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iTV Week in Review 4/15/12 - The Guild, My Music, and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, April 23 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

iTV Week in Review  (week of 4/15/12)
...transferring data now...

There were certainly lots of fun and informative videos to choose from last week. The Guild again shares my Favorite Webisode the Week status amongst fairly tough competition. My Late Pass Zone boasts just a few entries this outing but my News & Reviews and Fashion & Beauty sections are about as full as I can remember them.

Two delightfully enticing preview clips hit the net last week, one a viral "ad" from Ridley Scott's Prometheus and the second a teaser from Tenacious D, both featured here (out of competition) as bonus vids.

Prometheus: Happy Birthday David  [Runtime 2.37]  {posted 4/17 via YouTube}

* Read about it here.

Tenacious D: "Where Have We Been"  [Runtime 1.28]  {posted 4/18 via YouTube}  [TV-MA; NSFW]

* Follow Tenacious D on twitter.

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

Army of Darkness Q&A with 3 Year Old Girl  [Runtime 2.07]  {posted 4/18 via FOD}

Baby Bear's Purr Sounds Like Motor  [Runtime 44s]  {posted 4/18 via CollegeHumor}

Batman: False Start  [Runtime 2.11]  {posted 4/16 via CollegeHumor}  [TV-14]

Battleground - (S1,Ep.10) - "Flashback"  [Runtime 19.17]  {posted 4/17 via Hulu}

Celebrity Sleepovers with Mark Malkoff - "Ed Begley Jr."  [Runtime 3.04]  {posted 4/18 via MyDamnChannel}
* Watch a news story about Ed's upcoming webseries On Begley Street here and follow it on twitter here.

Coffey Chat - (Ep.4) "Comments!"  [Runtime 3.02]  {posted 4/17 via MyDamnChannel}

D-trix Presents Dance Showdown - (Ep.3) "Week 3: 30 Minutes Before Performance"  [Runtime 12.24]  {posted 4/18 via DanceOn}
* Watch all three webisodes here and watch Amber Lee Ettinger's performance video here.

D23's Armchair Archivist - "The Orange Bird"  [Runtime 6.11]  {posted 4/17 via D23}
* Follow D23 on twitter.

Dark Horse: Motion Comics - "House of Night"  [Runtime 5.43]  {posted 4/18 via G&S}

Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic - (Ep.2) "Uma Thurman; Nicolas Cage"  [Runtime: 9.26]  {posted 4/17 via Nerdist}

Flock - (S1, Ep.5) "Poor In Spirit"  [Runtime 8.08]  {posted 4/18 via blip}

Guitarings - "History of Tenacious D, Pt.2"  [Runtime 3.12]  {posted 4/17 via YouTube}
* Watch the "History of Tenacious D, Pt.1" here.

Three new Ghost webisodes debuted since it was last featured in my column, catch up with Episodes 26 and 27 then watch the most recent installment (below).
The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Ghost - (S5, Ep.28) "Demon Possessed Man [Update]"  [Runtime 1.22]  {posted 4/19 via YouTube}

IHBS Presents: Rob's Room #5  [Runtime 1.53]  {posted 4/17 via blip}

"What Makes You Beautiful" by The Key of Awesome [#57One Direction parody]  {posted 4/21 via BarelyPolitical}
* Go BTS of this video parody here.

The Kids in the Hall - "A Little Something"  [Runtime 5.28]  {posted 4/20 via Nerdist}

Two new Life Stinks? webisodes were released last Monday. Watch the fifth episode here and then sreen its latest webisode, "The Grocery Store," below.
Life Stinks? - (Ep.6) "The Grocery Store"  [Runtime 2.03]  {posted 4/16 via YouTube}

* Screen Rachael's The Prescription for a Positive Outlook here (src: FOD)

Mega Shark vs Hollywood  [Runtime 1.48]  {posted 4/17 via FOD}
Mega Shark vs Hollywood - watch more funny videos     

Miko Eko

Fave *New* Webisode of the Week: [tie]
The Guild - (S5, Ep.2) "Crash Pad"  [Runtime 6.06]  {posted 4/17 via G&S}

PBS Offbook: The Art of Film & TV Title Design  [Runtime 6.30]  {posted 4/18 via PBS}

Runners Up: [tie]
The Spirit of 4/20  [Runtime 3.11]  {posted 4/19 via FOD}
The Spirit of 4/20 - watch more funny videos     

Stoner Countdown  {posted 4/19 via CH}  [TV-14]


Mermates - (S1, Ep.4) "The Pet"  [Runtime 2.35]  {posted 4/16 via YouTube}
* Watch "Ask a Mermate #2" here.

