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Super Vets Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Wednesday, October 22 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled22.jpgSuper associates with Skrulls for another week of fun and excitement!

Today, it's all about The New Avengers #45, Avengers: The Initiative #17, Thunderbolts #124, Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2, Black Panther #41, Nova #17, She-Hulk #33, Deadpool #2, and then blast from the past looks at the second Kree-Skrull War in Silver Surfer #'s 7-12.  Ready set go!

Spoilers Ahead!

Once again, the Secret Invasion keeps on keeping on.

Are you behind on your SI reading or want to check up a title that you haven't bought?  You'll see a link off to your left titled "Super Reads SI" where you can check out what happened in every issue dealing with Secret Invasion.  Not really down with looking to the left?  You can also check here to catch up on all 21 previous articles.  Roll on and read up!

Speaking of rolling, we've got a lot of ground to cover so let's drive. 

na45.jpgThe New Avengers #45
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Jim Cheung

A House of M tie-in issue!

Which ought to explain the glowing vagina of doom page.  Also: one less page to pencil!  It's a good day to be Jim Cheung.

Once we're stuck in the House of M world again, we're also going to follow around the Skrulls for a while.  First up is your favorite and mine: Queen Veranke/ Spider-Woman.  In HoM, she was working with SHIELD.  She looks pretty confused.

We cut to a beautiful view of the SHIELD Helicarrier, two HoM-style Sentinels and a LOT of jets soaring above a city (I believe it's New York City but it could be Hammer Bay-- my memory is fuzzy on the location of the Helicarrier at the beginning of House of M).

Back inside the Helicarrier, Veranke's little panic attack continues.  She excuses herself from her fellow commandos and runs to the nearest restroom for a little sick action.

So, just like Wolverine, Veranke knows that this is a false world.  It freaks the hell out of her, though.  She's not alone in that freakage.

In Chicago, Hank Pym (a Skrull named Criti Noll) is having an argument with Hank McCoy.  They are discussing isolating the mutant gene and how much of a bad idea that is.  While they talk, Criti Noll begins realizing how much this ISN'T his world.  Quick flashbacks of the meeting between the New Avengers, the Astonishing X-Men, a bunch of old Avengers, and Professor Xavier, a meeting with Veranke/Spider-Woman, defeating the real Hank Pym, and taking Hank's form, and finally approaching the Scarlet Witch in Genosha.  McCoy keeps talking but Pym/Criti Noll doesn't really seem to pay attention any more.  He takes off in a panic and is picked up by Veranke.

After calming Pym down, the two Skrulls talk about what the hell just happened.  The are amazed that the people don't see through the illusion as they have.  Still, there are cracks in this reality.  Wolverine knows what's going on.  More will find out.  It will all unravel.  Veranke makes her way to Genosha to kill the Scarlet Witch.

When she gets there , just as she suspected, everyone else is there too.  She makes her way to the Scarlet Witch and her two kids in time to witness Hawkeye's confrontation with her and his disassemblement.  One of the kids notices her and she gets the same treatment.

Finally, we get the "no more mutants" line and reality is put back together with a few changes.  Mostly, there are a lot less mutants.

The Skrulls hold a meeting to discuss this messed up event.  They are happy that the mutant problem has been solved for them but very freaked out about the reality altering abilities that some of the residents of this planet have.  Veranke seems to have more information, though.

She has heard about the Annihilation Wave and how it tore through the remnants of the Skrull Empire.  Billions of Skrulls have lost their lives.  It was all foretold but the enormity of it actually happening hits the group and they openly weep for their lost brethren.  Still, it's a sign that they have chosen the right path and ultimately strengthens their resolve.

He totally loves them.

ati17.jpgAvengers: The Initiative #17
Writer: Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Harvey Tolibao

So Camp Hammond has become the central base for the Skrull Invasion Forces.  Most of the Initiative got beat down during the Battle of Manhattan.  War Machine is off being a Transformer in Iron Man's SHIELD book.  3-D Man is cruising the country with the Skrull Kill Krew taking out infiltrated Skrull agents placed in as many Initiative teams as possible. 

Looks like stuff is happening on my favorite Avengers book!

This issue focuses on the Shadow Initiative team with some looks at 3-D Man's mission and Crusader hanging out with Nick Fury.  Let's watch!

Ant-Man is the most cowardly super hero you'll find.  He ducked out before the Initiative left for the Battle of Manhattan and has found that staying behind hasn't made himself any safer.  Looks like there are more Skrulls here than anywhere else.  He's been doing his best to hide which is a lot easier when you can shrink down to ant size.

