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Super Returns to Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, September 25 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled18.jpgThe largest week yet for Secret Invasion is now up and at 'em.

Up and at them!

Inside: The New Avengers #44, The Mighty Avengers #17, Avengers: The Initiative #16, Thunderbolts #123, Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man #1, Black Panther #40, New Warriors #15, Nova #16, She-Hulk #32, and a blast from the past look at the Avengers/Skrull team-up that has it's beginning in The Avengers #258.  Time to party.

Spoilers Ahead!

Sorry for the hiatus.  I was destablizing the US economy in preparation for the Skrull Invasion.

Because he loves you.

Anyway, we're syndicated now, so I can't just tell you to click that link on the left marked "Super Reads SI" unless you're viewing this at Bludnet.  If you're viewing this somewhere else (Thanks!) then you'll want to run off here to catch up on our 17 previous articles.  All are sanitized for your protection.  Guaranteed.

OK, let's get down to business.  This week is huge and I'm sure you'd love to know what happened in the books you just couldn't afford. 

na44.jpgThe New Avengers #44
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Billy Tan
Now, we all know that Secret Invasion has been a little... lax... on continuity.  I mean, the first SI book featured a Reed Richards that seemed to have forgotten that he was ever even IN Illuminati #5... and they were written by the same guy so I don't even know how to rationalize that (since the Skrull excuse and the playing possum excuse are beyond us now).  So that point is that continuity guys are gonna have to deal with some headaches.

Like this issue.

It's the Illuminati again.  They're meeting in the past, but the costumes indicate "present."  The first caption?  "Years ago."  Tony's had the Extremis armor for quite a while our time but for just a LITTLE while in the Marvel U.  Even so, you can only stretch continuity so far and it'll become apparent quite soon that this issue takes place in between the Kree-Skrull War from Avengers #'s 89-97 and Fantastic Four #209.  Now, Reed's costume change (the little disc "4" symbol-- a recent addition) can be blamed on the colorist but that Extremis armor is just glaring at me...

OK, enough of that.  We'll have to live with it and move on.  Move on, Super.  You can do it.

Now, it seems Xavier has called them together to talk about the Skrulls.  After the Kree-Skrull War found it's way to earth, the Illuminati paid the Skrulls a visit.  Long story short, the ruined the Throne City while escaping.  Xavier figures there's probably a retaliation coming.  That leads to a talk of hidden Skrulls that can't be detected.  How would they do that, anyway? 

Still, before this goes any further, Strange tries to magic up some trust between the group... and finds he can't.

And then they try to figure out how they escaped from the Skrull Throneworld...  and no one know how they did it or IF they did it.  No one has powers.  Everyone freaks except Xavier.

He goes Super Skrull and starts killing.  Other Skrulls on stand-by take out any who try to escape.  Yes, they were all clones.  Damn clones.

Priest Galan is pissed off.  Failed experiment.  No closer to hiding undetected among the humans.  Dro'ge thinks they were onto something.  When Emperor Dorrek VII checks up on this failure, Dro'ge defends the results because before the illusion failed, Richards was well on his way to solving the problem.  All they need is Richards which'll make the illusion easier to hold for just one.

Dro'ge gets promoted to Head Priest for his insight and is burden with the fact that failure is not gonna go well.  Time to try somethin' new.

First, they go the torture route.  They beat a Richards clone to a pulp then kill his wife in front of him.  They trot out his kid.  Richard gives in, but not really.  The Psy-Skrull Priest in the room knows he's putting a plan together to kill them all.  The experiment is terminated.

Apparently, humans don't respond well to torture.  Go figure.

But how do they respond to love?

Reed can't sleep.  His son, Franklin can't sleep either.  Franky's a little freaked out that Skrulls might come and kill them all in some sort of... I don't know... Secret Invasion thing.  What if they could hide among us without being detectable?  What then?  Reed assures his son that he's got that base all covered.  Super covered.

