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Super Knows Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, October 16 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled21.jpgWe're back to fundamentally alter the internet!

With fundamentals!

Today, we'll be going over The Mighty Avengers #18, Secret Invasion: Thor #2, Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33, Guardians of the Galaxy #5, and then blast from the past looks at the second Kree-Skrull War in Silver Surfer #'s 2-6.  Get ready for stimulation!

Spoilers Ahead!

The Skrulls are loving you while you are loving the Skrulls.  This is one hell of a party.

Once again:  Syndication!  Wherever you hang your E-hat, you'll probably see a link off to your left titled "Super Reads SI" where you can enjoy the joys of me reading Secret Invasion.  If you aren't up for the search, you can also check here to catch up on all 20 previous articles.  It slices and dices.

But enought about me.  It's time to get rolling. 

ma19.jpgThe Mighty Avengers #18
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Stefano Caselli

It's the first mission of the Secret Commandos!  It's basically a filler issue!  Like I said last time we had an issue of MA, Mighty Avengers has sort of run out of ideas.  Bendis has kept New Avengers interesting and psuedo-relevant to the main series, but this one is sort of just there.  Granted, if you like it you will probably like the "Nick Fury and his Secret Commandos" comic starting post-Invasion, so it's sort of a trial run for that.

Anyway, first we need to learn just how much of a douche Nick Fury is.  The answer is: a pretty big one.

First, Fury throws out a curveball that has already been proven untrue in the main series: Maria Hill is a Skrull.  Wait, is she?  Is this a game with multiple levels of intrigue?  Is this Metal Gear Solid here?

Make of that what you will for now.  After such a startling revelation of importance, we need to introduce those Secret Commandos with their code names.  We've got Hellfire (the grandson of the Phantom Rider), Stonewall (no revealed past), Phobos (God of Fear), Quake (Daisy Johnson), Yo-Yo (Daughter of the Griffin), and The Druid (son of Dr. Druid).  They are now a trained team and ready for action... or ARE they?  Fury wants them to nab Commander Hill.  There is a lot of mixed feeling on if they can accomplish that.  Hellfire, in particular, is not really down with this mission or Fury.


Oh, the reasons...  He injected a tracer into them that will explode if it is removed or tampered with.  He beat them up (granted, that's almost legitimate training).  He pretended he and a bunch of LMD's were Hydra agents and tortured them to prove their loyalty.  He also doesn't respect their feelings.  Still, these guys passed all his "tests" and are still there.  So they may be stupid but they ARE loyal.

So, mission time.

They're in place for a meeting between Commander Hill and the President of Madripoor.  It's one of the few times that Hill's location is known and that she's not on the Helicarrier.  It's a good shot and they're gonna take it.

The first one to enter the scene is Phobos, who approaches the area on a bicycle.  The SHIELD agents warn him off but Phobos has fear powers.  Soon, everyone but Hill is in a fear panic attack.  Our kid bikes away quickly.

Next up: Druid.  He uses his magicy goodness to conjur up some flying demon things.  That probably doesn't help the fear attacks any.  Still, Hill keeps her cool and tries to get the Madripoor President to safety.

Yo-Yo's up.  She slingshots in and out of the area with Commander Hill as quick as blinking.  Straight up to Stonewall.  He disarms our SHIELD Director and throws her into their van of escaping.  Then it's up to the driver, Hellfire, to drive them out of Dogde.

And that's when SHIELD unleashes the Helicarrier on their van.  We see jets in the air.  We see the frickin' Helicarrier in the air and it hasn't crashed in a day or so.  It's totally due.  Jet packed agents are converging on the escape van as Daisy hollers for Druid to be in position.  Druid's a bit out of shape after all that training, though, so it takes him a bit longer than anyone would like to have moved to where he was needed to be.  Still, he's ready now.  He summons up cover for the van just as the SHIELD air division is ready to take it out.  Then he collapses.

Fury, is happy.  There's just one thing... missing...

So when all's said and done, Maria Hill turns out to be an LMD.  This proves that she listened to Fury's advise on using them.  They then book before SHIELD can locate them through the LMD.  He then reveals to his team, "Nah, just kidding, Hill's probably not a Skrull."  