He's not the only human left on base, though.  The day care center seems fully stocked and there's even one of the Shadow Initiative on hand visiting his kid and his wife.  He gets the call to action, kisses his wife good-bye, and suits up.

In the Infirmary, Trauma gets a similar call.  He leaves Doctor Physique and Baron von Blitzkrieg to join his fellow Shadow Initiative members.

Constrictor was trying to sleep.  Looks like he'll need to put on his robot hands and get to business.

And then there's Mutant 0.  Like most of the Marvel Universe's female population, she's a red head that likes to meditate naked in what looks like a padded cell.  It's a surprising amount of women... maybe not in a padded cell but don't tell fandom that.  It's all part of the allure, I'm sure.  Anyway, she suits up for action.

Ant-Man is still working his way off base.  He's going over how much he learned from Dum Dum Dugan when, suddenly, Dugan joins the camp.  Looks like he survived his bombing of the SWORD Orbital Station and either got a ride back to earth or flew down.  From the energy effect, I'm going with flight.  It's not long after that when Veranke herself shows up.  This goes down a little differently than it was depicted in the main series, but we'll just say these are some extended scenes.

Before Ant-Man can get a grip on who's a Skrull and all, Bengal snatches him up from behind and he's now stuck with the Shadow Initiative.  They are preparing to kill Veranke and Ant-Man is gonna help them whether he wants to or not.

In Nevada, 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew are meeting the Heavy Hitters and killing the Skrull that had infiltrated their team.  Komodo has saved her boyfriend, Hardball, even though the long term story makes him sort of a traitor... maybe.  The rest of the team includes Telemetry, Nonstop, and GRAVITY!  Yes!  Gravity's stuck in Nevada!  Hahaha!  Take that Nevada!

Just kidding, Gravity's great.

We now make a stop at the home of former 3-D Man, Chuck Chandler and his brother, Hal.  They are coordinating the current 3-D Man's efforts and are about to get a major boost with the arrival of Jocasta.  She's one of the many androids running around the Marvel Universe.  She was created by Ultron and has the mind template of Janet Van Dyne.  She's a member of New Mexico's Mavericks and since the Skrull, She-Thing, was already outed on that team, she's probably not a Skrull infiltrator.

Back at Camp Hammond, the Shadow Initative is discussing strategy.  They suss out that Skrulls like Dugan are New Super Skrulls with a wide array of powers.  They have to assume that Yellowjacket and Spider-Woman are similar until proven otherwise.  They also have the ability to change shape which causes a lot of mistrust on our Shadow team.

Could one of them be a Skrull?  Well, that's the question, isn't it?  Ant-Man proves himself by not turning into Brad Pitt to have sex with his wife or something.  Constrictor proves himself by pointing out that when he lost his original arms they didn't get all Skrully on him.  Trauma uses his powers on Bengal and Mutant 0 to bring out their worst fears and thus prove they're who they say they are.

Yeah, odds that Mutant 0 is Jean Grey?  Really?  Not good.  Sorry, just sayin'.

She smacks Trauma upside the head for having her live through her worst fear and we're off.

At Nick Fury's Secret Commando Safe House of Safety, Fury is just getting a kick out of watching the Skrull's Invasion Video (now on DVD and Blu-ray).  He's trying to get something out of it that may be there and may not.  Meanwhile, Crusader is beating himself up because he knew Yellowjacket was a Skrull and didn't do anything about it.  When Fury's asks him why he's all emo, Crusader muddles out some response or another.  Fury tells him that Cap personally talked about him and since Crusader is basically a hero fanboy at heart, this makes him excited and strengthens his resolve.


Back at the base, the Shadow Initiative does their thing.  Ant-Man blows the door for them and it's on.  After a short battle, Mutant 0 shoots Veranke in the head only to find that this Spider-Woman was a body double for the real Skrull Queen.  This gets Constrictor to go off on a rant about how much the Star Wars Prequels sucked (just let it go, Constrictor) and then they all turn on Trauma.  What?  Oh, they're all afraid he's a Skrull and there go his powers again.

C'mon, team, focus!  You're supposed to be killing the Queen!  Not a teammate!

