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Super Rocks Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Saturday, October 04 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled20.jpgBack again for the most important article on the internet!

This time, we bring you Secret Invasion #6, Secret Invasion: Runaways/ Young Avengers #3, Secret Invasion: X-Men #2, Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2, Ms. Marvel #30, Deadpool #1, and blast from the past looks at The Avengers Annual #14 and Fantastic Four Annual #19.  It's time for reading!

Spoilers Ahead!

After a day or three... or more... of rest, we're back and we're ready to bring you the joys of Secret Invasion.  Are you ready?

We're syndicated now!  It's pretty awesome because you could be reading this at someplace OTHER than the Mighty Bludnet.   Regardless, there is probably a link off to your left titled "Super Reads SI" where you can enjoy the joys of me reading Secret Invasion.  You can also check here to catch up on all 19 previous articles.  It is, literally, pure joy.

That's enough of me pimping.  It's time for me to get reading. 

si6.jpgSecret Invasion #6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu

When last we saw Marvel Boy, he was ticked that the Skrulls ruined his behavioral experiment in the Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? One-Shot.  At this point in his story, he's gotten a hold of a SHIELD flyer and nearly gets hit by a crashing Skrull ship in a Mall parking lot.

Who was knocking those Skrull ships out of the sky last issue?  Yeah, it was Captain Marvel (the Skrull one).  It looks like he rode this one down and is NOT doing very well.  He collapses and tries to inspire Marvel Boy to defend this planet.  Then, there's his death and him turning back into a Skrull.  How will Marvel Boy take it?  We may find out in the final issue as these things tend to hopscotch.

The Skrulls are delivering their message of peace, love, and rock & roll to the humans while explaining that they aren't attacking everyone.  They're only attacking the people that could potentially get in the way of a successful invasion and subjugation of all mankind.  Is that so wrong?  Is it?

While this bit of spin is playing, we get a view of the titles that Marvel would like you to spend your money on.  There's Secret Invasion: X-Men dealing with the very important invasion of San Francisco.  Next is Secret Invasion: Inhumans where the Skrulls attack the moon and the Kree-made Inhumans.  Over in Black Panther we see the stupidest invasion ever with their full three New Super Skrulls... all quite physically deformed.  All these titles are currently on the stand: Buy Now!  Filling up the rest of the page is a Savage Land image where Shanna the She-Devil and Zabbu seem to have things well in had (and I think the Savage Land needs to make an appearance in every issue contractually) and Sabra doing not as well in Israel.  There is no Secret Invasion: Israel comic, though.  Sorry.

Skrull HQ on earth has been set up at Camp Hammond (former training ground for the Avengers Initiative).  Here, a Skrull Hank Pym dressed in his best suit is directing the Skrulls in their invasion.  There's some nervous Skrulls to deal with.  They haven't actually WON an invasion against earth and getting this far must be nerve wrecking.  To help them spiritually, Spider-Woman/ Veranke shows up to tell them it's all going ok.  Just because Hercules killed their gods and Richards is running around free and they are losing on all points just means everything is going according to plan... what!?

OK, Skrulls fight their invasion a lot differently than I would.  They do have whatever they did to Wasp, though.  That is apparently a final fail-safe.

On the other end we have our Avengers teams with Reed Richards and Agent Brand heading back to New York.  Tony goes through an "It's all my fault" phase that Spidey and Cage know will lead into a "The damn Skrulls are going to fall and I will make sure of it personally" phase.  These people know Super-heroes.  Still, feelings are positive.  They've survived so far.  What could possibly stand against a combined Avengers force?

Oh, they've pretty much taken New York.  Ugh.

Meanwhile, on the ground in New York, we have idiots.  Soon the have their own mini-series:

They actually think that the Skrulls are there for their benefit.  There's one in every movie.  There are more in this comic.  The police try to stop them from getting killed by their own ignorance, but these are a special breed of moron.  When confronted by New Super Skrulls, they just stand there waiting to be killed.

Luckily, they have the Secret Commandos, Young Avengers, and the Initiative to save them from themselves.  They aren't grateful, but Fury isn't really the type who needs adoration.  He just needs them to stop being so... stupid.  Before they get the lecture on survival tactics, they get the gather cry of Thor.

