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Your Top DCU Villains part 13

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Saturday, November 22 2008 and posted in Features


87. Libra (17 points)

Very little is known about the devious villain Libra.

He first appeared in Justice League of America #111 where he founded the first Injustice Gang.

Libra had formed the group to combat the Justice League Of America, with a back-up plan involving a special device that absorbed half of all of the JLA's powers, including half of Superman's strength, half of the Flash's speed, half of Green Lantern's power ring, half of Batman's intellect, and half of Elongated Man's elasticity.

The deice worked so well, that Libra decided to use it to absorb the powers of all the cosmos, and therein lies his downfall. The machine malfunctioned, and instead of absorbing the cosmos into him, Libra was absorbed into the cosmos.

In Final Crisis Libra created a new and final incarnation of the Secret Society of Super Villains. This Society is more clever and frightening than before, and under Libra's leadership become almost a terrorist sect. Libra offers to the villains their "hearts desire" if they join him. Before the formation of the Society, Libra fulfilled the desire of the Human Flame, a two-bit Martian Manhunter foe, by killing his hated foe, while he was drugged. This is only the first of the heinous list of criminal acts of Libra and his Society, and even they're not even at full strength yet.


86. Giganta (17 points)

giganta.jpgOriginally, Giganta was an ape artificially evolved into a human woman by Professor Zool. She soon came into conflict with Wonder Woman and, upon being subdued, was imprisoned at Transformation Island. Rather than find rehabilitation, Giganta was rescued and recruited by Eviless, becoming a founding member of Villainy Inc.

Notably, the pre-crisis version of Giganta does not grow to gigantic proportions. She is very strong, perhaps to a slightly superhuman degree, and somewhat larger than normal, but has no other powers.

Post-crisis, Giganta starts out as Dr. Doris Zuel, who worked at a medical facility where the comatose Wonder Woman was being kept. Dying of a terminal illness, Dr. Zuel plotted to transfer her mind into Wonder Woman's body. This procedure was stopped halfway by Wonder Girl and both Dr. Zuel and Wonder Woman were declared dead.

Neither of them were, however.

Dr. Zuel's assistant found out that her essence had been stored in the transference machine's buffer module. Wishing to save her, he put her in the body of one of the test animals, a gorilla named Giganta.

Dr. Zuel was not pleased with this, desiring a human body. She discovered another suitable host: a beautiful red-haired strong woman from a traveling circus named Olga, who was comatose. Absconding with Olga's prone form, Zuel did another transfer, successfully putting her mind in Olga's body and, presumably, Olga's mind into the gorilla. (That being said, the fate of Olga and the gorilla have never been revealed.)

Dr. Zuel discovered something amazing. She could now grow to a gigantic size, a power that Olga had possessed before Dr. Zuel stole her body. Using this ability, Dr. Zuel, now embracing the identity 'Giganta', joined Villainy Inc., but met with defeat at the hands of Wonder Woman. She would later on join Secret Society of Super Villains, a united team of super villains.

After Donna Troy assumed the identity of Wonder Woman, Giganta teamed up with the Cheetah and Dr. Psycho to search for the 'real' Wonder Woman, Diana. After holding Donna hostage, they eventually clash with Wonder Girl, Robin, Hercules and Diana, who was under the guise of Diana Prince, government agent. Giganta is ultimately defeated by Hercules in this conflict.

Giganta's next appearance featured her as an instructor at Ivy Town's University, but under the control of M'Nagalah, the Cancer God. Under his influence, she was assigned to seduce and capture the new Atom, Ryan Choi. She ended up swallowing him whole but he managed to escape by making her sick, thus causing her to cough him up.

Free of the M'Nagalah's control, Dr. Zuel remained in her position at the university. She has also since approached Ryan for a second chance, despite the unusual nature of their initial encounter.

The two do make a second date, but before it happens Ryan is asked by Wonder Woman, on behalf of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, to wear a wire on his date with Doris. During their date, Doris discusses her desire to reform. When Ryan is away, however, she learns that he was wearing a wire and angrily tears off the roof of the restaurant to see Ryan and Wonder Woman talking, unaware that he had removed his wire. Wonder Woman and Giganta fight, with Wonder Woman emerging victorious. Ryan intervenes, preventing Wonder Woman from beating her further. Wonder Woman admits she lost her temper, but both realize that Giganta had escaped. It is unknown whether or not Doris heard Ryan's pleading on her behalf.

Afterwards, Giganta has appeared as one of the inmates on the prison planted in Salvation Run. As part of the group that follows the Joker, she has apparently formed a friendship with Gorgeous Gilly. Giganta was seen as a Member of Libra's SSSV, and at the end of Final Crisis #3 she is shown as a Thrall of Darkseid alongside several other Super-Powered Women. She is now Called Gigantrix. 2003_rolling_eyes_.gif


85. Silver Banshee (18 points)

silverbanshee.jpgSiobhan McDougal was the first born child of Garrett McDougal, the patriarch of a clan of old Gaelics that resided on an island halfway between Ireland and Scotland. The clan had remained stationed there for a thousand generations. The island held the Castle Broen, the battleground for the first born McDougals to battle for the honor of leading the clan. It was a ritual as old as the clan. It was extremely important to all who reside on the island and one Siobhan only paid heed to as part of her family lore.