This distraction gives the Skrulls time to rally and the battle ends with the Shadow Initiative's defeat.  Yellowjacket mentions that there were only two Skrulls who had infiltrated the base.  Him and the blonde girl.  I'm racking my brain trying to figure out if said blonde has revealed herself yet and I'm gonna say "no."

So place your bets now.

One guy didn't go down with his team.  That's right!  It's the coward!  Ant-Man blew the door and then got out of the way.  He's discovered that the Skrulls are planning something big.  REAL big.  Something that even Iron Man would think was daunting.  Something that involves EVERY INITIATIVE BASE!  So he escapes to tell someone who has a chance of stopping it.

Jocasta has done her thing and re-established contact with each Initiative base.  She's then gone ahead and contacted a teleporter she can trust, Devil Slayer from 3-D Man's own team.  This is going to greatly improve the effectiveness of the Skrull Kill Krew and 3-D Man's Initiative hanger-ons.

We're on our way to resolution!  We just need to have a few more scenes of Crusader's wavering loyalties and we'll be ready to stick a fork in this storyline!

tb124.jpgThunderbolts #124
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Fernando Blanco

When last we saw the T-Bolts, everything had gone to hell.  Let's see where they go from there.

Looks like a bunch of Skrulls mimicking the looks of Spider-Man in front of Norman Osborn is... a stupid idea.  It just makes them more appealing targets.  So, yeah.  Dead Skrulls. 

Penance was left dealing with a whole group of Skrulls reminding him that he feels responsible for the Stamford Tragedy.  Osborn gets on the com and asks him if any of these corpses looks like the faces of those killed at Stamford.  Nope, they're just generic dead people faces.  And then Penance makes them real dead people... or more accurately, Skrulls.

So Osborn, Penance, and Radioactive Man are all ok for the moment but what about Venom killing people in the crowd?  That seems kinda bad.  Osborn gets back on the com and talks directly to the Venom symbiote.  He tells the symbiote that if there's killing to do, it will be Osborn who directs that killing.  If the symbiote doesn't like that, well, Osborn kills Mac Gargan and, by extention, it. 

Game changer.  The New Super Skrull reveals himself and it turns out that Venom just covered these people in his goop.  He did no killing.  Well, not yet at least.  That New Super Skrull doesn't have long, though.

Penance and Norman head for the Zeus leaving Radioactive Man behind.  Osborn's next call is to Bullseye's handlers.  They got killed last issue so they aren't very talkative.

Finally, we've got Moonstone.  She betrayed the human race last time, trying to make a deal with the Skrulls.  The Skrulls are totally ready to name her a regional governor but this is about the moment that Moonstone's tactical error rears it's ugly head.  Turns out that Andrea Strucker was an actual clone and NOT a Skrull.  Moonstone just struck down her brother so Strucker is pissed.

The Skrulls are killed in Andrea's power blast while Moonstone's damage is mostly wardrobe related.  Before Strucker can deal a second force blast, Bullseye is on the scene killing at random but with deadly accuracy.  Andrea dies again and then he moves on to Moonstone.  She is able to go intangible as two throwing stars pass through her.

Well, Moonstone's chance to betray the human race is done with so she plays the card she's given.  Her and Bullseye gather up the Swordsman and his dead sister and head back to the Zeus.  They report to Osborn who sees the death of the Swordsman's sister as an opportunity.  Still, he has Radioactive Man to deal with first.

Our good glowing hero is about to explode and it's up to Moonstone to fly him out a safe distance (in a Skrull ship) so that he can explode in the vastness of space instead of the vastness of America.  He does so just as the Skrulls on the ship are rallying.

That's a good point, Moonstone.  Her power has always generated her clothing.  Why is she at the point right before nakedness?  Is it a stylistic choice?  Horny artist? 

Probably the last one.

Anyway, Chen blew up and is fine now, thanks for asking.  He's ready to get back to killing the bad guys.

On the ground, the T-Bolts face off against the Atlas looking New Super Skrull as Moonstone flies back down with Radioactive Man in tow.  Osborn sets Radioactive Man with the task of killing the alien and then sets to wake up the Swordsman and tell him the news about his sister's death... with a few details changed around to get Andreas to do his bidding.  The Swordsman takes it... well.  He blames Osborn but believes that the Skrulls are responsible.  So he takes down a Skrull ship and goes to work on the inhabitants.

Chen has found the frequency to take down the Atlas New Super Skrull.  Venom's still working on the other one.  Osborn lets his team kill Skrulls for a while but orders that prisoners be taken.  He then strikes a pose for the cameras and says some dramatic words for the audience watching at home.