It's lightning.

Thor's summoning and the Skrulls are responding.  Veranke's a little shaken, but she's read that Book of Worlds and this is all according to it, right?  Right? 

Thor also meets Captain America for the first time.  The Bucky one.

First time meeting are always cool.  It's also cool to have Cap, Thor, and Iron Man in the same room... er... park.  So, we've got the Avengers, Cap, and Thor ready for the fight.  Then the Skrulls show up.  Then the Secret Commandos, Young Avengers, Initiative, and Thunderbolts get ready to dance.

Now it's just down to some talking before the battle.

"You surrender."

"No U."

This is also the time that the Hood and his gang of super-criminals joins the side of righteousness.

Reed also vouches for everyone on their side though we haven't seen him fire that gun.  We know that the Skrulls only got this far by using his big brain.  Veranke does her "we're only doing this to save you" spiel saying that her god loves them all.

Fury says the cool line, "Yeah?  Well, MY god has a hammer!"

Tony shouts out the battle cry and it's on.

Two issues to go... this probably isn't the final battle unless the next one is just splash pages.  They wouldn't do that to us, right?


rya3.jpgSecret Invasion: Runaways/ Young Avengers #3
Writer: Chris Yost
Penciler: Takeshi Miyazawa

In the past, Xavin had training from a guy you might know by now.  Commander Chrell.  Chrell left Xavin with the lesson: Find the enemy's weakness and exploit it.  It's the Skrull way.

Remember that lesson.

In the present, the 468th New Super Skrull with Elektra powers is searching for Xavin, Hulkling, Wiccan, and Speed.  She, apparently, finds them.

But before we get to that inevitable confrontation, we see Xavin and his Young Avenger allies getting along swimmingly.  Speed is still incredibly awesome and goes to check on the others while Xavin complains and then tries plotting out what to do next.  Speed returns, trying to urge them back to the Battle of Manhattan.  They won't have the time to respond as they are all wisked away.

And here's that inevitable confrontation.  Chrell has found Xavin's weakness: His fiancé.  Chrell doesn't believe in prophesies.  That was learned last issue.  Hulking being the "Uniter" is a prophesy and Chrell would rather that prophesy died.  Earth, to him, isn't a prophesy but divine right.  So, to save Karolina, Xavin just has to kill Hulkling.

He doesn't get the chance.  Klara uses those plant powers of hers and separates Xavin from his hostages.

So, Karolina attacks Chrell.  Vic and Chase take on the Elektra imitator with Nightcrawler powers.  They free Wiccan and Speed.  Chrell is though with this.  He orders everyone dead.

New Super Skrull Elektra has a LOT more powers than Nightcrawlers.  One of those is to fire incredible beams of energy that Hulkling can block.  It's probably a specific power...  Anyway, Xavin goes to take on Chrell while the rest take on NSS Elektra.  Nico gets cut which brings out the staff.

Xavin doesn't do well.  Chrell knocks him everywhere.  Then Xavin claims to know Chrell's weakness and is ready to exploit it.  His weakness?  He doesn't believe in anything... also, Xavin has friends to help him out.  Cue Karolina.

Speed removes Princess Power and Klara from the fight.  Quite a ways from the fight, actually.  Then he's back to fight.  For all the good he can do.  This is SOME New Super Skrull.  Hulkling ends up faking her out using his prophecy against her.  And then the headbutt.

Chrell is another matter.  He knocks Karolina and Xavin off him then prepares to go Supernova.  Champagne Supernova?  No, the regular kind.  Fortunately, Xavin's Invisible Woman powers are stronger that Chrell's Human Torch powers.  Chrell is burned to death.  Then Karolina and Xavin have a lover's spat.

Ah, love.

So the three Young Avengers begin to make their way back to Secret Invasion as they tell the Runaways to... run away.  They'll be part of round two if round one doesn't go well. 

Oh, they also need to pick up Molly and Klara who are hanging out at Mount Rushmore.  Nice symbolism!

sixm2.jpgSecret Invasion: X-Men #2
Writer: Mike Carey
Penciler: Cary Nord

The Battle of San Francisco!  Good times.  The Skrulls were NOT prepared for the X-Men but they've bounced from that surprise pretty well.

