very Gaga Thanksgiving (ABC)
A Very Gaga Thanksgiving
Katie Couric & Lady Gaga for A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

1. Ancient Aliens - "Aliens and the Creation of Man" (History)
Tree of Knowledge
* Tree of Knowledge, painting by Lucas Cranach

Due to fewer new episodes airing last week my total hours viewed shrunk by just over thirty percent. A total of thirty-four hours were viewed to compile this column, sixteen solely for my hour-long scripted list. Had I not missed FOX shows, Mobbed and House, my total count would've been thirty-six. The first few episodes of House went to OnDemand punctually, but the past two episodes have been posted too late to make my columns. Too bad, because it's on at the same time as Hart of Dixie and there's no doubt I'll always choose HoD over House. [*shrugs*] It'd be best if FOX just got House up in a timely manner like they manage for their other offered shows. In Mobbed's case, I'd like to give it a look-see but it airs opposite Modern Family and Happy Endings and, again, there's no chance of me opting not to watch Modern Family since it's never offered OnDemand and doesn't go to hulu till it's too late to make my column.
Among the sixteen hour-long dramas screened, NCIS: L.A., Hart of Dixie, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and an all-too-timely The Good Wife came closest to making my main list. Earning honorable mentions for my Favorite Teen Shows section are: Good Luck Charlie's Thanksgiving episode, The Looney Tunes Show, and one of two new episodes of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.
The same Thanksgiving episode of Good Luck Charlie, The Looney Tunes Show, the other new Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode, Shake It Up, and Two and a Half Men were the comedies that just missed placing on my Outstanding Sitcoms list. Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan, All on the Line, Top Chef: Texas, Brad Meltzer's Decoded, and, the Punkin Chunkin special on Discovery all earned honorable mentions for my Reality Shows category. Completing my full list of favorite guest stars featured last week are; Chris Elliott (on Bored to Death), William Forsythe (on Boardwalk Empire), Rob Riggle (on Happy Endings), Wendie Malick (on Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness), and, Neil Gaiman (on The Simpsons).

This column sports more entertainment news than usual. First up, a production video I was very happy to discover. HBO's Game of Thrones has begun filming its second season and, last week, released this BTS clip.

Season 2 - In Production

Within the film realm, last week Paramount Pictures unveiled two new clips for Cruise's upcoming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. The first one released (on 11/21) is a scene featuring Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner - you can view it and read about it here. The following day (11/22) a BTS featurette was released focusing on Simon Pegg and his character, Benji, check it out here. Several new photos were also released from the film last week - you can take a look at 'em here.

Other new images hitting the web last week included four pics from Underworld Awakening (viewable here), and two new posters pictured below. Reese Witherspoon's upcoming spy pic - co-starring Chris (Capt. James T. Kirk) Pine - This Means War (read about it here) stands next to the poster for a new film written and directed by Angelina Jolie titled, In the Land of Blood and Honey (read about it here). In the Land of Blood and Honey opens December 23rd.
movie posters

Though its premiere date has yet to be announced, last week the Disney Channel released an official Coming Soon trailer for their upcoming original movie, Frenemies (starring Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, and Stefanie Scott).

I didn't spend as much time on GetGlue last week as in weeks' prior, though I still found a few Marvel comics related stickers worth sharing. Earn stickers by checking-in to the following pages; Thor, The Fantastic Four, The Astonishing X-Men, and a Thanksgiving sticker (I believe is still available) for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

Canadian Star Wars fans given to introspection have the lucky option of visiting a traveling exhibition next year titled, Star Wars: Identities. Lucasfilm and X3 Productions have teamed to create "a character-driven adventure into reality" that asks "what Forces shape you?" I only learned of this fascinating exhibition yesterday when I read about it here at, one of my go-to sources for movie related news.

Before I close out this column I'd like to encourage my readers to watch the third season premiere of the Science Channel's hit documentary series, Meteorite Men tonite (Monday 11/28). Co-host Geoff Notkin agreed to be interviewed by me about the premiere and upcoming season, read our dailogue here and if you dig it please retweet it or Like it on Facebook. I asked Geoff to select his favorite Science Channel clip for the interview - the exuberant clip (below) was his choice - I think it was a good one.

Please check out my weekly music video column to catch the latest videos each week as well as news about new albums, singles, and also holiday and dvd releases. Black Friday has past, but just in case you're not done with your shopping there's still time to find some great geeky gift suggestions in The Outhouse's Holiday Gift-Guide Wishlist. Thanks, as always, for your interest in my WiR column(s) and I hope to see you back again next week. Be Well & Happy Viewing!

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