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Your Top DCU Villains

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, November 18 2008 and posted in Features

Welcome to your Top 125 DCU Villains. I spent my Sunday (November 16th, 2008 if you are reading this like three years from now) watching the Band of Brothers marathon and tallying up all the 184 submissions I received. When I first scanned the lists quickly, I thought it was going to be Top 60 or 70, but once I actually went over all the lists the amount of names doubled. We have villains from all over the board, there are JLA villains, JSA villains, Titan villains, Legion villains and Doom Patrol villains. We have rogues from all the Big 3 characters, as well as Flash Rogues, Green Lantern villains (2 Red Lanterns made the list), and Aquaman and Captain Marvel baddies.

The way the voting was conducted, each voter picked their ten favorite Villains, ranked from 1-10 (1 being most favorite, 10 being least favorite). For first place, the character was given 10 points, for second - 9 points, for third - 8 points, and so on and so forth. Then, all the points were added up, and ranked in order of points received.

Also in any case of a tie, they will be broken by who got more first place votes. If that number was tied, it went to second place votes, etc etc etc. Only tie that couldn't be broken was at the 125th position because all of the characters were voted in the 9th position and received 2 points each.

And one that note, lets begin shall we?


125. Desire, The Mad Men, Angle Man, Great White Shark, and Dr. Polaris (2 points each)

One of the Endless of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, older twin of Despair. Like the rest of her siblings, Desire is neither a mortal being nor a god, s/he is the personification of desire itself. Desire is androgynous, appearing as the most beautiful person or being to anyone. His/her skin is pale and his/her eyes are gold. S/he is not about love, s/he is about wanting, and as such, can be treacherous, vindictive and cruel. His/Her realm is “the Threshold”, an immense statue of his/herself standing in mists of sunset red. He/she dwells in its heart.

Many, many eons ago, Desire and Dream were friendly, but when she caused one of his love affairs to collapse they became nemeses. And so after losing a competition between him/herself, Despair and Delirium vs. Dream over Emperor Norton I, Desire swore to make Dream shed family blood, bringing the wrath of the Furies upon him. S/he attempted to do this by fathering a child on Unity Kincaid, a woman who was supposed to be the Dream Vortex, an event that came along once in many eons that broke down all the barriers between dreamers in a world, destroying them and wrecking havoc on the Dreaming. Dream had been captured at this time and Kincaid was many people affected with a sleeping sickness that took hold during his imprisonment. Unity gave birth while still unconscious and her daughter was adopted. The Vortex passed along the family line to Unity’s granddaughter Rose. Dream was about to kill Rose when Unity, at the edge of death, took the Vortex back and died naturally, preventing the Vortex from coming into being and Dream from killing his own grandniece. He suspected Desire immediately, and threatened him/her if s/he ever interfered in his affairs again.

S/he did not, but took some sadistic delight in watching Dream's romantic relationships fail. It was s/he that taunted him into journeying into Hell to free the lover, Nada, whom he had condemned there for millennia after rejecting him. When Dream finally did shed family blood - setting into motion the events of his own destruction - it was not Desire’s doing. Though s/he felt s/he should be pleased, s/he felt sorry for him and was frightened  


Madmen are a gang of misfits who wear brightly colored costumes. The leader of the Madmen is Farley Fleeter he and his gang have gone up against many heroes but they have always been a long term rival to the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

The original madmen wore multicolored camouflage costumes in yellow, red, white, and green all in the same costume . They also had their faces and hair painted in different colors. Each ganger basically wore the same costume but had a different colored face and hair. They also all wore facial hair in the form of a foo-man-choo.

Farley Fleeter's Costume is a camouflage like uniform with bright colors from all his gang membes uniforms. He is also depicted with yellow hair and red face, gloves, boots and briefs. Most of the time he is the only one with any facial hair. He wear a long bushy foo-man-choo that he also colors yellow.

Farley Fleeter lead the group of the Madmen for a while until he decided it was too costly to run around in such outlandish costumes. He did not change his ways he just stopped dressing in the costumes. He would change his mind shortly after when Dr. Alchemy paid him to attack Kord industries. Alchemy wanted them to be a distraction while he stole promethium that was being kept at the company. Farley agreed to the terms and was subsequently arrested for his troubles.


