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WebTV Week in Review 4/22/12 - The Guild, Silverwood & more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, April 30 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

WebTV Week in Review  (week of 4/22/12)
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Last week, similar to the music video scene, there was definitely no shortage of new web series. The list of YouTube user pages I now check each week is getting ridiculous (and only keeps growing).

Chris Hardwick spread the word last week about this kickstarter campaign funding the production of a Grimm Fairy Tales animated series featuring art from renowned talents such as Bill Sienkiewicz and Alex Pardee (among others). Watch Alex break down the details about it here.

I'm not entirely sure when this short film, titled Ghild, first hit the web but it just crossed my radar last week when actress Jennifer Finnigan tweeted about it. I'd call it a must-see as it just bursts with heart.
Ghild (Directed by David Yarovesky)  [Runtime 13.41]

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

Alfredo Rodriguez and Quincy Jones - The Story of Sounds Of Space  [Runtime 5.09]  {posted 4/24 via YouTube}

Battleground - (S1,Ep.11) - "Nothing About Chile"  [Runtime 21.38]  {posted 4/24 via Hulu}

The Bluegrass Brainwash Conspiracy with Ed Helms (Co-starring Will Forte, Angela Kinsey and John Hawkes)  [Runtime 4.35]  {posted 4/22 via FunnyOrDie}
The Bluegrass Brainwash Conspiracy with Ed Helms from Ed Helms     

Celebrity Sleepovers with Mark Malkoff - "Steven Weber"  [Runtime 2.47]  {posted 4/25 via MyDamnChannel}

Coffey Chat - (Ep.5) "Real Friends"  [Runtime 3.05]  {posted 4/24 via MyDamnChannel}

D23 Presents Disney Geek  [Runtime 12.32]  {posted 4/25 via D23}

D-trix Presents Dance Showdown - (Ep.4) "The Performances"  [Runtime 9.43]  {posted 4/23 via DanceOn}
D-trix Presents Dance Showdown - (Ep.5) "Who Made the Final Four?"  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 4/27 via DanceOn}

Dark Horse: Motion Comics - "Usagi Yojimbo: A Life of Mush"  [Runtime 5.12]  {posted 4/25 via G&S}

The Dark Knight Birthday  [Runtime 2.54]  {posted 4/25 via CH}

Down the Rhodes Webisode: Dave Grusin  [Runtime 3.22]  {posted 4/26 via FenderRhodes}
* Watch the webisode focused on Don Grusin here.

Earthday: Tiger Soup with Tammy the Tiger  (Starring Lauren Francesca)  [Runtime 2.16]  {posted 4/22 via IWML}

Ed Helms Live Chat  [Runtime 46.44]  {posted 4/26 via FOD}
* Follow Ed Helms on twitter.

First Dates with Toby Harris - (Ep.9) "Post-Coital"  (Co-Starring Judy Greer)  [Runtime 3.13]  {posted 4/23 via Yahoo}

Flock - (Ep.6) "Meow"  [Runtime 5.09]  {posted 4/25 via blip}
The Flog - (Ep.4) "Ode to Carrie Fisher"  [Runtime 7.05]  {posted 4/23 via G&S}

Guitarings - "Tenacious D: City Hall, Part 1"  [Runtime 3.43]  {posted 4/24 via YouTube}
Guitarings - "Tenacious D: Kickapoo, Part 1"  [Runtime 6.44]  {posted 4/24 via YouTube}

Geek & Sundry

Fave *New* Webisodes of the Week: [3-way tie]
The Guild - (S5, Ep.3) "Megagame-o-ramacon!"  [Runtime 9.19]  {posted 4/24 via G&S}

Silverwood - (Ep.2) "The Last Encounter"  [Runtime 14.22]  {posted 4/28 via BlackBoxTV}  [TV-PG]

Super Power Beat Down with Marisha Ray - (Ep.2) "Darth Vader vs. Gandalf"  [Runtime 9.26]  {posted 4/27 via YouTube}

Runners Up: [tie]
The Kids in the Hall - "Things To Do"  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 4/27 via Nerdist}

No Regrets - (Ep.2) "Anger Management"  [Runtime 7.40]  {posted 4/25 via YouTube}

* Watch Episode #1 (released 4/19) here.


Hollywood Girl - (S2, Ep.1) "Curves Ahead"  [Runtime 11.06]  {posted 4/28 via FunnyOrDie}

THoSG: Ghost - (S5, Ep.29) "Victoria is ready for me to help Anna"  [Runtime 1.36]  {posted 4/22 via YouTube}
* And watch an important announcement about the future of the series in Episode 30 here (posted 4/27).

IHBS: Rob's Room - (Ep.6)  [Runtime 2.22]  {posted 4/24 via blip}
iJustine: Sexy Socks  [Runtime 2.27]  {posted 4/27 via YouTube}

The Indoor Kids - "Alison Haislip in LIMBO"  [Runtime 11.45]  {posted 4/24 via Nerdist}

The League of S.T.E.A.M. - "Hairy Hijinks"  [Runtime 5.43]  {posted 4/27 via YouTube}

Life Stinks? - "The Restaurant"  [Runtime 2.42]  {posted 4/23 via YouTube}

Mermates - (Ep.5) "The Wound"  [Runtime 3.49]  {posted 4/23 via YouTube}
* Catch "Ask a Mermaid #3" here.

MyMusic - (Ep.2) "Displaced"  [Runtime 7.01]  {posted 4/23 via MyMusicShow}
* Follow MyMusic on twitter.

The Newtown Girls - (Ep.7) "It's a Date"  [Runtime 7.53]  {posted 4/23 via blip}

Primary Exit Polling  (Starring Adam Pally)  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 4/23 via FOD} [TV-MA; NSFW]

Psience - (Ep.1) "Danton"  [Runtime 5.06]  {posted 4/23 via blip}
* Check out this new series' many recent video uploads here.

