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Super Brings the Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Sunday, November 16 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled25.jpgOK, peeps and peepettes.  It's time for what some have called "the greatest article on the internet."

Yes, "some" may be me, but it doesn't make it untrue.

This time we look at Secret Invasion #7, The New Avengers #46, Thunderbolts #125, Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #3, and then blast from the past looks at the end of second Kree-Skrull War in Silver Surfer #'s 27-31.  Come and get it!

Spoilers Ahead!

We're getting closer and closer to the big bang up ending, so let's savor these last few moments we have together. 

There, are you done savoring?  Good, because we've got comics to summarize.

But... let's say you want to savor by looking into past Secret Invasion weeks?  Great idea!  You'll see a link off to your left titled "Super Reads SI" where you can check out what happened in every issue dealing with Secret Invasion.  Looking for a lazier way?  You can also check here to catch up on all 24 previous articles.  Now that is the savoring that we all can get behind!

But for the rest of you, it's on with the show. 

si7.jpgSecret Invasion #7
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu

This is it, people.  This it the big, knock down, drag out, slobber knocker of a final showdown between the Skrulls and the people of Earth.

And it's in the Savage Land.

JUST KIDDING!  It's a joke!  Haha.  Anyway, it's all going down in Central Park in New York City.  Since it's a one big super-powered rumble, you'll see a virtual who's who of Marvel's finest.  The big groups are both sets of Avengers, the Thunderbolts, the Young Avengers, the Secret Howling Commandos, any member of the Initiative left standing and who's not hanging out with the Skrull Kill Krew, and the Hood's Syndicate.  Also, Skrulls.  Lots and lots of Skrulls of the New Super Skrull variety.

You'll also see a lot of splash pages.  I'd make a joke about how it's an easy way to fill up space but, damn, these are some incredible, complex, pages.  If you look around you'll not only see some favorites, you'll also see some familiar architecture such as Stark Tower.  You'll also see Skrull ships.  It's some great work.

Alright, enough praise for Leinil Yu.  Let's get down to some summarizing.

There are Skrulls to be killed and everyone's pitching in.  The humans are making the queen the main objective while the Skrulls are gunning for Mr. Fantastic.  We get a nice scene with the Avengers trinity (Busiek, write THAT book!) and another with Fury and Osborn.  We then get the reunion between Criti Noll, Yellowjacket, and Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp.  Before Criti Noll can relive Hank Pym's worst years of marriage, Stature (the Young Avenger in the Initiative) gives him a nice beat down by growing much larger than him. 

Moments, later, Yellowjacket is shot in the eye by Bullseye with the Bazooka.  You think that he might actually fire on Spider-Man but they'll be time for Spider-swatting later.  Maybe.  Eh, kill some Skrulls, Bullseye.

Unfortunately, Tony's reunion with Thor and Cap (granted, it's Bucky Cap so less of a reunion than just a great visual) is cut short because he's being held together by bailing wire and duct tape.  He needs a new suit (presumably) and leaves the combat site to go get it (or to fix his current gear more effectively). 

It's about this time that the Skrulls remember that they're friggin' shapechangers and give Reed a reunion with Sue.  And Sue.  And Sue.  Also: Sue.  And there's another one.

OK, it's not brilliant strategy.  At all.  But it's a fun panel to play with.

Nick's Secret Commandos get to the rescue as Logan makes for the Queen.  And, yes, that WAS Howard the Duck in the background.  Good catch.  Wolverine's fight with Veranke is pretty much a draw.  She blows the flesh off his right arm, he stabs her shoulder, she blows up part of his face.  It's point/ counterpoint. 

Spidey muses that at least the Watcher hasn't shown up right before the Watcher shows up.  Ah, timing.  Or it's a Skrull who's made to LOOK like a Watcher.  He certainly towers over the scene, though.  You'll also see Stature beating down the Skrull Galactus we first saw (and I complained about) in Secret Invasion: Frontline #4.  We'll just assume that this Skrull doesn't actually have the powers of Galactus because he's not eating the planet and Stature is kicking his @$$.