This doesn't go over well for his team.  Hellfire is about to go off when Fury goes on a Drill Sergeant bit about Red being Green, 2+2=5 and other fun tips.  Finally, we get to our continuity error of the evening.

The Invasion happens!  Why continuity error?  Well, if this book had Maria Hill listed as DEPUTY Director of SHIELD this entire time then we'd have no problems.  It didn't.  She's listed as DIRECTOR a few times.  That either means that everything Tony Stark did as Director all happened in between the events of this issues (and Civil War, too) or your head explodes.

Let's just pretend it said "Deputy Director" and move on.  It'll save on headache meds.

sit2.jpgSecret Invasion: Thor #2
Writer: Matt Fraction
Penciler: Doug Braithwaite

And we begin the Invasion of Asgard!  Skrulls are attacking but they aren't your ordinary garden variety Skrulls.  These are Godkillers.  They pretty much look like New Super Skrulls, but don't tell them that.  They're at different pay grades and it would cause in-fighting.

Beta Ray Bill and Balder lead that Asgardians and Thor is busy delivering babies.

I know!  Priorities!

To be honest, the Dr. Blake scenes are sort of frustrating.  He's handling a pregnant lady while his people are at war.  I don't know, is it honorable?  Is it right?  Well, it's his decision, so here he is with Marie, the pregnant lady, while she goes through contractions.  The people of Broxton are in a Tornado shelter so there's a bit of an audience around them whether any of them likes it.

Some of the residents have realized that Asgard is on fire and the volunteer Fire Department is headed over to help them out.  Blake protests but it's hard for him not to admire the quality of the volunteers.

In Asgard, the Invasion continues.  Neither side is giving ground easily.  The Fire Department arrives, but they are unable to get over the walls to reach the fires in Asgard. 

Just when the Asgardians seems to be winning, the Skrulls release a New Super Skrull on them.  This one has the powers of Thundra, Titania, Volcana, and Battleaxe.  She's wielding Stormbringer, too.  It's not a good day to be Beta Ray Bill.

The Volunteer Fire Department finally figures out they're trying to put out fires in the middle of a warzone and not doing much good at that.  They head back to see if they can do anything in Broxton.  On top of that, they storm clouds are just sitting on top of them doing nothing.  They get back to report this to the townspeople just as Dr. Blake delivers that baby.

While this is happening, Bill fights.

Or dances.  It's kinda the same thing, I guess.

So, the baby, Faith, is born.  Now it's time for Blake to book back to Asgard.  Book, Blake!  Book!  Fine, talk to your nurse first but then get back to the fight!

Because back at the fight, Beta Ray Bill is NOT winning.  The New Super Skrull has thrown him round and round and he finding it harder to get up again.  Just then, the New Super Skrull is distracted.  Apparently, she's attracted to the birth of innocent new babies and wants to get into some of that action.  Tossing Bill aside, she heads on down to Broxton to figure out how to kill new life.  The Asgardians give chase.

On the ground, Beta Ray Bill makes a reach for the fallen Mjolnir.  It's ok, Bill.  It's Thor's turn up to bat.

im33.jpgIron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Sean Chen

In the Savage Land, Tony Stark is attacked by a biological computer virus thing.  It takes out his armor and all Starktech around the world.

But War Machine is still up and running.  At Camp Hammond, Rhodey is just getting up to speed on what's going on.  The problem is he's listening to Hank Pym and as we all know by now: Pym is a Skrull.  Just then, an image of Iron Man appears but his words only reach Jim Rhodes.

"Hey Jim.  If you're seeing this, I'm probably dead (again) and the world is probably in great danger (again).  If you could take over my book for a while and keep the sales up, I'd be most appreciative.  Also, when I return this time, try to not be too pissed off."

Hank Pym is a little upset he can't hear the dialogue.  Rhodey is sent to a specific beacon point and Pym sends Skrulls to intercept him.

You see how I totally avoided the continuity gaff on this page?  I'm in a twelve step program.

Rhodey flies off leaving the Initiative to it's own fate while pursuing the wishes of a friend that doesn't call as much as he used to.  Before he gets to that beacon he'll have to face that intercepting Skrull force.  Luckily, War Machine comes full armed.  It's a spectacular display of firepower.