Then he goes about covering that base as his son falls asleep.  By morning, he's figured it out. And that means the experiment is ended, successfully.  The Reed clone is also ended.  Sue and Franklin, both Skrulls, go out to clean up after this messy messy business dealing with... ugh... clones.

The human part might have bothered them too but let's face it: clones are terrible.  You don't want to get any on you.

So Head Priest Dro'ge is now able to hide Skrulls on earth in a way that makes them undetectable to all.  How?  Well, if this was a Grant Morrison book, he'd say something like, "The Skrulls are now able to shapeshift their own minds through 5-D space to not only look like us but to BE us in a way that not even WE are able to be."

But this is Bendis.  He hasn't done that level of drugs yet.  His way is to not reveal the actual WAY.  Reed's smarter than Skrulls.  He's smarter than us.  He's smarter than Brian Michael Bendis.  No need to explain something that doesn't need explaining.  The big deal is that they used Reed's brain to figure out how to hide from humanity.

ma18.jpgThe Mighty Avengers #17
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Khoi Pham
Then we have the much less relevant Mighty Avengers.  It seems that MA doesn't really have much left to say to enlighten the plotting of Secret Invasion so it's just gonna do some fill-in stories.

This issue features our favorite Skrull:  Hank Pym and manages to make continuity a little more messy in the process.

Let's watch!

So, Skrull Hank is in Oregon drawing on Pym's memories of what must be the best coffee with hot chocolate ever made.  He figures if the world as everyone knows it is ending, he might as well enjoy it one last time.  He even almost gives away the fact that the Skrulls are invading but is interupted by another Skrull.

Dum-Dum Dugan.

Dugan's not anywhere near as happy about the hot chocolate coffee.  Pym wants to talk to Veranke but he has to settle for Dugan.

It's not gonna work.  This invasion is half @$$ed and they are totally underestimating just how much this planet is going to fight back.  And win.

Now, Dugan's not buying this.  He figures it's the Pym part of his brain making him act more heroic than he really is.  We also get the Skrull name of Hank Pym: Criti Noll.  If you'll remember, he was actually a girl.  Yes, Hank Pym is a girl.

In the end, Dugan assumes that Criti Noll is more of a liability than an asset and works to eliminate him.  Hey, he/she's a Skrull.  They can make more!  So the diner they were meeting in is blown to hell.  Dugan takes out the diner owner.

But Criti is a lot harder to pin down.  He shrinks, he grows.  He's up against not only Dugan but a bunch of SHIELD Agents (Skrulls, all of them).  Criti does not go down easy, but eventually he DOES go down.  Dead.

As Skrull SHIELD covers this whole mess, Veranke/Spider-Woman makes herself another Pym.  Interestingly, this Skrull also calls himself Criti Noll.  So... is that part of the process?  A handed down name?  A typo?  U-Decide! 

It is made known that this Pym-Skrull has been assembled a bit differently.  How isn't mentioned.  At this point, the new Pym is dropped off at Camp Hammond just in time to not have relations with Tigra and to be brought into the whole Ultron affair from the first arc of Mighty Avengers. 

So it's this Pym that hands the "new formula" off to Wasp.

The only real relevance that this issue could have is that if PYM's personality could override that of the Skrull's then how will stronger personalities work in that mix?  Is Veranke feeling some strong reactions from the part of her that is Spider-Woman?  Is Dugan?  Is this relevant?  Maybe, maybe not.  Time will tell.

ati16.jpgAvengers: The Initiative #16
Writer: Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Stefano Caselli
The real Avengers title to watch is this one.  Instead of telling us back story, this one takes place in time with the Secret Invasion comic.  It even has the Skrull Kill Krew?  How cool is that?

Well, it's actually better in memory, but they are pretty rock solid in this issue.

So, when we last saw 3-D Man, his Quinjet was going down in time with the Starktech virus reaching out and touching... everyone.  Landing in New Mexico, he's found by Initiative member, She-Thing.

