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Super Thanks Secret Invasion

Written by SuperginraiX on Monday, November 24 2008 and posted in Features
skrulled26.jpgIt's a special Thanksgiving Edition of Super Reads!  OK, it's actually a regular edition during the week of Thanksgiving.

Either way, it's the best damn article on the internet.

This time around we take a look at Avengers: The Initiative #18, Secret Invasion: Thor #3, Secret Invasion: X-Men #3, Nova #18, Punisher War Journal #24, and then blast from the past looks at Fantastic Four #'s 347-349.  The thanks just keep on coming!

Spoilers Ahead!

Hello out there in Internet Land. We are rounding the last few curves in the road as we quickly approach Secret Invasion #8 and the end of our Secret Invasion ride. It's so close to being over you can already see the NEXT few Marvel events coming over the horizon.

It's never to late to enjoy the past 25 installments of Super Reads Secret Invasion! Off to your left, you'll see a link titled "Super Reads SI" where you can check out what happened in every issue dealing with Secret Invasion. Looking for a lazier way? You can also check here to catch up or remember back. It's so simple, even a Skrull could do it!

With that biz out of the way, it's time to read some comics.

ati18.jpgAvengers: The Initiative #18
Writer: Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Steve Kurth

Avengers: The Initiative is drawing to a climax all it's own. While it follows Nick Fury, his Silent Commandos, and the various Initiative that's gathered around him, it also deals with the fact that most Initiative teams in the 50 State Initiative have a Skrull sleeper agent in their ranks. 3-D Man, Ryder and Riot from the Skrull Kill Krew, and some dedicated Initiative members have been traveling from site to site taking out these sleeper agents before they can cause trouble. With all this going on, Ant-Man has discovered a plot so nefarious that he can't keep hiding. He's gonna have to act!

Our issue starts off in Montana as our Kill Krew team continues to root our Skrull sleeper agents. This time it's Equinox from Freedom Force. Not the easiest battle in the world. Actually, that's par for course. It seems that even with these preventative measures in place, the sleeper agents have been able to take out pretty much the entire team that they have infiltrated. Equinox makes good on defeating everyone sent to stop him... with the exception of Cloud 9. She sneaks in with a sniper rifle for a killing (boom) headshot.

It becomes pretty clear that Cloud 9 isn't the same girl that rode clouds for the fun of it back in issue one. She's hard core and... well, she's kinda become Batman in all the bad ways that one can become Batman. We saw a lot of this happen with her "growth" in this very title but it seems that progress has continued with her time in Freedom Force.

Devil-Slayer's seen better days. He's the guy that's been transporting the ever growing Kill Krew team from one Initiative team-base to another. It's taking a toll on him and he knows that there's only so many more times he can do the jump-dance. The team quickly move to their next target and Cloud 9 at least has the decency to be concerned about her fallen comrades before joining them. The fallen will get the medical attention they need but it's gonna be off panel attention. Ryder and Riot muse about getting some "backup" but that hint will have to wait until closer to the end of the issue.

At Camp Hammond, the former training HQ of the Initiative and current Skrull Central Command, Dum-Dum Dugan (a Skrull if you haven't been keeping up) is upset at how quickly the Kill Krew team has uncovered sleeper agent after sleeper agent. The Shadow Cloak that Devil-Slayer uses for teleportation is magical in nature and hard to track especially with the Skrull's magical forces dealing with Great Britain over in Captain Britain and MI:13. Still, they are working on the problem and will be able to track the Krew's movements with just one more jump. Dugan orders Skrull Shock Troops to be prepared for the moment when they are able to track the Krew.

All this is watched over by Ant-Man who wants nothing better than to hook up with some heroes and unload his incredible information on them. Once that's done, he can run away some more and get lost in the crowd.

Dugan's got more plans to enact, though. He sends out a call to all Skrull sleeper agents to reveal themselves and attack. It's a public declaration.  This works to sow confusion on the Initiative teams whether they have a sleeper on them or not. Apparently only two Initiative teams are Skrull free. One of those is The Order. The other would probably be the Thunderbolts, though they aren't mentioned here.

