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Nightfly's Music Video Week in Review 1/15/12 - Insane Clown Posse, Nicki Minaj, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, January 23 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly lists his preferred picks among last week's newly released music videos.

Chasing The Matrix:

Nightfly's Music Video Week in Review  (week of 1/15/12)

Little did I know when I arbitrarily chose to return to my column this week that it'd be covering a week so full of new music videos. This definitely was one of the most new music filled weeks I've encountered since beginning these columns. My choices, based on music, might surprise some but I maintain that these columns exist to recognize the videos more than the music. Just to reiterate the purpose of my writing these columns, they're my impetus to keep abreast of new music video releases each week in order to share my favorite 15-20 (or so) videos with you. If a video looks interesting I sometimes hit mute and watch 'em as silent shorts just to see how they play. This week's column breaks new ground as a specific vocal style takes a position of high honor that I'd normally disqualify outright. Respecting my own edict, I simply couldn't exclude such a well conceived 'n executed [animated] video just because I'm not partial to its accompanying tuneage.

One weird bit of music 'news' making the rounds last week was the mixed reaction to Lana Del Rey's live performances on Saturday Night Live. That particular Saturday I didn't see the show and planned to catch it OnDemand later. Then, I heard a bunch of scuttlebutt about her performance not being up to snuff in the opinions of certain industry thought-leaders. Frustratingly, when I watched SNL later OnDemand (something I rarely have to do since I usually watch it live) her performances had been excised. That naturally made me all the more curious as to how horrible her perfomances must've been?! The last time I'd heard this much buzz about a SNL musical guest it pertained to Jessica Simpson's baby sister. As you can imagine, when I later discovered VEVO offered both of Lana's songs excerpted, my mouse quickly hit play as I braced to witness the impending disaster. And I waited... after watching the song I was most familiar with first, "Video Games", I still hadn't seen any ghastly mistakes worth lamenting. It must be in the other song she sang live, "Blue Jeans," right? Ummm, nope, not really. Maybe I'm just too easy a judge, but I didn't see her do anything I found so displeasing or different than expected. Frankly, and I say this as a massive Sting fan, I've heard him (as well as other notables) sorta stink up the place (imo) in past SNL performances too. Unsurprisingly, I saw mentions of the dreaded "SNL Curse" raised more than once in association with Lana's appearance, but I didn't think it was so terrible, and the crowd only applauded, never gasping or booing or falling out of their chairs. Decide for yourself if her exploration of range offends your ear by clicking on the titles above, and, below is my favorite of the two tracks, "Video Games" (Live on SNL) {released 1/15 via VEVO}

VEVO released two cool interview clips last week I bet many will want to watch. First, for Evanescence's upcoming video "My Heart is Broken," the band takes us behind the scenes in a brief one-minute preview promoting the video's January 24th release. Screen the BTS clip here then read more about it here.
Secondly, cameras captured Florence Welch's recent return to NYC in this intimate clip titled, "Florence + The Machine: Return To New York."

Before moving on to my first music video list of the new year, check out these links to three live songs excerpted from Cage The Elephant's recent concert, "Live from The Vic in Chicago." My readers probably know (by now) I dig their song "Aberdeen", so that's the one I've embedded, but clicking on the following titles will lead you to their live videos for "Shake Me Down" and "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" as well. Enjoy.

It begins  (in alphabetical order, except for the winners)....
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

"Change the Sheets" by Kathleen Edwards  {released 1/18 via CMT}

"Don't Kick The Chair (Pseudo Video)" by Dia Frampton (feat. Kid Cudi)  {released 1/20 via VEVO}
* If you haven't already, take this opportunity to check-in to Dia's GetGlue page to unlock a portrait sticker courtesy of The Voice.

"Home" by Warrant  {released 1/15 via VEVO}

"Hurry Hurry" by Jessie Baylin (Directed by Scarlett Johansson)  {released 1/19 via CMT}

"Jello" by Far East Movement (feat. Rye Rye)  {released 1/19 via VEVO} [TV-14]

* Astute observers will notice a pair of Marty McFly Nike Mags in the mix!

"Just To Fall In Love" by Najee (feat. Phil Perry)  {released 1/20 via VEVO}

"Let the Cowboy Rock" by Ronnie Dunn  {released 1/20 via YouTube}

"Me Time" by Lisa Matassa  {released 1/21 via CMT}

Andrew Charles

Fave *New* Videos of the Week: [3-way tie]
"Heavy Prey" by Lacey Sturm  (from Underworld: Awakening)  {released 1/19 via YouTube}

* Rolling Stone released the video 1/18 here.

"It's All Over" by Insane Clown Posse  {released 1/17 via VEVO} [TV-MA; NSFW]

* For a radically different take on Rap/Hip-Hop check out this super-friendly (foreign) video also released last week titled, "Bagagedrager" by Gers Pardoel (feat. Sef). Having watched it just prior to watching the above, the contrast gave me reason to laugh out loud.

"Light Years" by Elijah Kelley  (official song of the film Red Tails) {released 1/20 via YouTube}

* Go see Red Tails in the theater and help honor the legacy of the heroic Tuskegee Airmen of WWII just by purchasing your ticket.

Runners Up: [tie]
"Borders" by Feeder  {released 1/20 via VEVO}

"Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God  {released 1/19 via VEVO}  [TV-MA]

* This track is from the band's upcoming album, "Resolution", dropping Jan. 24th.

Hart of Dixie

"Naleigh Moon" by Josh Kelley (Directed by & co-starring Katherine Heigl)  {released 1/18 via VEVO}
* On the day this video came out Heigl jokingly tweeted, "I'm gonna release my directors cut soon! Keep on the lookout y'all!"

"The Noise" by Adaline  {released 1/18 via VEVO}

"Rockstar" by Dappy (feat. Brian May)  {released 1/18 via VEVO}

"Sing You Home" by Xenia  {released 1/19 via VEVO}
* Check-in to Xenia's GetGlue page here to unlock her portrait sticker via The Voice.

"Stupid Hoe" by Nicki Minaj  {released 1/20 via VEVO} [TV-MA; NSFW]

"This Ole Boy" by Craig Morgan (co-starring Angie Harmon)  {released 1/15 via CMT}

"You Gonna Fly" by Keith Urban  {released 1/20 via CMT}
Make-up Section: (spotlighting videos from the week before last)
"Double Wide Dream" by Casey Donahew Band  {released 1/13 via CMT}

"(Kissed You) Good Night" by Gloriana  {released 1/13 via ABC-Family}

"Slave To The Music" by James Morrison  {released 1/13 via VEVO}

"Tattoo" by Van Halen  {released 1/10 via VEVO}

Bonus Videos:
Before hittin' the door I wanted to share these entertaining bonus videos I didn't think belonged in regular competition.

"You Really Got Me" (Acoustic w/ Intro) by Van Halen (from The Downtown Sessions)  {released 1/19 via VEVO}

"Call Me Doctor" by Rachel Bilson [TV-MA; NSFW]
Call Me Doctor with Rachel Bilson from Rachel Bilson     
* Read about the hysterical video here.

Thanks for Chasing the Matrix with me again and while you spend your week flipping back over from the B-side remember to Have a Good One and Keep Your Groove On! See you again next week!

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