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Five Comics I'm Looking Forward to This Week: 4/11/2012

Written by Christian Hoffer on Wednesday, April 11 2012 and posted in Features

A look at some of the books coming out this week!

I thought a good way to kick Wednesday off would be to talk about what comics we're looking forward to the most this week. Be sure to check back later this week to see if the comics lived up to the hype.

1) America's Got Powers #1: Bryan Hitch's first non-Marvel series in years, America's Got Powers combines two things that every American loves: reality television and the Tenth Dagp1octor! That's right, David Tennant (or at least someone who looks remarkably like him) makes an appearance as a judge of a television show in which all the contestants have superpowers. Written by Jonathan Ross, this will probably be the "hot" book of the week and may be snatched up by those greedy speculators before you can get your hands on one.

2) Batman and Robin #8:  Despite being one of the better DCnU titles out there, this book has gotten shamefully little attention. Tomasi and Gleason have quietly produced a great Batman run that has really fleshed out the relationship between Batman and his son Damian. Everyone is so used to seeing Batman as Bat-God of sorts, it's great to see Batman struggle at parenting, one of the most fundamental roles a person plays.

3) Saga #2: Okay, I lied; I've already read this comic. But, it's just as good as the first issue, if not better. BKV already ratchets up the threat level a notch or two and introduces yet another creepy threat for our protagonists to face. Plus, the last page reveal is both spooky and unexpected all at once. It's not too late to get into Saga, as most stores still have copies of the first issue on shelves. I highly recommend checking this book out! Do it!

4) Wolverine #304: Anyone who knows me probably has heard about some of the issues I have with Marvel's favorite Canadian. However, Jason Aaron has turned in a largely impressive run that has been a gripping and unforgettable read. Aaron deserves kudos for finding new ways to make Wolverine bleed and show that his "stab first, stab again, stab a third, fourth and fifth time, drink a beer, and then maybe ask questions later" attitude to fighting has consequences. At the same time, Aaron's also captured the noble core of Wolverine, giving me hope that one day his role iss1n Avengers vs. X-Men (a comic Aaron is co-writing) will be more than attack dog for Captain America or Cyclops.

5) Secret Service #1: Say what you want about Millar, the man has a knack for writing fun, albeit light, opening issues. Millar built up a bit of goodwill with the first issue of Supercrooks, so I'm interested to see how Secret Service ends up performing. This looks to be a spy action drama of sorts and is already being developed into a film. I'm curious to see how this series compares to Secret #1, the new Hickman series which focuses on corporate espionage.

Last Week's Comics:

1) Swamp Thing #8:
Solid as always.  A great read. 

2) Casanova Avaritia #3:  A bit confusing but fun.

3) Fanboys vs. Zombies #1: A mess in every conceivable form.  Do NOT pick up this comic.

4) Chew #25:  Fun end to the arc, maybe a little too safe for my liking.  Also:  POYO!

5) Avengers vs. X-Men #1: More enjoyable than anticipated. 

So what books are you looking forward to this week? Be sure to share in the comments!

Written or Contributed by: Christian Hoffer

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