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Your Top DCU Villains part 10

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Friday, November 21 2008 and posted in Features


96. Shadow Thief (14 points)

shadowtheif.jpgCarl Sands was a common burglar who was first arrested when a police officer noticed the well hidden criminal's shadow. During his subsequent time in prison, Sands felt mocked by his shadow, for it could leave his cell, while he could not. Upon his release, Sands vowed to use his shadow to his advantage and began to study shadow facts and legends.

As he was conducting one of his many "shadow experiments", Sands accidentally managed to open a portal to the dimensional world of Xarapon, and there, he saved the life of Thar Dan, a scientist on that world. As a reward, the grateful Thar Dan presented Sands with a device called a "Dimensiometer." With this, Sands could shift his body to Xarapan, and appear on Earth as nothing but an intangible shadow.

Nothing could touch Sands, although he could rob at will with the aid of special ebony gloves.

The only drawback to this device was that every time Sands used it, the magnetic waves of the Earth were affected. Used too often, and the Earth could be thrown into another Ice Age - although Sands appeared unconcerned about this dire possibility.

Sands began his career as the Shadow Thief, becoming a regular adversary of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. After being defeated by them several times, the Shadow Thief was recruited by Hyathis who had become empress of Thanagar, to assist her in her quest for universal domination.

After one of his battles with the Hawks, Sands became trapped in the dimension of Xarapon. Months later, when he escaped, he had managed to modify his powers so that they were no longer dependant on either the Dimensiometer or his traveling to Xarapon.


emeraldempress.jpg95. Emerald Empress (14 points)

Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Emerald Empress was Sarya of Venegar.

In the middle of the 30th Century, Sarya discovered the legendary Emerald Eye of the lost Ekron civilization on her native planet of Vengar. She used the eye's almost limitless power for a variety of evil purposes and at one point conquered the planet Vengar.

Joining together with a group of the galaxy's worst villains summoned by the Legion of Super Heroes to defeat the menace of the Sun Eater, she became a founding member of the Fatal Five. She worked with her fellow members on several occasions, but also continued her solo career in an attempt to dominate her own planet or any other she took a shine to.

Emerald Empress went on to create her own version of the Fatal Five when Tharok and Validus were unavailable. She recruited her former teammate, Persuader, and recruited three new members: Flare, Caress and Mentalla.

Emerald Empress eventually revealed to her respected nemesis, Sensor Girl that the Emerald Eye actually held her captive, and not the other way around, and wanted nothing but to die. Sensor Girl granted her that final gift and used her ability to 'blind' the Emerald Eye, allowing Sarya to die in peace.

The most recent Emerald Empress simply went by the name of Empress. In the present, Lobo has been seen with the Emerald Eye during the course of 52, so Empress is presumably either depowered or dead. She has recently battled Batman and Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes).


krona.jpg94. Krona (15 points)

About 10 billion years ago Krona, a member of the race of immortals living on the planet Oa, devised a machine with which he planned to see back through time to the beginning of all things. Krona was acting in defiance of an ancient legend that warned that if Oans ever discovered the true origins of the cosmos, both the Oans and the universe would be destroyed. Despite pleas and urges to desist, Krona worked until his invention revealed the image of a shadow shaped like a giant hand holding a cluster of stars. At that instant, a bolt of cosmic lightning destroyed the machine, and would have killed Krona had he not been virtually indestructible.

Krona's act had several repercussions. It released an evil force through the universe, causing hatred and violence. It also triggered the creation of an other-dimensional anti- matter universe. It also caused Krona's own universe to replicate itself an unknown number of times. Thus the single universe became a multiverse, a collection of parallel universes. Only eons later would the multiverse be reduced to a single universe in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Oans punished Krona by reducing his form to disembodied energy doomed to travel harmlessly through the multiverse forever. Then, to atone for Krona's crime, the Oans vowed to create a force for good. Eventually the Oans became known as the Guardians of the Universe, founders of the Green Lantern Corps.

In recent years, Krona used the mystic power ring energy of Alan (Green Lantern) Scott to make possible his return to his original form. Krona again attempted to probe the origin of the universe, but was halted by Scott and Hal Jordan. The Guardians again reduced Krona to energy form and exiled him to the void.

Eventually Krona entered the dimension ruled by Nekron (who I believe is the person who found the Anti-Monitor and is the leader of the Death Lanterns, but that’s another story), where many souls of the dead pass on their way to their final destination. Nekron restored Krona to his original form and greatly increased his strength and powers. He then sent Krona on a mission to destroy the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. The latter, however, overcame both Krona and Nekron.

He was also the main baddie in the JLA/Avengers story where he kicked all kinds of ass, and most recently is running amok in the pages of Trinity.



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