Tony is having some trouble leaving the battleground and isn't able to contact SHIELD or Jarvis.  He takes care of a pursuing Skrull while making his way through the carnage.

Back at Avengers Tower, Jarvis and Jessica Jones watch the battle on CNN as they both ignore a crying Danielle Cage.  We can only assume that the Skrulls have multiple Jarvis's, or Jarvi, doing their dirty work throughout the Marvel Earth.  Jessica decides that she needs to get involved in this fight and leaves her daughter in the caring hands of an enemy Skrull.  She flies off just as Tony is getting back.

Now, just in case the tide wasn't already in the humans favor, Marvel Boy enters the area to kick Skrull bottom and chew bubble gum.  He can do both at the same time plus calculate the average rainfall in the Amazon River Basin.  He's that cool... I mean, if calculating while chewing bubble gum is cool.

In an issue full of great reunions, we get Cage and Jessica back together to kill aliens as a family.

Hawkeye is taken out of the battle by some flaming attack and Vision 2.0 takes her off to get some healing.  Clint Barton picks up the her dropped bow and arrows and we get another reunion of a sort.

Oh yeah, it's old home week in Secret Invasion #7.  Being the best archer in the world, he makes a lot of great shots including one right through Queen Veranke's head.  Logan may be wondering why he hadn't tried sticking his claws their since they were still fighting it out.

This causes Criti Noll to activate the Skrull failsafe: Janet Van Dyne.  As we have seen a number of times in Mighty Avengers and once more here just in case you haven't been paying attention:  Criti Noll as Hank Pym gave Wasp a new growth formula that let her jump to giant size straight from wasp size.  It also seems like it'll send Jan into some type of critical mass situation with disasterous effects for our heroes next issue.

While we watch Jan build up power, we get to see Jarvis-Skrull switch to Skrull form while holding little Danielle Cage and gloating.  Turns out Danielle ISN'T a Skrull at all.  She's just a REALLY creepy baby.  I stand by that.

And still, the Watcher watches.

na46.jpgThe New Avengers #46
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Billy Tan

Bring on the bad guys.

And let them torture a poor innocent SHIELD agent?  Huh.  Looks like the Hood has gathered his crew for a little demonstrations.  We also wish that Thunderball would never ever wear a stocking cap with his costume again, but whatayagonnado?

But we need to back up and find out why the Hood is asking a SHIELD agent about Skrulls.

A while back, the New Avengers brought down the Syndicate and got them captured by SHIELD.  We've already seen that the Hood freed them.  What we haven't seen is the Hood freeing a particular one.  Madam Masque. 

She was a fiesty prisoner, that's for certain.  Given half a chance, she takes a few SHIELD agents down with the hand manacles still on.  Still, it's a useless gesture as she's shocked into submission and lead to a room for questioning... and something else.

They ask the typical questions about the Syndicate and the Hood, but then they're talking about a switchout and taking off her mask so that it'll work.  We all know where this is going, but our, um, heroes... don't.

Enter:  The Hood.  Like I said, he's freeing his people and Masque is his people to free.  He goes about his schtick and kills the room only to find that the SHIELD agents are actually Skrulls.

So, they are now interrogating the one surviving SHIELD agent with the entire Syndicate watching. 

The Syndicate has seen better days, of course.  They just got taken out by the New Avengers and loyalty is low.  They aren't really buying into this Skrull invasion thing that the Hood is selling and Masque isn't helping matters since guys like the Wrecker think the two are sleeping together.  So, a demonstration is in order.

Madam Masque starts shooting the SHIELD agent until he finally reverts to Skrull form.  Now, the Skrull doesn't have a lot to offer in way of information.  All he knows is that the earth is meant for the Skrulls.  Oh, there are infiltrators all over the place, too.  With that, the Skrull dies.