The Skrulls finally track the Shadow Cloak's location to Philadelphia. The Shock Troops are ordered on stand-by for the next jump. In the mean time, the Kill Krew gets to take out The Revolutionary. He was seen WAY back in Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1 and in the first Super Reads article. I had doubts we'd ever see him again but I'm proved wrong for the very first time ever. Don't check on that.

In Nick Fury's secret bunker, doubts are rising fast and furious. Prodigy, probably drunk, is accusing Hulkling of being a Skrull. The Young Avengers are pretty much in the "well, duh" category there. Still, Prodigy looks pretty drunk and it'll take an inspirational speech by some sort of secret Skrull to get everyone to calm down. That's where Crusader comes in. He does calm everyone down and gets more respect from Nick Fury and his huge fallic gun. That gun respects him more than anything.

It's a shame that he's gonna have to be revealed by Mr Fantastic's Skrull revealing gun thingamajig.

The Kill Krew have taken out The Revolutionary and are now heading to... Georgia! And with that port, the Skrull shock troops head for them and, with the shock troops, Ant-Man gets a ride.

Georgia is a mess. That message sent out by Dugan has already started the fight up. In the air, Ultragirl and Thor Girl duke it out but they are too high up for 3-D Man to figure out which one is the Skrull. While they're trying to figure this out, the Skrull shock troops make their move and battle is huge and messy.

The Kill Krew get to business as Cloud 9 makes her way skyward to take down either Ultragirl or Thor Girl. Whichever one looks more Skrully. Unfortunately, neither one has a tell. So, in interest of fairness, she blasts them both groundward. Once there, 3-D Man names the Skrull: Thor Girl. One messy hammer attack later and we have confirmation and a messy hammer to the face shot.  I wonder if this is the "blonde" Skrull that was mentioned last issue...

Ultragirl tries to make Cloud 9 feel bad but our girl Abby is too much of a jerk nowadays to really care that much. Next stop: South Dakota.

Once there, they find Ant-Man hitching a ride on Cloud 9. 3-D Man confirms he's human and it's about time for him to explain himself.

The Skrull's Doomsday Plan: If the Skrulls lose their final battle for earth, they'll make sure that we lose the planet, too. Every Initiative Base is equipped with a tower that connects to the Negative Zone. The Skrulls are able to use three towers to send a good chunk of the planet into the Negative Zone, destabilizing Earth's orbit and making the planet uninhabitable. The Kill Krew has to move QUICKLY to stop this from becoming a reality.

They'll need more Skrull detectors so that hint we were given earlier will have to be revealed in full. The remaining Skrull Kill Krew are revealed... as decapitated heads. Their bodies wasted away but the heads were preserved for one last mission. Remember, the Skrull Kill Krew is able to detect Skrulls as easily as 3-D Man. The three speedsters available are sent back with high powered explosives to every base the Krew's already cleared to destroy the towers. The remaining assembled are split into 6 teams to take out the last 6 bases. Each team has their own Skrull detector.

While Nick Fury and company join in the final battle with the Skrulls in Central Park, the Kill Krew teams work to take out the last 6 Initiative sleeper agents.

Devil-Slayer teleports the teams and then collapses, coughing up blood.

sit3.jpgSecret Invasion: Thor #3
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Doug Braithwaite

The Battle of Asgard was all but won until one last god-like New Super Skrull began her attack. She was able to get the better of Beta Ray Bill before noticing the town of Broxton. Feeling this was a better target than Asgard, she made her way there. Beta Ray Bill did his best to stop her but he didn't last long on his own. Meanwhile, Doctor Donald Blake was returning to Asgard after delivering a baby in Broxton. When Bill falls, Blake is there to pick up the fallen hammer.

It's a standstill from there while we wait for Blake to make his move towards Mjolnir or for the New Super Skrull to try and crush him. The situation is broken up by Volstagg as he gives Don Blake the time he needs to grab the hammer. Beta Ray Bill finds this hilarious for some reason. I'm thinking shock.

