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Nightfly's iTV Week in Review 3/25/12 - Happy Endings, Tenacious D, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, April 02 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

Nightfly's iTV Week in Review  (week of 3/25/12)
...transferring data now...

You may've noticed an increase in content I feature here week to week. You might not know it to look at the multiple links offered this time but I actually excluded at least as many as I chose to include. With the Nerdist Channel and Geek & Sundry launching today I look forward to having even more quality choices to share with fellow webseries fans starting next week. If you haven't caught this promo clip yet take a look at the lineup of shows rolling out on Hardwick's Nerdist net here.

Last Thursday (3/29) a trio of "very rare" Buffy the Vampire Slayer BTS clips hit the web I'd personally never seen before; perhaps you haven't either. This first vid is raw set footage from the episode, "Helpless," and the next two are 1998 interview snippets. To see Joss, Gellar and Boreanaz reply to questions click here, and for the rest of the cast (namely Alyson, Seth, Tony, CC, Brendon and Sutherland) click here. If you're a Buffy fan I predict you'll get a kick out of 'em.

Before getting to the many videos and links spotlighted this week (two of which focus on Neil DeGrasse Tyson) I wanted to show you a couple short films directed by a pair of actresses I'm really big fans of.
A Standard Story (Starring & Directed by Beth Riesgraf)  [Runtime 7.48]  {posted 11/4/11 via YouTube}

* Vote for Beth to win "Short of the Week" here.
The Break In  (Directed by Jaime King; Starring Selma Blair & Jason Ritter)  [Runtime 3.47]  {posted 3/28 via Vimeo}

The Break In from Jacob Fleisher on Vimeo.

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

Battleground - (Ep.7) "Political Machine"  [Runtime 20.26]   {posted 3/27 via Hulu}

Call Waiting  [Runtime 5.01]  {posted 3/27 via FunnyOrDie}
* I learned of this one when Katelyn Tarver tweeted about her brother co-starring in it.

Coffey Chat! - (Ep.1) "Get To Know Shannon Better Time"  [Runtime 2.08]  {posted 3/27 via MyDamnChannel}

* Follow Shannon Coffey on twitter.

Embers of War - (Ep.1.3) "No Angels Here"  [Runtime 5.44]  {posted 3/31 via blip}

Frenemies - "Round 2: New Guy"  [Runtime 3.04]  {posted 3/25 via YouTube}
* Catch up by watching "Round 1: Power Lunch" here.

Brent Spiner's Fresh Hell - (S2, Ep.3) "The Acting Class"  [Runtime 11.24]  {posted 3/30 via YouTube}

Happy Place - (Episode 2)  [Runtime 5.43]  {posted 3/31 via FunnyOrDie}
* Get up to date by catching the debut installment here, and follow series stars Edward Sharpe & Nora Kirkpatrick on twitter. I only discovered this series Saturday nite and I'm glad I finally did.

The last time I featured this series it was Episode 22, since then two subsequent webisodes have followed. Catch up to Episode 24 (below) by screening the week before lasts' webisode, 23, beforehand.
The Haunting of Sunshine Girl - (S5,Ep.24) "Strange Poltergeist Activity"  [Runtime 2.30]  {posted 3/30 via YouTube}

I Hate Being Single - (Ep.4) "Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya"  [Runtime 5.45]  {posted 3/27 via blip}

iJustine's VLOG University - "On The Road: Escape Route"  [Runtime 4.12]  {posted 3/28 via YouTube}

I missed the premiere of this series but rather than link to it in my Late Pass Zone, I decided to attach its first webisode here along with Episode 2 which came out last Tues.
Intern Diaries - (Ep.2) "Criminal Minds!"  [Runtime 4.51]  {posted 3/27 via BarelyPolitical}

Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni  [Runtime 3.12]  {posted 3/28 via FunnyOrDie}
* Read about it here.

The League of S.T.E.A.M. - "Tall Tails"  [Runtime 5.27]  {posted 3/29 via YouTube}

Mermates - (Ep.1) "The Apartment"  [Runtime 3.56]  {posted 3/25 via YouTube}

Model Wife - (Ep.4) "Assistants"  [Runtime 3.59]  {posted 3/27 via blip}
* I just discovered this series Saturday. Catch up with all previous webisodes here.