So the Syndicate think of what to do with this information.  Should they go to the authorities with it?  Who?  Tony Stark is obviously a Skrull.  I mean, look at him.  He's... ok, well, that's what they think, ok?  So, what to do... well, first they need to find out if they've been secretly invaded.  Maybe the Hood's demonic powers can help there?  Where other forms of detection have failed?

Well, he looks at them in Demonvisiontm.

Then announces that the whole group is one hundred percent homegrown human before shooting the Slug for being a damn dirty Skrull.

So, the Hood can actually see Skrulls just like the 3-D Man.  Interesting.  But what to do now?  Burn the place.  So they do.

The Hood goes out to figure out what the hell his hood powers are all about.  He threatens his mirror image until it becomes Dormammu!  When he got demon powers, they went all out!

tb125.jpgThunderbolts #125
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Artist: Fernando Blanco

The Thunderbolts continue to battle in Washington D.C. was Norman Osborn becomes a media darling.  You have to wonder how much stock he owns MENBS to be portrayed as a national hero but his team of criminals is doing a good job fighting Skrulls so you can see why they'd make him a hero.

He also knows just how to play to the camera.  I'd say it was his time as the Green Goblin that helped his theatrics.

But right now there's a battle to fight... against suicidal Skrulls.  Just when you think the battle is over, those suicides turn out to be a battle plan.  The dead Skrulls combine to form a goo monster.  It's a killing machine but Songbird and Radioactive Man take it down.  After that's all said and done, Osborn dismisses Radioactive Man citing that he may go critical mass again.  This goes over the protests of Songbird, but since Osborn is Director of the team, his say goes.

The rest of the team makes it's way to the next battle in good ol' New York City.  You can bet that there are film crews there ready to make Osborn look a LOT better than he actually is. 

They are just in time to join in on the big final battle also featured in this week's Secret Invasion!  You'll get a lot of the same scenes, but from the Thunderbolt's specific view.  For example, a lot of T-Bolts have a mad on for Spider-Man and Osborn specifically forbids going after him and orders the targets as Skrulls. 

And the big fight begins!  Again!  In T-Bolts! 

You'll see Bullseye blow out Yellowjacket's eye before first targeting Spider-Man but THIS time you'll also see that he targeted Daredevil!  Yes, Daredevil's also in this battle royale!

You'll see Iron Man leaving the battle for repairs as Osborn looks on smirking.  Yeah, he's totally not going to use that against Stark.  You'll see a group of old military men watching TV while watching Norman's rise to prominence.

You'll see the T-Bolts step up to the plate while Moonstone's clothes become less and less.  Seriously, did she LOSE the ability to reform her suit or is this just another one of her games?  Finally, is this game on lonely comic book readers living in their parents' basement?  Stay strong lonely comic book readers!

asm3.jpgSecret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #3
Writer: Brian Reed
Penciler: Marco Santucci

This issue opens up with the big battle from Secret Invasion #7 (it's a theme this week) and we get one more scene with Galactus Skrull.  I'm probably the only one who's keeping track of his appearance so this is info you'll only get in Super Reads Secret Invasion!  Tell a friend.

Anyway, this battle has nothing to do with the issue.  It's just a clever way to open an issue with the title character even though he's not the star of the book.

You probably wouldn't sell as many issues of Secret Invasion: Jackpot #3.

So on with the action!  Jackpot is pursuing the New Super Skrull that's looking for Spider-Man but before she can catch up to him and save Spidey's supporting cast from certain death she has to save herself from certain death by fighting Menace: our latest Green Goblin wannabe.  Wow, was that all one sentence?  I don't think I made it through that without taking a breath somewhere...  Anyway, Menace is actually an interesting Spidey villain more in line with Hobgoblin in my book.  While they held off on the ID reveal for the original Green Goblin for some time, with Hobby they made it the cusp of the story.  Hopefully with Menace it actually gets the ending it deserves instead of the the retcon that was Hobgoblin's origin.