It also missed the New Super Skrull that dropped out below the fired-upon ship.  This New Super Skrull is kind of Nova inspired which is great since Chen's last Marvel book was Nova.  It's also got some Drax, Moondragon, and Comet Man in it's makeup.  This is Rhodey's first New Super Skrull, so pretend we haven't been dealing with them for half a year and think of this as your first time.

During the battle, he almost gets into why he's a cyborg now, but there's just too much battling to do.  In the end, War Machine throws the NSS back at his support ship and they both explode for some reason.  I don't know.  I just read the things.  Maybe it was an extremely powerful throw.  The thing blows up like any car in an action movie that has had it's fender dented, though, so it could just be action movie physics.

War Machine reaches the beacon point and finds a satellite waiting for him.  He's out of power again so he needs a recharge like no one's business.  Before he can get to that, though, it's time for a blast from the past: Suzie Endo!  Force Works!  Woo!

Or it's a Skrull.  Damn these Secret Invasions!  Before we get any further, though, we need to be reminded that War Machine is a cyborg now.

Keep that mask on, Rhodey.  If you wear that face too much in a Marvel book you MAY be infringing on some copyright issues.

Now, we get to another message by Stark.  It's got a lot of info we already know but it also jumps into why Rhodey isn't on his knees like everything else run with Starktech.  It turns out he's not using any.  Tony used old Stane technology from when Obadiah ran Stark Enterprises as well as bleeding edge cyberware.  Jim Rhodes can interact with the system while being apart from it.  Tony leaves Rhodey with the "trust no one" bit which leads to a confrontation with possible Skrull Suzie Endo.

Endo was on the wrong side during the Civil War, after all.  According to her, that was just one big misunderstanding but when Tony says "trust no one," he may mean "trust no one."  Especially since he didn't say, "by the way, Suzie Endo should be in on this with you.  FYI."

But enough fighting.  Jim needs to deal with the fleet of Skrull ships closing in on the satellite.  The satellite is cloaked but Rhodey supposes they were following his energy trail.  Rhodey is ready to jump back into the mix but he's also running on empty.  Endo has some ideas on how to fix that.  Rhodey takes those ideas...

He's loaded up to the satellite.  This means he loses awareness of his body's immediate surroundings but gains the body of a Transformer.

Yes, Tony Stark build a transforming satellite.  After some tough talk to the closing Skrull Armada, Jim Rhodes is ready to get down to business.

gotg5.jpgGuardians of the Galaxy #5
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Paul Pelletier

To recap:  We're on Knowhere.  That's the HQ of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  It's also the dead head of a Celestial riding on the edge of the Universe.

It's a trippy place to be.

Three dead skrulls were found after an explosion rocked Knowhere's interior.  They didn't look like Skrulls before they died and thus we have our problem.  Who's a Skrull?  Who's not?

Dun.  Dun.  Dun.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is having one terrible investigation by Knowhere's Administrative Council.  So... you've got Drax the Destroyer breaking rules and not listening to our whole "confined to quarters" business?  Bad Guardians!  They send Star-Lord and Quasar back to their quarters where they totally believe they will listen to being confined to.

As this goes down, the Luminals, deputized police force on Knowhere, are hunting down Drax.  Badly.  Drax takes down three of them pretty quickly.  That would be Brightstorm, Massdriver, and Impact.  Huh.  I thought Impact was a Cyber-Force member.  Looks different over here.  Also:  Drax knows space kung-fu.  Better than earth kung-fu.

Star-Lord and the Luminals' leader, Cynosure, have words after this confrontation.  Star-Lord wants to help.  Cynosure wants to be a much bigger jerk than she is here.  Cosmo wants them all to sit down and shut up.  Cosmo repeats that the Guardians are confined to quarters and then leaves to do security stuff.

The Guardians aren't happy with their confinement but Star-Lord is adamant about playing by Knowhere's rules.  Rocket Raccoon has news that the radiation leak that so threatened everyone last issue is getting contained so maybe they don't have to worry about that for an issue or so.  Rocket tries to tell Star-Lord to play this better; that the team could come apart if he doesn't work with them more.  Star-Lord makes a nice alluding to the fact that he and Mantis mind-controlled the team together in the first place but none of you mind that!

While this great conversation is going on, Gamora is convincing Quasar to head after Drax on her own and damn the consequences. 

