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The Outhouse Best of 2006

Written by Outhouse Staff on Thursday, April 05 2007 and posted in Features
The votes have been submitted, the tallies taken, and here are your winners, Outhousers. Better LATE than never. This column gets the ASBARTBW award for tardiness. Best Title to Read in an Outhouse: 52. At $2.50/week for a weekly comic, this comic looked to be a drag on fanboys’ wallets for 2006-2007. But DC has [...]

The votes have been submitted, the tallies taken, and here are your winners, Outhousers. Better LATE than never. This column gets the ASBARTBW award for tardiness.

Best Title to Read in an Outhouse: 52. At $2.50/week for a weekly comic, this comic looked to be a drag on fanboys’ wallets for 2006-2007. But DC has delivered a beautiful story, and 52 is consistently entertaining and a top-seller. DC’s gamble has paid off, and there hasn’t been a late issue yet.

Favorite New Ongoing Series: Fell. Cheaper than 52.

Most Creative New Series: 52. The Best Title to Read in an Outhouse is also the Most Creative New Series. It has not been without its memorable moments - Skeets going evil, Booster Gold’s death, a powerless Clark Kent jumping out of a window to score an interview with Supernova, and Ralph Dibny taking Jean Loring back to Sue Dibny’s murder to watch it for all of eternity, only to fail.

Best Mini-Series: Civil War. Marvel’s blockbuster mini-series has been a hot title to buy. From Captain America taking his anti-registration stance, to Peter Parker fighting Captain America and then Iron Man, to the introduction of Thor’s clone, this series has packed some moments that have left fanboys wishing girls were never invented and that the human race could propogate itself everytime they blew a wad reading Civil War.

Best Cover: Marvel Zombies #1, by Arthur Sudyam. Spider-Man is a freakin’ zombie, for cripes’ sake.

Best Webcomic: PvP. By popular demand.

Best Original Graphic Novel: Pride of Baghdad. Brian K. Vaughan’s account of a pride of lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo has been a critical success.

Best Collected Graphic Novel: Absolute Sandman Vol. 1. Gaiman. Hardcover. McKean. Pretty.

Favorite One-Shot Independent: Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 3. That little book with all that buzz.

Best Independent Series: Invincible. Proof that superheroes outside of the BIG 2 do, in fact, rock.

Best Independent Mini-Series: Local. It makes you want to pack your bags every month and see a new corner of this fair continent.

Best Writer: Ed Brubaker. The guy who (SPOILERS FOR ALL OF YOU LIVING IN CAVES) just recently killed Cap.

Best Artist: John Cassaday. Because Beast never looked so feral while maintaining a look that well accompanies his erudition.

Best Inker: Scott Hana. Because Spider-Man never looked so pretty.

Best Colorist: Richard Isanove. This guy…just…his colors…so gorgeous.

Best Cover Artist: JG Jones (52). I couldn’t imagine anybody else producing better covers to this series.

Best Newcomer: Khari Evans (Daughters of the Dragon). One to watch.

Coolest Comic Book Personality: Grant Morrison. Still have that tighty whitey pic seared into my brain. His personality is hanging right there and to the right. Sick fanboys.

The “When the &^%$ does the next issue come out, &*$&% delays” award: All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder. Frank Miller and Jim Lee disappoint legions of fanboys who don’t drop this book…

Writer Most Likely to Write in an Outhouse: Brian Michael Bendis. Marvel’s workhorse has been deemed by Outhousers to be more about quantity than quality. In 2006, we saw him continue his run on Ultimate Spider-Man… (what the fuck else did he write?).

Most Shocking Moment: Skeets is Evil (52) WTF?

Best Death: Alexander Luthor shot by the Joker (Infinite Crisis #7). “You didn’t let the Joker play.” With those words, Alexander Luthor’s face was shot off and the Infinite Crisis was over. All mini-series, people wondered just why the Joker didn’t figure bigger. Dan Didio kept that reason to himself, saying only that he’d show up in issue 7. And show up he did.

Best Return: Bucky. Now THAT’S how you bring a character back from the dead. You let him stay dead for decades, then thaw him off.

Best Moment: Clark Kent jumps out of a window to score an interview with Supernova. Unbenownst to Perry White, Clark Kent is Superman. Readers know that Superman was left powerless after the events of Infinite Crisis. So what are we and Perry supposed to think when Clark Kent is about to be fired and he jumps out a window?! Little did Perry expect, Clark was borrowing a page from his wife, Lois Lane, on how to score an interview with a superpowered flying man.

Favorite Hero: Superman. 2007 was the year of Superman. Fans delighted in the number of great character moments Grant Morrison wowed us with in his version of Superman in All Star Superman. They were even happier to finally have a Superman in continuity that has all the guts, determination, and confidence after the events of Infinite Crisis and in One Year Later that we haven’t often since his death and return. And, to top that all off - “You’ll believe a man can fly” - Superman Returns provided us with some great on-screen Superman moments, such as a flawless airplane rescue scene.

Favorite Heroine: Renee Montoya (52). Because she’s best friends with The Question. Because she’s tortured. Because she’s got a romantic history with Batwoman and didn’t get the press for it (dumb, DC. Just dumb - where was the press release for Half a Life?!). And because she’s got more heart than anybody else in 52.

Favorite Sidekick: Robin (Robin, Detective Comics, Batman). Didn’t see that coming.

Favorite Villain: Doctor Doom. DOOM.

Best Gay Character: Renee Montoya. Homosexuality in comics is growing, and writers are showing that it’s not something that can only be used for gimicks and tokenism - gay characters are worth reading. Renee Montoya topped her ex-girlfriend, Kathy Kane (Batwoman) on this year’s list for her efforts with the Question in 52. From avoiding death in Kandaq, to travelling to the Himalayas and learning of her new friend’s cancer, to overcoming her alcoholism and sharing a tender moment late in the year with said ex-girlfriend, Renee Montoya is fanboys’ favorite gay character to read about. Now go re-read Half a Life.

Best Use of Mort-Level Characters in a Series: The Question (52). He’s got cancer! He kicks ass and takes names! He knows how to cure burnout cops of alcoholism without a 12-step program! The Question provided many a reason for fans to cheer him on and hope for a comic book cure for lung cancer. Here’s hoping that dead doesn’t mean dead in ‘07, Charlie.

Best Fitting Costume: Zatanna. Zatanna shows that you don’t need spandex to excite fanboys below the belt. A simple pair of fishnets and a cheap costume from your local sex games shop will do. You all should be ashamed of yourselves - they’re fictional characters! Fic-tion-al char-ac-ters!

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