That reveal won't happen here, though we may have gotten a major clue last issue.  In this issue, Jackpot tries to pull of Menace's mask only to learn that it's stuck on with glue or something.  "Something" being that it might actually be Menace's face.  Ooooooo!

Back with Spider's supporting cast, they're all trying to figure out which one of them is Spider-Man.  Betty Brant is all up and ready to play.  She elimates Robbie Robertson and Dexter Bennett from the running on account that Robbie's been seen with Spider-Man and Dexter just is a complete mismatch.  She deduces that if anyone in the car is Spider-Man, it's Officer Vincent Gonzales.  Vinny protests and says it would be easier for HER to be Spidey because of the hate he has for the Wall Crawler.

And that's when the New Super Skrull decides that the debate is over and it's time to kill!  He takes Betty and begins... um... well, not so much killing as taking her away.  Bennett follows to "save" his employee but mostly to tell the Skrull that it's stupid for killing Betty without any proof that she's Spider-Man.  The New Super Skrull seems to listen to this reason until Menace and Jackpot crash the scene.

One big explosion later and we've got time for a breather.

Jackpot hobbles away from the explosion and sees if everyone is alright.  They seem ok.  We see Menace hobbling away from the scene, too, but AWAY from the conflict instead of toward it. 

So, if they both survived, we know who else did.  Back to the action!

The Sinister Six New Super Skrull is angry.  He's also got bits of Goblin Glider stuck inside him from the explosion.  He's ready to kill everyone now and just call it a day.

They aren't getting away in Robbie's car, though.  The New Super Skrull smashes that up real good.  Our friendly neighborhood supporting cast gets a headstart while Jackpot does her best to slow the Skrull down.  Somehow.  She's making this up as she goes along.  If he survived the glider explosion, he's gonna be hard to beat down.

It takes some time, but Jackpot comes up with one final plan:  Ice.  When all else fails, ice the creature up!  It worked in Deadpool, it can work here!

She leads him into a deep freeze freezer, slips once, then makes her way to and closes the exit door before the New Super Skrull knows what the heck's going on.  Thinking isn't really his strong point.  The rest of the cast and her hold the door shut until the guy finally freezes solid.

Then it's all about the recap.  Spidey finally catches up to the issue to make an actual appearance in the issue.  They talk over Jackpot's adventure and about the DB's "apology" to Jackpot in the crossword puzzle.  Also, Walter Declun (the guy who Jackpot was trying to pin stuff on way back in issue 1) owned the freezer that saved our supporting cast so HE gets the credit!  Ah, the DB... still screwing the super-heroes.

We're left with a reunion of Harry, Lily, Carlie, and Vin as they talk over the terrible battle with the Skrulls and how the Skrulls are now our overlords (I mean, look at those ads!  They obviously win!  You're buying this, right?) as Peter makes an appearance for the first time in days.  If you're not into spoilers for issues you can't read yet, then the talk with Peter will tick you off and I won't bring it up even WITH that Spoiler Alert! banner at the top of the page.

Suffice to say, they do give away some bits that you may want to be surprised about.

Finally, Jackpot takes a much deserved bath while avoiding a call from Sara Ehret.  You can follow her into Spider-Man Annual #35 and learn some more about our newest crime fighter.  Hey, I won't even spoil THAT for you!  Look how nice I am!

Now... it's time to get down with the Surfer and end this crazy Kree-Skrull War!  Finally!

ss27.jpgSilver Surfer #27
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Ron Lim

Now, until this whole thing ends, Steve Englehart is going to be exploring how our brains evolved over time and trying desperately to relate it to the plot.  I'm ignoring that because it's kinda stupid and these things are already far enough in that category that I'm not going to overdo it unless I can give it comedic effect.

Yes, even lame comedy.  I ham it up wherever I can.

The Skrulls have returned to Satriani, Empress S'byll's home to recover their strength and for S'byll to begin the process of returning the shapeshifting ability to the Skrulls.  The process works just as prescribed and the days of Skrulls not being able to shapeshift are at an end!

