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PCC- David Finch interview

Written by guitarsmashley on Thursday, June 28 2012 and posted in Features
PCC- David Finch interview

What did David Finch have to say about his shaky Batman work?

Ok so I'm a little lazy when it comes to filing my month old Phoenix Comic Con interviews but hey I don't see you doing anything?

David Finch, artist of New Avengers, Ultimate X-Men, Brightest Day and Batman: The Dark Knight was nice enough to have a quick chat with me about his run on Batman.

Right before my interview started David was busy talking to a fan about the possibility of doing a creator owned project. David mentioned that he had some ideas here and there and if something did come up it would most likely happen with Top Cow since he feels comfortable with all those guys and it's where he got his start so it would only feel right to have it there. 

And now the interview. 

The Outhouse: In the Batman Panel on Friday you mentioned that you underestimated writing Batman, can you elaborate on that?

David Finch: Writing is a lot like art for me. Growing up I knew how to draw but I didn't know about perspective or anatomy all that stuff I had to learn. I had to go through the experience of writing just to realize how much I didn't know. It was a big learning curve, I talked to some really great writers while I was doing it that gave me some great advice, editorial was great, I wish I could go back and tweak this and tweak that to make it a better story. I feel like I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to eventually getting some more stuff out there. I don't think a lot of people do something for the first time and do their greatest work right off the bat. I'm not done with it and I think when my next story comes out it will be a lot stronger.

OH: Did you go to DC with the idea to write or did DC come to you?

DF: Dan Didio asked me if I wanted to give it a shot. The minute I was given the opportunity...I had some reservations and I think legitimately in hindsight I didn't want to look back on it and say I had a chance and didn't do it. No matter what happened whether I loved the story or I had some reservations or I fell completely on my face..which you know sort of happened. I wanted to go for it no matter what.

OH: What was one of your favorite characters to draw in that story?

DF: In that story my favorite was by far the Penguin. The character is known for being a little more comical, I feel like I drew him in a more comical way here and there but, I think that kind of adds to it. I really loved him I think he might be still be my favorite character to draw.

OH: So what's next for you?

DF: Next for me is more Batman. We have Greg Hurwitz coming on board. We've got Scarecrow coming in and then after that we have another arc in the planning, he's probably written by now. He's such a fast writer, when he sits down he just knows. I've got a couple other things but really it's just Batman. We're even talking about another arc after that, I'd really like to be on Batman for a long time. It's my dream project. I don't want to give it up till I absolutely have to.

OH: If someone came to you and said you can do "X" but you have to give up Batman, what would "X" be?

DF: To give up Batman? It would have to be something where I could draw Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all those other characters. Even if I did get to do a project like that I would still want to be able to say that I could still go back to Batman. Even if I were to go I'd still want to be able to come back. I've never had that opportunity anytime I've left a book it's always been for good.

PCC- David Finch interview

Written or Contributed by: guitarsmashley

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