Nightcrawler's talking precious is trying to convince the most christian X-Man to join the true Skrull religion.  Might want to tell him that the Skrull god is dead...  ah well.

Anyway, the X-Men begin by being attacked by multiple New Super Skrulls.  They are outnumbered but holding.  Cyke shoots a Skrull with his optic beams and also sends a flare up with that same attack.  Rescue is on it's way in the form of Dust and Pixie.  It's a success.

Commander H'Kurrek isn't declaring Mission Accomplished at this time.  He knows that super-heroes aren't known for giving up.  Thought-wall is kept up and the X-Gene is targetted.

The Commander is fighting against a tactical genius, though.  Cyclops has rallied his forces and has them in a war room.  Communications have been cut off.  Ultimate Target has been set.  Hit and run tactics are put into use.  But are they infiltrated?  Cyke says no.  If they had been the Skrulls would have been prepared for them.  At this point it wouldn't make sense.

He gives Emma a mission with the Cuckoos.  Apparently it's to get rid of that Though-Wall.  More on that as it develops.  Oh, Beast also wants a tissue sample of the New Super Skrulls to develop some attack against them.

Nightcrawler continues to talk to his precious bauble.  It even tells him a parable about how awesome killing is.  It's just like the Bible!

Then it's mission time.  Iceman and the Baubiers (Norhtstar and Aurora) take down Skrull Mobile Pacification Unit 3.  It's around this time that Commander H'Kurrek orders the specific tracking of teleporters, since that's how they're getting around.

Nightcrawler probably should have left his bauble at home, but during the lulls he keeps talking to the damn thing.

Pixie drops off Dust and Mercury and then waits for their return.  Unfortunately, H'Kurrek has found her and sends in a New Super Skrull to kill her.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost and the Cuckoos are using Cerebra to locate the source of the Thought-Wall.  The Cuckoos are sure of failure but Emma believes she can mask her presence.  And they go to work.

Pixie has met the enemy and it is us.  Well, it's a New Super Skrull with several X-Men powers.  More importantly, this was a trap.  Pixie was the bait.  X-Force is on the scene and they are taking down Skrulls. 

I wonder who Archaengel is?  We saw Angel earlier... wonder if he's playing double duty... so is Pixie.  No one's talking.

Miss Frost has met resistance.  She flatlines.  Well, we all know that she's really dead... until next issue.

Finally, Cyclops and X-Force deliver a very large tissue sample: one whole dead New Super Skrull.  Delicious.

ih2.jpgSecret Invasion: Inhumans #2
Writer: Joe Pokaski
Penciler: Tom Raney

Attilan is under an attack by multiple multiples of New Super Skrulls.  One of them, Toros, came to the crypt with Luna and then turned out to have Karnak's powers of determining the weaknesses in others.  He's facing off against Karnak.  Karnak has already determined his weakness, though.  Impaling.  He follows through and there's another impaled New Super Skrull.

Luna's mom, Crystal, is having problems of her own.  New Super Skrulls are mocking her for being a failed weapon of the Kree.  Then she brings a stone statue to life.  The New Super Skrulls would probably change their minds on her at this point if the statue hadn't crushed those minds.

The New Super Skrull that was to kill Medusa has his own problems.  Underestimating the Queen of the Inhumans is the most fatal of those.  She takes him down and by "down" I mean off the side of a balcony.  Medusa takes the failed Skrull in for questioning.

Blackbolt is already long captured and aboard the Skrull Warship, Ryb'ik.  There, a Skrull with a confusing and continuity failing history is experimenting with his power set.  In so doing, he cuts open Blackbolt's head while he's conscious and probably not anesthized.  Blackbolt just stares.  He's pretty badass.

Triton easily takes down his Skrull counterpart.  So far, this attack on Attilan isn't really that difficult to defend against.

Gorgon is defending what is probably the Inhuman palace with his guards.  Karnak saves his life against an Ares New Super Skrull.  Then Gorgon has him take command out here while Gorgon makes his way to defend Maximus.