Osborn fires up at the Atlas New Super Skrull, attracting his attention.  The New Super Skrull phases through a wall to get to him.  Just then, Radioactive Man hits him with a blast that disrupts his phasing ability.  While he's in the wall.  Dead New Super Skrull.  It's around the same time that Venom takes down the other New Super Skrull.

Osborn sits at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.  Victory's in site and the T-Bolts are looking great.  We'll see if they can maintain that drive for one more issue.

asm2.jpgSecret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2
Writer: Brian Reed
Penciler: Marco Santucci

Spider-Man, Spider-Man.  Does whatever a spider can.  In this case, that means appearing in his own comic!  A spider can totally do that.

Spidey's just here for the recap page and to remind us how awesome it is fighting in the Savage Land.

After that, we're back in action with Jackpot and a Sinister Six New Super Skrull.  They're fighting it out in the DB with the rest of our Brand New Cast watching on.  Who's that cast?

Dexter Bennet!  Owner and Publisher of the DB!

Officer Vincent Gonzales!  Peter Parker's roommate and policeman!

Robbie Robertson!  Former Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle!

Betty Brant!  Reporter for the DB!

OK, honestly, the Sinister Six New Super Skrull is more than Jackpot can handle.  Vinny firing bullets at it doesn't help matters.  Our Brand New Cast makes a hasty retreat.  There's a nice stairway scene here that shows the urgency that they have to get out of Dodge.

We've got two other cast members to follow around.  Harry Osborn and his girlfriend, Lily Hollister are on the ground and being surrounded by New Super Skrulls of their very own.  They duck into a parking garage and look for a car with keys.  Amazingly, they find one and it's a NICE CAR.  The gun it through a window just as a New Super Skrull is bearing down on them. 

Not knowing what to do, the decide to head to Vin Gonzales' police station. 

The rest of our cast has made their way to the DB's parking garage and find a get away vehicle of their own.  Robbie's driving because in his youth he raced street cars.  We'll see if that helps.  They are staying just one step ahead of the New Super Skrull and even then he's catching up.


I mean, seriously, right?  The Skrulls should know that Spidey's in the Savage Land with the Avengers.  The only thing I can think of is that this Skrull was supposed to replace Peter and is horribly, horribly late.  I'm thinking he got dropped off in Seattle instead of New York, missed his bus connection in Chicago, and is just finally getting to New York now.  He's late and is trying to make up for lost time so that his Skrull superiors might not notice.  Or he's just very focused on Spider-Man.

They decide to make their way to the Baxter Building because who better to deal with Skrulls than the FF?  It's just too bad that the Skrulls already took care of the Baxter Building.  Bennet demands that Betty report all this but Betty's a step ahead.  She's been doing her job this entire time.  This is, after all, news.

Everyone gets back in the car and they drive off.  That New Super Skrull is tenacious.  They lose him but it's mostly a temporary reprieve.

Harry and Lily are still on their way to the police station.  The problem is they don't know where it is.  Rich people.  Harry's trying to call Carlie, Lily's roommate, for directions but he's not getting any cell connection in Manhattan.

They end up crashing their ride when an Illuminati New Super Skrull interupts their escape.  The beat feet but get separated  after another power blast by the aforementioned New Super Skrull.  The Skrull chases Harry but Osborn gets away and hided for the moment.

The New Super Skrull searches around but then his head is seared off by... Menace!  Hmmm... Lily disappears and Menace shows up...  clue?

Stark Tower is still locked up tight, so no Avengers help.  It looks like Jackpot will have to face the Sinister Six New Super Skrull on her own.  That confrontation lasts another five seconds with the New Super Skrull throwing her into a building.  She recovers like a champ but before she can catch up with the rest of our cast and renew the fight she'll have to throw down with Menace.

Girl can't catch a break.

Speaking of not catching a break, the rest of our cast is still driving only they have lost their defender.  The New Super Skrull is tearing through the car at an alarming rate and has determined that one of the occupants must be Spider-Man.  He demands that Spidey give himself up or they all die.

My money's on Dexter.  He seems spider-like.

bp41.jpgBlack Panther #41
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jefte Palo

We're almost done with the most failing invasion attempt in Skrull history.

Granted, it all looks pretty good to start out.  The Skrulls have captured the Black Panther and Storm.  The battle ended in a victory for them.  As the sun rises, things look good for the Skrulls.