Mantis finds Adam Warlock in the cerebellum of the Celestial head that is Knowhere.  He's trying to use the dormant brain to track down the Skrulls so that they can get on with their mission.  Considering that Warlock himself is a proposed Skrull, I wonder what he finds?

But more on that later.  Right now, we have Quasar confronting Drax.  Quasar is quick to stick up for Drax because of their shared interest.  Quasar was in love with Drax's daughter.  I think maybe she'd like to see some of her in the father but we've also got to remember that the lady in question was Moondragon.  Moondragon was an @$$.  Very possibly that's the trait that got passed down.

Star-Lord finds out that Gamora encouraged Quasar to go chasing off after Drax.  Big shouting match.  It's interupted when Cordelia has... um, I mean, MANTIS has a vision.  Something will happen at some time!  It's... oh, she passed out.

Enter Starhawk.  Only this time, dude looks like a lady.  Now, there are headaches to be found in the next few pages because time travel is never simple.  I love time travel stories, honestly, but they never make them simple anymore.  Marty goes to the past, messes up his own future, fixes it, sings Johnny B Goode, and drives back to the present.  It's simple and fun.

This is difficult and headache inducing.  Apparently, it's too soon for the Guadians of the Galaxy to be in existance and it's not all Major Victory's fault.  Victory's either from the future or an alternate timeline or maybe some writer just made him up on the fly and he has no past.  It's all some sort of riddle thing.  The only clear thing we've got going here is the more people you kill, the more stable the future will be.  So Starhawk starts with that.

Woo!  Dense issue!  You certainly get your money worth...

On the Delegation Habitat Level, Cosmo is dealing with security.  Specifically, he's dealing with the security of Skrulls.  Ones he claims to love.  So... either Cosmo is a Skrull, he's converted to the Skrull religion, or... well, this could go a number of ways, actually.  Anyway, Cosmo is hiding Skrulls and Adam Warlock has found out.

Warlock is noticeably shaken by this betrayal.  Maybe he's found out more?  Hmmm...  anyway, Cosmo and Warlock throw down.  I'm not willing to write Cosmo off as a Skrull or even the "bad guy" here just yet.  Something tells me these Skrulls aren't here to kill people.  Still, Cosmo is a "true agent" and loves them. 

But we're not done just yet.  Back to Drax and Quasar.  What is he up to anyway?  Well, he's figured that the only way to tell the Skrulls from the non-Skrulls is death.  That IS the ultimate way.  So, he's going to kill everyone to figure out who's who.

And then he presses what must be the kill switch.  Tune in next time!

And now, the first part in the long saga called "The Kree-Skrull War Part 2!"

ss2.jpgSilver Surfer #2
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

The Kree-Skrull war is actually a sub-plot running through much of the Silver Surfer's first 2+ years of comics.  They actually had some influence in Silver Surfer #1 when they kidnapped Nova (Frankie Raye) and Norrin rescued her in order to be free of Galactus.  Still, this is a better start for the fun we're about to have.

Norrin Radd is no longer a prisoner on earth.  He has been freed to soar the cosmos once more.  Now, there's one place he's gonna want to stop more than anywhere else.  Home.  Silver Surfer is going back to Zenn-La.

After joy riding through the universe for a while, Surfer makes his way back to his home planet.  Norrin sacrificed himself for Zenn-La many years ago by becoming the Herald of Galactus.  By doing this, he was able to save his planet and his love (Shalla Bal) but was detached from them.  A lot has changed in his absence.

We'll get to that very soon.

First, he's got to greet his love.  That would be the only lady in this scene with a see-through dress.  Just what kind of job do you need a see-through dress for? 

Um, Empress?  Huh.  I guess it's one of those "Empress's New Clothes" type of things.

No sooner does he greet Shalla Bal than some dude accuses him of being a traitor.  I guess it stands to reason.  He turned on Galactus to defend Earth.  Galactus then came back to Zenn-La and devoured it.  This time, the citizens were able to evacuate, but the planet was ravaged.  They returned to a dead planet and tried to make the best of things.

Now, however, the planet is pretty green.  Life has formed and it's all the fault of the Silver Surfer.  He granted Shalla Bal a portion of his power cosmic and through that power Shalla Bal has returned life to Zenn-La.  So Norrin Radd saves what he once lost and Shalla Bal is named Empress because she made the planet live again.  It all works out.