Crystal joins her sister, Medusa, in time for some interrogation.  The Skrull is confident that he'll beat whatever torture he's up against, but the torture is... special.  They're going to expose him to the Terrigen Crystals.  A lot.

Maximus is not in much danger, really.  He's caused his Magneto/Dr. Doom New Super Skrull to have a mental breakdown.  Unfortunately, it looks like Ahura, Black Bolt and Medusa's kid, has been kidnapped.  Ahura is facing down a New Super Skrull with Emma Frost, Phoenix, and Medusa's power sets.  When Black Bolt is confronted with his captured son, he finally breaks down with some emotion.

The interogation with what was once a Skrull is going well.  Poor guy is a mess, but Medusa has learned that her husband lives.  Now she just needs to know where he is.  Crystal goes to gather the troops.  Then they just need a ship... 

Taken easily enough, too.  Karnak learns how to drive the thing and then it's off to rescue their king.

But with two issues left, it probably won't be as easy as defending Attilan.

mm30.jpgMs. Marvel #30
Writer: Brian Reed
Penciler: Adriana Melo

So, Ms. Marvel brought a bunch of civilians to The Raft, a maximum security prison, because she thought it'd be the safest place for them to be.

She was wrong.  This is a pattern.

There's a Skrull mucking about and he's not a very nice Skrull even by Skrull standards.  He's gone through and killed pretty much all the SHIELD agents around and is making use of his time taking down some of the criminals.  Currently, that super-criminal is Tiger Shark.

Ms. Marvel jumps in at this point.  Tiger Shark crawls out of battle range as Carol and... let's call him Ripples... get to the big fight scene.  Why Ripples?  Well, that's sort of how his powers work.  He can continuously switch power sets and when changing it's a quick ripple effect.

He's basically an ultimate version of the New Super Skrulls and if that's what makes him so much more visious than the rest of him it's a good reason why they didn't implement this style right on down the line.

He also looks sort of like a gorilla.

Special Notice: this is probably the last "I'm following Ms. Marvel" shot you're going to get in Super Reads Secret Invasion.  Enjoy it.

So the fight is long and hard and ultimately futile.  Marvel's been fighting all day and this guy has just been killing SHIELD agents.  They're much easier to kill than facing off against waves of New Super Skrulls.  The two leave The Raft for new battle grounds back in New York proper.  You'll also notice that Tiger Shark is back in custody out by the bus.

They fight through the air, underground, in water, pretty much the gamut here.  Finally, Carol leads Ripples into a gathering of New Super Skrulls.  Ripples wastes no time taking these guys apart with GUSTO.  There's a lot of rage, here.

OK, so after Ripples has actually killed the New Super Skrulls, he's more exausted than Ms. Marvel, who took the time for a breather while watching the carnage.  One huge shot and Ripples finally falls down goes boom. 

Now for the interesting part:  Ripples has a tattoo:  Hydra Prime 001.  Iiiiinteresting.  No other New Super Skrull has one.

Then we're suddenly "several months later" and in a completely different comic unrelated to Secret Invasion.  So that's all I need to buy of Ms. Marvel.

See ya around Carol.  Looks like you can wear the "I survived Secret Invasion and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirts.  Now available at Wal-Mart.

dp1.jpgDeadpool #1
Writer: Daniel Way
Penciler: Paco Medina

Don't let that lack of "Secret Invasion" banner fool you.  This is totally a Secret Invasion tie-in.  It makes you wonder what else is a Secret Invasion title that just isn't advertising it.  Maybe I SHOULD have picked up that Archie book...

But anyway, this issue starts with a Skrull attack on a baseball stadium.  Is nothing sacred?  

The Commander, Ak'Strk, is in charge of this particular mission.  He's trying to destroy the "Spirit of Competition."  He'll also work to take out the "Spirit of '76" but that's another issue all together.  

So, the Skrulls identify that the mascot has distorted human DNA.  He's also impressively armed.  So they shoot first and ask questions later.  While they are investigating the "dead" mascot, the stadium dome begins to shut of them.  They let it.

And then Deadpool gets up and to business, still in his mascot suit.  While this battle continues, the stadium empties of human bystanders.  The Skrulls have no idea who they're dealing with but DP is trying to give them a good impression of that.

