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Super Judges Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Monday, November 03 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled23.jpgYou will be amazed that this took so long!

This time around, we look at Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3, Deadpool #3, and then blast from the past looks at the second Kree-Skrull War in Silver Surfer #'s 13, 14, and the first Annual.  It's party time!

Spoilers Ahead!

Ah, Secret Invasion.  You are dear to the hearts of many.

Are you behind on your SI reading or want to check up a title that you haven't bought?  Me too!  You'll see a link off to your left titled "Super Reads SI" where you can check out what happened in every issue dealing with Secret Invasion.  Looking for a lazier way?  You can also check here to catch up on all 22 previous articles.  Watch all the action from the beginning!

OK, then.  Pimping is done, it's time to read. 

ih3.jpgSecret Invasion: Inhumans #3
Writer: Joe Pokaski
Penciler: Tom Raney

So, it looks like King Maximus (the sometimes Mad) and the rest of the Inhumans beat down the Skrull Invasion force.  Max believes it was because the royal family took off on them.  Who am I to argue with Mad Max?

Where are the Royal Family off to?  Space.  Final Frontier.  Yadda yadda yadda.  More specifically:  They're off to talk to the relations. 
The Kree.

There's a barrier around Kree space, but that just means they have to knock before entering.  They all go on a space walk, get shot at, and finally Ronan the Accuser answers the door.

So far, everything according to plan.

Back on the Ry'Bik, the Phoenix/White Queen New Super Skrull (PWQNSS) and the mad scientist Skrull with the sketchy and unbelievably continuity shattering history are experimenting on Black Bolt as his son watches.  We get a short version of Black Bolt origin.  He was experimented on in the womb, raised as a weapon, locked up, fell in love anyway, and then we're back to gloating Skrulls. 

So, scene change to Kree Space.  Ronan and Medusa are having a conference.  It's kind of on the angry side.  The Kree lost the Kree-Skrull War.  Medusa thinks it's a good time for some revenge.  Ronan wants some commitment to a long term alliance.

Specifically, he wants to marry Crystal. 

Crystal's not really down.  She doesn't really have a say in the matter.

That's some cold sister action right there.

So, the Kree give the Inhumans access to their Skrull knowledge.  Karnak goes to work, trying to find an opening for the Royal Family to exploit.  He finds one, but it doesn't exactly favor them. 

They need to split up and hit three points of weakness simultaneously.  Well, since this series has drilled into us that the strength of the Royal Family is in it's unity, this doesn't seem like the best idea.  Still, we have one issue left to fill and time's a wastin'.

Medusa and Crystal head to earth to infiltrate Thundra's female warrior camp.  Karnak and Gorgon end up on Rigel 3 looking for a certain Recorder Android.  Triton is sent to Pelagia, a water planet, to find a Skrull beacon.

And then things head south.  Triton is confronted by a whole race of people that look a lot like him.  He's captured pretty quickly.  Medusa and Crystal are butting heads and end up fighting it out in an arena.  Karnak and Gorgon both look to be ambushed.

Finally, Black Bolt's anger has been found.  A lot.  The ship is ready to fire at the Inhuman city.

Uh oh.  That should last for at least the first three pages of the final issue.

dp3.jpgDeadpool #3
Writer: Daniel Way
Penciler: Paco Medina

So Deadpool infiltrated the Skrulls and made a lot of New Super Skrull copies of himself all while on a mission for Nick Fury.  What is that mission?  Unaccomplished so far but he'll get there.

Or... WILL he?

Let's find out.  First off, he'll have to beat up that New Super Skrull that's been featured in the last two issues.  They are NOT on each other's Christmas card list.  DP knows just how to handle a New Super Skrull with the powers of Iceman and the Human Torch.

Run away.

It's a sound strategy.  I'd just make him shake his own hand but that's me.  Anyway, Pool gets chased into a room that, because of a recent blast by Fire and Ice Super Skrull, has flooding pipes and exposed wires.  Ah... Mario Bros. was a fun game...

But before we see where that will inevitably lead to, we catch up with the chief Science Skrull as he surveys the wreckage wrought by the Deadpool Brandtm New Super Skrull.  It looks like they ran out of heads to blow off so they're working on their own again.

Ah, DP New Super Skrulls... gotta love 'em.  They're easy to lead when you learn the code and our Science Skrull manages to direct their zany antics towards a better target.  That'd be Deadpool but they have to find him first.

Speaking of, let's see how he beats Fire & Ice with some electricity, water, and half a stick of chewing gum.  First, there is some electrocution.  Then, after a copious amount of hot and cold related jokes, he breaks a pipe full of cool, refreshing water on his icy foe right before said foe uses his cold powers.  That freezes him... and apparently he's not immune to being frozen like, say, Iceman would be.

But enough thinking on that.  It's time for the showdown between Deadpool and his Skrullish counterparts.  This would be such a cool battle if it actually occured.  Unfortunately, it turns out that copying DP's power is not really as effective as it has appeared.  The DP Skrulls don't have the cancer that keeps Deadpool's healing factor in check (in a way).  That means it's working without a leash.

