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Your Top DCU Villains part 14

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Saturday, November 22 2008 and posted in Features

felixfaust.jpg83. Felix Faust (18 Points)

Reading the legend of Dr. Faustus, a German necromancer and astrologer who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for knowledge and power, Felix Faust was inspired to do the same.
Studying the occult in all regions of the world, Faust summoned three powerful demons imprisoned beneath the Earth for billions of years by the mysterious race known as the Timeless Ones.

To permanently free the demons of their prison Faust had to acquire three mystical objects hidden by the Timeless Ones. Unable to do so on his own, he mystically controlled the Justice League to search for the objects. Breaking the spell, Faust was defeated, but would return to menace the world again with his super-natural machinations of evil.

His son is Sebastian Faust, better known as Faust from the Outsiders. desaad.jpg


82. Desaad (19 points - 1 first place slot)

Sadist. Torturer. Coward. These words describe the treacherous Desaad, counselor to Darkseid who manages the day to day operations of Apokolips. Desaad's name is a play off the Marquis de Sade. It is from his name the term "sadism" comes from.

Originally from New Genesis, Desaad wasn't always as sadistic as he is now. He used to be nothing, but an innocent youth, until Darkseid showed up. On one of his secret trips to New Genesis, Darkseid met him. He noticed the young lad had two favorite animals, a bird and a cat. The one day the boy came home to find his bird missing. Finding feathers on his cat's bed, Darkseid told the boy that it's his job to avenge the bird by killing the cat. Desaad took the cat in his back yard and buried it alive. On his return, he found the bird back in his cage. In a fit of rage, he killed the bird, and went with Darkseid to Apokolips.

Desaad is a treacherous person who manipulates people so that he can have power. He would do anything just to get it, even if it means double-crossing the ruler of Apokolips.


81. Anton Arcane (20 points)

In the course of his long life, Anton Arcane became obsessed with the secret of immortality. Unfortunately, his body had grown old and frail by this time and so he sought to create an artificial body for himself to house his spirit.

The results of his experiments in this field were the Un-men - misshapen but incredibly loyal creatures - who would assist their master in his quest for an alternate body.

This quest eventually led Arcane to the Swamp Thing, where he offered to restore Alec Holland's humanity in exchange for his monstrous form. Holland soon learned Arcane intended to use the Swamp Thing's body for evil purposes, and in the ensuing battle Arcane fell to a seeming death.

The Un-men recovered and repaired Arcane's broken body, transforming him into a hulking monstrosity more hideous than the Swamp Thing himself. After a 2nd encounter with Swamp Thing, Arcane was left a disassembled corpse, buried in Louisiana Bayou.

His Un-men resurrected Arcane once more - this time as a half human / half insect cyborg, and at the end of a 3rd conflict with the Swamp Thing, Arcane's body was destroyed, seemingly forever.


80. Zod (20 points) zod.jpg

Months before the destruction of Krypton, Jor-El convinces his friend, mentor and intellectual peer Non that their planet is indeed doomed. The word of two of the most respected scholars of Krypton was not enough to sway the Council, whose only action in the matter was to forbid any further talk on the subject. While Jor-El chose to fight a Sisyphean battle to convince the Kryptonian Council, Non spread the word to the people. Non's actions were considered rebellious, and the council dispatched their most fearsome commander, General Zod, to dispatch of him. Zod though is swayed by Non's words and becomes convinced of the impending destruction of Krypton. His most trusted lieutenant and loyal lover Ursa also joins his cause.

The council quickly reacted to the insurrection by kidnapping Non in his sleep and lobotomizing him. They then arrest the three defectors and sentenced them to the Phantom Zone at the request of Jor-El. Jor-El agreed to desist in his attempts to convince the Council in return for a humane punishment to death for his contemporaries. After the verdict Zod declared that the only way to save Krypton was to overthrow the stubborn Kryptonian Council, and by ruling Krypton in their place. Their brutal escape attempt was quelled, but not before members of the Council were slaughtered. The verdict still stood though, as the judgment of the Council is final, and Jor-El administered the punishment, banishing them to the Phantom Zone. For his actions, or inaction, Zod regards Jor-El as a coward. Zod vows " day we will return, and when we do I, will be Krypton's ruler. And then...I will make you the slave to me that you are to the council. You will kneel before me. Both you and one day... your son!"

Then in the One Year Later storyline.....ah never mind. I am trying to forget that arc...



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