Except it's not She-Thing, it's a SKRULL!  Once revealed, she makes her way to kill 3-D Man, but is killed by the remains of the Skrull Kill Krew first.  Two members left.  We have Ryder and Riot.  They and 3-D Man make their way to the former 3-D Man's home.

But while that's all going on, Trauma and Physique come across Baron Blitzkrieg reviving War Machine.  Rhodey was down for the count.  His armor was working, but he was also in the middle of recharging.  Apparently the recharge thing was Starktech.  So Blitzkrieg is using his powers to jump start his armor.  They run to Yellowjacket (who we know is a Skrull) and his gang of shock troops (also Skrulls).  Yellowjacket is surprised to see Rhodey up and moving, what with the Starktech virus and everything, but Rhodey plays it off cool. 

Just then, Iron Man appears and orders War Machine into a different comic.

Skrull/Pym is ticked to have lost War Machine and orders the other three to the infirmary.  He then orders his shock troops to alert intelligence of Rhodey's departure.  All of this is witnessed by Ant Man.

3-D Man and the Krew have made their way to the original 3-D Man's home.  After enjoying some burgers and some... Skrull... they talk origins and plan plans. 

You may remember that the rest of the Initiative went to New York to fight the Battle of Manhattan.  They lost.  Waiting to be executed, Gladiator again has doubts he's doing the right thing.  This is about the time Nick Fury and his Secret Commandos show up to kick tail and take names.  Nick inspires Gladiator by just knowing who he was.  Well, by telling him Cap knew who he was.  It's all good.

The Krew and 3-D Man have made their way to Arizona to take out their second under cover Initiative Skrull.  Blacksmith from the Desert Stars.  While we're looking over their roster, a former trainee, Komodo, is a member of the team.  She was pretty cool.

After Blacksmith is taken out, he tells everyone that each team has a Skrull member.  Komodo convinces them to hit Vegas next.  That's the home of her boyfriend.

Finally, Hammond has become Skrull HQ as Ant Man look on helplessly.

tb123.jpgThunderbolts #123
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Fernando Blanco
So then there's Thunderbolts.  While Captain Marvel is still hanging around taking out Norman Osborn's team, he's not doing anything that you haven't read about in Secret Invasion proper.  He has his little chat with Norman and then flies off to finish up his adventures in Secret Invasion.

The rest of the T-Bolts, though, have now been clued to the invasion and are ready to make some noise.  It's fortunate that some of the Thunderbolt equipment is Osborntech.  Everyone has tech these days.  Just wait.  The New Warriors have Taylortech or something.  It gets a bit ridiculous.

But it DOES get the Thunderbolts where they need to be: Washington D.C.

Osborn and Moonstone are pretty sure that the mysteriously returned Andrea Strucker is a Skrull.  It's even completely obvious to everyone but Swordsman.  Norman tells Moonstone to shadow the pair and figure out how she's doing what she's doing.  Then kill whoever's necessary to kill.

And... to battle!

The fight is big, widescreen action in the nation's capital.  The Skrull ships adapt to the attacks and the T-Bolts need to find new and creative ways to kill Skrulls.  One is losing their carrier in a crash attack.  But the Skrulls are prepared for them and for Captain Marvel's failure.

New Super Skrulls with past and present Thunderbolts' powers.  It's a natural and you know it.  Venom loses his, but since it's a shape shifter, he's pretty sure he knows how to find it...

Mmmmm.... delicious brains. 

Elsewhere, Swordsman and his pretty obvious Skrull sister overtake the Skrull command center.  Then Moonstone overtakes Swordsman.  Oooo... that's a double cross I didn't see coming. ;) 

Bullseye is kicking all sorts of @$$ and by that I mean that he just killed his handlers.  Look who's free. 

Penance and Radioactive Man are having problems of their own.  R-Man is building to critical mass while Mr. Baldwin is confronted by the many, many ghosts of his past.

