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Four Ways to Make Marvel: Avengers Alliance Better

Written by TheGeek on Tuesday, April 10 2012 and posted in Features

It's the near-perfect Avengers video game. But what can make it even better?

How do you make a great Avengers game?

It's a lot easier than you think, especially when we've got something good to start with. I'm talking about Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the Facebook roleplaying game that lets you play as a SHIELD agent tasked with helping the heroes of the Marvel universe deal with the effects of the Pulse, a mysterious phenomenon that's got the supervillains taking the fight to the streets of New York! You can choose from dozens of your favorite Marvel heroes to do battle with their greatest villains, customize their stats, even change a few costumes here and there, all in the mighty Marvel manner we've grown to love so well!

Some of us here at The Outhouse have been playing and enjoying this game, and I've got to say, this is as close as you can get to living your Avengers fantasies, all in a free Facebook game! But while we love the game to bits, what we have right now isn't perfect. At least, not yet. But what we do have are suggestions to make Marvel: Avengers Alliance the game we log on to Facebook for!

More Heroes!

Marvel:  Avengers Alliance lets you command the best and the brightest that the Marvel universe has to offer. From Spider-Man to Thor, Captain America to Wolverine, from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four, you won't be short of heroes you'd like to play.

But of course, as comic book fans we'd love to see more!

How about some of the founding Avengers like Ant/Giant-Man and Wasp? Or alumni like Black Panther and Vision? Or the myriad of Marvel heroes we read in comics everyday? I could rattle off names for hours. But if they do give us that, it's content worth waiting for!

Better PVP!

Marvel: Avengers Alliance has a Player vs. Player (PvP) mode, if you like beating up other players in-between smackdowns with supervillains. Unfortunately, it's the most basic of PVP, with no real-time battles (you're just fighting AI-controlled teams) or any worthwhile reason to do them. From most of the players we've heard, this is the part of the game they're really clamoring for upgrades to.Throw some achievements in there, have an option for real-time PvP and the ability to compete with friends and you've got yourselves the winning formula for a PvP system that rocks!

Bring on the bad guys!

Throughout Marvel: Avengers Alliance, you get to battle some of the biggest supervillains in the Marvel U, and it's awesome. But what would really be awesome is if you get to be in their shoes beating up heroes yourself! We'd love to have missions where we get to be Magneto or Dr. Doom (or Elektra!) beating up those cursed Avengers. Or even get to use villains in PvP! Superheroes aren't the only ones with fans, you know!

Settle down!

These past few weeks, Marvel: Avengers Alliance players have seen a slew of updates and game tweaks that made a lot of changes to the game, from nerfing/buffing characters down to tweaking the price of training heroes.  It's all good if it'll make the game better, but it would be nice if the developers would either chill with the updates, or take a really good look at what works and what doesn't, fix it up in a patch, and stick with it. We're not playing an experiment...we're playing a game! The more we play as our favorite Marvel heroes, the better!

There you have it, four ideas that would make an already amazing game truly spectacular. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has the potential to become a great, groundbreaking game, and we hope we get to keep playing it until it does!

Check out Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook via this link, and for more info, you can visit the game's official Facebook fan page. Thanks for reading!

Written or Contributed by: TheGeek

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