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Your Top DCU Villains part 20

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Tuesday, November 25 2008 and posted in Features


63. Killer Croc (27 points)

Born to a life of disadvantage in a Florida slum, Waylon Jones was cursed with a hideous hereditary disease, which gave him a tough scaly skin and reptilian appearance. Suffering abuse at the hands of family and schoolmates, Jones became a bitter habitual criminal spending his adolescence in and out of juvenile institutions.

After a stint in prison he found employment as a carnival sideshow wrestling alligators where he was billed as the "Killer Croc." Leaving the carnival Jones disappeared into the criminal underworld, until resurfacing in Gotham City as an extortionist for the Squid. When the Squid attempted to unite the Gotham crime families, Jones murdered him and took control himself as the Killer Croc.


62. Lady Shiva (27 points)

ladyshiva.jpgTo quote someone who voted for Lady Shiva:

"Greatest martial artist plus if your the best fighter no doubt you learned just how good you are when you fought her."

When Sandra Woosan’s sister was killed, a man approached her and convinced her that a man named Richard Dragon killed her sister. Sandra became determined to avenge her dead sister, but knew that she had to train. While training, Sandra discovered that she had a natural talent for the skills and movements that is required in martial arts. She began training for years and eventually felt that she is ready to find Dragon and avenge her sister. Sandra then decided to take up the code-name Shiva. She eventually tracked Dragon down and lured him into a trap. However, Dragon tells Shiva that he did not kill her sister and the man that told her to do that was someone that worked for him and wanted Dragon dead. He then explains who the real killer was and that he already killed him in a battle. Shiva realizes that she has no more purpose in life and all the training had become a waste. She decided to aid Dragon in some of his missions because all she knew was how to fight. Dragon lets her come along in hopes that she would decide to want to use her skills for good. After awhile, Dragon decided to retire and Shiva pursued a path to find her existence in life.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Shiva’s origin was rewritten. Sandra Wu-San and her sister Carolyn were born and grew up in Detroit. Sandra and Carolyn shared a special bond and began practicing martial arts with each other every day. Their practicing became sparing and they would get better and better. The two developed an ability that allows them to have great instinct in hand-to-hand combat and easily read an opponent’s movement, even the slightest movement of a small muscle. Sandra loved her sister very much and is the reason she holds back in their spares. When an assassin named David Cain discovers Sandra and her talents, he decided to spark an unlit fire in Sandra. One day, Sandra returns home to discover her sister’s body lying in her own blood.

She discovers that David Can was the one that killed her sister. Sandra decides to hunt Cain down and was eventually ambushed by Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassin. She finds out that Cain was a part of the League of Assassins and they began to battle. Sandra lost the battle but Cain decided to spare her. He convinces her to bear his child and they do. Cassandra Cain was born, and her purpose was to become Ra’s ultimate bodyguard. Cassandra would inherit her mother’s ability to read movements and was left to be cared for by David Cain. Sandra leaves to find her purpose in life and picks up the code-name Lady Shiva.


61. Neron (28 Points)

neron.jpgNeron was a demon prince of great power, though he has been reduced to a lower station due to his actions. His name is based on a reading of 666 as meaning "Neron Caesar" in Gematria numerology. Like Marvel Comics' Mephisto character, Neron is generally accepted as the DC Universe's version of The Devil; however, some writers and stories have contradicted this notion.

During the Underworld Unleashed story arc, Neron enhanced dozens of super villains (and a few superheroes) in exchange for their immortal souls and in doing so granted them with heightened prowess. He did so by tempting them with something the victim would feel would be his or her heart's desire, in exchange for their soul (for example, when attempting to tempt Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, he offered to bring back his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, from the dead). Neron was also responsible for the deaths of both Wonder Woman and the alien despot Mongul. (Wonder Woman was soon resurrected by Athena as the Goddess of Truth, and later she returned to Earth as a mortal to resume her duties as a super-heroine.)

Neron tricks five super villains into causing a series explosions that ultimately leads to each super villain’s death. When seen from the sky, the five explosions resemble the points of a pentagram and the symbol, combined with the deaths of the villains, creates a gateway, which enables Neron to travel to Earth. While on Earth, Neron attempts to obtain a 'pure soul' that he could corrupt. Initially, this seems to refer to Superman's soul, but Neron ultimately seeks the soul of Captain Marvel. In the end, he is thwarted by the Trickster.

During the Day of Judgment storyline, Etrigan the Demon causes trouble in Neron's realm. Asmodel, a fallen angel, is being tormented when Etrigan arrives and summons the Spectre. The entity is furious at this and slices off Asmodel's wings, which is exactly what Etrigan had hoped for. He uses hellfire and an angel's feather to bond Asmodel to the Spectre. In the resulting chaos, which involves Hell's realms invading Earth, Neron attempts to claim the Spectre's force for himself. This would have allowed him much more power and the ability to escape Hell for good. However, the Spectre chooses ex-Green Lantern Hal Jordan as its new human host. Neron is punished by his fellow Hell-lords for using Hell's power for his pleasure. He is demoted to the position of Rhyming Demon, the rank Etrigan holds.



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