That means Deadpool Brandtm New Super Skrulls go buhbye.  Don't think too much on just how coincidental it was that they didn't have this reaction until JUST this moment. 

You're thinking about it aren't you?

OK, Wade takes out the Scientist Skrull in a pleasant manner and then gets on with his mission.  OH YEAH!  He has a mission.  It wasn't to take down a platoon of New Super Skrulls.  He was sent to get some info.  Killing Queen Skrull info.

He enters the codes to send that information out but Nick Fury doesn't receive any of that info.  What happened to it?

Norman Osborn happened to it.  Wonder what he wants it for...

And now... more Kree-Skrull War 2 and related events in the pages of Silver Surfer:

ss13.jpgSilver Surfer #13
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Joe Staton

Ronan the Accuser?  What a timely comic to appear in the same column as Ronan the Accuser's appearance in Inhumans.  It's almost like I planned it that way...

Wow, I wish I was that awesome.

So in Silver Surfer: we're working on killing all the unkillable Elders because, quite frankly, the Elders are hella boring.  One thing the Surfer doesn't need is to be surrounded by boring people.  He's got an uphill battle the way it is.

This issue opens up with an attempted assassination of Nenora.  She's the secret Skrull who just happens to be Supreme Leader to the Kree.  She is defended by Ronan who has, himself, ruled the Kree.  For now, he seems happy to have a lower position in the Empire but we all know that one day he will, again, rule the Kree.  Nenora sends him on a mission to kill the Surfer.  There's a second Surfer running around making the real Surfer look bad in the eyes of the Kree and Nenora is buying into it. 

Ronan leaves for his mission.  Nenora gloats over what remains of the Supreme Intelligence.  She then sets up Emperor Kylor to fall.  During this conversation with Kylor, she covers for killing Aptak, her former lover.  Ah, power corrupts and Skrulls already start out pretty corrupt.

Finally:  The Silver Surfer and Nova.  They've been chasing after the Contemplator until they find his chewed off head floating around in the Coalsack.  This confrontation of death moves Norrin Radd to remember his lost love, Mantis.  He runs off to mourn and to replay his favorite scenes from Braveheart.

Ah, that William Wallace was a hero among heroes.

He deals with his wriggly emotions and rejoins Nova to talk about them.  Nova's upset because not only does she have a thing for Galactus, she's also a fan of naked guys in silver paint.  On flying surfboards, preferably.  She also dated the Human Torch.  That is one HELL of a range.

But on with the comic.  The two head to the first world they find to have a good-bye drink before Nova heads back to Galactus.  They get to a Kree world and there's Ronan!  Fight!

The Surfer beats him handily but during the fight Norrin learns about this copy Surfer running about and mucking up his good image.  It's time to go search out a doppleganger.

But that's later.  Right now, we look in on the destruction of Emperor Kylor's command.  Nenora leads him into a trap that HE believes is a trap for the Kree.  All too late, he learns that this is a trap set for HIM.  He is able to escape his craft but it explodes right afterward.  Is he dead?  That's the question.

For now, though, Nenora is pretty secure in the knowledge that all who know that she's a secret Skrull are dead.  She's in charge of a united empire that is at war with her own people.  She is LOVING IT.

There are other supposed Emperors and Empresses of the Skrull Empire.  One such Empress is S'Byll.  She's surveying this war that Kylor started and decides to take action.  There's a Skrull on earth that could help her out and she's sending for him.

Nova and the Silver Surfer are following the energy trail left by the false Surfer.  The trail ends with a meeting with the fake.  I'm gonna say... fight time.

ss14.jpgSilver Surfer #14
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Joe Staton

So we've got two identical Surfers.  After they swing each other around a bit, it's hard to tell the real one from the false one.

This can lead to a lot of trouble when, eventually, one of them wins the fight and walks towards Nova.  Is it the real one or the fake?

Well, he didn't kill the fallen Surfer, so that's a plus.  He's also showing some nice calm Surfer characterization.  He's also not tripping up to any of her inaccurate statements.

Still, Nova's not ready to trust him completely.

The two fly off to find the source of the false Surfer's power.  This Surfer believes that the false one is a Skrull and that, just like Super-Skrull, he's powered by outside sources.  They head off after the energy trail until...

He strikes Nova.  You saw that coming.

Yep, this is the fake.  He's also been telling his own story.  He's a Skrull that was made to look like the Silver Surfer.  He first appeared at the Death of Captain Mar-Vell and has retained the look ever since.  This includes power upgrades that rely on outside energy sources.  He's been flying around on hit and run missions against the Kree where the Surfer would be blamed.

Also, he's beaten the real Surfer.  Nova was attacked from behind and is faring much the worse for it.  That's ok, though, because Ronan is back and he's brought upgrades!  His equipment was monitoring his last battle with the Surfer and he's now leveled up to the point where he's pretty sure he can beat the SS in a fight.

