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Nightfly's iTV Week in Review 3/18/12 - Happy Rides, Game Station 2.0 and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, March 26 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

Nightfly's iTV Week in Review  (week of 3/18/12)
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In this column entry I've instituted the renaming of what was previously called my "Make-up Section" (for videos being posted "late") to what I'm now titling the "Late Pass Zone" just for a change of pace. Fans of Batman are in for a treat as this installment features a (belated) comedic review of Batman: Arkham City and a Batmobile race between replicas of the classic '60s and Tim Burton versions.

Last week Felicia Day released six new trailers, with intros, for shows soon to debut on her Geek & Sundry channel coming in April. Watch all six (in-a-row) here.

Jane Espenson's Husbands is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise enough funds to produce another eleven webisodes for a second season. Check out the series' Kickstarter page (with more videos) here before it expires on April 18th.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I've been following MyDamnChannel's slate of programming on YouTube. Last Wednesday MDC announced a new *daily* series launching March 28th called, My Damn Channel LIVE, hosted by Beth Hoyt. Meet Beth Hoyt in the video below and watch a brief trailer for the new series here.

Last Thursday Emma Caulfield tweeted out a recommendation for the award winning webseries Ragged Isle. I haven't caught a full webisode yet but since premiering last month, they've already released eight installments here.  Follow Ragged Isle on twitter to stay updated and read more about the ambitious webseries here. Also don't forget to get Ripped with Emma's online (ongoing) graphic novel at

Before moving onto my preferred picks from last week's web videos I wanted to share PBS' Online Film Festival's latest contenders. This penultimate batch of shorts is collected under the theme, "Who Are We?" Vote for your favorite by clicking the "Like" button attached to it. The films now waiting to be voted on are: Black Folk Don't: Tip  [Runtime 5.13], Bullet Proof Vest  [Runtime 5.42], Sunshine: Single Dads  [Runtime 4.48] and The Migration  [Runtime 10.00].

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

ASSASSIDATE - (Ep.3)  [Runtime 4.21]  {posted 3/21 via h0rrid}

* Catch up with this monthly webseries from the beginning by watching episodes 1 and 2 here.

Battleground - (Ep.6) "Polls Close at Six"  {posted 3/20 via Hulu}

College Humor: Celebrities - "OK Go-Pid"  [Runtime 2.15]  {posted 3/19 via CollegeHumor}

College Humor: Sketch - "The Hunger Games Game"  [Runtime 1.30]  {posted 3/20 via CollegeHumor}

Brent Spiner's Fresh Hell - (S2, Ep.2) "LeVar"  [Runtime 7.34]  {posted 3/24 via YouTube}

* See the official Season Two trailer here and its season premiere (posted 3/23) here. Read about it here.

I Hate Being Single: Rob's Room - Episode 3  {posted 3/20 via blip}

The Hungover Games  [Runtime 2.41]  {posted 3/21 via FunnyorDie}

The Hungry Hungry Games  [Runtime 2.39]  {posted 3/22 via JKL}

The Newtown Girls - (Ep.2) "Dress Up"  [Runtime 11.53]  {posted 3/18 via blip}  [TV-PG]

PBS Off Book: Art in the Era of the Internet  [Runtime 6.36]  {posted 3/21 via YouTube}

Shadow Free - (Ep.3) "Rumors"  [Runtime 6.41]  {posted 3/22 via YouTube}

Shelf Life - (S2, Ep8) - "Breaking and Entering"  {posted 3/20 via YouTube}

Sounds Like... with Strawburry17 - "Room Tour with Meghan Camarena"  {posted 3/19 via}

Sparklepuff Lazerium: Straw Wars - Episode 1  (Starring Lesli Margherita, Tom Lenk and Ethan Phillips)  {posted 3/21 via YouTube}

* See the webseries' trailer here.

Super Knocked Up: The Darcy Danger Files - (Ep.3.1)  [Runtime 2.56]  {posted 3/23 via blip}

Super Therapy - (Session #13) "Catwoman"  [Runtime 3.25]  {posted 3/19 via BarelyPolitical}


Fave *New* Webisode(s) of the Week: [tie]
Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves  [Runtime 3.11]  {posted 3/21 via JKL}

Happy Endings: Happy Rides - (Ep.4 of 6) "Is That a Keg Tap?"