Meanwhile, Clumsy Foulup is meeting with the Kree and specifically with Nenora.  He's going to betray Captain Retyl to them once Retyl joins the Skrulls.  He's lead off to be tested for loyalty. 

This leads to twisted continuity as Nenora takes credit for destroying the Supreme Intelligence in her own mind.  Now, is this just because she's crazy or did Steve Englehart forget a story he himself wrote?  I don't know but, because it'll help me sleep at night, I'm going with Nenora's crazy.  I am such a continuity slave...

But wait!  The scene gets worse!  It turns out the Contemplator is still alive!  He's the guy that's been directing Clumsy and the reason Clumsy screeched in fear upon seeing him is because he's a severed floating head now... and that head has been chewed up a bit.  Yes, Reptyl ate most of him but, since he's an Elder, even THAT hasn't killed him.  His plan is to get revenge on Reptyl for eating him, have the Kree conquer the Skrulls, and then place himself in charge of the Kree.

And now... Reptyl.  The Non-Human!  He and his current crew watch as a steak of light heads across their window viewer heading towards the Andromeda System.  Reptyl decides to follow.

Back on Satriani, S'byll is continuing to give Skrulls back their innate abilities.  While this is going on, Surfer and Super-Skrull talk about why S'byll is so cool.  Surfer makes the second continuity error by saying that former Empress, R'klll, died in the battle that claimed the Skrull's shapeshifting ability.  She didn't.  She dies when Galactus destroyed the Skrull Throneworld.  Surfer, get your stories straight!  Steve didn't write either the Galactus eating Throneworld story OR the Skrulls lose shapeshifting ability story so he's sort of off the hook.  We'll just pretend Surfer's drunk because he would obviously be aware of these events since they have had such an effect on his own book.

But on with the story.

It's about this time that the Stranger appears.  He's here to take away Empress S'byll for being a character created by Steve Englehart that is actually interesting and therefore an anomoly.  Or it's her unique abilities to return shapeshifting to her people.  Either way.

The Stranger quickly captures Empress S'byll and subdues the Silver Surfer in a ball of darkness.  Before the fight with the Stranger can get much crazier, it's time for the Badoon to make an appearance.  They've been cloaked but during the battle they are discovered.

And chaos ensues.

The Badoon are all wired to explode on death so that makes the fight complicated.  Surfer is having major troubles dealing with the Stranger, as well.

Captain Reptyl and his crew show up just in time to make a bargain for S'byll's freedom.  Reptyl will give the Stranger his crew for S'byll.  The Stranger agrees and he's off with a lot of mutations to research.

Reptyl, satisfied in his lizard solidarity, pledges to fight with alongside the Skrulls.  In Kree Space, it is learned that Reptyl has joined the Skrulls and, suddenly, Clumsy Foulup is the most important Kree ally.  All according to the Contemplator's plan.

On Zenn-La, Shalla Bal continues to get messages from the plants.  This time, she actually understands that message: Nenora is a Skrull!

ss28.jpgSilver Surfer #28
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Ron Lim

This issue opens with Empress S'byll and Super-Skrull making out while the Silver Surfer watches.  He's a little freaked out because Zenn-Lavians are prudes.  They only make out after signed consent forms by both parties are notorized by a witness and seconds are named should the main parties not be able to fulfill their commitments to make out.

Skrulls don't really care because that's how lizards were built.  Heck, Super-Skrull will make out with you if given half a chance.

Well, with all that out of the way, Surfer has to explain why he hates Captain Reptyl the Non-Human.  Surprisingly, it's not because of his terrible name.  It's because Reptyl tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, Reptyl is back in the Coalsack gathering supplies.  This'll mean a visit to Clumsy Foulup to pick up that weapons cache.  Clumsy delivers the bad news that his entire crew has been killed except for him.  Reptyl is angry but I'm pretty sure that's his default state of being.  He'll still pick up the weapons cache and Clumsy.  The Kree are happy to see their agent being useful and Clumsy is absolutely beside himself for his ability to lie to Captain Reptyl.

