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iTV Week in Review 4/8/12 - The Guild, Dave Koechner, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, April 16 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

iTV Week in Review  (week of 4/8/12)
...transferring data now...

Things have certainly changed since the last time I named Felicia Day's The Guild my Fave New Webisode of the Week. There's so many more incredible shows to choose from nowadays and 'new media' pioneers like Felicia Day are a big reason why. I'm glad that with the success of her Geek & Sundry web channel she's finally starting to get her due. Felicia fans should also make sure to tune-in to Eureka's season premiere tonight (4/16) on Syfy @ 9/8c (and earn a GetGlue sticker for watching its trailer here).

Before going further I feel I should apologize for one of this week's featured videos. I typically avoid auto-playing vids if at all possible but this week I'm choosing to live with it for Marisha Ray's The Grind. I first discovered Marisha in a (recently highlighted) Batmobiles Racing clip and became an instant fan. I'll look into how I might disable its auto-playing function in the future but on the upside at least it doesn't auto-play anything after it.

One of my coolest twitter friends, Dr. Travis Langley (author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight), is part of an exciting new documentary about Batman's poignant pathos and the power of storytelling titled, Legends of the Knight. Please watch the indiegogo project's trailer (below) and read more about it here (the campaign ends May 22nd).

Fashionistas won't want to miss any of the several chic new shows debuting soon on the Hello Style Channel, one of which I've highlighted in my Fashion & Beauty section.

Lastly, before moving to the webseries I liked most from last week, I thought you might want to see the age-restricted Live Action Vita trailer for Mortal Kombat (titled "Fight Anywhere"). Take a look at it - after you enter your birthdate - here.

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

The Adventures of Space Girl - (Ep.3)  [Runtime 2.18]  {posted 4/10 via BarelyPolitical}

* Watch a BTS Making of Episode 2 here.

Battleground - (Ep.9) "It's Getting Ugly, Tak"  [Runtime 20.24]  {posted 4/10 via Hulu}

CCOKC - Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron  [Runtime 2.26]  {posted 4/11 via FunnyOrDie}

Coffey Chat! - (Ep.3) "It's a Makeover"  [Runtime 4.57]  {posted 4/10 via MyDamnChannel}

Dark Horse Motion Comics - "The Umbrella Academy"  [Runtime 5.36]  {posted 4/11 via Geek & Sundry}

Filmnut - "American Reunion Actor Thomas Ian Nicholas"  [Runtime 43.48]  {posted 4/12 via blip}

First Dates with Toby Harris - (Ep.7) "Ex-Girlfriends"  [Runtime 5.14]  {posted 4/9 via Yahoo}
* Watch Episode 6 "Ex-Boyfriends" here.

Flock - (S1, Ep.4) "Black & White"  [Runtime 5.50]  {posted 4/11 via blip}

The Flog  - (Ep.2) "Streets of Rage"  [Runtime 8.59]  {posted 4/9 via G&S}

Fresh Hell - (S2, Ep.5) "The Seance"  [Runtime 11.42]  {posted 4/13 via YouTube}

Ghetto Court with Judge Eric B  [Runtime 1.07]  {posted 4/10 via EricB.TV}

Geek & Sundry

Fave *New* Webisodes of the Week: [3-way tie]
Caine's Arcade by Nirvan Mullick  [Runtime 10.58]  {posted 4/11 via Vimeo}

* Thanks to Alyssa Milano for tweeting about this thus bringing it to my attention.

The Guild - (S5, Ep.1) "Road Trip!"  [Runtime 6.30]  {posted 4/10 via G&S}

* Check out the BTS video for this webisode here.

Typical Belgian Afternoon: TNT We Know Drama  [Runtime 1.45]  {posted 4/11 via CollegeHumor}

Runners Up: [tie]
The Kids in the Hall - "Chicken Lady: The Straight Man"  [Runtime 5.43]  {posted 4/13 via Nerdist}

Voyage Trekkers - (Ep.9) "Fabulous Technology"  [Runtime 2.06]  {posted 4/11 via FunnyOrDie}
Voyage Trekkers 9 - Fabulous Technology - watch more funny videos     
* Find all eight previous VT webisodes here.

My Damn Channel Live

I Hate Being Single - (Ep.5) "Do You Like Me?"  [Runtime 6.30]  {posted 4/10 via blip}

iJustine's VLOG University - "RUBBER FACE!!!!"  [Runtime 2.49]  {posted 4/8 via iJustine}
* Watch her most recent VLOG entry titled, "TSA Touching!!" here.
** Watch Escape Routes Saturdays @ 8p on NBC and submit your video entries here.

Answerly: Kristina Answers - "Internet slang: l33t, pwn and w00t"  [Runtime 2.23]  {posted 4/13 via MyDamnChannel}

The League of S.T.E.A.M. - "Dining with the Devil"  (Guest Starring Doug Jones and Robin Thorsen)  [Runtime 6.17]  {posted 4/12 via YouTube}

Mark Malkoff's Celebrity Sleepovers - "Mary Lynn Rajskub"  [Runtime 2.20]  {posted 4/11 via MyDamnChannel}
* Follow Mary Lynn Rajskub on twitter.