Runner Up:
Quantic Dream's "Kara": Behind the Scenes  [Runtime 6.11]  {posted 3/21 via YouTube}

Geek and Sundry

Fashion & Beauty

Alicia Silverstone's recommended Thread for Thought [retweeted by her last week] {posted 2/6 via ThreadsForThought}

GIOGO - "What Is GIOGO? - Sample Platter"  [Runtime 3.14]  {posted 3/18 via YouTube}

Zoey Deutch Raids Sarah Michelle Gellar's RINGER Closet  [Runtime 4.54]  {posted 3/20 via YHN}

* Follow Zoey Deutch on twitter.
News & Reviews

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.57) "The Hunger Games"  {released 3/23 via YouTube}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle  {released 3/22 via START}

* Make sure to read Naomi's blog here too.

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.58) "Stop the Violence and Watch The Muppets"  {released 3/21 via NextMovie}

Game Station 2.0 - (Ep.1) "Batman: Arkham City"  [Runtime 5.55]  {posted 3/21 via RedLetterMedia} [TV-14]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Coop Walkthrough  [Runtime 3.11]  {posted 3/22 via Machinima}

Nostalgia Chick: Vlog Review (Spoiler Free) - "The Hunger Games" (with Antonella Inserra)  [Runtime 11.51]  {posted 3/22 via blip}

Robin Tunney Talks "See Girl Run!" and Acting  {posted 3/18 via YHN}

The Point - Sex Talk  [Runtime 48.25]  {posted 3/22 via YouTube}  [TV-MA; NSFW]
* Read about it here.

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "Lionel Richie in Studio Q"  [Runtime: 2.18]  {released 3/20 via blip}

Those Video Guys: Geek TV Live - "Vampires & Superheroes"  [Runtime 36.28]  {posted 3/21 via YouTube}

Those Video Guys: Talking Who - (Ep.29)  [Runtime 1.28.30]  {posted 3/21 via YouTube}

Trekkie Girls - (Ep.14) "Star Trek London Clue Three"  {posted 3/22 via YouTube}
* Follow the Trekkie Girls on twitter and hear them interviewed by my bro here.

The Walking Dead Game -  Trailer (Introduction by Robert Kirkman)  [Runtime 1.36]  {posted 3/19 via YouTube}

* Available for pre-order here. Check out Episode 3 of IGN's Playing Dead about the game here.

Weekly 'Wood with Jessica Chobot  {posted 3/22 via START}

Late Pass Zone: Lucky 7
BTS of THR's Olivia Wilde/Karla Welch Photo Shoot  [Runtime 2.27]  {posted 3/14 via THR}

Daily Bugle 'Spider-Man' Exclusive  [Runtime 3.15]  {posted 3/14 via YouTube}
* Read about it here and find more Spidey items here.

How To See Around Corners  {posted 3/14 via YouTube}
* Read about it here.

PROOF: A Day after St. Patty's Day  (Starring Joel Murray, Daryl Sabara and Mike Coleman)  [Runtime 5.35]  {posted 3/16 via TheSecondCityNetwork}

Space Girl - (Ep.1)  [Runtime 2.36]  {posted 3/13 via BarelyPolitical}

Super Power Beat Down - (Ep.1) "Batmobiles Racing"  [Runtime 10.10]  {posted 3/11 via YouTube}

* Read about it here.

VernissageTV - "David LaChapelle: Flowers at Patricia Low Contemporary"  [Runtime 3.42]  {posted 3/16 via blip}
Bonus Videos:
Evolution of the Moon  [Runtime 2.41]  {posted 3/14 via YouTube}

* This came to my attention 3/20 via 'Astronomy Picture of the Day'

Andrew Stanton: The Clues to a Great Story  {posted 3/21 via TEDtalks}  [TV-14]
* Thanks to the clip above I discovered this TEDtalk by J.J. Abrams from 2007 titled, "The Mystery Box" (primarily about Lost) check it out here.

Sex After Kids - Teaser Trailer  [Runtime 4.43] {posted 3/23 via IndieGoGo}
* I learned of this prospective short film thanks to Zoie Palmer tweeting about it.

Closing out this column is a trailer for an important documentary titled, Dirty Energy. DE strives to tell the untold story of the disastrous effects that the Deepwater explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had, and is still having, on the economy and people of the Gulf Coast region. Witness true accounts of what's still going on after the biggest oil spill in the history of the world in Dirty Energy.

* I Learned about this trailer due to Edward James Olmos tweeting about it; read more about it here.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in this column, with so many items showcased this entry I trust at least one informed, entertained or otherwise interested you. Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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