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iTV Week in Review 4/1/12 - Happy Rides, new series and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, April 09 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

iTV Week in Review
  (week of 4/1/12)
...transferring data now...

Hello again! Last week was something else, right?
Speaking of, I finally discovered a cool webseries from Disney last week titled, D23 Armchair Archivist. The most recent episode [Runtime 10.28] entertainingly focuses on a handful of Disney's current voice actors. I'll be highlighting future episodes of AA here from now on.

* Read about it here.

Starting late last month Felicia Day's been releasing full seasons of The Guild totally free online. Check out the new Season Five trailer and make sure to prepare for the fifth season by first watching Season One [Runtime: 42.57], Two [Runtime 1.14.03], Three [Runtime 1.19.41] and Four [Runtime 1.16.54] all free with popup factoids and sans opening/closing titles! Get mens and womens t-shirts for The Guild here.

As drumsticks are the wands drummers use to make magic, Vic Firth is the Ollivander of their world. Last week the Vic Firth Factory Tour hit the net, a webseries spanning at least seventeen (17) parts. Being a former percussionist and would-be drummer myself, I enjoyed all their webisodes but - beyond the first chapter, of course - the one I enjoyed the most was Part Sixteen about pitch pairing (below). I really don't believe you have to be a drummer to enjoy this informative series, especially since so many world-famous drummers (of multiple musical styles) appear interviewed in it too.

Two old-school clips coming to my attention last week were fascinating to see and read new write-ups about. The oldest, from 1974, is an animated short film [Runtime 9.29] featuring the voice and music of Dizzy Gillespie titled, Voyage to Next (by Faith & John Hubley). Read about the imaginative hand-drawn film here and behold the semi-psychedelic clip below.

My second video from (later in) the 70s is the amazing Jim Henson pitch film [Runtime 2.42] to CBS proposing his ultimately beloved The Muppet Show. Read about it here and view the fun clip for yourself (below).

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

Battleground - (Ep.8) "Nothing To Hide"  [Runtime 20.57]  {posted 4/3 via Hulu}

Coffey Chat! - (Ep.2) "Shannon Goes Outside!"  [Runtime 2.23]  {posted 4/3 via MyDamnChannel}

Dark Horse Motion Comics - The Secret (Chapter 1)  [Runtime 9.39]  {posted 4/2 via Geek & Sundry}
* Watch the Complete 4-Part story here, an interview with DH Founder Mike Richardson here and get a t-shirt of the webseries here.

Flock - (S1, Ep.3) "Sweet Tea"  [Runtime 4.57]  {posted 4/4 via blip}

The Flog - (Ep.1) "Blacksmithing"  [Runtime 10.03]  {posted 4/2 via G&S}

* Get mens and womens t-shirts for this webseries here.

Fresh Hell - (S2, Ep.4) "Dakota's First Porn Shoot"  [Runtime 12.10]  {posted 4/6 via YouTube}

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl - (S5,Ep.25) "Update From Last Ghost Video"  [Runtime 1.15]  {posted 4/1 via YouTube}

I Hate Being Single: Rob's Room - (Ep.4)  [Runtime 2.22]  {posted 4/3 via blip}

iJustine's VLOG University - "NY: Look Ma, No Hands!"  [Runtime 2.33]  {posted 4/2 via YouTube}
* Enter here to win the prize of being YouTube's Next VLOGGER show host along with $5k of video equipment, $10k worth of YouTube promotions and mentorship by iJustine.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Brings the Pain to Maxim  [Runtime 2.39]  {posted 4/7 via Maxim}
* Follow "Mayhem" Miller on twitter.

Mermates - (Ep.2) "The Blind Date"  [Runtime 4.25]  {posted 4/2 via YouTube}
* See Outtakes from Episode 1 here.

Geek & Sundry

Fave *New* Webisode(s) of the Week: [3-way tie]
Happy Endings: Happy Rides - (Ep.6 Finale) "Take a Walk!"  (Dir. by Adam Pally)  [Runtime: 2.20]  {posted via Happy Endings}

* See a full list of credits for all six Happy Rides episodes here.

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1  [Runtime: 1.38]  {posted 4/5 via FunnyOrDie}
Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1 from Nick Offerman     

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film)  [Runtime: 6.36]  {posted 4/5 via Machinima}

* Follow Machinima on twitter.

Runner Up:
The Kids in the Hall - "Origin of Cops: Running Naked"  [Runtime 2.27]  {posted 4/6 via Nerdist}


The Newtown Girls - (S1,Ep.4) "The Puppy Episode"  [Runtime 9.17]  {posted 4/2 via blip}

Piper's Pit with Rowdy Roddy Piper  [Runtime 2.14]  {posted 4/2 via FunnyOrDie}
* Follow Rowdy Roddy Piper on twitter and don't miss him hilariously fighting childhood obesity here.