My Music - (Ep.1) "It Begins Again"  [Runtime 7.59]  {posted 4/15 via MyMusic}

The Newtown Girls - (Ep.6) "Balls!"  [Runtime 6.29]  {posted 4/16 via blip}

Nick Offerman Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities  [Runtime 1.40]  {posted 4/19 via Conan}

Nostalgia Chick - "Baby Whatever; Nostalgic Baby Dolls"  [Runtime 13.06]  {posted 4/21 via blip}

PipersQuickPicks: Flashback - "Joel Zwick Directing Shake It Up; How to Interview"  [Runtime2.49]  {posted 4/15 via YouTube}

Power Players: "CSI" Creator A. Zuiker Hooks Up with BlackBoxTV  [Runtime 5.06]  {posted 4/18 via YHN}
* Follow BlackBoxTV on twitter and watch the first episode of "The Perfect Night" here.

RayBan LenZ  [Runtime 0.38]  {posted 4/21 via FOD}
* Though (apparently) no longer made by RayBan, and as an aside, you can purchase official MIB3 sunglasses here.

Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign  (Starring A. Judd, M. Trachtenberg, Eliza Coupe and Katy Mixon)  [Runtime 2.10]  {posted 4/15 via FOD}
Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign from Ashley Judd     

Sounds Like... with Strawburry17 - (Ep.4) "Scattered Trees - Four Days Straight"  [Runtime 2.13]  {posted 4/16  via}

Supervillain Primary Debate 2012 - Subject: The Military  [Runtime 2.35]  {posted 4/19 via AOTS}

Table Top - (Ep.2) "Settlers of Catan with Jane Espenson, James Kyson and Neil Grayston"  [Runtime 26.32]  {posted 4/20 via Geek & Sundry}

Talk of Thrones - "Episode 1"  [Runtime 3.51]  {posted 4/18 via FunnyOrDie}
Talk of Thrones Episode 1 - watch more funny videos     
* Watch "Episode 2" here and follow @TalkOfThrones on twitter.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship  [Runtime 1.28]  {posted 4/20 via JKL}

Trekkie Girls - (Ep.15) "Guide to Surviving a Star Trek Convention, Pt.1"  [Runtime 7.11]  {posted 4/18 via YouTube}
* Watch (Ep.16) "Guide to Surviving a Star Trek Convention, Pt.2," released the same day, here - and follow the Trekkie Girls on twitter to earn your free "5 Captains" convention autograph.

TRUE STORIES: Linda Vista Hospital  [Runtime 11.32]  {posted 4/21 via BlackBoxTV}

VernissageTV - "Art Cologne 2012 and NADA Cologne"  [Runtime 6.35]  {posted 4/18 via blip}
VernissageTV - "Patricia Low Contemporary at Art Cologne 2012"  [Runtime 3.21]  {posted 4/18 via blip}
VernissageTV - "Minerva Cuevas at Museo de la Ciudad de México"  [Runtime 3.04]  {posted 4/18 via blip}

YHN: Nathan Kress Interview  [Runtime 5.42]  {posted 4/16 via YHN}
YHN: Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair BFF Interview  [Runtime 5.02]  {posted 4/18 via YHN}
Fashion & Beauty

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp - (Ep.3) "Closet Clean-Up"  [Runtime 11.40]  {posted 4/17 via ulh}
* Learn more about Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp from Elle and Blair Fowler here.

Big Girl in a Skinny World Q&A with Nicolette Mason  [Runtime 4.13]  {posted 4/20 via HelloStyle}

Celebrity Trend Report: Top Denim Tips & Trends from Frankie B Jeans Designer!  [Runtime 3.30]  {posted 4/21 via YHN}

The Get In Or Get Out Show - "The Nail Show"  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 4/16 via GIOGO}

Guest List Only - "Viper Room Exclusive with Mia Tyler, Andy Hilfiger, and The Click Clack Boom"  [Runtime 7.59]  {posted 4/20 via YHN}

Heidi Klum's Cover Shoot for Allure  [Runtime 3.18]  {posted 4/16 via Allure}

Julie Andrews Kicks Off D23's Princess Week  [Runtime 0.19]  {posted 4/20 via D23}

Victoria's Secret: Angels in Love (Spring 2012)  [Runtime 0.15]  {posted 4/17 via YouTube}
* Go BTS of the Victoria's Secret Spring 2012 Angels shoot here [Runtime 1.43].