That should be your first clue that it's all but over.  Commander K'vvvr surveys the battlefield and hopes this is his last tour of duty.  He's ready to retire and... look, we all know where this is going.  It's so poorly telescoped.  K'vvvr has been the retiring cop with one week left of service that you all KNOW is gonna die this entire storyline.  I'm not going to hide it.  Commander K'vvvr is a dead Skrull walking.

All that remains is to see just how he fails.

OK, so, K'vvvr enters his ship and greets his royal captives.  He demands that they tell their people to stand down but the Black Panther and his wife are defiant.  So, the torture begins. 

They both stare right at Commander K'vvvr as they are painfully worked over.  It takes a long time but eventually the Black Panther breaks out into a terrible scream.  Storm joins in.  The Wakandans are ready to retaliate but they await T'Challa's orders.

K'vvvr heads to the bridge and lets his torture teams continue.  He begins composing a letter to his wife.

Later on, the two spies that turned over the King and Queen of Wakanda join him on the bridge.

It should be starting to come into you mind now exactly how this is going to go down but we'll keep going like everything is going to plan. 

In the torture chamber, Storm and Black Panther have begun repeating themselves.  Huh, there's something stuck in T'Challa's mouth.  They work on digging it out.

On the bridge, K'vvvr asks the two spies how the Wakandans were able to detect their sleeper agents.  The spies say that it was because of their souls.  K'vvvr is distracted by the com as the torture agents report in.  It turns out that the device in T'Challa's throat was a voice manipulator.  With it out, the Black Panther reveals that he's a Skrull and that the real Black Panther and Storm are still at large.  They faked capture and turned the tables before anyone noticed.

Including the reader.

While Commander K'vvvr tries to catch up, his spies keep on talking.  The sleeper agents couldn't hide their souls.  They could mimic Wakandans on every other level but they could not hide their souls from the Panther God.

Then our spies revert to their true forms, BP and Storm, and slay Commander K'vvvr.  So close to retirement, K'vvvr, so close.

Storm lights up the sky with lightning and the Wakandans move in for the kill. 

The ship is launched back into space with it's entire number slain.  On a column is written, "This is what happens when you invade Wakanda."

It's in english, though.  Hopefully someone will translate.

When the ship is discovered by the Skrulls, they decide that Wakanda isn't worth the bother and blast it out of existence from orbit.

Nah, I'm kidding.  That would be the logic answer and we are far from that in this book.

n17.jpgNova #17
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Wellington Alives & Geraldo Burges

Ah, Nova.  The love is deep.  So deep it put that @$$ to sleep.

We left Nova in the hand of Super-Skrull.  The Thing-looking hand.  Super-Skrull uses his flame to burn Nova up and then rushes to join his Skrull brethren.

Except he didn't burn up Nova.  He used his forcefield power to protect him.  Super-Skrull's got another agenda going down and it's at this point that he ends up in She-Hulk's book.

But that's later.  Right now we've got Nova to deal with and Richard has an important destination. 


Nova checks on his parents who also give him a rundown on what they know about the invasion.  They're more worried about Richard's brother, though.  Nova's bro, Rob, works at Project PEGASUS and that's a pretty high target for the Skrulls.

Nova's off to check in on his brother.  Project PEGASUS has seen better days.  Upon arrival, Nova is attacked by Darkhawk.  Nova's not the first superhero to make an appearance here.  He may be the first one that wasn't really a Skrull, though.  Rob comes out of hiding to confirm his brother's identity and we're all friends here.

Rob introduces Richard to Project Director Gruenwald (who is names after and bears a likeness to the late, great Mark Gruenwald) and Robotics Head, Doctor Necker.  They let Richard in on their current situation.

Ah, that Mark Gruenwald.  He is totally missed.

All the tech in Project PEGASUS is locked down with the exception of one that was in the research area at the time of Invasion.  That device doesn't have sufficient computer power to make it work, though.  Blast Starktech for failing when needed most!  Nova vows to buy them the time they need to get some non-Starktech systems working.

Richard uses the downtime to catch up with his brother.  Rob works at a great job and is making some nice advances for humankind but he still just wants to play super hero.  He got rejected jobs from SHIELD and Stark Industries so Project PEGASUS isn't his ideal situation.  They talk about how hot Doctor Necker is but then it's back to work and defending the base from Skrulls.

Darkhawk and Nova take on the invaders but Darkhawk is anxious for revenge and gets knocked down.  Nova defends him for a retreating action.  They get the door sealed and Nova gravimetrically backs it up.