So that's all sussed out and the Silver Surfer is a welcome guy again.  The Empress has biz to take care of though, so Silver Surfer goes to the place of his birth and uses some of that Power Cosmic to make things just like he remembers them.  While he's revisiting his memories, Shalla Bal is visiting with Skrull ambassadors.  They have recently lost their ability to shapeshift but no one knows that yet.  They are looking to get some allies in place.

Granted, the Skrull empire is pretty fractured right now.  This ambassador is from Emperor Kylor, one of many governors-turned-Emperor.  There are veiled threats as the Silver Surfer is mentioned and the Skrulls behave like Skrulls.  The Skrulls make their move on the Silver Surfer employing an agent that had infiltrated the planet prior to the Hyperwave Bomb.

They woefully underestimate their foe.  Power Cosmic?  You're soaking in it.

After that sad little episode, the Surfer again tells the ambassador that Zenn-La is under his protection.  They won't tell the Kree of this loss of shape-changing, but when it comes out, the Surfer will defend Zenn-La against both sides.

And thus, the Surfer becomes a side in and of himself.

Unfortunately, Norrin Radd can find no peace on Zenn-La.  Shalla Bal is bogged down in being Empress.  She has no time for romance and right now that's all the Silver Surfer wants to make time for.  She doesn't want Norrin to rebuild everything for their people because that will make them complacent again.  There is very little for the Silver Surfer to do here and very little place for him in her life right now.

So the Silver Surfer leaves to the stars after getting rid of his home and doing some changes to the local billboards.

ss3.jpgSilver Surfer #3
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

Ah, the Collector.  He gets his kicks from collecting things.  This issue opens with the return and death of his wife.  She doesn't have anything to live for so... well, she doesn't. 

Then the Surfer confronts him about some events happening in a West Coast Avengers Annual (Steve Englehart wrote more than one book) and we get some info on the Elders of the Universe.  Espirita is there to confirm some of his story and her and Silver Surfer leave after making a few threats.

The Collector then contacts the Champion who he supposedly didn't know a few moments earlier.  They make plans to kill the Surfer and a plant thinks thoughts. 

Silver Surfer drops off Espirita on earth and gets that inspirational talk he may need after getting dumped by his girlfriend.

While we're close to earth, we get some scenes from a local Kree outpost ship.  They are on monitor duty.  Checking out earth and watching for Skrulls.  Hey look!  Skrulls!  They've come upon the Ambassador's ship from last issue.  I'd give that ambassador a name but in a few sentences it just won't matter.  The Skrulls do their best to evade the Kree craft but the Kree are more bored and more itching for a fight.

Now, if the Skrulls are captured, it won't take long for the Kree to discover the news that there is no shapechanging advantage.  There's only one choice and it's not a fun one.

There go our Skrulls.  We'll need some more, soon.  So the Kree have a mystery.

Out in space, the Surfer has a mystery all his own.  It's a lot more boring because it's really hard to get into the whole Elders of the Universe bit.  Still, it's enough to intrigue the Silver Surfer and that may say more about him than anyone would like to admit.  For now, it's time to meet another boring member of the Elders: The Runner.

He's got golden skin, charm, and he runs through the universe in golden pants.  This would all be more funny if we weren't already reading a book about a silver skinned buy who surfs through space.  The Runner is here to kill the Surfer and he'll do it with charm.  And killing!

First off, the Runner steals the Surfer's board.  Norrin summons it back.  Then, the wrastlin' on the board.  The Runner wins and the Silver Surfer is flung into a nearby planetoid.  It's probably right around here that the Runner gets bored and takes off thinking his mission is complete.

And he's not far off.  The Surfer can barely move.  Fortunately, we've got another Steve Englehart favorite, Mantis, to help him out.

ss4.jpgSilver Surfer #4
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

So, Mantis.  A lot has happened with her and we're not going to be privy to much of it here.  She goes through a riddle period of her own as she goes about healing the body and mind of the Silver Surfer.

She was Mantis, she was more Mantis in the past, but maybe she still is Mantis?  You look like Mantis to me, so you're probably a Skrull.

Nah, a Skrull would be dead in this atmosphere.

Wait, so would Mantis...