But first he's got to stop hallucinating.  He's imagining them all as fans and he knows that's not the case.  The Skrull ship opens fire on Deadpool and any hapless Skrull in the area that hasn't already been killed.  

This time vital signs show dead to all.  But when investigating, the mascot suit is emptry.  It's time for the big guns.  Commander Ak'Strk sends in a New Super Skrull.  Let's count the powers!  Fire arm (Human Torch), ice arm (Ice-man), uni-beam chest (Iron Man), and tuning fork (Black Bolt).  Now, where's that pesky Deadpool?

He's on top of the ship!  He sets off some TNT (DYNOMITE!) and the ship comes crashing down... on the New Super Skrull.  Ah, sometimes things are awesome.

After all that, Wade sees Commander Ak'Strk and makes his way down to him.  This means losing his parachute (he was on top of the ship) and falling the rest of the way, but it leads to this happy confrontation:

The gun has a traditional "Bang" Joker-styled flag in it.  Haha.  Ha.  Before we conclude this thing, though, it turns out that the New Super Skrull didn't die in the crash and is looking for some payback.  Ak'Strk is starting to figure something out.  He tells the Skrull to put DP down.

Surrounded by Skrulls, Deadpool salutes, tells them who he is, and reports for duty.

How do you say "Oh $#@!" in Skrull-ese?

Now, let's blast that past with some Avengers/ Fantastic Four Annuals!

aa14.jpgThe Avengers Annual #14
Writer: Roger Stern
Penciler: John Byrne

This issue opens with a prison break.  The Skrulls are rescuing the Skrull in the Iron Mask: Prince Dezan.  He's Dorrek VII's younger brother.  With the mask on we're spared seeing his hideous visage for most of the issue.  Here's a hint:  it's a lot like Princess Anelle, his niece.

But now it's time to check up on the Avengers.  We left them after they and their Skrull allies regained the Sanctuary II.  General Zadrou has taken the liberty of retrieving Firelord for them after he crashed on a nearby planetoid in the last issue.  He's still recovering, though, so he's out of this issues shenanigans.

Starfox is frustrated that he wasn't able to clarify the identity of Nebula during the liberation of Sanctuary II.  She was apparently his niece by way of Thanos.  He'd very much like to find her and confirm it somehow.  There's probably some intergalactic version of Maury that he wants to bring her on.  Damn Beyonder for interfering.

There may be a way.  There's was an intergalactic sensor array housed in the Power Satellite formerly orbiting the Skrull Throneworld.  It's still there and may be able to pinpoint where Nebula and her cohorts were sent to.  It's worth a shot and the Avengers are ready to check it out.

Escorted by a disgruntled Skrull, the Avengers take off in their own ship and travel to the Power Satellite.  After slipping out of subspace, they are beset by... well, this: 

One guess!  Yep, it's those crazy gangster Skrulls from Kral.  They were the ones that modelled their society on the earth from the 20's.  So, yeah, Space Bi-Planes.

They are escorted back to the very zeppelin-like Kralian spacecraft which turns out to be one big space-casino.  They meet up with a Humphrey Bogart looking Skrull who leads them to...

Prince Dezan!

It's time for Dezan to explain what's what.  In his past he had two friends who together plotted the changing of Skrull society.  The first and most important was Zabyk.  After Dezan had been uncovered, Zabyk dissapeared to plot and plan.  Dezan's other friend, Myrn, integrated with society and was put in charge of Power Satellite.  Myrn went mad after the destruction of Throneworld at the hands of Galactus.  He also developed some "super weapon" at the satellite.  Zabyk took over the satellite with violence and then listened intently to Myrn discussing the weapon: the Hyperwave Bomb.

Another defender of the Power Satellite, Raksor (who you may remember from his angry outbursts in X-Men 130), also listened and thought the only answer was to free Dezan... for some reason.  Don't get me wrong, Dezan's a cool guy but you'll be hard pressed to figure out what he adds to this story besides exposition and a cool mask.

So the Avengers decide they'll put a stop to Zabyk and get that sweet mask off of Dezan.  They board the satellite on a routine Kralian supply drop.  The Skrulls figure them out pretty quickly.  It's fighting time!  The Avengers have done this recently so it's all good.