Angle Man wields the awesome Angler - a triangular device which opens saptial portals allowing him to warp through space. Angle man was originally just a common thief, before he found his weapon. he used his angle weapon to pull of incredible crimes, before he was stopped by the local superheros.

Although he could be opening the eyes of the youth into seeing the importance of Mathematics and its applications in life. I have said "When are we going to use this?" so many times in my years of tpublic school. Angle Man is one of those students that actually gave it some thought


 First appearing in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, crooked financier Warren White, known as the "Great White Shark" for his ruthlessness, embezzles millions from his company's pension fund and robs virtually all of the company's clients both working class and upper class of their life savings. A smug White manages to avoid prison by transferring his case to Gotham City and successfully pleading insanity to avoid prison and speed up his chances of freedom, which incenses the judge hearing his case.

Realizing that White might have actually set up a trap for himself, the judge simply proclaims that Gotham is the kind of place where a criminal is better off guilty than insane, given Gotham's penchant for the homicidal, psychopathic criminals end up in Arkham Asylum to which the judge sentences White to indefinitely. There, he suffers great indignities as the new inmate, or "fish." His first cellmate is Death Rattle, a cult leader and mass murderer who plans to turn him into a human sacrifice. Early in his stay, Killer Croc slices a set of "gills" into White's neck with his claws, claiming the "fish" needs a set. Realizing his mistake in pleading insanity, White bribes his psychiatrist, Dr. Anne Carver, into having him transferred to a minimum security prison. However, Carver is revealed to have been killed and replaced some months before by the villainess Jane Doe. Her boss, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, orders all of Dr. Carver's papers filed by Jane Doe be destroyed, including the paperwork that would lead to White's transfer. Dr. Arkham's decision is heavily motivated by the loss of his own pension due to White's corrupt business practices. Arkham proceeds to call White "the worst person I've ever met", a sentiment shared by several individuals, including the Joker.

To survive the harassment and violence in Arkham, White allies himself with Two-Face, becoming his "coin boy," but the relationship quickly ends when Death Rattle threatens him and Two-Face does nothing to help. White then befriends Humpty Dumpty, a child-like murderer and genius, who arranges for White to become his cellmate just in time to head off Death Rattle's murder attempt.

During a prison riot caused by the escape of a cadre of demons trapped underneath Arkham, White is assaulted and locked in Mr. Freeze's subzero cell by Jane Doe, who was attempting to claim his identity and stolen money and leave him for dead as she had done with Dr. Carver. His injuries, the result of horrific frostbite, leave White deformed: his skin turns a pale white and his nose, lips, ears, hair, and several of his fingers fall off. These deformities, along with his set of "gills," leave him resembling a real great white shark. An affect which he further enhances by filing his teeth to points.

Ironically, White, who was perfectly sane upon entering Arkham, is transformed into one of the "freaks" of Batman's rogues gallery. Driven partially mad, he now uses his business connections to serve as a liaison and fence for many of his fellow inmates.


Neal Emerson was abused as a child and as a result claimed this to be the reason why he became evil. He worked for the better of humanity and loved magnets and would constantly wor with them throughout his life. He convinced himself that the more he was around magnets the more power he had. This eventually led him to rename himself Dr. polaris after the famous northstar that all magnets point to. During The Joker's last Laugh, Dr. polaris attempted to take control of the South Pole later seized by Justice League. Doctor. Polaris later soul Neal Emerson's soul to the demon Neron in exchange to permanently remove his Neal Emerson personality and to gain an increase in his power. With this new upgrade Dr. Polaris became a lieutenant for Neron during the Underworld Unleashed story line.

In the first issue of Infinite Crisis, Polaris and other villains were awaiting the arrival of the freedom fighters. As soon as they entered Condor was killed, as was Phantom Lady. The human Bomb began to mourn and Polaris assured her death, this got the Human Bomb mad and so he used his powers and blew up Polaris, ultimately killing him.



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