The New Super Skrull is beating Volstagg to a pulp, but his sacrifice wasn't in vain because Thor has entered the fray. Big time battle.

It is not an easy battle by any means. The New Super Skrull is anything but a pushover and her power is incredible. Thor's got some moves and you won't see him fall over but he's not gaining ground. Hogunn and Fandral join in the battle and even THEN the New Super Skrull isn't beaten. Fandral and Thor drive a blade deep into the creature and it merely slows her down a bit.

She throws her weapon at Broxton which means that Thor will have to stop it. That leaves Hogunn and Fandral left to fight the Skrull. Thor stops her attack on Broxton but there is major property damage. Volstagg rises to help his comrades but this Skrull is NOT going down.


Thor returns and hands Stormbringer (which the New Super Skrull had launched at Broxton) to Beta Ray Bill. The warrior brothers fight the Skrull while leading her underneath Asgard (which is floating above the ground slightly). When they finally get underneath the city, Thor drops it on her... and them.

For a long moment, the fate of Thor and Beta Ray Bill is unknown to the Asgardians. That moment passes...
sithor3.jpg the two lift Asgard back up and appear unscathed. Thankfully, that was enough to defeat the New Super Skrull, though, because if that DIDN'T do it, we'll, we'd probably need some nukes.

The Asqardians head to Broxton to help clean up the mess made by the Skrulls and plans are made. Thor is still needed, possibly in New York during the final battle. Beta Ray Bill heads into outer space to settle his scores and get some questions answered in the stars.

The two say their goodbyes and get started on their individual missions.

sixm3.jpgSecret Invasion: X-Men #3
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Ma Sepulveda

The Thought-Wall has an unnexpected visitor: Emma Frost.

She was captured while trying to break the Thought-Wall's psi-blockage that prevents telepathic communication between the various X-Men units. When she was captured, her body went braindead and that's the end of that.

But, of course, it isn't. Cyclops is more than a little upset that the Stepford Cuckoos stopped the Cerebra link-up they were focused on at the death of the former-White Queen. He orders them back on to keep Emma's body alive until she returns to it.

The Cuckoo's split up the tasks and get back to work.

The Thought-Wall also gets back to work as they try to breach Emma's psi-defenses. Since this isn't the nineties, we don't have the cool visuals that telepaths could assume on the Astral Plane but we do have a bunch of red Skrull heads chasing Emma around.

In parts of San Francisco, the X-Men continue their guerilla tactics. Cannonball, Iceman, and Nightcrawler are dealing with a Skrull combat squad in what must be a local mall. Nightcrawler's a mess at this point. Devil-Slayer (over in Avengers: The Initiative) isn't the only teleporter being taxed to his limit. The X-Men teleporters may only be teleporting short distances but they're doing it with groups instead of individuals and they are doing it very frequently.

Back at Thought-Wall, Emma's defenses are being breeched.

It turns out that's the plan. She's taking them out one at a time and enjoying every minute. It's not long until she defeats the whole group and breaks throught the psi-blockage. Waking up, she's welcomed back and given her official X-Men "I died but got better" merit badge. With the Psi-blocks gone, it's time to get serious.

Anole has discovered that the Skrulls are rounding up humans. Cannonball takes a team to investigate and leaves Kurt to pick up Angel's team. Alone, Kurt argues with his Skrull Religious Bauble and regrets ever touching the thing. Don't worry Nightcrawler. We all regret you ever touching that thing.

The number that the Skrulls are gathering has increased quite a bit. It looks like they're taking everyone they can find. Anole is sent to investigate further since he can turn invisible.

The Skrulls are loading the gathered humans into different buildings and blessing them at the same time. Once put inside, the entries are all sealed tight. Anole is discovered and chased around but a timely rescue by Colossus gets him back in the hands of the angels.

Beast is having trouble finding a secret weapon that will work on the Skrulls. He's got ideas but nothing that can be finished quickly. The New Super Skrulls seem without any real weaknesses. Enter: Nightcrawler. He want to get rid of that damn Bauble and gives it to Beast to examine. After they talk about the Bauble and the close relations that mutants and Skrulls share, Beast gets a terrible and brilliant idea.