Captain Marvel's sent ahead to scout and to find where this super weapon is.  While this is all going on, another craft has docked with the satellite.  Zabyk is frustrated, but it's already too late to stop him.  The build up to fire the Hyperwave Bomb has already begun.  It just needs to be triggered.   Don't forget to wear your protective battlesuit!  It's an interesting suit to get into.  A Skrull has to shapeshift into it and basically fill up the insides of it with him or herself.  You're basically a head in a suit as your body fills in empty spaces.  Interesting.

And then Zabyk deals Myrn a killing blow.

Anyway, the Avengers are racing through the satellite when they come across Thor!  He's with his Rygellian friends and they are there to stop Zabyk as well.  What a coincidence!  Thor know just where to go and they all follow his lead.  Still, Cap's not convinced.  While Captain Marvel is continuing to search the complex, Cap offhandedly mentions how Giant Man is back home on monitor duty.  Thor doesn't bat an eye, so Hercules decks him.

Giant Man hasn't been an Avenger in a long time.  Bad fake Skrull Thor!

The Avengers make short work of the trap they were being led to and after Dezan freaks out the Skrulls by revealing his true face.  That's about time that the Fantastic Four shows up.  Damn you Skrulls!  Fool us once... you couldn't even manage that!

So a fight ensues, or it WOULD have except an invisible forcefield is up.  After subjecting the FF to the same fierce scrutiny that they just put the fake Thor to, they conclude that it is indeed the real FF and vice versa.  It's team-up time and we even avoided the stereotypical slugfest!  It's a progressive comic!

But it's too late!  Zabyk is ready to trigger the device!  Oh noes!  Captain Marvel is in the room, though, and tries to stop the Hyperwave Bomb as Mr. Fantastic tries to stop her.  Entering inside, she realizes just what would happen if the Bomb DOESN'T go off and doesn't stop it.  Zabyk laughs at the attempt and sets off the Bomb.

What does it do?  It locks every Skrull everywhere in whatever form they are currently in.  Even Zabyk, and he is supposed to be shielded from it's effect!  Dezan switched from his Kralian form into his true, hideous face before the bomb went of.  It's hideous and pretty human looking besides the wrinkly chin, pointy ears, and green skin. 

Zabyk's got his own issues to deal with.  Remember the whole shapeshifting to get into that battle armor?  Well, he's stuck in it.  Outside of it, he's just be a blob of green spaghetti with a head on top.  It might make it really hard to eat, too.  He's killed the only one who could reverse the bomb's effect, though. 

Cap gives a speech about truth, justice, and accepting those who look different.  Dezan likes the speech and decides to pursue it.  With that, the Avengers are off on a return to the Sanctuary II and General Zadrou.  They weren't able to track Nebula, unfortunately. 

What was Dezan's big crime, anyway? 

He wanted peace.

ffa19.jpgFantastic Four Annual #19
Writer: John Byrne
Penciler: John Byrne

The FF offers a different perspective with a bunch of repeating pages.  Still, the Four are currently on earth so they need to be drawn into this intergalactic fight somehow.

Let's watch them get there.

The issue starts off as a craft enters earth's atmosphere.  Once landed, it deposits one passenger in an odd magenta suit.  After causing a bit of panic, the character's shield wreck the car of... is that Zaranna from G.I.Joe?  Huh.  Mark that down as a first appearance, folks!

Zaranna ends up calling in the heavy artillery after making sure everyone knows she's not on drugs.  It's the pink hair.  They can sense it through the phone.  It's potent.  

Once the SWAT team arrives, they waste no time opening fire... with dangerous results!  The alien attacks them and also creates a bunch of huge action figures that duplicate when fired upon.  It's about this time that someone remembers that this stuff is familiar and maybe the FF should come deal with it.

After a quick call to the Avengers Mansion, Jarvis fires a flare into the sky to summon the Fantastic Four!

One of the four, Johnny, is going through the akward job of proposing to his girlfriend, Alicia Masters.  Mr. Smooth first went out and got the worst haircut he'll ever wear.  Then his proposal speech has a rundown of every girlfriend he ever had.  Fortunately, he left off how far he got with all of them.  Even more fortunate is for this trainwreck of a proposal to end prematurely as the waiter points out the "4" in the sky.

