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The Whatdead: Terry Moore on Rachel Rising #3

Written by Russ Burlingame on Monday, November 28 2011 and posted in Features


After a long recess to deal with conventions and family weddings on both sides of the interview, Terry Moore rejoined Russ Burlingame this week to talk about the recently-released Rachel Rising #3.

The issue hit a couple of weeks ago and featured a lot of plot exposition, a few surprises and a lot of creepy. There's an air of mystery surrounding the town of Manson and its crazy inhabitants. What does it all mean? Terry shares a little insight with The Outhouse...and warns us off when we get too close to something in a way that's bound to cause some speculation all on its own.

The Outhouse: This issue reminds me more of the first issue than the second, in terms of the amount of silence it works with. Is that a conscious theme of the series, kind of letting the images do a lot of the talking.

TM: It's a style that is part of Rachel and the way her story is told. I want each of my series to have their own personality. And the silent moments are part of Rachel's world. I got that from Hitchcock. The silent moments in Psycho are the most frightening because it makes it all too damn real.

OH: There's also a lot of music here. It wasn't as much a part of Echo as it was SiP, but is that going to make a bit of a comeback here?

TM: Yes. I love music and its effect on life. And death.

OH: This issue continues to see all the new characters commenting on Rachel's appearance. Will this continue to color the way people see her throughout the series or is it just a matter of these changes being new and startling?

TM: I think you'll see something develop there.

OH: Alright, so when she threw up the bit of rope, my first thought was that it was hair—just to clarify, last month when Aunt Johnny found the item at the grave site and started freaking out, that was actually Rachel's hair, right?

TM: Spoilers.

OH: So...we're starting to see in this issue the way that Rachel's resurrection has affected her. Will this kind of extra-sensory jam she's got going on in this issue eventually help her to find out more about what's happened to her?

TM: She has no frikkin idea what we have in store for her. The mystery is deeper than she suspects. You will see what I mean in issue four. Hopefully you will read the last page of issue four and say, "Holy crap!"

OH: Is there any endgame in place for this mysterious stranger who seems to be turning Manson upside-down? So far her actions seem to the readers to be fairly random.

TM: Her story is part of the first six-issue arc, so give it a couple more issues to explain. You've only seen her activity for "one night" in the story. It all connects, but it's a wide footprint.

OH: Are all these old-fashioned-looking cars important to a theme, or is it just that they're more fun to draw?

TM: Spoilers, my friend. Remember you said that.

OH: Those last few pages shows a town that's in the throes of some serious supernatural insanity. It's almost as though Rachel really didn't need to be the main character here. Is she "the key" to something or did you just kind of come up with this whole story and pick the character who was easiest to build a series around?

TM: Rachel is the gateway to a bigger story. We will have to see the story through her eyes.

OH: It's interesting; while most of this issue reads like part of a larger narrative or a graphic novel, that last sequence I alluded to feels like it could be a TV series finale or something like that. The creepy visuals and the story cliffhanger come together for a very effective feel of creepiness and finality.

TM: That's a good thing, isn't it? I would love to write a story that makes your hair stand on end.

Written or Contributed by: Russ Burlingame

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