In a moment of calm, the Surfer tries to contact Shalla Bal on his com-device.  He's told Shalla Bal is walking the planet and spreading plant life in the desert regions.  So we cut to that.  Shalla is indeed making plants grow in the desert thanks to her connection to the Surfer's Power Cosmic.  She picked the wrong desert, however, as this one seems to have a hidden Kree Sentry lying in wait for her.


Seriously, why aren't the Kree using these guys more?  They would turn the tide even more completely.  Anyway, on Nenora's last visit to the planet, she planted listening devices in Shalla Bal's chambers and so when Shalla began musing that Nenora was a Skrull it was heard by Nenora (and only Nenora).  She also had the Sentry hide in wait for Shalla should she ever be crossing a desert someday (I know, I know, just go with it).  It's all going according to Nenora's plan as Shalla is captured and brought directly to the Supreme Leader. 

All of THIS is heard by the Contemplator.  He's running around the place in spectral form working to manipulate events when he comes across the chamber housing what's left of the Supreme Intelligence.  Hmmm...

Reptyl returns to Satriani and does his angry, disrespectful bit to the Empress.  Super-Skrull isn't too happy about that and, as Reptyl and S'byll go off to plan war, Super-Skrull and the Surfer have a heart to heart about what love is and other scenes from Forrest Gump.  He also compares Kl'rt to a neanderthal but it's meant with best of intentions.

Super-Skrull returns to find Reptyl hugging his woman and that's just not how things are to play out.  It's beat down time!  Against all odds, Reptyl somehow pulls a win off and ends up ripping out Super-Skrull's throat.  This bit of unpleasantness done, S'byll names Reptyl her warlord and the two walk off leaving the Surfer to deal with the dead.  Clumsy is now even closer to the best betrayal ever.

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer goes about taking care of the remains of Super-Skrull.  His impromtu funeral involves taking the Skrull into orbit and then throwing him back into the atmosphere.  We all know he comes back but for now, the Super-Skrull is done with the Kree-Skrull War.

ss29.jpgSilver Surfer #29
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Ron Lim

Nenora meets with Kree scientits who are working on what's to be done about that pesky Silver Surfer.  They've decided to fight him with a being of darkness: Midnight Sun.  It doesn't really matter that Midnight Sun is dead.  They'll just reanimate his corpse and add a new personality to the mix. 

And now it's time for Nenora to gloat over Shalla Bal.  Ah, villains and their gloating.  So, Shalla Bal is too valuable to kill, but that doesn't mean that she's too valuable to be held against her will.

The Contemplator, being the best peeping tom in the room, sees all this and then goes about reassembling the Supreme Intelligence for his own plans.  Also part of those plans is to sow some unrest between the pink Kree and the blue Kree.  All according to plan!

Reptyl and the Surfer get into a fight over the dead and lizard rights as the Cotati work to free Shalla Bal from her current predicament.  Looks like the Cotati haven't given up on trying to even things with the Silver Surfer.

The Surfer gets another glimpse of the Stranger before we step things up with an all out Kree attack on Satriani.

Midnight Sun is debuted and, if nothing else, occupies the Surfer in this battle as other plots bear fruit.  Midnight isn't going to win and doesn't, but it's time away from the big battle, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Empress S'byll is disturbed that Clumsy is dressed in a spacesuit during this battle because no one should wear a space suit during a space war.  It's unbecoming.  Granted, we all know it's part of Clumsy's super secret master plan to kill Reptyl and then escape to the Kree.

Which he does.  Well, that's one lame character down.

Without their Warlord, the Skrulls lack coordination as the Kree pick them apart.

ss30.jpgSilver Surfer #30
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Ron Lim

So... close...

So, the Skrulls lost BIG TIME!