* Fashion Late Pass Pick-up:
Vogue May 2012: Scarlett Johansson  {posted 4/5 via Vogue}

News & Reviews

Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles - (Ep.3) "Children in Peril"  [Runtime: 7.26]  {posted 4/19 via Nerdist}

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.61) "The Cabin in the Woods & Chimpanzee"  {released 4/20 via R3}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle - "Star Wars Edition"  [Runtime 4.52]  {released 4/19 via START}

Comic Book Club - (Ep.3) "Axel Alonso & Al Madrigal"  [Runtime: 20.09]  {posted 4/18 via Nerdist}

Congrats Walter Koenig: A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Campaign (Un-Cut)  [Runtime 17.43]  {originally posted 4/12 via YouTube}

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.63) "Adorable Animals and Sex Addiction"  {released 4/17 via NextMovie}

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: Trailers | Movies | DVD & Blu-Ray

Fresh Ink with Blair Butler  [Runtime 2.52]  {posted 4/19 via G4}

The Grind with Marisha Ray - (Ep.7)  [Runtime 7.46]  {posted 4/20 via GameRevolution}

Half in the Bag - (Ep.29) "The Cabin in the Woods; The Three Stooges"  [Runtime 29.01]  {posted 4/15 via blip}  [TV-MA; NSFW]

Jessica Chobot Debuts The New Chevy Camaro ZL1  [Runtime 3.11]  {posted 4/17 via AOTS}
Video Games - E3 2012 - AOTS Exclusive

Last Flight of The Discovery  [Runtime 1.21]  {posted 4/17 via Smithsonian}

Malin Akerman on School Gardens  [Runtime 1.04]  {posted 4/20 via YouTube}

* Follow Malin Ackerman on twitter and learn more about school gardens here.

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 4.16]  {posted 4/20 via START}

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Speaks #15  [Runtime 9.23]  {posted 4/20 via YouTube}

Sara Paxton On The Innkeepers  [Runtime 7.06]  {posted 4/19 via AOTS}
* Follow Sara Paxton on twitter and pick up The Inkeepers on DVD 4/24.

Sexy Nerd Girl - "Me @ WWTCC2012"  [Runtime 6.09]  {posted 4/19 via YouTube}

Sword & Laser: Bonus Extended Interview - "Scott Sigler"  [Runtime 7.41]  {posted 4/19 via Geek & Sundry}

Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Gender Indentity"  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 4/18 via HuffPost}
Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Medical Marijuana"  [Runtime 4.06]  {posted 4/20 via HuffPost}

Top Concept Cars From The 2012 New York Auto Show  [Runtime 4.50]  {posted 4/17 via G4}

Up At Noon with Greg Miller - "Veronica Belmont"  [Runtime 15.05]  {posted 4/16 via START}
* See an extended version of Veronica Belmont's interview here.

Weekly 'Wood with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 2.43]  {posted 4/19 via IGN}

Late Pass Zone

Cause and Effect: How the Media You Consume Can Change Your Life  [Runtime 2.10]  {posted 4/9 via Vimeo}

Silverwood - (Ep.1) "The Perfect Night"  [Runtime 15.01]  {posted 4/13 via BBTV}  [TV-PG]

Sync - (Ep.2)  [Runtime 8.28]  {posted 4/13 via bammo}
Bonus Videos

Lately I've been closing out my iTV columns with a pair of fresh TED Talks and this week maintains that trend.
TED Talks: Drew Curtis - How I Beat A Patent Troll  [Runtime 6.40]  {posted 4/17 via TEDTalks}

I think this one's worth watching twice.
TED Talks: Taryn Simon - The Stories Behind Bloodlines  [Runtime 17.59]  {posted 4/18 via TEDTalks}

I know AMi O as a mutual twitter follower and enjoyed watching this short documentary about his work. Truthfully how much would you love to have his job?
AMi O Live @ 1OAK VEGAS by AMi O  [Runtime 4.44]  {posted 4/13 via YouTube}

Thanks for taking time out to read through this column, I encourage you to also visit my music video and TV roundups as well. And please make sure to pass along any new webseries or clips you'd like me to feature.
Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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