As the Skrull Mother-Ship comes down to within attack range of their human prisoners, Beast reveals his ace-in-the-hole weapon.

The New Super Skrulls are vulnerable to the Legacy Virus.

n18.jpgNova #18
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciler: Wellington Alves & Geraldo Borges

Alright! Worldmind is back! Wendell Vaughn is back! Things are looking up! Kinda.

We've got a ways to go. Darkhawk and his Guardsmen are in trouble and Project: PEGASUS is still under heavy attack. Nova and Wendell help to rescue Darkhawk and his men but the Skrulls really want this facility and have more New Super Skrulls attacking it than you can shake a quantum stick at.

While Director Gruenwald and Doctor Necker get Worldmind up-to-date on the situation, Wendell and Richard talk over the Annihilation War and how the heck Wendell's still flying around after being killed... granted, he's done the "return from the dead" thing before but still. In a desperate maneuver, Wendell does some sort of quantum burst move that toasts all the New Super Skrulls but sends him back to recharge in his quantum flask.

Worldmind is gathering information so that he can properly deal with the current situation. With his coordination, they may be able to box the Skrulls in but they aren't able to stop a sneak attack from happening below them. The Worldmind unlocks the vaults that were so strategically locked in the first place. Having done so, he activates the Minion Project. With the help of these pretty evil looking defenders, the tide looks like it's turned.

Darkhawk, Nova, and the Minions fight the Skrulls back level by level until they finally bring the battle back to the outside.

Worldmind warns them that this is not a win. It's a strategic move on the Skrull's part. They are giving up ground for a reason. Apparently, they've given up on capturing Project: PEGASUS and have decided that it's better to just destroy the facility.

Before Nova can access the power it would take to shield the facility, the Skrullship intent on destroying them is, itself, destroyed by an unknown source. When the smoke clears, it looks like a group of Nova Corps Centurions have survived the Annihilation War and have now returned to active duty.

Let's hope Richard doesn't have to give up his cool suit.

pwj24.jpgPunisher War Journal #24
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Howard Chaykin

OK, this issue actually came out way back in the beginning of October, so to make this all fit together perfectly, you'll need to cut this part out and put it in Super Judges Secret Invasion. Use a child-friendly scissors. I'm not responsible for injuries if you don't. Or if you do.

Basically, I'm not responsible.

Anyway, it's one of those "under the radar" titles that flew out and didn't even care that it was a tie-in. No "Secret Invasion" banner or anything. The Punisher doesn't need your sales boost. Or your sales.

Since I try to avoid everything Punisher when at all possible, I'm just going to guess a bit on how this plot came about. Your mileage may vary. Stuart Clarke is Frank Castle's latest Microchip character. He's a shady guy who, for some reason or another, is all about helping the Punisher on his crusade against crime.

Castle's in prison right now, though, so Stuart is in hiding and working to repair his Rampage suit. Yeah, Clarke is/was a super villain. I'm not asking how that escaped Frank's notice because then I would probably need to read back issues of this book and that is a sacrifice I'm just not willing to make. Anyway, while Stuart is working on his super villain costume, he gets a video that shows Frank killing his girlfriend, Tatiana.

This doesn't make Stuart happy at all.

And then earth gets invaded by Skrulls.  Iron Man got that crazy computer virus that knocked all Starktech out all around the world.  This played havoc with lots of stuff but, in this instance, we'll focus on how it helped Frank Castle walk out of prison.  He was being held in a SHIELD holding area and, since SHIELD has always been heavily supplied with Starktech, the whole facility went down with no manned defenses in place.

Castle pretty much strolls right out after warning everyone else to stay put or get shot.  Frank goes topside to find that Skrullships are devastating New York City.  Guerilla warfare?  That's what the Punisher DOES.  It's time to spill some green blood.

Stuart has spent the time since deciding to kill the Punisher well.  He's nearly finished his Rampage suit.  If only this Secret Invasion wasn't so noisy, he'd be able to get everything together and kill Frank Castle.  Then Tony Stark.  Yeah, he has a list.