So what sends Norman over the edge?  What doesn't?  In this case, it's a whole lot of Spider-Men.

asm1.jpgSecret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man #1
Writer: Brian Reed
Penciler: Marco Santucci
Speaking of Spider-Man, here's an issue with his name in the title. 

No, he doesn't actually appear within.  Sorry.

What we're actually getting is a look at his supporting cast with Jackpot holding the headline position.  It's kind of cool that we're at the point in Brand New Day where the supporting cast is strong enough to hold down a three issue mini.  Granted, that Secret Invasion helps.

So let's get this guy done.

The splash page shows Dexter Bennet (owner of the DB), Betty Brant, Vin Gonzales (Peter's roommate), Robbie Robertson, and Jackpot being chased by a Sinister Six New Super Skrull (Robbie's driving) but that doesn't happen at all this issue.  It's just a feature of where we're hopefully gonna get to.

Before we get that far, we have to get our cast of players together.  Jackpot?  She messes up a superhero gig big time by mistaking a legit loading of DVD players for some shady deal of another.  That'll come back to bite her in a few pages.

But before we get there, we need to check in on Vin Gonzales who is himself checking up on Peter... who isn't around as I mentioned earlier.  He's hanging out in the Savage Land with the cool kids.  Guess rent's not getting paid.

That leads us to a scene in the Coffee Bean (Harry Osborn's business venture) where Vin meets up with Carlie Cooper (potential love interest for Peter but it's WAY too soon... Vin's also interested in her but she's oblivious) and Lily Hollister (Harry's girlfriend and roommate to Carlie) to figure out what the hell is up with flakey Peter Parker.  He's pretty flakey.  Are you sure he wasn't bitten by something radioactive?  It would make sense.

Anyway, Harry joins the group just as the group breaks up.  Harry is a mood killer, apparently.  Still, Carlie and Vin need to get to that police job they both have while Harry and Lily need to spend an incredible amount of money like it's growing on a speculator's market very close to collapse.

Ah, speculators.  You nearly killed the comic industry and now you're setting your aim even higher.  When will we learn?

OK, plot.  Jackpot gets a front page article in the DB and it pretty much reams her for being stupid.  Written by Betty Brant!  I thought that girl had scruples.  Anyway, Jackpot and her overbearing Initiative lawyer decend upon the DB with threats of suing and other words that just embarrass our young hero.  So that puts Jackpot, Betty, and Dexter Bennett all in the same building.  Now we just need Robbie and Vin... oh hey!  There's Robbie.  He works at Frontline now but is angry that Bennett hasn't pulled his name off the paper.  There's also an annoying photographer that isn't Peter Parker.

So, now comes the Battle of Manhattan.  Boom.

Shots of our cast reacting to these ships showing up over the city of New York.  Nothing new, of course.  Space ships have been showing up in New York for a while now but you just never get used to it.  These guys seem pretty impressive, too.  Harry and Lily are on the streets and are attacked, along with the rest of the crowd, by a New Super Skrull.  Vin notices something strike the DB Building. 

And hey look!  It's Spider-Man!  I thought I said he wasn't appea... oh.  Skrull.  Gotcha.

Big fight with Jackpot.

Apparently Harry and Lily are being pretty singled out by these New Super Skrulls, too.  There are two that have targetted them specifically.

So, inside the DB, the Skrull impersonating Spidey is apparently looking for the geniune article... who is, as the Skrulls planned, in the Savage Land.  He might have missed a memo or something.  He changes from Spidey to an amalgam of the Sinister Six and lays on a bunch of threats.

Now all they need is that getaway car...

bp40.jpgBlack Panther #40
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Jefte Palo
Alright, back to the most poorly planned strike in the history of the Skrull Empire.  We all know that Wakanda had never been conquered.  It is a primary source for vibranium: an metal that the Skrulls fear.  It's one of the most technologically advanced countries on earth.

It apparently gets a less coordinated attack than San Francisco.  It's just embarrassing.

