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Phoenix Comic-Con: Scott Kolins Interview

Written by guitarsmashley on Wednesday, June 06 2012 and posted in Features


Wondering what Scott Kolins has been up to?  Check inside!


Scott Kolins is best known for his work with Geoff Johns on The Flash where they defined the Flash for many, including this Outhouser. He was also nice enough to sit down with me a few weeks ago for an interview at the Phoenix Comic-Con.

The Outhouse: Scott, thanks for the quick interview. You've done a lot of work for DC, you've done a lot of work at Marvel, what's next?

Scott Kolins: I'll be on the next 3 issues of Legion of Super Heroes, which will include big stunts going on if plans don't change. I've had so many assignments recently where the editorial policies have been so much faster than it used to be. Nowadays, they're moving quicker than the speed of sound. You'll get a job this month for next month and they may have changed the job all around you. They are lightning fast right now, making plans and shifting things.

OH: At this point in your career what are the same of the favorite runs you've done?

SK: Well Flash is obviously one of the complete highlights of my career with Geoff Johns. Really working on one character for a length of time is what I got into the business for.

I have had other good runs, some Avengers stuff and then there are the mini-series I worked on, Thor: Blood Oath, The Marvel Team Up issues I did were a lot of fun, Omega Flight was a good time. I'm a big Alpha Flight fan so Omega Flight was as close as I could get to doing the real Alpha Flight.  Also, the Solomon Grundy mini-series at DC that I got to write and draw.

OH: Who is a favorite writer you've worked with?

SK: My favorite would be Geoff. We worked so well together on Flash. The years we worked on Flash were so great, we talked constantly then we got back together to do Rogue's Revenge a few years later. Even though it was in the Flash universe we hadn't worked with those characters for so long so it was so fresh and it's still one of my favorite books of all time.

OH: Staying on the subject of The Flash, are you upset at all that Wally West hasn't been seen in the NU52?

SK: I'm not upset because I understand the battle plan that they're going for. They know what they're doing.  It's a big shift changing the mantle of well known characters like Hal to Kyle and then back to Hal.

I know Wally's time will come again he'll get another chance it's just a matter of waiting it out. I know it's frustrating for the Wally fans out there but, hey give Barry his chance, he's still finding his footing. Let Barry get comfortable with the role and then there will be a spot for Wally.

OH: Are there any creator out there that you're chomping at the bit to work with?

SK: Well there are the obvious favorites like Alan Moore and Frank Miller but those aren't going to happen. Someone I'd really like to work with again who I only briefly worked with is MIke Mignola. I did a BPRD one shot years ago for Mike and it was a great experience. I got to talk to him on the phone, work on the story and I know he was happy with the outcome. Recently I got in touch with Dark Horse again and said, "Hey that was a lot of fun we should do something like that again." They agreed so that would be something coming up that would be really nice to do.

OH: A theme from the artists I've talked to at this convention are artists also writing their books. DC seems to be giving more and more jobs to artists who are writing as well. Did you feel writing books like Solomon Grundy was something you were comfortable with?

SK: It's something I have been chasing for years. The four years I was contracted at Marvel I was handing in pitches and proposals all the time but, schedules just never worked out. They always had other books they wanted me to spend my time drawing.

Thankfully, when I came back to DC, Dan Didio was very open to the possibility of me writing and drawing and when projects like Solomon Grundy opened up he was all for it.   I wasn't even sure if Grundy was even going to happen at one point and then I got a phone call from Dan assuring me that we were going full on with Grundy.  Then he asked, "What do you want to do?" and I said, "As much as you'll let me."

He responded, "Perfect get me the proposal by the end of next week." So yes it's something I've always wanted to do and it's something I want to do more of.

OH: Anything else you can tease us with?

SK: I've been working on a creator owned book that looks like it will be through Dark Horse.  I should be getting the final contract soon. Self contained, my own creation, I am writing, drawing, coloring, I'll probably have some hand in the lettering. This book is my baby, it should be ready next Spring, April or May 2013.

Written or Contributed by: guitarsmashley


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