Muppets vs. Goldman Sachs  [Runtime 4.02]  {posted 3/27 via FunnyOrDie}
Muppets vs. Goldman Sachs from Neal McDonough     

Geek & Sundry

Fave *New* Web Video(s) of the Week: [tie]
Happy Endings: Happy Rides - (Ep.5 of 6) "It's My Old Pager!"  (Directed by Casey Wilson)  [Runtime 2.07]

Tenacious D - To Be The Best  (promoting upcoming Rize of the Fenix album)  {posted 3/26 via VEVO}

Runners Up: [3-way tie]
First Dates with Toby Harris - "Foreplay"  [Runtime 4.37]  {posted 3/26 via Yahoo}
* Follow Angela Kinsey on twitter.

A new webseries titled Flock premiered last week offering its first two episodes online. After you watch webisodes 1 & 2 make sure to follow the series on twitter.

Space Girl - (Ep.2) "Dr. Brain"  [Runtime 3.21]  {posted 3/30 via BarelyPolitical}

* Follow Lauren Francesca (a.k.a. Space Girl) on twitter and go behind BTS of the entertaining series here.

My Damn Channel Live

The Newtown Girls - (S1,Ep.3) "The Justin Bieber Look"  [Runtime 11.58]  {posted 3/26 via blip}

Nostalgia Chick - "Sister Act"  [Runtime 14.21]  {posted 3/25 via blip}

The OurStage Panel - "Season 2 Finale" (ft. Special Guest Gavin DeGraw)  [Runtime 47.14]  {posted 3/28 via YouTube}

Pilot Season: Doctors Without Orders (Starring Maria Thayer)  [Runtime 1.52]  {posted 3/26 via FunnyOrDie}

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "Tori Amos in Studio Q"  [Runtime: 30.28]  {released 3/30 via blip}

Revenge Of The Pie  [Runtime 3.06]  {posted 3/26 via FunnyOrDie}  [TV-MA; NSFW]
Revenge Of The Pie from Jason Biggs     

Shelf Life - (S2, Ep.9) "The New Girl, Pt.1"  [Runtime 1.53]  {posted 3/27 via YouTube}  [TV-14]

* Read Tara Platt's latest monthly newsletter here.

Skyrim Hoarders  [Runtime 3.02]  {posted 3/28 via CollegeHumor} [TV-14]

Spellfury - (S2, Ep.3) "The Legendary Magicy Sword"  [Runtime 5.03]  {posted 3/29 via YouTube}

* Follow Spellfury on twitter.

Super Knocked Up - (Ep.4)  [Runtime 5.34]  {posted 3/30 via KoldCast}

VernissageTV - "Miguel Rothschild and Valentina Liernur at Benzacar Gallery"  [Runtime 4.12]  {posted 3/28 via blip}

Workless - (Ep.1) "I Will Destroy You"  [Runtime 3.18]  {posted 3/30 via MyDamnChannel} [TV-14]
Fashion & Beauty:

Avril Lavigne Talks "Stripped Down" and Clothing Line Abbey Dawn  [Runtime 1.22]  {posted 3/30 via YouTube}
* Follow Avril and Abbey Dawn on twitter.

College Humor: Nerd Alert - "Nerd Alert Burlesque"  [Runtime 9.20]  {posted 3/27 via CollegeHumor}

Dreama Dreama Little Dream of THE B---- IN APT 23!  [Runtime 3.40]  {posted 3/26 via YHN}
* Follow Dreama Walker on twitter, and, unlock a sticker from her film Compliance at GetGlue here and while you're there make sure to grab one for watching the preview of Don't Trust The B--- in Apt 23 here.

Game of Thrones Photoshoot for Rolling Stone  [Runtime 1.50]  {posted 3/30 via RollingStone}  [TV-14]
* Read about it here.

Jennifer Lawrence Pouts For The Cover of Rolling Stone  [Runtime 1.21]  {posted 3/28 via}
Read about it here.

Josie Maran: Model Citizen  [Runtime 1.53]  {posted 3.27 via YouTube}

* Follow Josie Maran on twitter.