Nova asks again about this doomsday device they were researching.  Turns out it's a Quantum Flask they extracted from the Negative Zone.  They just need a computer powerful enough to work it.  Sadly, Nova broke the Worldmind a few issues ago.

I miss the Worldmind.

They examine Richard and find the dormant Worldmind Matrix.  The plan laid forth is to remove the Worldmind, place it in the Minion Mainframe and then reboot it.  They then can get it to open the Quantum Flask and hopefully not destroy the universe.  The Skrulls are everywhere and there's not a lot of time.  Nova gives permission but they've gotta hurry.

Long story short:  They succeed in removing the Worldmind Matrix.  The matrix then reboots a wakes up the Quantum Flask.  What speaks to him?

Looks like it's Wendell Vaughn.  Quasar.  But he's dead!

sh33.jpgShe-Hulk #33
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Vincent Cucca

So, Super-Skrull is trying to kill his daughter for being a terrible Skrull.  That's his reason for coming to earth.  First he's gotta deal with She-Hulk, though. 

Possibly that passenger jet, too.

He actually takes off before the jet can hit him but he leaves She-Hulk directly in it's path.  The only hope that the jet has is for Jen to go human and bounce off the craft a few times.

That probably breaks a LOT of bones but one switch back the She-Hulk and everything is fine.  Now, it's all about landing.  She uses Super-Skrull to help with that as the discuss his reasons for killing Jazinda.

Jaz and Talisman have crashed their ship into a lake.  Before we get to more about them we learn why Jazinda is unkillable.  On a mission to capture a sacred stone, she was confronted by Kree soldiers.  In the chaos, she swallowed the stone in order to keep it safe.  It seemed a good idea at the time.  Turns out the stone bonded with her and brings her back to life when she's killed.

And there she is alive again.  It's water, so she goes fish.

So does Talisman but he chooses a much larger and more shark-like form.

Super-Skrull drops She-Hulk off in a local forest and then gets to looking for his daughter.  It's not that easy, though.  She-Hulk throws a boulder at him and then a tree.  Kl'rt goes invisible.  He strikes her from that advantage.  She strikes at him through words.

He goes nova flame and flash blinds her.

On the beach, Jazinda has returned to Skrull-form and pulled a gun on Talisman.  Unfortunately, Super-Skrull is there to turn the gun on her.  Jennifer tries one last tact to get Super-Skrull to reconsider killing his daughter.  She gets blasted by that gun and turns back to She-Hulk just in time to survive the blast.

Still, her words seem to be sinking... oh, he shot her.

Talisman is preparing to remove the stone that continues to bring Jaz back to life but there's a protective shield placed over her.  By her father.  Turns out he's decided not to permanently kill his daughter.

Super-Skrull grabs a hold of Talisman and throws him as far away as possible.  He then tells She-Hulk to inform his daughter that he failed to kill her and flies off.

dp2.jpgDeadpool #2
Writer: Daniel Way
Penciler: Paco Medina

So Deadpool has decided to work with the Skrulls.

After telling them his history, he dedicates himself to their cause only to find that he wasn't speaking into the universal translator.  So he starts again only to learn that that's no universal translator.

It knocks him out and he's sent to Sci-ops Command for dissection and examination.

They end up making a group of Deadpool New Super Skrulls who are unkillable.  DP somehow convinces them that he should train them so that they have his skills and techniques since that's how he took down the Skrulls in the stadium.

His training is... unique.

He sets his protegés against a whole squadron of New Super Skrulls.  They kill them all.  He gets the whole troop to cut off their hands and then explains why he has so many pouches (they're used to hold severed body parts!).  He then teaches them the joys of the knock knock joke and headshots.

Ah... so many headshots.

The Skrulls have had enough of this and send in a troop to stop the continuous headshots.  But how do you kill the unkillable?

Meanwhile, Deadpool holds a secret meeting with... Nick Fury!  Ha!  He's NOT a traitor!

ss7.jpgSilver Surfer #7
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

So, the Kree have decided to attack Zenn-La with Transformers.  I can get behind that.

Surfer is less a fan.  He destroys on ship/Transformer within moments of arriving on planet.  The second one gets a warning which it chooses to ignore.  Surfer makes short work of it, anyway.