She left her clan at an early age to travel the world. She had grown tired of life with the clan and needed an escape. She had remained away for an extended period of time and only returned when she received news that her father had died. Upon her return, the proceedings for the next ritual were already underway. She was told by her uncle Seamus that she was not to take part. He didn't want a woman to be clan leader and had already decided her younger brother Bevan would take her role in the ritual.

Siobhan took this as an affront and decided to do the ritual herself, alone. The ritual involved calling forth supernatural forces for power. She almost succeeded but her brother Bevan inadvertently interrupted her mid-ritual to disastrous effect. The forces consumed her and drug her into the Netherworld.

In the Netherworld, an ancient being known as the "Crone" granted her power and a means to return to the land of the living as the Silver Banshee. She demanded repayment in the form of an occult book that had belonged to her father. Upon her return to her clan, she discovered her father's books were shipped off to the States to be sold. Thus her journey brought her to Metropolis. Not one to be delayed, Silver Banshee killed any and all who stood in her way of finding the book. This drew the attention of Superman, who tried to stop her. She had a leg up however as one of his weaknesses is magic. Their battle was fierce, but she was still unable to defeat Superman so she fled and left the mission to find the book for another date.

Refusing to completely abandon her quest, she returned to Metropolis twice more and faced Superman both times. Just as before, she was defeated by Superman both times. It wouldn't be until much later when Batman discovered the book among other stolen goods in Gotham City that Silver Banshee would take up her quest again. She faced off against Batman when he brought the book back to Castle Broen. She may have stood a chance against Batman but the Crone showed up again and dragged Silver Banshee, Bevan, and her uncle Seamus to the Netherworld.

When the River Styx was brought out of the Underworld and into the town of Leesburg, Supergirl rescued the Banshee from Satanus. This left Silver Banshee confused and she reverted to her psychotic state. She even went so far as to use Supergirl's friend Mattie as her new host and rampaged on the streets. The Mattie possessed Silver Banshee then went to General McFee who was responsible for the death of her brother during the Final Night fiasco while under the control of General Grodd. Supergirl tried to calm the Silver Banshee before she could kill McFee and it worked, separating Mattie from the Banshee. The separation led the temporary vanishing of the Banshee altogether.

Silver Banshee has since turned up attempting to collect the billion dollar bounty Lex Luthor placed on Superman's head. Once again she lost in her battle with Superman. She then joined the Secret Society led by Alexander Luthor. She was one of the members who turned on Black Adam when he was needed for a machine Luthor was building. She then took part in the Battle of Metropolis. Most recently, she has become a nemesis for Supergirl.


84. Terra (18 points)

terra.jpgThe king of Markovia had one affair which leaded to him having an illegitimate daughter named Tara Markov (Terra). The king decided that it would be the best to send her to the United States of America to prevent his public image to be ruined. Because of Tara's descendance she inherited earth moving powers similar to the ones of Geo-Force who was her cousin and with the help of a doctor named Helga Jace gained control. How much the doctor helped Terra in gaining control hasn't been explained, neither which was the process to do it, the doctor only implied that terra got her powers by meddling. Soon after gaining control over her powers Tara Markov (Terra) decided to leave Markovia with a lot of hate and anger towards his father because of the fact that she was an illegitimate daughter. When Tara was fifteen years old she decided to use her powers to do illegitimate work for people.

Tara's criminal life lead her to accept a contract that had been declined by Deathstroke himself and which implied killing an African king. Tara decided to come close to the king and his family, one day betraying them and killing the king like the contract wanted. During this mission Tara met and had an affair with Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) who invited her to become his partner on a vendetta against the New Teen Titans because Slade blamed them for the death of his son. Tara Markov accepted the offer and took the codename Terra, at the same time she and Deathstroke invented a story that involved Tara being a prisoner of terrorists.

Changeling (Beast Boy) decided to offer Terra membership in the New Teen Titans after he saw her trying to destroy the Statue of Liberty. It was soon after her joining that Changeling (Beast Boy) started to have romantic feelings toward her, it was also during her time in the New Teen Titans that she was reunited with her cousin Geo-Force when both the "New Teen Titans" and the "Batman and the Outsiders" confronted together the fearsome five. During the time that Terra was a Teen Titan she worked as a spy for Deathstroke, collecting information for him to find out the identities of the members of the team and use it as a way to capture them and take them to the H.I.V.E who were the ones that hired Deathstroke.

After everyone in the team revealed their identities to Terra both Kid Flash (Wally West) and Robin (Dick Grayson) left the team for different reasons, having lost two of their members (Robin being the leader) Donna Troy became the new leader of the team until Dick Grayson decided to come back after figuring out what would he do with his life. Dick Grayson was attacked a few days later by Deathstroke as an attempt to capture him, the strange part of the attack was that Deathstroke didn't attack him as Robin, but as a civilian. After the confrontation Dick manages to escape Deathstroke by losing him in the city and goes to see if his teammates are ok. After Dick notices that every single one of the New Teen Titans has been captured he meets Adeline Kane and her son Joseph Wilson (Jericho) who tells him that Terra has been working with Deathstroke and it was because of that that Deathstroke had learned their identities and was able to attack them at their homes when they didn't expect it. Dick Grayson (Having taken the identity of Nightwing) now with the help of Jericho they went to rescue the New Teen Titans from H.I.V.E and Deathstroke, during the fight Jericho took control over the body of his father and used it to fight Terra, during the fight she lost control over her powers and caused the building to fall over her making she lose her life.



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