Mermates - (Ep.3) "The Girlfriend"  [Runtime 4.24]  {posted 4/9 via YouTube}

The Newtown Girls - (S1,Ep.5) "Juicy"  [Runtime 8.30]  {posted 4/9 via blip}

Paranormal Xpeditions - "Tina's Unbirthday with The Lil Bully at Middleboro Town Hall"  [Runtime 25.08]  {posted 4/8 via YouTube}

Sounds Like... with Strawburry17 - (Ep.3) "Goodnight Fellows - Like To Be Loved"  [Runtime 2.14]  {posted 4/9  via}

Super Knocked Up - (S1, Ep.5) "I'm Taking the Bedroom"  [Runtime 7.33]  {posted 4/13 via blip}

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship  [Runtime 1.26]  {posted 4/13 via JKL}
* Watch the unnecessarily censored trailer for The Lucky One (via FunnyOrDie) here.

Workless - (Ep.3) "This Is Nothing"  [Runtime 2.17]  {posted 4/13 via MDC}
Fashion & Beauty

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp - (Ep.2) "White Tee Shirt Contest"  [Runtime 12.50]  {posted 4/10 via ulh}

BTS Seventeen's Upcoming Webseries Beauty Smarties Showdown!  [Runtime 1.04]  {posted 4/12 via Seventeen}

* Beauty Smarties Showdown! (hosted by Shay Mitchell) debuts April 19th.

The Get In Or Get Out Show - "The Make Up of Make-Up"  [Runtime 4.31]  {posted 4/11 via GIOGO}

* Read more about The Safe Shopper's Bible here.

YHN's Guest List Only - "Mischa Barton Hosts GROWZE Boutique Launch"  [Runtime 4.04]  {posted 4/12 via YHN}
* Follow Mischa Barton and YHN on twitter.

How To Age a Leather Jacket?  [Runtime 3.56]  {posted 4/12 via eHow}

Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White' Costume Revealed In Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look  [Runtime 3.43]  {posted 4/9 via MTV}

Get More: Music News

Spartacus: Vengeance's Ellen Hollman for Maxim  [Runtime 1.15]  {posted 4/12 via Maxim}
News & Reviews

Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles - (Ep.2) "What Does Comic-Con Mean to You?"  [Runtime: 9.49]  {posted 4/12 via Nerdist}

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.60) "The Three Stooges"  {released 4/13 via R3}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle  [Runtime 4.34]  {released 4/12 via START}

Comic Book Club - (Ep.2) "Devin Clark & Kurt Metzger"  [Runtime: 20.42]  {posted 4/11 via Nerdist}

D23's Disney Geek  [Runtime 6.59]  {posted 4/11 via D23}
* Watch an even more recent webisode (posted 4/13} here.

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.62) "Alien Attacks Are So Inconvenient"  {released 4/3 via NextMovie}

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: Trailers | Movies | DVD & Blu-Ray

The Grind with Marisha Ray - (Ep.6)  [Runtime 5.07]  {posted 4/13 via GameRevolution}

The Indoor Kids - (Ep.1) "Street Fighter X Tekken"  [Runtime 13.13]  {posted 4/10 via Nerdist}  [TV-MA; NSFW]

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 3.48]  {posted 4/13 via START}

Music and Memory: Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era  [Runtime 6.30]  {posted 11/18/11 via YouTube}
* Thanks to Living Colour for tweeting about this and thus bringing it to my attention.

Nostalgia Chick: Shorts! Der Fuhrer's Face  [Runtime 5.27]  {posted 4/8 via blip}

Power Players - "Felicia Day"  [Runtime 3.25]  {posted 4/11 via YHN}

Sword & Laser - (Ep.1) "The Magicians"  [Runtime 31.15]  {posted 4/13 via Geek & Sundry}

* Follow Veronica Belmont & Tom Merritt on twitter.

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Speaks #14  [Runtime 7.08]  {posted 4/13 via YouTube}

Weekly 'Wood with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 2.39]  {posted 4/12 via IGN}

Late Pass Zone

A Bloody Muddle (a short film by J. Horwood & D. Ekaragha)  [Runtime 5.19]  {posted 3/30 via YouTube}
* This sweet film came to my attention thanks to Casey McKinnon tweeting about it.

Always Open with Dave Koechner - "Jessica Biel"  {posted 4/3 via CollegeHumor}

* Watch the trailer for this webseries' second season here.

Turn Any Ride Into a Racecar With XLR8  [Runtime 1.03]  {posted 4/5 via YouTube}
* Read about it here.

Since this series last graced my WiR column two subsequent webisodes hit the web. Screen episode no.3 "The Gym" (released 4/4) here then enjoy "The Office" (below) with the benefit of being caught up. "There are six more episodes that will roll out over the next three weeks" tweeted star Rachael Harris last Thursday.
Life Stinks? - (Ep.4) "The Office"  [Runtime 1.36]  {posted 4/6 via YouTube}

Bonus Videos

Closing out this column, like the past few weeks' entries, are a couple newly released TED Talks I thought'd possibly interest you.

TED Talks: Frans de Waal - Moral Behavior in Animals  [Runtime 16.52]  {posted 4/10 via TEDTalks}

TED Talks: Abigail Washburn - Building US-China Relations...By Banjo  [Runtime 6.34]  {posted 4/13 via TEDTalks}

Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing! :-)

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