This false Surfer realizes his plight and, instead of running, embraces it.  He thinks it'll cause even more confusion.  So Ronan kills him.  Nova is free to go because she isn't accused.  Satisfied that his task is complete (and it is, actually), Ronan takes his leave as Nova flies off.

She actually heads off to meet the other Surfer.  She supplied him with enough energy to live just in case he turned out to be the real deal. 

Then, the Silver Surfer decides he's ready to make out again.

Remember Empress S'Byll and her earth mission?  Turns out the Skrull heading to earth doesn't know how to land.  He crashes his ship and is shot up by scared humans.  Before he dies, though, he's able to fire a signal into the air and complete his mission.

What was his mission?  It's time to find out in the very first Silver Surfer Annual.

ssa1.jpgSilver Surfer Annual #1
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Joe Staton & Ron Lim

This is part of The Evolutionary War with the High Evolutionary doing his evolutionary stuff.  His plot in this comic is to get the DNA for the Silver Surfer and he wants the Eternals to do it.

They agree.  Now they just have to find him.

That works out well for the Eternals because the Surfer is on his way to earth right now.  He's got to find Manis' son and that kid was last seen on earth.  Surfer's gotta go to a planet he'd rather never see again to tell his dead girlfriend's kid that his mom is dead.

Temporarily, of course, but Surfer doesn't know that.

He says good-bye to his current lady friend and makes his way to earth.  Nova's gotta head back to her job being Galactus's herald.  Before Surfer gets planet side, though, he's in for a shock.

Super-Skrull.  The original.  He was stuck in the earth's radiation belt until last issue's dead skrull shot that beam of energy into the air.  That freed him and got rid of his cancer, too.  Some energy beams are more awesome than others.

Super-Skrull hasn't really gotten a fair shake on earth, so he's quick to attack Norrin for being stuck on this planet too.  Y'know, it's tough being an invading alien.  Everyone gets the idea that you're a bad guy.

Surfer is quick to tell him that he's not stuck on earth anymore but Super-Skrull really just wants to throw down. 

Enter, the Eternals.

They separate the two and then head home in order to map not only Surfer's DNA but Super-Skrulls as well.  This makes a good deal of sense.  As we all know, humanity was split into three groups by the Celestials: Eternal, Baseline, and Deviant.  The Skrulls are the Deviant line and ended up killing all Eternals and Baselines on their world (save one Eternal to worship as a god and one elusive Baseline that eventually ends up on earth but that's besides the point).  This is a chance to map the DNA to an alien Deviant and that's not something that the Eternals can pass up.

They're also able to provide Super-Skrull with a pretty in depth account of what's been going on in his absence in regards to the Skrull Empire.  The Eternals are damn well informed on their knowledge of intergalactic events.  Galactus ate the Skrull Throneworld, there are numerous Emperors and Empresses, war with the Kree has restarted, and no Skrull can change shape anymore.

Well, except Super-Skrull.  He missed the Hyperwave Bomb since he was radiation at the time.  We've already seen him do some minor shapeshifting.

The Eternals start to analyze Super-Skrull, but he fights it.  He wants to get to this Kree-Skrull War he's heard so much about.  The Surfer joins in and together they are able to escape their prison.  Now the two just have to fight their way out of Olympia.

Super-Skrull fights it out until the Eternals are focused on the Silver Surfer.  Then, he bolts like a good Skrull.  The Eternals aren't THAT focused on the Surfer, though.  They quickly send a group to pursue the fleeing Skrull.  Super-Skrull would be re-captured quickly if not for the timely intervention of the Silver Surfer.

Why's Norrin so focused on rescuing Super-Skrull?  Because he hopes that the secrets to jump starting the Skrull's shapeshifting abilities and ending the current Kree-Skrull war are locked within the only remaining shapeshifting Skrull.  Humbled, Super-Skrull takes off to rejoin his race while the Surfer remains behind to parley with the Eternals.

They aren't going to recapture him and they aren't getting his DNA.  He'll keep an eye on the High Evolutionary and aid him if he finds the cause just.  Also, the Eternals are a retcon.  Just thought you should know. 

Their city is pretty new to earth.  Surfer would know since he's been to the very spot Olympia is on right now before it was there.  They might want to look into their past because Jack Kirby never intended for them to mix it up with the Marvel U proper.

He leaves them with that lingering question hanging over them and heads off into the skyline.

There's also a story in here by the upcoming penciller for Silver Surfer, Ron Lim, that focuses on Nova, Galactus, and the return of the damn Elders as well as another Ron Lim drawn tale on the return of Mantis but since we're skipping the non-Skrull related Elder arc and Mantis goes to play with the West Coast Avengers before hooking up with SS again, I'm not going into any more detail on them.  They are some nice early Ron Lim work, though.

Alright!  We're through another action-packed Secret Invasion reading experience! 

Until next time:  Who do YOU trust?
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