Also, someone has watched 300 a LOT.

OK, let's do this.  Black Panther is rallying his troops prior to the Skrulls arrival last issue.  Yeah, flashback.  He tries really hard to make us believe that they aren't going to trounce the Skrull invaders but we're not fooled.

I mean, c'mon.  The General of this attack has said this is the last war he'll fight before retirement.  That means he's dead.  It's textbook. 

So then we get back to the combat.  T'Challa is facing off against the one New Super Skrull that was able to join this invasion.... how many were involved in the invasion of San Fran, again?  Ugh.  Look, this is just a bit embarrassing.  We know BP's got this guy because he already told us as much last issue.  Yeah, the New Super Skrull does some cool moves, but in the end Panther is just playing with him like a cat with a mouse. 

So he beats the guy.  It's a nice battle but it really is embarrassing.  Oh, then he's got to face these two.

I mean, come on.  You bring three New Super Skrulls and you get these guys?  They look like the rejects of the line.  Whose feet did they get, anyway?  Puck's?

Now, just to try proving to me that the Skrulls have a chance in hell, one of those Secret Invasion Skrulls gets the jump on Ororo.  So the queen is captured. 

Maybe this'll actually be some sort of challenge.

When shown his captured wife, Black Panther is only able to lob off the head of one of the New Super Skrulls before he's tazed in the back, bro.

OK, that may change matters.  They actually got the drop on the king.

One more invasion issue.  We'll see if the Skrulls can press the initiative or they fall flat...

nw15.jpgNew Warriors #15
Writer: Kevin Grevioux
Penciler: Koi Turnbull
Speaking of falling flat...

Ah New Warriors.  Once I get through this one issue I'll never have to read your adventures until the next mega event and you only have a 30% chance of making it there.

That's the only thing that lets me sleep at night. :)

When last we left the New Warriors and Counter Force, they were getting ready to face off because Donyell Taylor wouldn't reveal an identity that the reader has known since the first story arc and has since stopped caring about.  This is, of course, textbook team-up material.  You have to fight over a big misunderstanding that no reader really cares about except that it gets your heroes into trouble.

It's just kind of sad that I'm rooting for the guest stars.  Luckily, they've included a scorecard so I can finally name some of these characters that I've been reading about since issue one.  'Bout time, guys.  Looks like Chamber's name is Decibel now.

So, after this meaningless beat-em-up has gone on long enough, Night Thrasher finally decides to stop being such an ass and just tell people who he is.  Everyone except... first page... Phaser is surprised.  Oh, and the reader.  Like I said, this isn't a big reveal because we've known forever now.

Still it stops the fight.  Since Donyell was trying to figure out if his brother had actually been a Skrull at Stamford and everyone is pretty interested in that, they all head off to get the dead New Warriors' bodies.

This is where that "Taylortech" comes into play.  I wonder how many kids in the Marvel U just add "tech" to the end of their names to sell their product?  Parkertech?  Richardstech?  Wilsontech?  The possibilities are endless.

Now, our two teams are headed to a specific helicarrier hereafter dubbed the Helimorgue.  It's under attack by Skrulls and probably also suffering from that Starktech virus.  This becomes less of a grave robbing trip and more of a SHIELD saving trip.  Thrash ends up pulling an Osborn and crashing his Taylortech ship into the Skrull ship.  Twice in one month.  I bet we see it again...

So, again, big fight scene.  We have to remember our objective, though.  Grave robbing.  We've gotta get that out of our systems or it will haunt us.  Justice and Donyell make their way to the morgue area.  While the rest of the teams fight off a New Super Skrull, our two leaders find that the dead New Warriors are exactly what they appear to be.  Dead New Warriors.  Still, they deserve to be properly buried, so the corpses are stolen as the teams get out of there as SHIELD reinforcements arrive.