Quiet on the Set: HOT IN CLEVELAND  [Runtime 5.16]  {posted 4/24 via YHN}

S.U.D.S. - "Freaky Fraud-Day"  (Guest Starring Jerry Trainor)  [Runtime 4.01]  {posted 4/22 via Nerdist}

Talk of Thrones: Scene of Thrones - "Scene 001"  [Runtime 2.26]  {posted 4/22 via YouTube}

VernissageTV - "Michael Schultz Gallery at Art Cologne 2012"  [Runtime 5.57]  {posted 4/22 via blip}
VernissageTV - "SOFA New York 2012"  [Runtime 4.11]  {posted 4/25 via blip}

White Man's D!#k with Susan Sarandon  (Co-starring Casey Wilson)  [Runtime 3.14]  {posted 4/26 via FOD} [TV-MA; NSFW]
Fashion & Beauty

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp - (Ep.4) "Improv Vlog"  [Runtime 11.40]  {posted 4/24 via ulh}

Big Girl in a Skinny World Q&A with Nicolette Mason  [Runtime 2.26]  {posted 4/27 via HelloStyle}

Celebrity Trend Report: How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with Angela Lindvall  [Runtime 6.44]  {posted 4/22 via YHN}
* Follow Angela Lindvall on twitter.

Funky Fashion at Coachella's Neon Carnival!  [Runtime 4.50]  {posted 4/23 via YHN}

The Get In Or Get Out Show - "The #GetIN Show"  [Runtime 4.54]  {posted 4/25 via GIOGO}

Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez  [Runtime 5.21]  {posted 4/25 via YHN}

TFF: Olivia Wilde Hits a Home Run for Haiti!  [Runtime 5.28]  {posted 4/27 via YHN}

* Follow Olivia Wilde on twitter.

VEVO Stylized - "Rita Ora"  [Runtime 2.55]  {posted via VEVO Premieres}
* Also check out Rita's VEVO UK Tour Diary, Part 1 here.

Victoria's Secret: A Floral Affair - Angels in Love in NYC  [Runtime 1.39]  {posted 4/25 via YouTube}

News & Reviews

Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles - (Ep.4) "The New Cinema of Douglas Trumbull"  [Runtime: 12.56]  {posted 4/26 via Nerdist}

Annabeth Gish Makes A Bone for Students Rebuild  [Runtime 2.25]  {posted 4/24 via YouTube}

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.62) "The Five-Year Engagement; The Pirates! Band of Misfits"  [Runtime 6.27]  {released 4/27 via R3}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle - "Robot Dinosaurs & 8-Bit Heart Mug"  [Runtime 4.49]  {released 4/26 via START}

Crysis 3 First Gameplay Preview  [Runtime 6.04]  {posted 4/25 via G4}

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.64) "Bad Decision Making"  {released 4/24 via NextMovie}

Get More:

For more from NextMovie: Trailers | Movies | DVD & Blu-Ray

Fresh Ink Online with Blair Butler - "Moriarty's Daniel Corey Reviews Manhattan Projects"  [Runtime 15.59]  {posted 4/23 via G4}
Video Game - E3 2012

Game Station 2.0 - (Ep.3) "The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer"  [Runtime 10.15]  {posted 4/26 via blip}

The Grind with Marisha Ray - (Ep.8)  [Runtime 6.51]  {posted 4/27 via GameRevolution}

Hero Complex: The Show - "Ridley Scott talks Prometheus with Geoff Boucher"  [Runtime 9.40]  {posted 4/25 via Nerdist}
* Follow the Hero Complex on twitter.

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 4.09]  {posted 4/27 via START}

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "John Lithgow"  [Runtime: 19.03]  {released 4/25 via blip}
* Since Q last appeared in my column both Slash (4/23) and Rufus Wainwright (4/24) have done shows too, check 'em out.

Sword & Laser - (Ep.2) "The Magicians (Conclusion); Saladin Ahmed"  [Runtime 30.47]  {posted 4/27 via G&S}

Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Internet Brain"  [Runtime 4.18]  {posted 4/25 via HuffPost}

Those Video Guys: Talking Who - (Ep.30) Live Anniversary Show  [audio difficulties for first 3mins]  [Runtime 1.10.03]  {posted 4/25 via YouTube}

Those Video Guys: Geek TV - (Ep.18)  [Runtime 33.18]  [also has audio difficulties]  {posted 4/25 via YouTube}

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Speaks #16  [Runtime 5.54]  {posted 4/27 via YouTube}
* Watch the trailer for The Nightwatchman World Wide Rebel Tour here.

YHN: Tribeca Film Fest. - Chris Colfer on Tuning Out the Bullies  [Runtime 6.37]  {posted 4/26 via YHN}
Late Pass Zone: ones that should've been in my previous column

TV Guide Magazine: Cubicle Confessions - "Dreama Walker"  [Runtime 2.12]  {posted 4/18 via YouTube}

Bonus Videos

Another Week in Review means two more new TED Talks clips. You can look over the handful of last week's clips here but my favorite two appear below, I found them especially insightful.

TED Talks: Nancy Lublin - Texting That Saves Lives  [Runtime 5.24]  {posted 4/27 via TEDTalks}

TED Talks: Dan Ariely on Our Buggy Moral Code  [Runtime 16.20]  {posted 4/26 via TEDTalks}

Did any of these videos move or oterhwise entertain you? Don't hesitate to comment or tweet me about which ones you dug. I appreciate you reading my colunmns and hope you'll share it with friends and family as well. If you have any favorite webseries I haven't included in these columns let me know so I can cover 'em.
Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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