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My Tribute to Dick

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, September 08 2008 and posted in Features

So as I sat to do my next article, I chose to focus on sidekicks, but as I delved deeper and deeper into my twisted thoughts, one thing became very apparent; I love Dick! I'm not afraid to admit it, either! I LOVE DICK! I'd shout it to the heavens and beyond, for I am not ashamed. Dick is the best thing that has ever come along.


I've realized that my love for Dick goes back to when I was a young boy. Granted, at the time, Dick was younger too, and that was alright, it's the way it should be. As I grew into a teenager, and Dick got bigger and more independent, my appeal grew stronger, almost to the point of obsession. By the time I was a young adult I knew that Dick would always come first, before anything or anyone else. I couldn't wait to get my hands on anything that Dick was involved in.



Now Dick has grown into full maturity and you have to admit, a more attractive Dick you could never find anywhere. That beautiful head, that wonderful black hair, and a body long body with just enough girth and strength to be both formidable and inviting. The only thing that saddens me is that I don't get enough of Dick. Although lately, it does seem that Dick has been showing up almost every week, and I relish every last second.

Of course some of you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, sure Brian, this is nothing new, but I'm proud to say that I'm not the only one. In fact, the entire DC Universe is in love with Dick. It has been said by many, men and women, on more than one occasion, that next to Superman, Dick is respected and looked up to the most in the hero community. Hell, some of them want Dick so bad they can taste it!

Take Starfire, for instance; one of the very first things that our Princess did when she came to Earth was kiss Dick. That first taste of Dick was all it took, and twenty years later she still wants Dick, just as desperately as the first moment she laid eyes upon Dick. Poor Barbara Gordon had yearned for Dick her entire adult life. Yet, for Babs, she needs more than a one night stand with Dick. She wants a Dick of her very own. A Dick that she can snuggle up to every night, falling asleep with the knowledge that Dick will be there with her when the sun rises. Who can blame her! It's Dick, for Christ's sake!

Yet, we must thank the one man who turned us on to Dick in the first place. Yes, I speak of none other than... The Batman! It only took the world's greatest detective minutes to realize just how special Dick was, and made sure from that moment forward to handle Dick both gently and firmly, molding Dick into his own image. No wonder Batman was so hurt when his Dick left him. Losing the Dick that you cared for your whole life, would be devastating blow to any man; yet, he understood that there came a time when Dick had to leave behind childhood games and become the grown-up Dick that everyone could fall in love with.

So here's to you, Dick! May you always have the respect and admiration that you deserve. You are my inspiration, and on those days when I'm feeling my lowest, all I have to think to myself is. "Shut up, Brian, and be more like Dick." And then I find myself rising to the occasion. Thank you, Dick, for being such a huge influence in my life. I know I couldn't have survived without you.

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