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Your Top DCU Villains part 9

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, November 20 2008 and posted in Features


100. Solaris (12 points)

From the unknown depths of space a galactic menace was halted by the Superman of the 505th Century.

Reprogrammed to serve the Solar System as both a new source of heat and light as well as an information database.

Bent on revenge against the Superman Dynasty the stellar computer bid its time putting into motion a plan involving both the past and the future. Enlisting the aid of the Starman of the 853rd Century and the timeless Vandal Savage, retribution would free once more the galactic menace of the tyrant sun known as Solaris.


anarky.jpg99. Anarky (13 points)

Angered by the power and corruption of corporations, governments, and elites of the world, 12-year old Lonnie Machin donned a costume that increased his height and took to the streets as Anarky. Anarky assaulted several CEOs and celebrities, leaving the spray painted circle-A as his calling card. Batman soon identified the assailant, from clues in a Gotham City newspaper that foreshadowed Anarky's crimes. Following a riot Anarky encouraged among the homeless, Batman apprehended him, astonished to discover that Anarky was just a boy. Machin was incarcerated at the Gotham Juvenile Corrections Hall.

Machin later became the computer hacker Moneyspider, and transferred millions of dollars from the accounts of wealthy corporations to Third World countries. Batman's partner, Robin, determined Moneyspider's link to Anarky, and Machin's plans for global change were thwarted. Realizing he required greater funds to continue his mission, he created a front corporation, "Anarco", to sell anarchist books online. Through shrewd marketing, Anarky amassed a small fortune to the tune of 5 million dollars. With his new funds, and knowledge of ground breaking sciences, he built a special device of his own creation. The machine fused the two sides of his brain, increasing his intelligence to superhuman levels. With his artificially enhanced intelligence boosted by a multiple of ten, he studied various martial arts, integrating them with his mind into a smooth fighting style of his own invention.

After moving his base of operations to Washington D.C., Anarky learned that he may have been adopted and that his natural mother was possibly a Vegas showgirl and his father was potentially the Joker. This only furthered Anarky's resolve to wreak havoc on the industrialized world, in the hope of triggering worldwide revolution.

Despite his criminal history with Earth's defenders, most notably Batman, Anarky has taken it upon himself to fight alongside heroes including Green Arrow, Robin, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. However, because heroes typically do not support his goals, he often finds himself alone in his own battles, and so has faced the likes of Ra's al Ghul, The Demon, and even the tyrannical Darkseid, on his own. He has also gained the attention of the US Federal Government, which has conspired in the past to eliminate him as a threat. Though now, he seems to have taken a turn down the "Bad Guy" road once more if you are currently reading Robin.

98. Batzarro (13 points)

His origin is unknown, but his speech patterns are almost identical to those of Bizarro. Just as Bizarro has a reversed "S" on his chest, Batzarro has Batman's bat-logo on his chest, but it is inverted (upside-down). He also wears a utility belt like Batman's. However, he wears it upside-down as well with the pockets open. He calls himself the "World's Worst Detective". He uses a large steel chain as a weapon and as a grappling hook, but no other items. He seems to lack eyes and has yellow fangs. He was also said to have, opposed to Batman's origin, shot and killed his parents. Interestingly, Batzarro has a tendency to think aloud, often repeating what has just been stated in his thought boxes, the opposite of Batman's custom of quiet contemplation.

Batzarro apparently met his end when he jumped in the path of a bullet shot by the Joker to save his idol's life in Superman/Batman #24. Before then, Batman never even knew that Batzarro existed as the Joker reveals that he created Batzarro so he would have the pleasure of killing 'a Batman'. He was last seen been being put into the Phantom Zone by Bizarro in an effort to heal him.

However, he appeared in the Infinite Halloween special with Bizarro, who apparently succeeded in healing him. He appears to be more intelligent and a more competent Crime Fighter. Bizarro seems to disapprove his methods and calls him Not-Bruce. Notably this story takes place before Detective Comics #822 Since The Riddler is still a crook.


97. General Immortus (13 points)

genimmortus.jpgMany Centuries ago, the man now known as General Immortus gained a supply of a certain chemical that allowed him to survive down the ages. As the years passed, Immortus paid the greatest chemists in history to duplicate the chemical, but none could do so. At last, in the 20th Century, with only enough chemical left for two more centuries, Immortus became desperate. Since one more attempt to duplicate his chemical would exhaust his remaining supply, Immortus became the secret benefactor of Niles Caulder, a brilliant young scientist who was pursuing his own research into the secret of immortality.

When Caulder learned that Immortus was his benefactor, he refused to continue his research, but Immortus forced him to do so by implanting a miniature bomb in the young man's chest. Ultimately, Caulder tricked Immortus into shooting him as part of a plan to free himself from immortus' domination. Though Caulder was able to have the bomb deactivated, the effort left him a paraplegic, his legs totally useless.

To combat Immortus, Caulder gathered a group of super-powered misfits he called the Doom Patrol. For years the Doom Patrol battled Immortus and his ilk, until Caulder and his team were seemingly slain by two of their foes. Fearing the secret of immortality was lost to him forever, Immortus was relieved to find that Caulder had passed the secret to his wife Arani who had organized a reformed Doom Patrol.

Immortus kidnapped Arani and used his super-science to probe her mind and discover at last the secret he had sought for centuries.

After drinking the immortality serum, Immortus grew stronger, more virile, and became a young man again for the first time in centuries. But the effects of the serum, which had been specially formulated for Arani's unique body chemistry, were short lived and Immortus became an old man again, apparently perishing in the destruction of his mountain headquarters.



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