He boards the ship and talks to the occupants.  They are not fanatics like certain Skrulls and surrender.  He delivers the message that Zenn-La is under his protection and any action against it by either side will result in retaliation.  The Kree Commander tells him he'd love to agree with him but only the Supreme Intelligence can stop the invasion.

The Surfer determines to deliver that message personally and to tow the Kree far enough away that they won't be able to attack while he's gone but first he's got to visit his former love, Shalla Bal.  In that meeting he tells her that he's met someone and that he'll return her tea set when he gets the time.

You cut her to the quick, Norrin.

Meanwhile, on earth, Mantis has been reborn in the plants.  She's got to spy on a meeting of Elders.  Hopefully we can stay away through the whole meeting this time.

Apparently, the Elders are collecting Soul Gems.  If they collecting them all and train their levels up in Pokémon tournaments, they should generate enough power to kill Galactus.  They've got all but one and the Contemplator is on his way to gathering up that one.

Oh, and they are aware that Mantis has been listening in.  Unfortunately, her mastery of plants is trumped by the Gardener.

Mantis is captured but is able to send on signal through the plants.  It is picked up by Shalla Bal.

The Kree lead the Silver Surfer to the Supreme Intelligence.  He agrees to leave Zenn-La alone but when Norrin presses his luck by adding Earth to the list of non-attackable planets, Supremor refuses.

Earth is too important a planet, strategically. 

Surfer tries a little force on for size but the Supreme Intelligence attacks and absorbs Norrin Radd into his conciousness using... the final Soul Gem!

So, no, the Contemplator will not be getting it from Supremor.

ss8.jpgSilver Surfer #8
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

And now we get to the tripped out dream sequence issue.  A lot of it is nonsense but the underlying theme is that the Supreme Intelligence is trying to absorb the Surfer into his consciousness using the Soul Gem and he's being resisted.

He's aided by a silver animal.

On the outside, Nenora excuses herself so that she can report to her superiors.  She gets Aptak on the monitor (that's the male Skrull stuck as a female... something).  She relays all the info she's gotten so far and then we learn that her and Aptak were lovers.  Huh.

Surfer's tripped out soulscape is still pretty messed up.  He confronts a silver talking dog.  That dog attacks the vision of the Contemplator who's sort of acting like a peeping tom.

Supremor sends an army of Kree against Norrin but he surfs on his silver dog to... good gravy, he surfs on the back of a silver dog.  Who writes this stuff?

Anyway, he beats the odds.

Shalla Bal tries to contact Mantis throught the plants and send a strong beam of thought into the heavens.

In the Soulscape, the Surfer rides the back of a silver bird to fight a dragon with an octopus head.


His surfboard is contacted in the real world and flies through the Soul Gem to join the Surfer.  Reconnected to his board, he's able to escape the Supreme Intelligence's mind, taking the Soul Gem with him.

This causes Supremor to go quite mad. 

On Zenn-La, Shalla Bal's message is answered but not by Mantis.  Looks like the Gardener has trapped another of Norrin Radd's women.

ss9.jpgSilver Surfer #9
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

So, the Elders meet together.  They've captured Mantis and Shalla Bal.  They know that the Silver Surfer has the final Soul Gem.  They talk about this Kree-Skrull War and how with the fall of the Supreme Intelligence, Nenora has been placed in charge. 

They laugh at this because they know Nenora is in reality a Skrull.

They summon the Silver Surfer and propose and exchange for the Soul Gem.  Surfer races to the scene and after trying to grab his ladies without paying accedes to their demands.

The Grandmaster never really plays fait, though.  He throws the two captives and demands the Surfer retrieve them.  Upon retrieval, their protective bubble bursts and only Shalla Bal is saved.  The fate of Mantis will be decided at a later date.

For now, we just have Norrin Radd's anger.

The Elders summon Galactus.  He responds.  They attack and using the power of the Soul Gems they are able to nearly kill Galactus.  Nova tries to stop them but her powers are not up to the task.

The Silver Surfer, however, has a great reflective body.  He uses it to turn back the attack.  He tells Nova to take down the star in this system and cause it to go nova.

This effectively ends the attack and refuels Galactus. 

The star quickly turns into a black hole and draws the Elders, the Surfer, and Nova into it.  Galactus saves his herald and former herald as well as many of the Elders. 

Still, those Elders may not live long.

ss10.jpgSilver Surfer #10
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

Galactus is pissed.  The Elders tried their best to kill him but, with the help of the Silver Surfer, they failed.  He then takes his revenge against the Elders.  They say Death protects them but since Galactus is a force between Death and Eternity he is able to destroy them anyway.