He tests out some of his new hardware on the invading Skrulls.  Hey!  It works!  Now he'll just have to face whatever Skrull soldiers that respond to his first attack.  He suits up and gets ready.

But we'll just take a scene change.  Jasper Sitwell is frustrated.  He's trying to coordinate some resistance to these Skrull invaders and the Punisher is getting in his way.  Sure, Frank's taking out Skrulls but, since he's not in communication with the SHIELD resistance, he's almost taken out SHIELD soldiers in his attacks.  That needs to stop so he's brought in...

Is that G.W. Bridge?  What the hell!?  Did he lose a fight with a mutant McDonalds?  How did he get so fat between Cable & Deadpool #34 and Punisher War Journal #1?  He's also lost major style points and I don't know if I blame Howard Chaykin, Ariel Olivetti, or Matt Fraction.  Ugh.  That looks nothing like any G.W. Bridge I've ever seen.  Is it his father?  How do you get so... ok, we'll deal with Fat Bridge later.

Right now, it's just important to know that Fat Bridge is heading after Punisher and he's going to wear a pretty dorky helmet to do it. 

But before we get to that big confrontation, we need to check up on Frank.  He's been killing a lot of Skrulls and has apparently had time to attach Skrull skulls all over his yellow pickup truck.  He's blasting some AM radio music because that's all that's left to listen to and he's already burned through his Donnie Osmond tape.  Basically, he's enjoying the feeling that so many Marvel Heroes have already discovered: the feeling of killing loads of Skrulls guilt free.  Seriously, it's like killing Nazis.  It's always a good idea.

Enter: Fat Bridge with a dorky helmet.  He huffs over to Frank and nearly passes out from the effort.  The Punisher knocks him down and chucks the dorky helmet off in the same move.  Sure, it protects the head from injury but, as a design choice, that thing was just made to last a total of three panels.

The two then face of against a mobster New Super Skrull.  It's fatter than Fat Bridge.  No, I will NOT stop calling him Fat Bridge. 


Fine, we'll see how far I get.  Seeing a problem, Pun and... our larger-than-normal Bridge shoot the hell out of it.

As we all know, New Super Skrulls don't fall easily and bullets aren't enough to finish the job.  Since that's all Punisher knows (well, bullets and explosives), he grabs his big partner and beats feet.

It's just too bad that he left the stereo on in the Punisher Truck.  The engine won't start.

New Super Skrull mobster knocks the truck on it's side.  Frank and Bridge are sitting ducks until something attacks the New Super Skrull from behind.

It looks like Rampage is here to settle some scores.

ff347.jpgFantastic Four #347
Writer: Walter Simonson
Penciler: Arthur Adams

THIS is the reward for reading the entirety of the Kree-Skrull War in Silver Surfer.  Excellent Art Adams art with a fun Walter Simonson story.  You just can't beat it and this story is just a great ride.

OK, enough gushing, let's do this thing.

Our story opens with a crash landing space ship.  Once it's done doing the crash of doom deal, it's occupant emerges right before the damaged craft explodes.  She is now stuck on earth and vows vengeance against those who made that happen.

But before she gets a chance at some delicious vengeance, we visit with the Fantastic Four.  They're back from a recent adventure and are enjoying some nice downtime.  Reed, Sue, and Franklin are spending the time playing while Reed muses about returning Franklin's powers.  Johnny and Alicia are having some marital troubles on account of Johnny wanting to sleep with blue women.  It's a common problem.  Ben is getting no where with She-Thing because she's stuck looking a lot like Ben used to (Ben's human at this time) and is surprised that the former Thing finds that to be a turn on.

Quick cut to a space scene where we find a pursuing craft to the one that crashed at the beginning of the issue.  It's a Skrull craft and they all seem just a bit ashamed that they were in any way a part of that Silver Surfer storyline.  Still, they are now being rendered by the great Art Adams and things are definitely looking up. 

