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Your Top DCU Villains part 17

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Monday, November 24 2008 and posted in Features


72. Amanda Waller (24 points)

Amanda Waller Nicknamed "the Wall". Amanda Waller was a congressional aide and also government agent. Waller was placed in charge of the Suicide Squad it is a semi-secret government-run group of former super villains working in return for amnesty. Waller was the leader of the covert-ops organization, Checkmate. Waller later moved on to be a Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor, before being arrested in the wake of Luthor's public fall from grace. Waller was recently reassigned to the leadership of Checkmate as White Queen, but has been forced to resign because of her involvement in Operation Salvation Run.


mist.jpg71. Mist (24 points)

Many years ago, the scientist now known only as the Mist created an "Invisio - Solution" that could turn people and objects invisible. He tried to sell it to the US government during World War 1 only to be met with rejection and scornful disbelief. The Mist vowed revenge and after World War Two began in Europe, he sent invisible agents to steal all of America's military secrets.

He also tried to use invisible planes to bomb factories geared for defense. However, the Mist's schemes were thwarted by the man who would become his main adversary, Starman (Ted Knight).

Later, the Mist used a variation of his Invisio Solution to hypnotize innocent people into committing crimes for him. Starman foiled the Mist once more. The Mist would try a similar scheme many years later, but this time the Black Canary teamed up with Starman to defeat him.

Over the years, the Mist's repeated use of the invisio solution has had a cumulative effect, enabling him to take on a truly mist - like form. He became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains under the leadership of the Ultra Humanite.


circe.jpg70. Circe (24 points)

Circe is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Perseis. Circe is a powerful witch and former princess of Colchis. A beautiful, violet-haired, red-eyed sorceress, she is known for turning people into animals (which are called Beastimorphs), as well as for powers of mind-control. Circe has been a devoted follower of the goddess Hecate for thousands of years. She has lived on the island of Aeaea where she became a powerful being in both magic and in influence over portions of man's world. During his adventure to her island, Circe fell in love with Odysseus and bore him three sons: Agrius, Latinus, and Telegonus.

Though Circe's patron goddess Hecate was an offspring of the Titans, she was not considered one of the main Twelve Olympians. Zeus gave her much respect, but she didn't hold much favor with others on Olympus. As such she married the god Hades, but their marriage didn't last and Hecate was demoted as handmaiden to her former husband's new wife. Because of this she left the realm of the gods and agreed to render her soul to her most devoted servant Circe. This caused Circe to attain her current goddess-level of power and immortality.

When Hecate transferred her soul to Circe, she said the words: Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul. In addition to being goddess of witchcraft, Hecate is also a goddess of the moon; when Circe learned that Wonder Woman shared her name with moon goddess Diana, she decided that Hecate's cryptic warning must refer to her. Fearing that Diana would steal Hecate's soul and power, Circe decided to destroy her.

Once Diana learned of Hecate's pronouncement, she too felt it pertained to her, but of course Diana has no desire to have the soul of Hecate possessing her body. This issue is central to the conflict between the two women.



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