So, anyway, Mantis gets a little less random as reality throws itself back around the Surfer.  It takes him a little time to get used to what's going on and he's not all to certain at this point what IS going on.  Still, Mantis wants a recap and the Surfer is happy to oblige.

This quickly leads us through the recent issues here and those of WCA Annual #2 as well as Avengers Annual #16.  And now... back on target.

I wouldn't argue with her.  She knows the future sometimes.  Maybe.  Mantis is confusing.

After Silver Surfer has related his near history to all, Mantis gives a full backstory.  It's a convoluted tail that probably inspired The Crossing storyline.  All told, Mantis became the Celestial Madonna.  At this point, she's had her baby on earth and raised him until a time of solitude was needed.  So Mantis travelled like the Cotati.  She then learned a bit about the Elder's plans and gave the Surfer a message throught the plants on Panamint that lead to his involvement in the earlier mentioned Annuals.

Surfer still doesn't trust Mantis, but that's ok.

On the Kree homeworld of Kree-Lar the Supreme Intelligence is calculating stuff.  It's what it does.  This time, it's calculations have come to the conclusion that the Skrulls have lost their ability to shape change!  It's a damn smart computer.  Now, it just needs to PROVE the calculations correct.  The Supreme Intelligence summons... Captain Tar-rell!

But the Skrulls are busy, too.  On one of many Skrull planets still whole after the destruction of their Throneworld, Emperor Kylor is greeted with news of his Skrull ambassadors death.  He's satisfied that they have maintained their secret... then he's greeted by something more daunting.  The Celestials have returned.

Back to the Surfer and Mantis.  They are on their way to a meeting of their enemies.  Now, the planet they land on may seem familiar to longtime readers of Marvel comics but we'll hold off the reveal for a moment or two.  First, a meeting of Elders.

Fine, we'll name the elders.  We have the Grand Master, the Collector, the Runner, the Champion, the Possessor, the zzzzz... wha- ah?  oh, the Gardener, the Contemplator, the Astronomer, the Obliterator, the Trader, and... one other...

For now, they discuss their plans.  Through the machinations of the Grand Master, they have all achieved true immortality.  At this point they've just been kept alive because they are particularly obsessed with one thing or another.  Now, there is no dying at all.  They are the oldest sentients in this creation but they aren't the OLDEST sentient around.

There's Galactus left over from the last universe.  In order to be the oldest guys EVER, they have to kill Galactus.

Good Luck, guys.

The last Elder?  Ego, the Living Planet.  You're standing on him. 

After a brief altercation, our heroes escape to safety, Mantis gives Norrin a kiss, and Norrin prepares for a fight.

ss5.jpgSilver Surfer #5
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

In the darkest reaches of space, the Surfer fights the Obliterator.  Now, I know what you're saying, "Super, can the Elders get any more boring?"

They sure can, my gentle reader.  They sure can.

But for now, the Obliterator.  At least he's a fighter.  He also called Surfer a gnat and it's not established that he's is offended by that term.  After Surfer leaves him on a desolate, burning world, he and Mantis make their way to leave him in the dust.  They know that this won't stop him for long, but it's a reprieve, at least.

On a Skrull World, Jemiah the Analyzer looms.  Emperor Kylor decides he will try talking to the Celestial knowing that Celestials talk to no one.

Kylor gives the Celestial a history lesson basically telling Jemiah what we all already know (well, unless this is your first Super Reads SI... maybe I should tell you all what we already know too...).  OK, the Celestials came and experimented on the Skrulls, dividing them like they divide every race they visit.  They created a deviant, latent, and eternal race from the original one.  The deviants later had an offshoot race known as the Dire Wraiths but the Skrulls don't talk about them unless facing a huge judgmental Celestial.  The deviant Skrulls killed all the other Skrulls and then lead them into a glorious empire.

Then, the story gets a bit bogged down in semantics.  Um, the backwater planet earth is really hard to conquer... and those gosh darn Kree... and we lost the ability to shape shift... and... um... NUKE THE CELESTIAL!!!

Emperor Kylor:  Leadership we can believe in.

While Captain Tar-rell of the Kree prepares to spy on the Skrulls, the Surfer and Mantis recuperate on a world with lots of plantlife.  They also discuss that kiss from last issue.  Surfer hasn't exactly been master of making out.  He's kissed Shalla Bal three times.  He's not really in touch with his emotions.  Mantis would like to expand his grasp on his feelings but Surfer's just not ready yet.