They have a funeral for lost friends and for the first time in forever you realize that the book actually has some potential.  I mean, I actually like this.  Even the grave robbing.  Who doesn't like righteous grave robbing?  Justice even gives Donyell his blessing with the team.

Then... then Donyell goes back to plotting his crazy plots and I realize that maybe the cool thing about this issue is that Counter Force is around to make it cool.  Ah well.  Maybe next event, New Warriors.  Maybe you'll be worth reading again. :(

n16.jpgNova #16
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Wellington Alves & Geraldo Burges
Speaking of something worth reading: Nova is awesome.  I can't praise this title enough. 

Now, Nova is usually infinitely more powerful than most anything below Silver Surfer strength except they keep finding clever ways to keep his power levels lower than infinite.  He was infected by the Phalanx for quite a while, for example.  The latest challenge he's facing is that the Worldmind that monitors and distributes his energies and provides him with battle tactics is gone.  Possibly offline.  Most likely to return someday.

But for now he's dealing with the DOS version of Worldmind.  Everything has to be more thought out and coded differently to achieve the same results that Worldmind just would have done.

Currently, Nova is trying to help out a world of cat people.  He's just come across the cleverly named "Botanist Maow" (say it fast!) and a bunch of kittens.  It turns out, the kittens aren't as cat-like as the box lead to believe.  They're actually more lizard-like.  Hey, Skrulls!  New Super Skrulls!

That is a dirty trick like you'd expect from Skrulls, actually.

Nova is caught by surprise and without the Worldmind he isn't able to counter as fast as he'd like to.  Luckily, he has an unlikely ally:  Kl'rt, the original Super Skrull!  Good times.  The two make short work of the New Super Skrulls and then take out their ship.

Kl'rt then explains that he is unwanted by the new Skrull regime.  Then tells Rider about some sort of Secret Invasion threatening his home planet.


They both head to earth, since Kl'rt doesn't have a ride off this rock of a planet and want to join in the war.  They come across the huge invasion fleet coming right for them.  New Super Skrulls fly out of everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

That's when Kl'rt does the whole betrayal thing, joins with his Skrull brethren and turns on Nova.

Aw.  The Skrulls are just one big family.

sh32.jpgShe-Hulk #32
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Vincenzo Cucca
Ah, the Mini Apple baby.  She-Hulk is on her way through Minnesota (Super's home territory, natch) after spending way too much time in Detroit with X-Factor.  While there, they captured Nogor, the Talisman.  He's sort of a focal point for Skrull faith in their god.  That faith is apparently stopped by a powers negator just like everyone else. 

She-Hulk's travel companion, Jazinda, is a Skrull herself but isn't siding with the crazies.  She's also the daughter of Kl'rt, who just appeared orbiting earth in Nova.  Anyway, they are heading to her ship to broadcast that they've captured Nogor and stuff.

Then they both notice that the Skrull invasion has reached Minneapolis.  I'm assuming they'd need... what?  Ten New Super Skrulls?  Well, in any case, more than they used on Wakanda.  Whatever the number, if any, they've started capturing humans for processing.  She-Hulk ain't having that and goes to the rescue.

After rescuing the humans, they take the ship.  A transporter accident leaves She-Hulk naked to the world (ah... comics...) before she is beamed up to join her clothes. 

Two of the former captives then waste no time stealing their abandoned camper.  It's probably the smell that attracts a certain Skrull to that scene.  He's given directions and is on his way.

Nogor is still trying to tempt Jaz into switching sides.  Suddenly, Kl'rt shows up and attempts to kill his daughter.  Yeah, it's their thing.  Some families sit down to meals together.  Others kill each other.

She-Hulk's still getting dressed.  Kl'rt is surprised to see the Talisman as their captive.  Surprised and ashamed.  Yeah, he's probably REALLY joined that crazy Skrulls.  Time will tell. 

She-Hulk finally gets her pants on and throws herself and Super Skrull out of the ship.  Unfortunately, all that rocking shatters the inhibitor on Nogor.  With his strength back, his bindings are easily broken.