Back at Four Freedoms Plaza, our little vengeance seeker is making her move.  After getting by a pretty inept guard (eh, they probably don't pay him enough anyway) she quickly takes down the entire cast of characters by posing as one loved one or another.  So, yeah, Skrull but one that has certain telepathic abilities that allow her to influence the minds of her victims.  She's also got a hand disrupter that has helped a lot in taking down her targets.

Her Skrull pursuers are searching for other Skrull signatures but, instead of leading them to New York, it leads them to Monster Isle.

Apparently, these monsters have different degrees of Skrull brainwave patterns.  The Skrulls decide to take control of the monsters and send them around the planet to try and root out their target.  It's a brilliant plan that has no chance of success!  For Skrulls, that deserves a high five.

Taking over the monsters of Monster Isle gains the attention of the Mole Man.  He doesn't take kindly to people that take away his subjects.

Our lady opponent has plans to put into place.  She didn't just take out the FF for the heck of it.  She did it because she's searching for something and believed that Reed's equipment would be the best aid in her search.  She also needs some lackeys and uses that self same equipment to summon some familiar faces.

Spider-Man!  The Hulk!  Wolverine!  Ghost Rider!  These are... the NEW Fantastic Four!

They're the best nineties guest stars you'd ever want.

They meet a grieving Sue Richards who shows them the dead bodies of the Fantastic Four and asks the new foursome for help tracking down the killer. 

ff348.jpgFantastic Four #348
Writer: Walter Simonson
Penciler: Arthur Adams w/ Gracine Tanaka

The New Fantastic Four take off in the FF's new ride (which is pretty cool looking--much better than the bathtub) to find the Fantastic Four's killer.  Granted, it's all a ruse.  The FF aren't really dead and they weren't given this mission by the Invisible Woman.  Still, the lady disguised as the Invisible Woman has a reason for choosing these four for this mission that'll become apparently before the storyline is over.

For now, she continues her own quest.  It turns out that Reed's computers are too complex for her to do much more that access data.  To get any further, she'll need Reed Richards.

It's a good thing she didn't really kill him.

The rest of the Skrulls are learning that sending monsters out to attack stuff is a poor way to actually find someone.  They don't get time to make up another fool proof plan, though, as Mole Man and one of his remaining monsters captures them.

The fake Sue Richards has tied up all superfluous FF cast members (there's one missing but we'll get to him next issue) and has demanded that Reed help her complete her search.  Reed is being influenced by her telepathic ability but is also concerned with the wellfare of his family.  He agrees to help her.

Our New FF team comes across one of the rampaging monsters sent out by the less than stellar Skrull crew.  Using some adlib teamwork, the 90's superstar team is able to fend off the flying monster's attack, save a jumbo jet, and continue tracking their supposed "killer" to Monster Isle.

Back at Four Freedoms, Reed has tracked down a flying saucer for his captor.  The two leave to investigate but not before Reed can clue Roberta (the FF's robotic secretary) in on his situation.  It'll take Roberta some time to figure out it's a clue, but that's also for the next issue.  At the investigation site, "Sue" uses her disruptor to clear away an avalanche so that they can enter an underground cavern.  Reed flirts up a storm.

Mole Man does a bit less flirting and more posturing as he questions his newly captured Skrulls.  Spider-Man and his amazing New FF show up just in time to parley with Mole Man and get into a one-sided fight with one of his monsters.  Moley agrees to lead them to the Skrulls.  It takes them a while to find the lead Skrull since he's hiding as a rock.  Ghost Rider uses his penance stare to loosen his tongue and get some info out of him. 

The Skrulls are chasing De'lila.  She's currently looking a lot like Sue Richards and has some mission on earth that could threaten the Empress (we'll say this Empress is probably S'Byll but the Skrull Empire is still divided so it could be anyone).  They aren't sure what she's actually looking for but they've gotta stop her.

The Parker luck continues.

Actually, they recognize the device that Spidey is carrying.  They adjust the device to track De'lila but there's really no need.  She's coming to them.