And then, more Obliterator action.  Mantis goes on the offense and after some fun action scenes, Obliterator gets off what he thinks is a killing blow.

Back to Tar-rell.  He's on the Skrull Planet with the Celestial and he's infiltrating the Skrulls.  Unfortunately, their defenses are more complicated than you'd think.  They actually scan for non-Skrull signatures.  Turns out a planet of former shape shifters is a bit careful.  Tar-rell is captured and the questioning begins on the other foot.

Surfer is kinda angry.  He thinks Mantis is dead and takes out that anger on the Obliterator.  It's too bad that as boring as the Obliterator is, he's also more powerful than the Surfer.  In the end, the Surfer changes his weapons into lightshows, taking away the Obliterator's killing machines.  This totally ends the fight and the Obliterator instantly wishes death that won't come because he's immortal.

Mantis is, of course, not dead.  She transferred to the plant life and regrew her body.

In Skrull space, the Skrulls prepare for war.

ss6.jpgSilver Surfer #6
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

And the Kree-Skrull war finally begins!


Emperor Kylor has begun attacking the outer edges of the Kree Empire after learning that the Kree were on to the secrets of their loss of power.  They took the offensive.  With Kylor is his second-in-command, Ripan, and his third, Aptak.

Aptak is a dude who got caught shapeshifted as a female to some unknown species.  It's not as pervy as you'd like.  He was under orders.  He's not happy to be stuck as a woman and is pretty sourly disposed.  Still, he's got a keen military mind and is seen as invaluable.

The Supreme Intelligence is holding a War Council of it's own.  In attendance are Phae-dor (a Blue-skin Supremacist), Nenora, and Tus-katt (a Pink-skinned Kree).  The Supreme Intelligence's plan is to evacuate the next planet in line for Skrull Conquest and the blow it up when the Skrull Armada is near.

It's a cold blooded plan but then the Intelligence doesn't really have blood.

Meanwhile, the Obliterator is telling his origin story like we care.  We don't.  He kills things and it gives him reason to live.  It could have been one page.  The Elders are jealous because Galactus is older than them.  It's sort of... elementary.

But add this to your elementary equation:  Destroying Galactus could theoretically end this reality.  The Elders have now separated themselves from death and could theoretically live into the next reality.  Once there, they can much about as much as they want.

So the Surfer and Mantis need to get to earth to stop the Elders who will be meeting there next to test their Galactus killing weapon. 

In Kree space, the Supreme Intelligence's plan has just failed.  The Skrulls avoided the planet set to explode and a traitor is in their midst.  The Intelligence orders Phae-dor to return to Kree-Lar so that he can weed out this traitor.

The Skrulls revel in their escaping the machinations of Supremor.  But such celebration is short-lived as another Skrull Emperor, Yorak, decides to call and try to command the situation.

After this little failed taking of authority, Aptak is again reminded that he looks like a lady and has to deck a Skrull.

Further out in space and heading for earth, the Silver Surfer and Mantis have a discussion of what constitutes cheating.  Surfer got dumped.  Mantis' husband doesn't have physical form anymore.  It's time to get on with the baby making. 

OR maybe they just make out.  Surfer's new to all this.

On Kree-lar, an execution is about to take place.  The Supreme Intelligence has reviewed Phae-dor, Nenora, Tus-katt, and his little monkey-servo thing, Nullet, and found nothing that incriminates any of them.  Still, one has to be a traitor and finding no other evidence, he executes Nullet under the pretense that only Nullet could have modified his relays to hide a traitor.  Now, the real traitor was Nenora who breaths a lot of sighs of relief and is given Nullet's job.  The easier to manipulate the Supreme Intelligence?  Oh yeah.

After the Surfer and Mantis get finished making out or whatever, they are happily flying to earth and talking about their feelings.  Then the old ex gets on the line and calls Norrin Radd back to Zenn-La.  It looks like home is a battle ground and the Surfer has to defend it.

Suddenly, there's a lot going on and not a lot of time to do it.

Until next time:  Who Do YOU Trust?
Posted originally: 2008-10-12 08:57:57

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