Olga Kurylenko Discusses Magic City, James Bond, and Working with Tom Cruise in Oblivion  [Runtime 5.05]  {posted 3/30 via YHN}
News & Reviews

Breakin' It Down
with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.58) "Wrath of the Titans; Mirror Mirror"
  {released 3/30 via YouTube}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle  {released 3/29 via START}

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.59) "Inappropriate Times For Chipmunk Voices"  {released 3/28 via NextMovie}

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: Trailers | Movies | DVD & Blu-Ray

Half in the Bag - (Ep.28) "The Hunger Games and Jeff Who Lives At Home"  [Runtime 34.41]  {posted 3/30 via blip}  [TV-MA; NSFW]

James Cameron Breaks Solo Dive Record  [Runtime 2.17]  {posted 3/26 via NationalGeographic}
* Read about it here and here.

A McGill Moment with Gail Simmons  [Runtime 2.13]  {posted 3/29 via YouTube}

Mirror Mirror Interview with Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer  [Runtime 2.50]  {posted 3/29 via}

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 5.56]  {posted 3/30 via START}

Obama Girl Dance Showdown Bio  [Runtime: 2.42]  {posted 3/28 via YouTube}
* D-Trix Presents Dance Showdown launches on YouTube this Thursday (4/5), check out its official trailer here and make sure to lend your support to Amber Lee Ettinger with your vote.

On The Verge - (Ep.4) "Neil deGrasse Tyson"  [Runtime 1.11.39]  {posted 3/28 via YouTube}

PIPER'S PICKS TV! - "Ariana Grande @ Popstar!"  [Runtime 3.27]  {posted 3/27 via YouTube}
* Follow PipersPicksTV and Ariana Grande on twitter.

Secret Life of the American Teenager: 100th Episode Set Interview  [Runtime 3.54]  {posted 3/27 via}

Sexy Nerd Girl - (Ep.121) "Kings Be Clashin'"  [Runtime 2.27]  {posted 3/29 via YouTube}
* Follow Sexy Nerd Girl on twitter.

Snow White: From Damsel to Badass — Who's the Fairest?  [Runtime 2.48]  {posted 3/30 via PopSugar}

Sounds Like... with Strawburry17 - (Ep.1) "Boy Epic - 'Too Young To Love'"  [Runtime 1.57]  {posted 3/26  via}
* Follow Meghan Camarena (a.k.a. Strawburry17) and Boy Epic on twitter.

Tom Morello's The Nightwatchman Speaks #12  [Runtime 9.42]  {posted 3/29 via YouTube}

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #3 - "Slave to Sensation"  [Runtime 1.14.07]  {posted 3/26 via YouTube}
* See the funny mishap that occurred trying to get this episode setup here.

The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara speaks with FEARnet  [Runtime 4.20]  {posted 3/27 via FEARnet}

Weekly 'Wood with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 2.47]  {posted 3/29 via START}

Late Pass Zone

Filmnut - "Mark Pellegrino Talks Lost and Playing Lucifer on Supernatural"  [Runtime 43.41]  {posted 3/22 via blip}

A Strat is Born  [Runtime 4.03]  {posted 3/19 via YouTube}
* Follow Fender on twitter.

Laurel Holloman: Coeur Libre Exhibition  {posted 3/18 via YouTube}
* Follow Laurel Holloman on twitter.

Playing Dead - (Ep.3) "Robert Kirkman and First Ext. Look at Gameplay"  [Runtime 14.49]  {posted 3/22 via YouTube}

* Fans will also not want to miss Q&A Rounds 1 & 2 viewable here.

Red  [Runtime 5.05]  {posted 3/21 via Vimeo}

RED from RED on Vimeo.

Talk Nerdy To Me - "Neil DeGrasse Tyson"  [Runtime 4.20]  {posted 3/19 via HuffPost}
* Follow Cara Santa Maria and/or Neil DeGrasse Tyson on twitter.

WonderCon 2012 Video: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Interviews  [Runtime 3.39]  {posted 3/18 via YouTube}
Bonus Videos:

Closing this edition is a pair of newly released TEDtalk vids. A handful of TED clips hit the web most weeks so from now on expect to see more appearing here regularly. I'm pretty darn sure one or both of the following brief talks will intrigue you.

TEDtalks - Ayah Bdeir: Building Blocks That Blink, Beep and Teach  [Runtime 5.27]  {posted 3/29 via}

TEDtalk - Marco Tempest: A Magical Tale (with Augmented Reality)  [Runtime 6.32]  {posted 3/30 via}

Have any favorites from the clips showcased this installment? If so, please let me know. I'm very interested in which ongoing webseries are your faves? Thanks a lot for perusing the vids I picked to share. Until next time.. Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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