Surfer, though, is still standing and still fighting any Kree ships that remain.  It's been hours and he's exausted but he finally turns the tide even though he's the only Skrull ally left.  Well, that's not exactly true.

Queen S'byll survived as well.  She hid when things seemed hopeless and lived to tell the tale.

Meanwhile, Clumsy Foulup lands on Kreelar as a war hero.  He killed the Skrull Warlord and the pink Kree flock to him as a savior... just like the Contemplator wishes.  Speaking of, our lame Elder has reconstructed the Supreme Intelligence (sans actual brain) and continues his plotting plots.

The plot moves quickly from here on out.  Shalla Bal is watching the spectral form of the Contemplator because the Cotati wish for her to see what he's doing.  The Surfer and S'byll have a plan and it involves entering Kree Space.  This involves a second battle with Midnight Sun that goes just about as well as the first only THIS time it's used to sneak S'byll across the Kree space border where she takes out the Kree Ships while they are unaware.

The two take on Kreelar until they run into Shalla Bal.  She fills them in on how the Kree are actually being led by a Skrull.  With this amazing revelation, the three make their way to Nenora's chambers where she is visiting with Clumsy.

And now, everyone meets up for the big finale!  Including your friend and mine:  The Stranger!  What the hell!  Anyway, Clumsy tries to protect Nenora but he's friggin' Clumsy.  The Stranger shows up only to stop the Silver Surfer from ending this thing.  S'byll uses her powers to jump start Nenora's shapeshifting ability.  Nenora collapses in a heap.

It's all over but the crying, folks.  Just wait for it!

ss31.jpgSecret Invasion #7
Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Ron Lim

Empress S'byll addresses the Kree.  She talks tough because that's how you have to roll when you aren't playing with a good hand and you need to bluff your way to victory.  With Nenora found to be a Skrull, though, the Kree are in a state of near leaderlessness.  Tus-Katt is the highest ranked official available and, being a pink Kree, his authority is tenuous at best.  All he can really offer is a truce.  Probably temporary, at that.

Well, S'byll isn't one to keep fighting for something that could ruin her and decides it's good enough for now.

The Silver Surfer returns Shalla Bal to Zenn-La and the two have a nice chat on the way there.  Ah, those two are so cute when they're uncomfortable!

Now, that's pretty much the end of things as far as the Kree Skrull War is concerned, but we still have a few unresolved issues to resolve.

For those issues, the Surfer goes rainbow speed!

Actually, he's going to find out what the deal is with the Stranger.  Because we neither care nor need to know, we won't even deal with this except to say that involves the Living Tribunal and Surfer being a god if only for a moment.

What we will focus on is the end of one lame character and the elevation of another.  We all know the Contemplator's plot and how he wants it to go down.  He reveals himself to Clumsy Foulup and tells Clumsy to throw his support behind the Contemplator controlled Supreme Intelligence.

Clumsy, however, has other ideas.

He meets with the pink Kree who lead him to the Cotati.  The Cotati agree to help him against the Contemplator and to help Clumsy become ruler of the Kree.  Yes, Clumsy.  I never said you'd like this.

At the given time, during Tus-Katt's first speech, the Contemplator reveals the Supreme Intelligence to the crowd.  His plan, however, goes awry as the Cotati influence Supremor's words to name Clumsy Foulup to lead the Kree in his absence.  This settled, the Cotati deal a blow against the Contemplator.  They can't kill him but they CAN steal away his mind.  Thus, another lame character meets an ending of sorts.

Clumsy, now leader, enters a chamber that will protect him from the mental powers of the Cotati.  He shuns his former allies, the pinks, and imposes harsh conditions on the population... excluding the military, of course.

Clumsy is leading the Kree the only way he knows how:  just how Captain Reptyl lead him.  Probably less eating of subordinates, though.

And that's the story of how the powerful Kree came to be ruled by one of the most mediocre creations in Marvel's library.

Until next time:  Who Do YOU Trust?
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About the Author - SuperginraiX

SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


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