The New FF believes that Reed is dead, so they have no trouble believing that the Reed standing before them and defending Sue Richards is a dirty Skrull.

It would be clobberin' time if Ben were around...

ff349.jpgFantastic Four #349
Writer: Walter Simonson
Penciler: Arthur Adams w/ Gracine Tanaka

Well, De'lila has no real reason to keep looking like Sue so she reveals herself.  With her telepathy, she's able to sway the assembled heroes to her way of thinking.  They get ready to attack the Skrull crew.

Except Ghost Rider isn't fooled this time.  She's revealed herself and GR's evil radar just won't let him switch teams.  He puts a fire between the Skrulls and their would-be attackers and magics up the fire so that it purifies the attackers minds and breaks De'lila's telepathic hold.

This fire doesn't seem to affect Reed.  De'lila order him to help her escape and, like a dutiful puppy, he does just that.  The Hulk tries to block their flight but is unable to stop them.  It's about this time that they realize that Reed must be the real deal and that they've been duped this entire time.  Also:  what's the deal with sending monster out on a rampage to root out De'lila?  How was that going to work?

The 90's FF is able to use the tracking device to follow Reed and De'lila to their intended destination.  The cavern they're travelling in collapses around them and only the Hulk's strength is able to save them.  Meanwhile, De'lila is getting her mack on Reed Richards.

Ghost Rider is able to tunnel a path through the rock walls using his blazing chain.  Our heroes are, again, on De'lila's trail. 

Back at Four Freedoms Plaza, the rest of the FF cast are being rescued by the only cast member not accounted for: Franklin Richards.  Turns out Roberta realized that the FF were being held somewhere and sent him to find them.  She also tracked Reed's vehicle so that the FF could follow him.  Just like that, the real FF (and friends) are back!

But Reed's not done being telepathically controlled.  He has located the saucer for De'lila and also called away it's guardian.

De'lila now uses the 90's FF to open the saucer and it becomes apparent why she chose them.  They each use their individual powers to help open it to prevent it from exploding and killing them all.  Inside the saucer is an egg.

The secret of this egg is that it's an artificial life form bred as bodyguards for the Emperor.  They immediately imprint on the first person they see after being hatched.  Usually, that person is the Emperor or Empress of the Skrulls.  This time, De'lila wants it to be her.  After it's imprinted on her, she'll sneak it into the rest of the Empress's bodyguards and wait for the right time to have it strike and kill her.

Mole Man just thinks it'd make an awesome new weapon and wants it for his own.  There's a huge four way fight between the Mole Man and his minions, the New FF, De'lila, and the Skrulls.  The real FF joins in just so this thing can get even crazier.  During this rumble, De'lila assumes the form of Mary Jane just to mess with Spidey all the more.  Because the now doomed Spider-Marriage isn't mentioned, this doesn't even have to be altered to fit Brand New Day!  It's continuity-tastic!

Finally, the egg hatches.  Unfortunately for all world conquerors or monarch haters out there, it imprints on one of the monsters.  In fact, this is the monster that's been holding the saucer as it's unofficial guardian.  Now, the creature inside, a Technotroid, is the guardian to the monster.

There's a little scuffle involving a super bomb, the Skrull Captain, and the Technotroid that ends in a big explosion and the end of the Captain. 

De'lila tries to escape using Reed but it turns out that Reed hasn't been as mind controlled as he led her to believe.  Once she gives him back his powers, he makes out with her long enough to steal her disruptor weapon.  Reed explains that it was her threatening his actual wife that woke him up but since she did that AFTER he stole the disruptor... well, I'm thinking Reed just wanted to make out with a Skrull. 

One Penance Stare later and De'lila is out of the action.  Now, it's all down to Mole Man who's not taking the loss of the Technotroid well.  He's convinced to let everyone walk simply because he'd get the Hulk angry.  You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

And, yes, the Punisher narrowly misses this team-up action.  Poor guy.

And that's all we've got for today!  Join us next time as we work our way through more conclusions and a very special X-Men tale!

Until then: Who Do YOU Trust?
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About the Author - SuperginraiX

SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


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