Johnny flies off to join the rest of the FF who have already visited Jarvis and know what's going on and where they're going.  They meet up with the alien who turns out to be Infant Terrible from WAY back.  Apparently, his planet is being attacked by the Skrulls and they don't know how to defend themselves with their superior powers so they sent a baby to get the FF.

It's a solid plan with no holes in it.

After Reed has received some readings and stuff, they board the Infant Terrible's ship and head off into a trap... I mean, to the Infant's homeworld.  Yeah.  

An impatient and very large governor turned Empress waits for progress on her plan to destroy the Fantastic Four.  This will be the thing that gathers the forces of the Skrull Empire to her banner. 

But things aren't going exactly to plan.  They were supposed to be here by now.  Don't they know we're trying to kill them on a schedule? 

Finally, they arrive and the Skrulls assume the forms of Elanites.  The FF look pretty cheerful besides Reed.  Reed looks like he needs to use the restroom or something.  Finally, Reed's had enough.  He shouts out that it's time to attack and the Skrulls agree.  They take him out... only to find out he's a Skrull.


The FF waste no time in mopping up the remaining Skrulls.  The Infant Terrible makes his way to the Skrull throneworld where he's revealed to be Reed Richards.  He quickly takes out this supposed Empress. 

OK, explanations.  It's hard to pull one on Reed Richards.  He immediately knew that something was up because that whole plan SUCKS.  The tragectory did not put the Infant's ship as coming from Elan.  They sussed out the plan and then hypnotized the Skrull posing as the Infant Terrible into believing he was Reed.  The sight of his Skrull comrades broke that hypnotism, but that only caused him his own life.

This "Empress" has info though.  That info leads to the Power Satellite that the Avengers are heading for.  Apparently, it's of vital importance but that's all she knows.  So, road trip! 

The FF were that other ship that docked after the Avengers.  They actually entered through a service port on the underbelly of the satellite.  They came across Myrn before he had died of that lethal killing blow delivered by Zabyk.  He tells them about the inevitability of the Hyperwave Bomb but doesn't get around to telling them what it is before dying.

It's about this time that She-Hulk busts through a wall and comes across the Avengers!  It's also about this time that John Byrne gets paid twice for using the same pages in two comics!  Brilliant!  The Avengers are distrustful of this happy coincidence and immediately try to attack.  They are blocked by Sue's invisible forcefield.

Cap asks them a question about the Baxter Building.  Reed tells him it's been destroyed.  Cap replies that he's right and that they're currently living with the Avengers in the Mansion and have sexy parties.   They then trust each other... but what's this about sexy parties?  Apparently, it's swingers only.

But the Plot!  Zabyk appears on a helpful monitor to gloat about how hopeless they being there is!  He'll totally trigger the Hyper-wave Bomb while they watch him gloat!  Bwahaha!!  Prince Dezan tries talking him out of it, but that's not about to happen with this much gloating going on.  Still, Captain Marvel is in that room with Zabyk.  You think she can turn it off this time?

Nope.  Not in this comic either.  It's just as well, if the power was left to build it would destroy two universes!  The Marvel one and... maybe Earth-2?  Is this what lead to the Crisis on Infinite Earths?  Huh.  It's all Marvel's fault.  Or would be.  They dodged that bullet!

So the Bomb is triggered and it locks all Skrulls in their current forms.  That includes Zabyk who is now very uncomfortable in his now-permanent battle armor.  Also, his back itches and he'll never be able to scratch it.  Thus, madness.  It's the only way to deal.

Dezan switched back to being his pretty human-ish looking default Skrull form and after listening to Cap's rallying speech he is confident that the future of the Skrull Empire is so bright that he has to wear shades.  They probably have some of them back on that Casino Blimp...

The FF make for home in their comandeered Skrull-craft, hoping for a future where the Skrulls give up their war-like ways and follow Prince Dezan into an era of peace.

Yeah, that's not likely.

Until next time:  Who Do YOU Trust?
Posted originally: 2008-10-04 14:44:42

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