Now, since I've seen a few of these guys show up in recent year I'm gonna have to say that this death is no where near permant but if it can keep the Elders from boring me for a few months I will take it.

Galactus then orders his herald and Silver Surfer to find the last Elder, the Contemplator, and deliver him for his judgement.  The Surfer refuses at first but later agrees.

Before Nova and he take off, they double back to witness one of the more interesting meeting you can see in the Universe.

That being the Universe talking to Galactus.  The Universe in this case being Eternity.  Galactus takes on the form of a sun during the conversation.

Eternity relays that he put his trust in the fact that the Surfer would not allow Galactus to be destroyed.  It all worked out pretty well and they got rid of the friggin' Elders for a while.  That's win/win.

In Kree Space, Aptak is meeting with Nenora in her position as Wazillian Ambassador.  They meet privately and doing some kissing.  It's not as hot as you'd like it to be, though.  Aliens are wierd looking.  Aptak then laughs at the thought that the Kree have put a Skrull in charge of their empire.  Nenora will be able to run the Kree into ambush after ambush and guarantee Skrull victory.

That is... unless she poisons Aptak and decides to actually RULE the Kree... then the Skrulls are in trouble.

ss11.jpgSilver Surfer #11
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Joe Staton

Nova and the Surfer are on their way to confront the Contemplator and end the boredom of the Elders for a while.

On the way, they are attacked by space pirates.  They're like regular pirates, but in space!

They apparently hide out in the Coalsack: an oddly named area of space filled with chemically alive clouds that provide natural cover for those that know how to traverse the area.

Unfortunately, after the Surfer and Nova met with Nenora, they found that this is the area they needed to head to.  They have a tough time of it until they adjust their vision to see the paths the space pirates take to travel through the clouds.

They come to a small port area and do their best to blend in.  This means getting less naked.  They get clothed and split up to find the Contemplator. 

Nova gets a tip that anyone who's anyone is going to a party later that night.  If the Contemplator is around, he'll probably show up.

Meanwhile, the "Surfer" meets up with some Kree and kills them all.

When next we see Norrin, he's changed clothes so that we think that maybe he's actually just gone on a killing spree.  Odds... unlikely.

They decide to check out this party and to totally mooch.  The two dance together and generally enjoy themselves as they wait for the Contemplator to make an appearance.  Unfortunately, space pirates aren't known for their manners and a fight breaks out with the two heralds in the center of it.

In the end, a trap is sprung.  Nova and Surfer and captured by a lizard man and the Contemplator.

ss12.jpgSilver Surfer #12
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Marshall Rogers

Meet Reptyl--The Non-Human.  Please disregard his humanoid shape.  I mean, look at that!  He's got a tail and a lizard head!  Just because he's humanoid shape doesn't mean he's humanoid!  He's...

Yeah, Reptyl's got issues that have nothing to do with his terrible name.  He hates humanoids which may make his defense of the Contemplator odd but he actually thinks that the Contemplator leaving this system so long ago helped the reptillian race that bore him thrive in his absence.

He's using the two heralds to power his space ships.

The plants send a message to the Cotati telling them of this.  The Cotati agree that a response is necessary and choose as their champion another ridiculously named alien, Clumsy Foul-Up.  Not his birth name, folks.

The Contemplator realizes what going on and tries to warn Reptyl.  Unfortunately, Reptyl is sleeping and has ordered that no one disturb him.

So Clumsy is able to free Nova before any retaliation is able to be taken.  Best space pirates ever.  Reptyl is finally woken up and sets out to take action.  The dog-fight between Nova and Reptyl's remaining ship is a fun battle where Nova surrounds Reptyl's ship with sun flames. 

Reptyl decides this isn't worth the risk anymore and jetisons the Surfer.  The distracts Nova for a time as the pirates make their getaway.  They make for the Coalsack and the Contemplator is confident that they'll be safe when they're inside.

And that's when Reptyl takes a bite out of our last Elder.  Now, remember, the Elders are immortal so even after he's eaten he should still live.  Poor poor Elder.  That'll teach you to bore me.

Ah, the Silver Surfer portion of the Kree-Skrull War pretty much has the War as the back story.  With the Elder Story out of the way, maybe we'll see some more front and center action.

Until next time:  Who Do YOU Trust?
Posted originally: 2008-10-18 10:28:38

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