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Your Top DCU Villains part 15

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Sunday, November 23 2008 and posted in Features


79. Constantine Drakon (21 Points)

Constantine Drakon, despite his relatively small amount of appearances, has nonetheless made quite a name for himself, particularly among the members of the Arrow family. Initially confronting Green Arrow and the others when contracted to kill monsters plaguing Star City, Drakon proves to be more than a match for the elder Green Arrow, and the Greek stabs the Emerald Archer through both hands with his own arrows. Later, Drakon came into contact with Connor Hawke while the former was searching for papers that would connect his employers to the monsters. While considered a formidable opponent in his own right, Connor was devastated by Drakon's martial onslaught, but managed to escape from the assassin through the aid of Speedy.

Constantine Drakon is an incredibly skilled martial artist, and is also a formidable gunman and knife-thrower, and was, in fact, able to throw a knife into one of his employer's shoulders so fast that no one even noticed he had moved. He has also proved capable of catching multiple arrows fired by skilled opponents without any real exertion.


78. Mr. Zsasz (21 Points)

Victor Zsasz is the most unrepentant of sociopaths, a serial killer who marks the death of his victims on his skin. He believes that human beings are mindless 'robots' who seek only to find amusement. He is very intelligent and deceptively cunning, Mr. Zsasz isn't very picky when he's choosing his victims. But as a weapon he does prefer a carving knife for his kill, leaving his victims in natural "life-like" positions and marking their deaths as gashed tallies on his own body.

Mr. Zsasz lived a privileged existence, having made a fortune during his twenties. However, like so many before him, his success did not bring him happiness. Zsasz was left feeling hollow. After a period of being suicidal, Zsasz decided to, instead, bring death to everyone else. Thus, Zsasz became a serial killer; a career choice that has caused Zsasz to have numerous run-ins with Batman, and has landed him in Arkham Asylum almost as many times.


ragdoll.jpg77. Ragdoll (22 Points)

Rag Doll is a master contortionist, which means his ligaments and tendons are triple-jointed, which allows him to bend and twist his body in unimaginable ways. It also allows him to fit into spaces no other human would fit into. in later years, he became a successful hypnotist through oratories he delivers. His body is absorbent enough to withstand concussive forces capable of rendering most human individuals unconscious. He is an adequate marksman but typically relies on the element of surprise. He is a skilled thief, and augments his stealth with his ability to hide in unexpected places where a human normally couldn't place themselves.

A new Rag Doll was featured in the Villains United miniseries, as a member of a small group calling themselves the "Secret Six" who hoped to rival the new Secret Society of Super Villains. In Issue #3 it was revealed he is the son of the original Rag Doll and was born a normal baby. To please his father he underwent surgery to implant lubricated cybernetic joints that let him emulate his father's physique. The surgery left him badly disfigured and requiring regular doses of an emollient to lubricate his skin - otherwise his bones will literally cut through his brittle flesh. He also had surgically removed his genitals, which he considered a "bother."


amazo.jpg76. Amazo (22 Points)

Originally built with the powers and skills of the original Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter) preinstalled, as well as a duplicate Lantern Power Ring and Lasso of Truth. As such he was a formidable adversary.

The powers and programming of Amazo has varied over time. Some incarnations of Amazo are pre-installed with the powers of members of the Justice League Of America (often Superman and Flash with the fighting skill of Wonder Woman). Other times the programming of Amazo varies. For instance the programming and absorption cell technology was implanted into the body of fellow android Red Tornado after the Red Tornado's soul moved on to a human body. This led to a conflict as part of the Red Tornado's spirit became ingrained in the android circuitry. On one occasion he was only able to duplicate the powers of the members in the Justice League, adapting as the roster grew (this Amazo was defeated when Superman disbanded the Justice League, leaving Amazo without any sources to copy). And in one example Amazo was able to steal the powers of the Justice League as well as their humanity, leaving the Justice League powerless androids. Amazo returned the League to normal when he couldn't reconcile his actions with his new emotions. These diverging programming and power fluctuations have not been officially reconciled within DC continuity.



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