Porn Stars Against Santorum  [Runtime 1.50]  {posted 4/3 via CollegeHumor}

Shadow Free - (S1, Ep.4) "Welcome to Shadow Free, Pt.1"  [Runtime 5.38]  {posted 4/1 via YouTube}

Shelf Life - (S2, Ep.10) "The New Girl, Pt.2"  [Runtime 2.04]  {posted 4/3 via YouTube}

Sounds Like... with Strawburry17 - (Ep.2) "Goldhouse"  [Runtime 3.31]  {posted 4/2  via}

Super Knocked Up: The Darcy Danger Files - (S1, Ep.4.1)  [Runtime 3.16]  {posted 4/5 via blip}

Super Therapy - (Session #14) "Two Face"  [Runtime 4.11]  {posted 4/7 via BarelyPolitical}

* Watch Outtakes from this entertaining webisode here.

Table Top - (Ep.1) "Small World"  [Runtime 30.03]  {posted 4/2 via Geek & Sundry}

VernissageTV - "Bye Bye American Pie at Malba, Buenos Aires"  [Runtime: 3.58]  {posted 4/2 via blip}

Workless - (Ep.2) "Hoover Cleveland"  [Runtime 3.12]  {posted 4/5 via MyDamnChannel}
Fashion & Beauty

Beauty Blogger Boot Camp - (Ep.1) "Wake Up, No Makeup"  [Runtime 8.03]  {posted 4/3 via YouTube}
* Learn more about the webseries Boot Camp and its contestants here.

Buzzmakers Photo Shoot: Katelyn Tarver  [Runtime: 2.24]  {posted 4/6 via Buzznet}

Elle: Rihanna May 2012  [Runtime: 3.27]  {posted 4/5 via Elle}

* Read about it here and follow Rihanna on twitter.

The Haute List - "Lauren Conrad, Red Carpet Looks and Hamburger Eye Makeup"  [Runtime: 4.38]  {posted 4/6 via ulh}

Tattoos: A Permanent Art - Pop Portraits, Japanese Traditional, American Eclectic  [Runtime: 4.55]  {posted 4/4 via PBSOffbook}

News & Reviews

Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles - (Ep.1)  [Runtime: 5.14]  {posted 4/5 via Nerdist}
* Follow Harry Knowles and Profiles in History on twitter.

AMERICAN REUNION's Tara Reid & Thomas Ian Nicholas Put On A Show!  [Runtime: 6.26]  {posted 4/2 via YHN}

* Follow Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid on twitter.

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.59) "American Reunion; Titanic 3D"  {released 4/6 via R3}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle  {released 4/5 via START}

Comic Book Club - (Ep.1) "Judah Friedlander & Joe Kelly"  [Runtime: 20.12]  {posted 4/4 via Nerdist}

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.61) "Horses Make People Cry"  {released 4/3 via NextMovie}

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: Trailers | Movies | DVD & Blu-Ray

Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic - (Ep.1) "Denzel Washington; Megan Fox"  [Runtime: 10.31]  {posted 4/3 via Nerdist}
* Follow "Weird Al" on twitter.

Game Station 2.0 - (Ep.2) "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword"  [Runtime 6.08]  {posted 4/5 via RedLetterMedia} [TV-MA]

Inside the Meteorite Clean Room at the Smithsonian  [Runtime 1.58]  {posted 4/2 via Smithsonian}

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 4.43]  {posted 4/6 via START}

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "William Shatner"  [Runtime: 23.10]  {released 4/2 via blip}
Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "Eugene Levy"  [Runtime: 18.36]  {released 4/4 via blip}

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Keyboard by Razer  {posted 4/3 via G4}
PC Games - E3 2012 - Star Wars: The Old Republic

TWD - Playing Dead: Q&A #3  [Runtime: 8.22]  {posted 4/4 via TelltaleGames}

Weird S#!t From Japan  [Runtime 3.42]  {posted 4/6 via Nerdist} [TV-14; nudity]
Late Pass Zone

Life Stinks? - (Ep.1) "The Sofa"  (Starring Rachael Harris & Rhys Darby)  [Runtime 2.31]  {posted 3/30 via YouTube}

* Watch Episode #2 "The Lobby" (released the same day) here.

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Speaks #13  [Runtime 8.48]  {posted 3/31 via YouTube}
Bonus Videos

For those, like me, waiting for the channel and webseries launch of MyMusic you'll be glad to see their new extended trailer titled, Meet the Staff of MyMusic. MyMusic will post four (4) new shows weekly beginning April 15th. Check out the latest raucous preview below.

Closing out this iTV WiR is another couple TED Talks both released last week.

TED Talks: Jack Choi: On the Virtual Dissection Table  [Runtime: 6.36]  {posted 4/5 via TEDtalks}

TED Talks: Lucy McRae: How Technology Can Transform the Human Body?  [Runtime: 4.00]  {posted 4/6 via TEDtalks}

I hope either this or one of my other three columns brought you some welcomed entertainment. Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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