Remember when the truck ran into She-Hulk last issue?  Apparently, this time it's a plane...

As Jaz and Nogor's ship falls to the ground, Talisman steals Jaz's resurrection ability as they crash into one of Minnesota's many lakes... if they're still in Minnesota.  I guess other states can have lakes, too, but they aren't half as cool.

a258.jpgThe Avengers #258
Writer: Roger Stern
Penciler: John Buscema
Woo!  Big week.  Back in the eighties, we had a completely different team of Avengers.  There was Captain America (now deceased), Star Fox (probably out in space somewhere), Hercules (enjoying success in his own title), Black Knight (Hanging out in Britain with MI:13), Wasp (Mighty Avenger), and the second Captain Marvel (now known as Photon).

This issue is actually mostly aftermath from a fight with Terminus.  The Savage Land was completely destroyed, leading to Ka-Zar road tripping around America trying to find himself or something (honestly, I just read where he crossed into Iron Man).  Anyway, it's not one of the Avengers best wins ever, hindered as they were by the government's refusal to help out in a significant way.

When they return to the mansion, they have to deal with the government's lack of trust in them.  Gyrich is long gone but his legacy still haunts their current liason.  He's got a nervous streak going for him but seems like he really wants to enable the Avengers to do their job.  His bosses, unfortunately, have a different idea about cooperation and he has to satisfy their needs as well.

This pleasant conversation is interupted by a crossover with Spidey.  The best part about this crossover?  The Spider-Man parts, which take place PRIOR to the Avengers, won't be seen in Amazing Spider-Man for a few months.  It's planning like this that makes me proud.  Still, Marvel makes no bones about it, announcing it straight up.

So, anyway, Spidey's been fighting Firelord who is incredibly out of his league.  He's managed to hold his own, though.  More than that, he's pretty much won by the time the Avengers show up for back-up.  Since they're there, Spidey books.  He's probably got something else that he's flaking about.  He's a flakey guy.

They take Firelord back the the Mansion where Herc knocks some sense into him.

Now, you may be wondering, "Super, can we PLEASE get to the Skrulls?  I didn't come here so you could tell us about all this non-Skrull related stuff.  Skip to the good stuff!  Here's ten bucks."

I'll just say, "thanks for the Hamilton.  I'll get to the Skrulls shortly."

Captain Marvel is stuck in outer space.  The Andromeda Galaxy, to be exact.  She is reluctantly working for a woman by the name of Nebula who is looking to attack some Skrulls.  Marvel is supposed to scout out the region to check up on the Skrulls.  

She goes, but she's not really gonna do what she's told.  The Skrull planet has an energy shield around it but that's not really a barrier for Captain Marvel.  She creates a gap in the shield, which simultaneously is detected by both Skrulls and Nebula.  Nebula launches an Anti-Matter Missile.  The Skrulls simply head to investigate.  Marvel enters the Skrulls' scout ship and tries to show what a badass she is, blowing up circuit panels and being a general nuisance... sort of like a Marvel Kremzeek... Transformers reference... carry on.

After gaining the Skrulls' respect, she uses their transmitter to contact the Avengers.  The Skrulls aren't happy about this because Skrulls hate the Avengers almost as much as the dung dog Fantastic Four.  This causes another fight, but Marvel's got it covered.

What she doesn't have covered? 

That thing.  The hole she made in the Skrull defenses were enough to allow the anti-matter missile entrance and a world dies... partly due to Captain Marvel.  It's not as clean cut as a Dark Phoenix moment, but there's probably enough responsibility to mete out to everyone.

WOO!  That was a hell of a lot of comics!  Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.  What have we learned?  Nine Secret Invasion Comics in one week is a lot more than you ever want to release.  Also:  read Nova.  It's good for you and whatever country you're reading this in.

Until next time:  Who do YOU trust?
Posted originally: 2008-09-25 11:12:29

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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


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